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Bangkok Postcard

Posted by dapurplespy on March 30, 2010

Just saw a orange-vest motosai being squeezed by a huge black mercedes-benz in a parking lot near Carrefour on Ratchadapisek.
Thing is, I would bet real money that he did it deliberately. I was following him on my moped, and I saw him slide on the right side of the car while it was turning right, very slowly.
I stopped, cause the guy didn’t stand up; he was still laying on the ground in a awkward position, near his moto, half of which was laying under the car. I wanted to help him get up, and see if his moto was ok.
And then — a vision — the most beautiful young woman I’ve seen in the flesh since a long while came out of the black luxury car… It completely altered the mood. The power of real beauty is stupefying. She was very unassuming, and didn’t look worried at all about anything — her car, the guy laying on the ground, nada. Absolutely Disarming. The now wide-eyed motosai boy slowly stood up, and he was damage-free as far as I could see from his body language and facial expression.
I left the premise too soon to know if the Thai Goddess did slip a few grey notes in those dirty hands.


One Response to “Bangkok Postcard”

  1. SBDOTKU said

    I see this scene happening in a kinetic and frenetic way right up until the door opens and then —sssssslllllllloooooooowwwww motion from then on of the girl’s delicate foot, slender ankle and calf then firm thigh covered by a fun-but-not-too-reveling skirt sliding out of the car. Followed by the well-dressed beautiful body and oh-so-pretty face with gorgeous eyes and just-slightly-naughty mouth with gleaming white teeth. Longish hair tossing and flashing in the sunbeam that has pierced the clouds at just that moment to highlight her. Doves take flight, an angel choir sings and all males in the vicinity get wood. And even all the women wish she was their best friend. And then the Thai angel starts towards the stunned man reaches out her hand gently and…

    Somehow Purple-chon breaks her spell and is back in reality and tearing up Sukhumvit – crazy farang on a mission! % – D

    Reminds me of the time I saw Tara Banks walking towards me licking an ice cream cone. Suddenly I had no idea what to do with those things at the end of my arms, er, those hand-things. They were suddenly very superfluous appendages and very weighty and awkward as well… and I am not one to get star-struck, at all. It was just a conflagration of sensations that caused momentary overwhelment.

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