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The Mother of all Cheesecakes – Bangkok Motor Show

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 5, 2010

It is no longer necessary to go to the Los Angeles Auto Show – it is, now, boring.

Check out the Bangkok Motor Show. Yeah, there’s cars there as well, or so I hear.


17 Responses to “The Mother of all Cheesecakes – Bangkok Motor Show”

  1. SBDOTKU said

    WHEN is this show exactly? Just in case it coincides with an upcoming trip. Because, you know, I really like CARS of course.

  2. It takes place every December.

  3. Max said

    There are some seriously cute girls in those pics. How many did you see there?

    • Take the number of girls in these pictures, and multiply by about x100.

      Calling it a cornucopia would be the understatement of the year.

      I went to the LA Auto Show that same year – I was mostly yawning (“Hey, look, it’s a new model of a hot car!!” “Yeah, whatever, F* off”)

  4. Barry said

    Damn you, Sir! The pictures are not big enough. And yes, I did click on them. I shall now spend the day frustrated and snap at innocent people, and it’s YOUR FAULT!

  5. Poodle said

    December? Last day is tomorrow – April 6th! I was there looking to find a high-end pickup for under 5 million baht.

    • Curse you – missed it again.

      Maybe purple could venture forth, and bang a bunch of the booth babes there for us.

      (not ‘on the spot’ obviously)

  6. Here’s why I absolutely have to LOVE Thailand.

    Thanks for the link, Poodle, but the really worthwhile part of that link is here:

    Check out the list of exhibitors – underneath each is a link to the ‘Booth’, the ‘Car’, and one suspiciously named ‘Pretty’.

    Ignore Booth and Car, and click on ‘Pretty’.

    There you go, pictures of each and every Booth Babe™ from the show – pick out your future wife, and then seek her out at the proper car manufacturer’s booth.

    Convenience is King, at the Bangkok Motor Show.

    BigDummyKenny – “getting to the point and getting tangible results”

  7. Young Penfold said

    I think they have 2 motor shows a year. 1 around December time which has supercars and shit, and 1 in April, which is more humdrum fare, like Hondas & Toyotas

    I went to the April one a few years ago. Got pretty cunted at the Beer Singha tent, and went ogling. The cunt is great to stare at, but the hall is small, and the cars are drab as fuck. If I remember right, I got a taxi straight to Colonze 2 after

  8. TJ said

    Holy crap. An event full of hot babes and YP doesn’t score? Somethings wrong with this story.

  9. xxxL said

    I like what I’m seeing but I’m a big man.

    I’d break these little girls in half.

    Life is so unfair.

  10. Barney Frank said

    So nice to see Chevy putting the taxpayer bailout money to good use.

  11. Young Penfold said

    TJ – I got my picture taken with a lot of the girls and broke out my knicker elastic snapping Thai skills to great effect.

    Few of them seemed like they would be keen to dish out digits, but the fact everyone in the arena could see made shit difficult. No loss, the girl in Colonze 2 was a willing recipient of my pent up sexual rage.

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