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Pageviews (‘Unique’ or Non-Unique)

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 1, 2010

Overseen reading the news today:

“But what interests me about all this is the underlying war going on between those playing the pageview game, and those that hate the pageview game. To put it another (simplified) way: the war between quality versus quantity.”

NOTE: Hehehehe — it appears that current events have overtaken our scheduled programming — hohoho

MG Siegler:

But what interests me about all this is the underlying war going on between those playing the pageview game, and those that hate the pageview game. To put it another (simplified) way: the war between quality versus quantity.

Siegler comes close to getting it, but falls short. Pageviews, as a metric used for directly billing advertisers, are a scam. Publishers game it with sensational link-bait articles and bullshit tricks like breaking articles into multiple “pages”. Advertisers get stuck paying for valueless impressions. Readers get stuck with the sensational bullshit articles, the tricks (like breaking single articles into multiple “pages”), and suffer through too many annoying ads surrounding actual content.

It is, as Jim Coudal and I argued at SXSW, a race to the bottom. Be careful of the “everyones” who say pageviews are imperfect but the best we can do. They’re the ones who are happy with the web as a market for bullshit.

source :

Particularly that last sentence reminded me of someone : “They’re the ones who are happy with the web as a market for bullshit.”


47 Responses to “Pageviews (‘Unique’ or Non-Unique)”

  1. BigDummyKenny said

    Unless your intent is making a website a viable commercial concern I don’t see why anyone would have more than casual interest in their stats other than to stoke their ego.

    Some of it is interesting, such as reaching certain milestones, knowing where people are coming from and how they’re finding your site, but beyond that it’s mostly ego driven boasting.

    Being a big dummy, I could be wrong.


    • ronru said

      Great. Keep making pathetic excuses for not showing the stats.

      [The stats were so good that I posted them in The Stats Are In after the site was online only a few weeks. – BDK]

    • ronru said

      And why my above comment disappeared from the “recent Comments” column after 1 minute while older ones of mine are still showing ?

    • SBDOTKU said

      See Ronru, you’re missing the point. BDK doesn’t care, boast or pretend to be a major site about much of anything. It is a lark. Notice no advertising? Nobody here CARES about how much traffic. As a matter of fact, the fewer the better so we can feel more elite and cool. 😀

      Just like The Big Mango Bar blog and to some degree Werewolf’s blog, this is just a site to share some experience and a few chuckles (sometimes at the expense of a certain site in particular), not a hoped for money making endeavor. Though this site is so cool I am sure it could make BIG money if it wanted. And my dad can beat up BBK’s dad too. ;p

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      @ronru : “Great. Keep making pathetic excuses for not showing the stats”

      I certainly hope you said that to Kenny, because I wholeheartedly agree with the message and the delivery, when it comes to his claims.

      Considering he is getting under 100 hits a day, any claims of stats at this point are just ‘for entertainment purposes only’.

  2. The only valuable stats, IMO, are those indicating where, geographically, your traffic comes from — and that purely on a curiosity level (or to possibly focus the aim of your site better, based on geotraffic).

    The whole issue of ‘astronomical traffic’ is purely pointless, particularly when the person making such claims finds themselves unable to back them up with actual disclosure, and thus find themselves hoisted by their own petard, and worse, loses credibility.

    • ronru said

      BangkokBadBoy claimed one million visitors per month to his now defunct blog while Dave The Rave claims 1.5 million (!!) and neither ever showed actual screen shots.
      Several times I challenged DTR to back up his claim and on every occasion he declined. Would you say that his credibility is shot to pieces ?

    • ronru said

      Can you explain why my above comment disappeared from the “recent Comments” column after 1 minute while older ones of mine are still showing ?

    • “Would you say that his credibility is shot to pieces ?”

      Under ordinary circumstances, I would say that YES, the credibility of both of those claims is in question — of course, I can understand why they might have ignored the request, if it came from you or Kenny.

      Either way, it doesn’t matter who makes the request — bkkBB, DtR, or BBK; if they claim extraordinary numbers, and then don’t at least make an effort to back those statements up, their traffic claims aren’t worth the paper they are written on. The same rules apply to all.

      I would like to point out that while BBK was refusing and claiming that displaying traffic numbers is extraordinarily difficult, Werewolf presented his very clear and succinct traffic numbers for all to see.

      We’ve discussed this before.

    • Yes, ronru, the ‘Recent Comments’ column has a Bullshit Filter attached to it.

  3. Big Black Gulliver said

    Wow big conspiracy

  4. …. and ronru just can’t help himself. Further lies :

    Plus Grande merde, indeed...

    It just needed to be screenshot’d to retain as proof — these allegations are certainly…. creative.

    • It’s fascinating that every single comment in that thread of comments on BBK’s site was made by the single same person, under different alias’. There’s some serious spiraling into insanity.

      Not to mention from the clear and obvious libel written by BBK in the header article itself.

      What’s fascinating is that he claims that an article was written in the Daily News ( about his site – he then fails to link to any article, but only links to the homepage — which has a convenient ‘search’ form.

      Searching for ‘BigBabyKenny’ yields ZERO results; Searching for Kenneth Ng yields ZERO results; Searching for CSUN yields latest articles from 2009, ZERO recent articles; searching for any other iterations of ‘Kenny’ ‘Ken’ and so forth yields ZERO results.

      This is so pathetic — this guy doesn’t even know the first thing about lying, yet that’s all he does. (shakes head)

    • SBDOTKU said

      Wow. Ronru sure is vitriolic to people he doesn’t know.

      Let’s take his statements one by one, shall we?

      1. “NO ONE is more responsible for escalating the trivial online spats into dangerous real world feud than the administrator of BigDummyKenny website, his sick henchmen and mental supporters.”
      – Kenny began the name calling, especially with regard to the Big Mango people.
      – Kenny outed the Big Mango owners by providing their names and other identifying information and spread the rumor that their businesses were failing as well as continued negative comments about them.
      – Posters on BBK continue to post as pseudonyms of others, myself, Real Daffy Duck, Big Black Gulliver and especially Daywalker among others. The contents of a majority of these posts are full of graphic depictions of violence, violent sexual acts and/or threats and insults.
      – The administrator of BDummyK is only guilty of allowing hateful and worthless comments to remain on BDK, under the auspices of free speech I assume.

      “They were the ones…”
      – Supposition. I certainly don’t know who the posters are here, nor if they are responsible for sending threatening ANONYMOUS (if they are anonymous how do you know?) emails. Kenny has not made many friends with the negative and bizarre behavior on his site. I am sure many people would be happy to see his fortunes reversed.

      “Bigdummykenny published BBK & Prufrock photos…”
      – I, for one, had no idea if the photos were really of the individuals mentioned and more importantly, don’t care. Many “photos” have been posted none seemed real to me.

      “asked readers for private information…”
      – I have previously addressed this in the blog when these posts were made. Anonymous “one-hit-wonder” pseudonyms made inflammatory statements regarding wanting private information of other posters. No one responded. There was another “anonymous” post which made some weird reference to people being treated as if by Nazis (i.e. the only comment where the word “Nazi” is used) on BDK. Even then, the comment did not actually call anyone involved a Nazi, nor did the poster threaten anyone. [Note: BDK posters if you know where this set of posts are, please feel free to link or paste here.]

      “As late as yesterday RealDaffyDuck…”
      The number he posted may have been real. I can bet that Kenny did not receive any calls. WHY? Same reason no one responded to the request for other posters’ information, the same reason no IDENTIFIED REGULAR poster hurls curses or threats, NO ONE CARES.

      “BigDummyKenny =…”
      It seems to me that the only “scumbags” involved in this issue are Kenny for posting information and slanderous statements about the Big Mango Owners, the “anonymous” posters on BDK and the pretend posters on BBK, the last two groups being the same people I am sure and Ronru is at least one of them if not all.

      Thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts.

    • Yeah, I find it fascinating that ronru, who has admitted to posting under different alias’, proceeds to post hateful, vituperative, and violence-inciting posts under various alias’ — then turns around to return as ‘ronru’, pointing his finger, and screeching “J’accuse!”…

      I think you pretty much nailed the essentials – no one gives a crap about Kenny, and ignores him. That’s the main reason why he keeps escalating the provocations on his end.

      It’s a good thing he’s too dumb to be capable of any sort of strategy – then again, if he were smart, he wouldn’t be stuck in a dead-end academic job – any idiot can inherit, smart people do something with their lives.

    • ronru said

      What proof have you got that commenter La Plus Grande Merde is me ? But I’ll admit to agreeing with EVERY single thoughtful word he wrote.

      SBODTKU – The pictures of BBK and Prufrock which the administrator of this blog posted for the world to see were indeed of the individuals mentioned and there is no dispute about it.

      You say nobody responded with information so allow me to remind you. How about revealing BBK’s occupation, place of work, the names of his bosses, his telephone number / fax / email address at work and 2 days ago his private home number ? And didn’t this website revealed that Prufrock is living and working in Bangkok for the past 8 years and that he is married + a child ? Please get your facts right.

    • “And didn’t this website revealed that Prufrock is living and working in Bangkok for the past 8 years and that he is married a child ?”

      uh… ZeroPruf (Prufrock) revealed all that information during his 911 masturbations in my thread over on – this wasnt ‘revealed’ around here, this is information ZeroPruf orginalky made public himselF, on Kenny’s site.

      As for what Kenny and ZeroPruf look like – how would you know, considering you claim you have never met either? Hmmm?

    • ronru said

      It was YOU who pointed out that in the first (of 2 pictures) published Prufrock is standing opposite BBK and wearing the yellow shirt.
      Selective memory ?

    • Wombat said

      So, by ronru’s logic it is perfectly acceptable for the Bunny Boiler to publish details of people but not ok for anyone else to do so. How quaint.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ RealDaffyDuck – The extent to which Ronru carries on to slight other people is quite disturbing. It can’t be healthy. Why is he so emotionally invested in BBK.COM?

      I’m beginning to agree with the viewpoint that many readers here and on BBK share – that Ronru is just another alias of BBK.

      Visa Runs made a good, detailed comment on BBK.COM suggesting BBK post the threatening e-mails or provide them to the authorities. Also, several people have asked BBK for the direct link to the newspaper article that discussed his site but he hasn’t provided it.

      Simple request, right? So why not post it?


    • Remember there’s a trend on to bring up various psychological ailments as a sort of insult-du-jour – a sockpuppet favorite appears to be asperger’s (originally introduced by BKKspy, while stuck in SoCal). Ironically, when you compare many of the conveniently provided pathology and symptoms, it would appear that the obsessive and tourette’s like descriptors apply fittingly to a single commenter – including the habit of frequently commenting under different alias.

      It really wouldn’t be any sort of stretch to assume that Kenny suffers from a psychological condition — the multiple personalities; the mood swings; the extreme emotional immaturity; the obsessive personality; etc… it all paints a pretty obvious picture, particularly to someone who has studied the human psyche professionally for 10 years… like me.

      I could go on, but we seem to be in agreement. We’re witnessing the onset of a grave psychological condition, with the delusional architecture taking the victim slowly but steadily over the edge of mental stability.

      Let’s enjoy the ride.

  5. JerryMaguire said

    Well, don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna to do what you all think I’m gonna to do, which is just FLIP OUT! But let me just, let me just say, as I ease out of the blog I helped build — I’m sorry, but it’s a FACT! — that there is such a thing as manners, a way of treating people.

    These whores have manners. These whores have manners. In fact, they’re coming with me. I’m starting a new blog, and the whores will come with me. You can call me sentimental. The whores — they’re coming with me.

    Okay. If anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the moment of something real, and FUN, and inspiring in this god-forsaken blog, and we will do it together. Who’s comin’ with me? Who’s coming with me? Who’s coming with me besides “Pa,” here?

  6. SBDOTKU said

    Just for ronru, I found the ONLY post that mentions the word “Nazi”. It is from a “one hit wonder” called karmako. He is also the one that asked for the information about other posters. And, of course, he is LOOOOOOOOOONG gone.

    Interestingly, the two posts by this “anonymous” poster are the same ones that ronru CONSTANTLY and INCORRECTLY refers to:

    Here it is ronru:

    “Daywalker, you are an owner, and you’ve met Prufrock, and you think he’s a nice guy? Willickers, now I’m confused. Still, blind solidarity to such nonsense deserves punishment as well. In WWII, the Germans that followed Hitler were still Nazi’s and were killed. Prufrock, if indeed he was a scholar and a gentleman, would spit on Kenny for such behaviour. The fact that he doesn’t, and the fact that he still supports him, makes him just as guilty and just as punishable. Post a picture please. I will find out where he lives, who his friends are, what business he does. I will create a website and expose it all, and lie about things he does and what his businesses do. I will send that website to his friends and any business associates. I will try and hurt his business any way I can. Let me give him a taste of what the Big Mango people are experiencing.

    Scholar and a Gentleman? I doubt it. He’s nice to the owner and yet he still goes against them in a Kenny way? Sounds worse than Kenny, but makes sense that he is a friend of Kenny. Why do there have to be such scummy people on this Earth? The Big Mango people do nothing to these people from what I can gather. They try to run a business and work hard, and they get this? This sounds like such an injustice, which again, makes no sense to me.

    I’ve been to the Big Mango Bar, but not the new one (soon, I promise). I went to the one when it was in Nana Entertainment Plaza, but I’ve been reading their blog for a long time here and there. I guess when you have such a blog audience you should expect some weirdos. Look at the notstickman fiasco. Still, even though Stickman’s site and the content on it are crap, he didn’t deserve the notstickman thing. Many similarities here. I think the notstickman guy got in some trouble and I expect the same if not worse for Kenny, and I’m happy to help with that. However, I really need some additional information here. Initially I was very upset, especially after reading doctorbond’s comment, but the more I get into this, the more it seems there is something missing.

    If Kenny or Prufrock or any of the other supporters are reading this, please let us know what the Big Mango people did to you, besides the pulling of a post. I need to know before I really get engaged here. No offense to this site or the Daywalker owner, but I would like to hear from them on why they are on such a crusade? What makes these people attack and lie about somebody else’s business? I’ve been to the kenny site and it disgusts me so I won’t go back and ask there. Plus, I don’t want to give him any browser web traffic for his bogus Alexa statistics. I would however understand and not be disgusted if there was a reason for what they are doing. I would then probably be disgusted with this site. Would be nice to know what’s really going on here.

    I have another question. Since the owner of the Big Mango knows Prufrock, have they tried to all sit down and work this out? In the end, I suspect they will all lose if it continues on this path. I am really amazed that people have time to waste like this. Before anybody jumps down my throat, I am on holiday so can spend a little time on this. It is a train wreck after all. Unfortunately, people are getting hurt and I hate to see that. Perhaps realdaffyduck can be the peacemaker here in the end? That would be far more interesting.

    Comment by karmako | February 15, 2010”

    So ronru, tiger, now that you have been shown, once again, to be misquoting this post with INFLAMMATORY rhetoric, do everyone a favor and stop. It is obvious you (whoever “you” are – a Kenny supporter, Kenny himself, or some permutation of the two) were the original karmako. And that the only reason for the post, despite much of its positive-seeming content, was a very transparent attempt to throw in reactionary buzzwords that you could then try to misquote and misconstrue in an attempt to defame the regular posters and administrator here at BigDummyKenny.

    You’re not a devious genius, your motives are obvious and your attempt in extremely poor taste.

    • “…Interestingly, the two posts by this “anonymous” poster are the same ones that ronru CONSTANTLY and INCORRECTLY refers to:”
      Of course it is, since ronru posted that under the karmako moniker — as you pointed out, sadly, the idiot is simply way too transparent.

  7. Visa Runs said

    BBK lets the false statements remain on his site for a couple reasons. If it’s wrong and he said it he won’t change it purely because of ego and insecurity. The main reason is he knows the controversy will generate interest in his site. Again, ego.

    I find it quite hypocritical that he admonishes those in the expat community who attack those who are successful in Thailand but doesn’t hesitate doing the same. Look at his pattern of behavior. Multiple attacks against other websites: Stickman, Absolute Bangkok, TFS2M and now this site. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but these are the ones I remember.

    If it were me I’d forget about the lunacy which defines BBK. Leave him and his ‘sock puppets’ to continue on their downward spiral. If you feel you must respond, point out the false statements here on BigDummyKenny. If the claim is really outrageous you can always comment on BBK with a link to the response here.

    Good luck with your site.

    • That’s pretty much what’s happening — there used to be a return link to BBK’s site, but it was removed by popular request. Likewise, I for one, am not commenting on, and many others have followed suite — any posts attributed to DaffyDuck or RealDaffyDuck over there are impersonated by the BBK local sockpuppets; ditto for posts under the SBDOTKU, Daywalker, etc… monikers.

      All done for the same reasons you pointed out – he is hoping for controversy or outrage driving those real individuals back over there. Like most others of his ‘master plans’, he fails.

      You are quite correct that the best way to let die, is with a whimper, not with a bang.

  8. adman said

    If moRonru were any dumber, the US Government would name an aliment after him and corporations could qualify for grant research money.

  9. It gets better — ronru’s completely off the deep end, now.

    What’s amusing is that, in so many ways, what he attributes to BDK and others, invariably reflects directly on his own actions, once you reflect on it. That dude’s taken ‘projecting’ to it’s logical conclusion.

  10. Here’s the actual diatribe that ronru posted:


    ronru says:
    Apr-06 at 5:37 am
    The scummy administrator of BigDummyKenny and his screwed up henchmen never heard or know the meaning of the word apology.
    It took some serious pressure from Werewolf and a strongly worded comment by one owner / investor in the Big Mango bar (Bangkok Milkshakes) for the dumb quack to remove the pictures and private details of Prufrock from the blog but an apology ? Don’t make me laugh.
    Mention this word and they would think you’re nuts !

    Needless to say that the death threats and comments equating Werewolf, BBK and Prufrock to Nazis who should be punished and killed are ALL still in place as well as BBK’s photos, details about his occupation, place of work, the names of his superiors, contact details at work, private telephone number at home, etc, etc.

    The owners of the Big Mango bar are cunts but to a certain extent not stupid. Manipulative conniving and shifty are the appropriate words.

    After the BigDummyKenny blog was set up it took them no time to realize that there’s a desperate for friends, ass licking fool, who they can use as a tool to do the dirty on BBK. The idiot provided them with a platform and the cooperation to launch blistering, vicious attacks on BBK in their desperate attempt to ‘out’ him.

    Unfortunately for them they miscalculated his strong will, the support of loyal readers and the determination to fight back.
    Now they are crying foul and trying to claim the moral high ground.

    As in every war there are innocent people who get caught in the crossfire and so far Prufrock and Werewolf, who was forced to delete the precious archive of his blog, are the main casualties.
    Who’s going to be the next victim ?


    It must hurt investing and losing 300,000USD in a failed pub, a brothel masquerading as a bar AND continuing to suck up big loses.
    It is very common for failed, inexperienced business owners wannabees to blame others for their failure.

    The one thing what surprises me is that BBK keeps blaming only the BM owners for escalating the trivial online spats into dangerous real world feud but ignores the foremost culprit responsible.
    But as I pointed out in a previous comment he probably knows thing we don’t.

    Pity he chose to stay silent after posting this entry and one can only hope he is not folding as a result of the intense heat. RRRRROCKS !!


    • Daywalker said

      As I stated on the other thread….

      Bangkok Milkshakes….. which of my partners are you?

      I think it’s high time we discussed my 300k loss that moRonru keeps on about?!?!

      moRonru. you sad little fuckwit, you really are dumb aren’t you?

      You know what, I can’t be bothered… Keep hiding behind your keyboard, when you are big enough, come see me.


      moRonru, can you back up your claims with any proof whatsoever?

      Did I lose 300k? Is Bangkokmilkshakes a BM owner?

      You are a fucking idiot.

    • ronru said

      Waaaaaaaaay back in Sep last year BBK exposed Bangkok “Lucy” Milkshakes, the notorious dispenser of free psychoanalysis, as an owner / investor / author from The Big Mango Bar.

      And here’s BBK about the 300K:

    • The only bummer about your statement is that it points to Kenny’s statement:

      “Forget about the fact that Daffy is blowing smoke and doesn’t know anything about the Thailand Girl Scene and Bangkok Milkshakes is one of the owners/investors/authors from The Big Mango Bar.”

      This isn’t proof — it’s Kenny making an assumptive statement, without any basis in fact; he didn’t back it up; he didn’t corroborate it.

      Likewise, your link to ‘proof’ of 300K is just another speculative statement from Kenny – no proof, no corroboration, nada.

      This would be no different than me stating that “ronru is a neurotic Australian windbag living on a houseboat off Melbourne harbour” or “the person recently impersonating DaffyDuck is a Kiwi living in Pak Chong” – neither of these statements constitute ‘proof’ (you might want to look that word up in the dictionary).

      So far, nothing of what you provided verifies that BangkokMilkshakes is a Mango Owner (and where does the word “Lucy” fit, here), and the $300,000 lost investment has also never been corroborated — it sure would come as a surprise to Daywalker.

      From what I understand from Daywalker, he could easily lose $300,000, and have a good time doing so — while in your case, ronru, that’d be more money than you’ll ever make in your entire life. Therein lies the difference.

      Finally, from what I can tell from Werewolf’s recent accounts of the Big Mango, the bar is doing quite well, so I statements of ‘money losing’ appear to fly in the face of reality.

      So, anytime you have actual proof, feel free to share it.

  11. SBDOTKU said

    Re: stats. And, at the end of the day, who cares? BDK isn’t professing to any gargantuan stats. BDK, where the elite, cool, non-psychotic hang-out.

  12. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Ronru – A generous amount of red ink coming your way.

    I suggested you stick to facts but I see that is proving too difficult. You can get away with spreading bullshit at BigBabyKenny but not here.


    • ronru said

      The red ink was expected but as always I trust the intelligence of readers to see through YOUR bullshit.

      Its time you stopped treating them like a bunch of idiots, spread lies and attempt to manipulate opinions.

      It’s not going to work and you only make a fool of yourself. Readers of your blog deserve better.

      Needless to repeat that I stand by every word written in any of my comments.

    • I had no idea that ronru was such a brilliant comedian… Bravo.

    • adman said

      Ronru/BBK, it is your baiting that we see right through.

      Indeed we aren’t so stupid that we don’t see through YOUR weak attempts to revise history and manipulate opinions.

  13. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Ronru – I’ve told you how many times that if you stick to fact you won’t get the red ink. If asking someone for facts and then giving a Bullshit Award after they fail to do so is manipulating opinion to you then so be it.

    You’ve been given multiple opportunities to provide facts and you don’t.

    The latest example is the claim that BangkokMilkshakes is an owner/investor in the Big Mango. He’s stated he’s not. Daywalker has stated BangkokMilkshakes is not. You failed to provide proof other than rhetoric. I know you’re accustomed to that on BBK, but it’s not going to fly here.

    Your Bullshit Awards have all been earned. Be proud of them!


    • ronru said

      I’ll leave it with readers to decide for themselves which one of us deserves the bullshit awards.
      I have enough fate in their judgment.

      P.S. If you carefully read Werewolf’s comments on the Duck Pond thread you’ll see that he keeps calling bullshit on RealDaffyDuck but avoids doing the same on me despite RDD constant attempts to make him do so.

      Readers / commenters are a lot smarter than you give them credit for.

    • Daywalker said

      I am with with moRonru on this one….

      “I’ll leave it with readers to decide for themselves which one of us deserves the bullshit awards.”

      Maybe we could have an on-screen vote. A page dedicated to this. Afterall, we can’t trust BDK’s poll can we.

      Nothing hidden away. 😉

  14. Big Black Gulliver said

    “I have enough fate in their judgment” – Ronru

    Now that is funny………

  15. Big Black Gulliver said

    moronru is just upset cause he didn’t get to go on the butt buddy trip to Vietnam!

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