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The BigBabyKenny.Com Online School Of Whoremongering

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 3, 2010

BBK: Good morning, Sir. Welcome to!

Cyberpunter: Ah, thank you, my good man.

BBK: What can I do for you, Sir?

Cyberpunter: Well, I was, uh, sitting in my Economics class on Nordhoff street, skimming the required reading “Play Poker Like the Pros” by Phil Hellmuth, and I suddenly came over all concupiscent.

BBK: Concupiscent, sir?
C: Libidinous.
BBK: Eh?
C: ‘Ee, Ah wor ‘orny-loike!
BBK: Ah, horny!
C: In a nutshell. And I thought to myself, “a little digital cyberdynamic analysis will have me best prepared, so I curtailed my Hellmuthian activites, sallied forth, and infiltrated your site of web to solicit the deliverance of some lascivious consult!
BBK: Come again?
C: I want to learn how to bang chicks better, cheaper and more efficiently!
BBK: Oh, I thought you were complaining about my leather riding chaps!
C: Well, that too, but now then some advice please, my good man!
BBK: Certainly, sir. What would you like to know about?
C: Well, eh, now what can you tell me about after hours clubs?
BBK: I’m afraid I don’t know anything about after hours clubs.
C: Oh, never mind, how are you on soapies?
BBK: I’m afraid I never go to soapies, sir. I might go next week, though.
C: Tish tish. No matter. Well, stout yeoman, give me your best advice for picking up girls in hotel bars, if you please.
BBK: Ah! I’ve been meaning to go, was planning on going tonight!
C: Not my lucky day, is it? Aah, Eden Club?
BBK: Sorry, sir.
C: MBK trolling?
BBK: Normally, sir, yes, but the flash drive with my notes is in my pants pocket that I left at my mom’s house for washing.
C: Ah. S&M clubs?
BBK: Sorry.
C: Hotel lobbies?
BBK: No.
C: Online escorts?
BBK: No.
C: RCA discos?
BBK: No.
C: Floating market girls, per chance?
BBK: No.
C: Resort spas?
BBK: No.
C: Ladyboy reviews?
BBK: No.
C: Suthisan? Karaoke joints? Hotel maids?
BBK: No.
C: Hi-so uni girls, perhaps?
BBK: Ah, I do have info on hi-so uni girls, yes, sir!
C: You do, excellent.
BBK: Yes sir, it’s, ah…it’s a bit of a challenge.
C: Oh, I like a challenge.
BBK: It’s a significant challenge.
C: No matter, lay on me the info that’s gotten you laid by Hi-so uni girls of the Mung Thai!
BBK: I think it’s more challenging than you’ll like sir.
C: I don’t care how fucking challenging it is, tell me with all speed.
BBK: Ohhhh.
C: What now?
BBK: I’ve never gotten laid by a Hi-so uni girl.
C: Pattaya?
BBK: No.
C: Oilies?
BBK: No.
C: Streetwalkers?
BBK: No.
C: You DO have some info on Thai nightlife, do you?
BBK: Course sir, its a Thai nightlife website sir, we’ve got er…
C: No no, don’t tell me, I’m keen to guess.
BBK: Fair enough.
C: Er, fat, old, ugly, and Asian?
BBK: Yes.
C: Ah well I’ll have some of that.
BBK: Oh, I thought you were talking to me sir, I’m fat, old ugly and Asian.
C: Concierge room service?
BBK: No.
C: Low-so uni girls?
BBK: No.
C: Office girls?
BBK: No.
C: Venezuelan beaver?
BBK: No.
C: Ah, how about Gogos?
BBK: Well, folks don’t do Gogos, sir. Not much call for that.
C: NOT MUCH CALL…. it’s the single most popular venue for sex tourist in Bangkok!
BBK: Not for this site.
C: And what is the most popular venue for this site?
BBK: Oh, G-Clubs sir!
C: Is it?
BBK: Oh yes, sir, it’s staggeringly popular on this site squire.
C: Is it?
BBK: Its our number 1 best topic, sir.
C: I see, er G-Clubs eh.
BBK: Right sir.
C: All right, OK…… have you gotten laid by G-Club girls, he asked, knowing the answer no.
BBK: I’ll try to remember sir.
BBK: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno.
C: It’s not much of a naughty nightlife website, is it?
BBK: Finest in cyberspace, sir.
C: Explain the logic underlying that conclusion, pray.
BBK: Well my made-up statistics, my 3 weeks a year in Thailand, my stalking experience and the voices in my head, sir.
C: It’s certainly uncontaminated by actual sex! Have you, in fact, got any useful information about Thailand here at all?
BBK: Yes sir.
C: Really?
BBK: No, not really sir.
C: You haven’t?
BBK: No sir, not a scrap, I was deliberately wasting your time sir.
C: What a senseless waste of human life.

[Thanks to fender for this outstanding contribution – BDK]


14 Responses to “The BigBabyKenny.Com Online School Of Whoremongering”

  1. Real Ronru said

    Why did you post this here? Nobody visits this site except for me. On BigBabyKenny you would get tens of comments from me and my sockpuppets. Posting here is dumb dumb dummydumb.

  2. Real BigBabyKenny said

    Real Ronru,

    That is only part of the story.

    You know I will pay people for this type of THESIS QUALITY CONTENT. Begging for people to submit articles on my site just isn’t working and I need to try something new.

    I won’t be pushed around anymore and am determined to get the dedicated detractors to come back to BigBabyKenny.

    If you want more information of how you can become part of the success story that is BBK, just go to for more details.

  3. hahaha hehehe hohoho

  4. Real Ronru said

    Real BBK,

    You know, I keep telling people but they want to spend their time on a site which threatens people and suggests they should be killed by Hitler and the Jews.
    There is no limit to how low we they will stoop to promote their agenda. The administer of this site is fully responsible and owes an apology to you, Prufrock, WW, Jews and everyone else who doesn’t like what’s on this site.

    But especially me. I can make a big enough fool of myself. I don’t need anyone else’s help.

  5. Real BigBabyKenny said

    I hear you my brother. I hear you.

  6. i fuck you all said

    Commenters on are right.
    There are serious mentaly disturbed lunatics involved with his sick blog.

  7. Big Black Gulliver said

    And yet you return over and over again! BTW, there’s two commentators on BigBabyKenny! Kenny, you never answer questions! Never! That’s why you lost so much credibility with your readers. Sort of like your teaching its all theory and nothing put into practice.

    So here’s a question! Why don’t you just post on BigDummyKenny under your own moniker? Everybody knows it you and all the ad hoc names makes you look foolish and well… a Big Baby!

    Answer the question

  8. Big Black Gulliver said

    What’s the frequency Kenneth?

  9. SBDOTKU said

    To make sure this is not overlooked by anyone, least of all ronru, especially given the post above.

    Just for ronru, I found the ONLY post that mentions the word “Nazi”. It is from a “one hit wonder” called karmako. He is also the one that asked for the information about other posters. And, of course, he is LOOOOOOOOOONG gone.

    Interestingly, the two posts by this “anonymous” poster are the same ones that ronru CONSTANTLY and INCORRECTLY refers to:

    Here it is ronru:

    “Daywalker, you are an owner, and you’ve met Prufrock, and you think he’s a nice guy? Willickers, now I’m confused. Still, blind solidarity to such nonsense deserves punishment as well. In WWII, the Germans that followed Hitler were still Nazi’s and were killed. Prufrock, if indeed he was a scholar and a gentleman, would spit on Kenny for such behaviour. The fact that he doesn’t, and the fact that he still supports him, makes him just as guilty and just as punishable. Post a picture please. I will find out where he lives, who his friends are, what business he does. I will create a website and expose it all, and lie about things he does and what his businesses do. I will send that website to his friends and any business associates. I will try and hurt his business any way I can. Let me give him a taste of what the Big Mango people are experiencing.

    Scholar and a Gentleman? I doubt it. He’s nice to the owner and yet he still goes against them in a Kenny way? Sounds worse than Kenny, but makes sense that he is a friend of Kenny. Why do there have to be such scummy people on this Earth? The Big Mango people do nothing to these people from what I can gather. They try to run a business and work hard, and they get this? This sounds like such an injustice, which again, makes no sense to me.

    I’ve been to the Big Mango Bar, but not the new one (soon, I promise). I went to the one when it was in Nana Entertainment Plaza, but I’ve been reading their blog for a long time here and there. I guess when you have such a blog audience you should expect some weirdos. Look at the notstickman fiasco. Still, even though Stickman’s site and the content on it are crap, he didn’t deserve the notstickman thing. Many similarities here. I think the notstickman guy got in some trouble and I expect the same if not worse for Kenny, and I’m happy to help with that. However, I really need some additional information here. Initially I was very upset, especially after reading doctorbond’s comment, but the more I get into this, the more it seems there is something missing.

    If Kenny or Prufrock or any of the other supporters are reading this, please let us know what the Big Mango people did to you, besides the pulling of a post. I need to know before I really get engaged here. No offense to this site or the Daywalker owner, but I would like to hear from them on why they are on such a crusade? What makes these people attack and lie about somebody else’s business? I’ve been to the kenny site and it disgusts me so I won’t go back and ask there. Plus, I don’t want to give him any browser web traffic for his bogus Alexa statistics. I would however understand and not be disgusted if there was a reason for what they are doing. I would then probably be disgusted with this site. Would be nice to know what’s really going on here.

    I have another question. Since the owner of the Big Mango knows Prufrock, have they tried to all sit down and work this out? In the end, I suspect they will all lose if it continues on this path. I am really amazed that people have time to waste like this. Before anybody jumps down my throat, I am on holiday so can spend a little time on this. It is a train wreck after all. Unfortunately, people are getting hurt and I hate to see that. Perhaps realdaffyduck can be the peacemaker here in the end? That would be far more interesting.

    Comment by karmako | February 15, 2010″

    So ronru, tiger, now that you have been shown, once again, to be misquoting this post with INFLAMMATORY rhetoric, do everyone a favor and stop. It is obvious you (whoever “you” are – a Kenny supporter, Kenny himself, or some permutation of the two) were the original karmako. And that the only reason for the post, despite much of its positive-seeming content, was a very transparent attempt to throw in reactionary buzzwords that you could then try to misquote and misconstrue in an attempt to defame the regular posters and administrator here at BigDummyKenny.

    You’re not a devious genius, your motives are obvious and your attempt in extremely poor taste.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ SBDOTKU – Ronru knows this already. It has been pointed out before on the Duck Pond page.

      If he’s this determined to make an ass of himself who are we to stop him?

  10. SBDOTKU said

    Never mind me. I’m hung over on Tiger.

  11. SBDOTKU said

    Hmmm, I wonder who the impersonator above could be? He obviously couldn’t get my icon to show up, so unlike on the other site, we can all tell the person is an impostor. Nice try Ronru, you’re unable to cause confusion and play your game here. Of course you could just fall back on your de facto modus operandi and twist my moniker into something nasty.

    Truly low class.

  12. Bangers Bill said

    Oh my! I haven’t laughed this hard in ages. Well done Mr. Fender.

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