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Blast from the Past (3.0) :

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 4, 2010

The BDK-CLIT Team, again tirelessly digging through historical evidence, has found another interesting piece of Kenny’s past – just like the last one, this too is a veritable love-fest, and it makes us collectively wonder why did BBK go from this, very reasonable, outlook, to the mad hatter he has ultimately become? A rhetorical question, maybe, but distinctly puzzling.

Read on.

bigbabykenny Says:
April 30, 2009 at 6:19 amReply


I am also sorry that my participation in TF2SM ended the way it did.

I really really really enjoyed writing for TF2SM and participating in the blog. The negativity and hate from some of the commenters never bothered me. Truthfully, I enjoyed mixing it up with them.

My position is and remains that there is no reason to cut off debate and delete as much as you do but that it is your blog, you make the decisions on it, and I will respect them.

I am also fully appreciative of that fact that you live in Thailand, run a business here, rely on it for your livelihood, and that is prudent to protect yourselves. It sucks living in a Third World dictatorship where you can be thrown in jail , thrown out of the country, or be put out of business if some faceless unidentified government bureaucrat decides to come down on you but that is the reality of Thailand. Ignoring that reality would be idiotic and could be very destructive.

I am not a hater and there are no hard feelings or regrets on my side. I hope it is the same on yours.
You are two of the nicest, most honest, and honorable people I have met while in Thailand and I still count you as friends. I hope the reverse is true.

I still plan on patronizing the Big Mango, showing up at parties, and look forward to seeing you and hanging out this summer.

Kenny aka BigBabyKenny


9 Responses to “Blast from the Past (3.0) :”

  1. BigDummyKenny said

    @ RealDaffyDuck – Kenny went from the above to where he’s at today based upon what?

    You shared some amicable e-mails with him not so long ago. Any insights?

    • ronru said

      Yeah DaffyDuck. PLEASE dish out more dirt and private information about BBK that he might have told you in confidence.

    • Good suggestion, BDK — sadly, those emails don’t contain a lot of salient information; Well, there is some stuff, but it’s more of a technical relevance.

      More than anything, it shows how I originally saw (an interesting site with a different take on things), and how Kenny managed to sour it.

      Let me see if I can dig them up.

  2. Daywalker said

    I firmly believe this is all down to a bruised ego.

  3. doctorbond said

    “……. and I still count you as friends. I hope the reverse is true”
    Ermmm – they’ll get back to you on that one……

  4. Wenthworth said

    I cannot comprehend that Kenny Ng is a Professor. Neither can his students by look of that rate my professor website.

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