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Miss Thailand Universe, & Synesthesia

Posted by dapurplespy on March 20, 2010

All those girls are sponsored… by companies, such as Toyota, Nivea, Lux…

The ones I’d like to bed are not the ones I’d give the better odds of winning, strangely. I’d rather shag a bit-titted gal with a slightly awkward look, than a white-skin, bony one with perfectly symmetrical, ultra-refined facial features.


Meanwhile, the Kid of Mother-Girl is probably one of the best baby evah.
He sleeps 5 and 6 hours in a row. Smiles a lot. And virtually never cries.
He’s very expressive, however, making plenty of funny sounds when he’s awake, and seems fascinated by moving lights and the face of his mother.
Apparently, 2-months-old don’t see “objects” per se; they experience a world where colors and smells and sounds are all joined, where sensations are united. They’re basically synaesthetes — ie. they experience sensations such as tasting a shape, or seeing a colour in a sound.

“In the 19th century, the Victorian scientist Francis Galton….found that certain people ….had a certain peculiarity and that is every time they heard a specific tone, they would experience a specific colour. For example, C sharp might be red, F sharp might be blue, another tone might be indigo. And this curious mingling of the senses was called synesthesia. Some of these people also see colours when they see numbers….

–Dr. Antonio Damasio, in Purple Numbers and Sharp Cheese

This baby-boy certainly seems programmed to seduce, to get a firm grip into one’s heart. Maybe that’s why he smells so good!
I’m beginning to like him a lot even if, because of his continuous presence in my place (and that of his mother), I’ve had no sex whatsoever since the 14th in the after-noon. No wonder I was captivated and breathless with the Miss Thailand Show.
Life can be hard indeed…


Question à la Daffy : Where is this guy’s cart, hey?


34 Responses to “Miss Thailand Universe, & Synesthesia”

  1. dmouse said

    Good luck to you and the mother. If he sleeps well that is great.

  2. RealDaffyDuck said

    Great post, purple.

    Dude, you are sooooooo going to end up with this arrangement for a loooooong time. You’re totally falling for the baby. Next thing we know, you’ll be writing entries about going stroller shopping, and changing diapers …

    Miss Thailand Universe? WTF am I doing writing about food carts???

    • SBDOTKU said

      Yeah, what ARE you doing writing about food carts? 😉

    • dapurplespy said

      The kid is so funny. Every time he dumps something in his diaper, he looks as if he’s just offered a gold necklace to his mother.

      I suspect he’s very clever as well, for when he craves special attention, he does not cry, but makes the loveliest smiles, and the most adorable sounds. It works.


      Redshirts are near my place on Ratchada now.

    • “Redshirts are near my place on Ratchada now.”

      Send out the kind to charm them …. daddy! 😉

  3. Wombat said

    “I suspect he’s very clever as well” Clearly gets it from his mother. You are so screwed.

  4. Young Penfold said

    Am I the only one REALLY creeped out with you putting pics of babies sucking their mother tits, and pics like this on a website that is mainly based around whores and Bangkok Nightlife? Sorry Purple, but this is fucked up

    • Katechon said

      But whores and babies go hands in hands, don’t they? You know very well that virtually all of the Barwhores have a baby somewhere in the countryside…
      I for one blog about my experiences in Bangers, and that’s all part of it.
      Seems to me you’re quite easily creeeped out, Penfol’ boy.

    • Denial, denial, denial (grin)

  5. Young Penfold said

    “Maybe that’s why he smells so good!” But the real question is “how does he taste?” and “how big is his child-cock?”

    Im far from easily creeped out, I just dont think that pictures of infants suckling, or their exposed midrifts, belong on a blog that revolves around prostitutes, bars and nightclubs. Someone back me up here for fuck sake

    • SBDOTKU said

      Given an option, sure I’d prefer more females. But then YP, you post about UFC fights all the time on BMB’s blog and most could care less about that. The short of it is, if you are generous enough to share, you get to choose what you show & tell. Though I would draw the line at the little dudes dangly bits, nobody is interested… on this site anyway. >:)

    • Dude, you’re weird — I tune in exclusive to see pictures and tales revolving around infants. More pics of the little guy, I say!!

      Can’t wait for the part about going stroller shopping, purple’s adventures changing diapers, and the installment where baby-mother starts redecorating his apartment… great stuff…

      (evil grin)

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Young Penfold – I think you’re mis-characterizing this site when you say it’s “a blog that revolves around prostitutes, bars and nightclubs”. First and foremost, we make a parody of “a blog that revolves around prostitutes, bars and nightclubs”.

      Most of the posts by Daffy and others make no mention of prostitutes. But I do agree that bars, nightclubs and restaurants are frequent topics. I’ll will back you up, somewhat, in my response on Purple Spy’s Post.


    • Wombat said

      In the past back here I have witnessed several instances of mothers breast feeding in public. It used to bother me but not anymore. Now I just don’t notice. As for the pic of the kid I just scrolled past it. Too many times I have had baby pics inflicted on me by proud parents.

    • “…Too many times I have had baby pics inflicted on me by proud parents…”

      Oh, is that what purple’s doing..?

  6. dapurplespy said

    “the real question is “how does he taste?” and “how big is his child-cock?””

    Listen, you rigid twisted thicko : This mother-girl came to live at my place for a coupla weeks; I’m bloggin’ about it. That’s all.
    It’s part of my life in Bangers, of my Bangkok experience — as much as exercising at the gym, riding my moped, eating street food, dealing with visa issues, betting on political markets, and of course drinking and dancing at various joints.

    I dunno why you, mistah, wanna restrict the content of my contributions to this blog to whores and clubs-n-bars. And I don’t care, to be honest.

    Moving on…

  7. Young Penfold said

    Blogging about the kid is fine, but its just the pictures, like this one and the ones of him breast-feeding, which I find is a bit paedo-ish.

    • dapurplespy said

      I see. It never crossed my mind. But I can see your point, looking back at the above pix. I’ll take it out.

      [Picture’s gone; I for one don’t wanna feed any sick paedo-fantasy!]

    • Wow, you certainly think WAY too much – then again, I think out of concern for the little guy and his mother, it’s a good idea to not give ronru or Kenny any further target for their sick attractions, and remove the picture.

  8. Young Penfold said

    My cum-drizzled fumblings with katoeys are well documented, so I am far from a prude, but the breast feeding picture was creepy, and in a blog talking about how you would “rather shag a bit-titted gal with a slightly awkward look” to then 1 sentence down, put pics of someones elses new born with half their groin hanging out is some very German behaviour. Im guessing your German Katechon?

    Anyway, I have a Rangsit uni slag with D cups and a penchant or anal on her way round for a creampieing, so I will leave you guys to exchanging pictures of shower time at the local nursey

  9. Young Penfold said

    Ill cut you a deal……. Ill get a pic of her tits cocvered in jizz, next to a piece of paper with ‘BDK was her 21-3-2553’ for 1000 baht cash. Feeling generous?

  10. EvilElvis said

    I’m concerned about the pics on this post to, Miss Thailand and a sausage cart, is this really what happens to entrants when they are washed up, minced meat?

  11. Young Penfold said

    No hab. Kasikorn?

    • Do you mind if I just send it to a post box for you? Safe and efficient, that way.


      Can do either way — drop me an email at DaffyDuck[at] and we can exchange details.

  12. Young Penfold said

    Safe and efficient is my middle name. Or you could staple the said 1000baht note (o 2x 500 baht notes) to the side of a homing pidgeon. Both equally hi-tech and advanced methods

  13. Katechon said

    Can’t wait for the House to pass ObamaCare, today in America, tonight in the Land of Sluts.
    It will be my third sleepless night, following every rumours and turnarounds regarding the Whip Count… 🙄
    I’ve got so much cash rolling on it to pass I won’t be able to sleep until it’s all over.
    It’s a huge favorite now, but I’ve been building my position since the election of Scott Brown, when every fat talkin’-heads on the telly (I catch FoxNews here, not CNN, which sucks anyway) was predicting the failure of the Bill. I reckon Pelosi will get today her 216 votes, so I’m not hedging too much.
    Not yet. Stupak and his gang are making me a bit nervous.

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