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Review: Bangkok Fruit Cart Vendor

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 7, 2010

For only 10-60 baht (about 30 cents – 2 US dollars) you can get a refreshing treat on any street in Bangkok.

It is refreshing in the hot Thailand weather and give you a quick energy boost.

Many carts offer fruit precut on ice. These carts sell the fruit for 10 baht and will give you the fruit in a plastic bag with a wooden skewer so you can enjoy your savory morsels immediately.

Be sure to wear new shoes. You never know when someone will take a photo of your feet.

They will weigh the food with a reliable and well calibrated scale. All the fruits available are delicious.

Make sure you try some pineapple. They are especially sweet and tasty.

Fresh fruit from the fruit cart street vendor. You can’t go wrong.


22 Responses to “Review: Bangkok Fruit Cart Vendor”

  1. cherry man said

    what a fag post. tell us something we dont know.

    • The fruit is very tasty.

      Did you know that the wheels of the fruitcart were genuine Dunlop XKR-7Cs, usually only seen on more suburban bicycles, and that the directional wheel was the same as used by Bulagti Wheelbarrows — quite a rarity, and most likely one of the hidden gems of this article.

      Furthermore, the fruitscale is a precision instrument manufactured in Italy by Coq-Au-Vino (trademark).

      ….and ALWAYS trust a girl wearing sneakers. Always.

  2. RED EYES said

    Lovin it. A high quality review in the BBK.COM spirit of reviews!

    Cherry Man <—– With a fag name name like that it's probably not necessary to say it takes a fag to know if something is faggish, but I'll say it anyways.

  3. Daywalker said

    One thing about the fruit vendors… they are handy with a blade. Have you seen them slicing those mangos n other shit?

    I’d be wearing a welders glove as a minimum if I was gonna hack fruit with a sharp knife.

    (but then, being a roustabout, I have access to welding stuff)

    Has anyone spotted any vendors with missing digits?

  4. Big Black Gulliver said

    I wonder if she charges an extra 10 Baht for some grilled onions on my fruits…..

  5. Big Black Gulliver said

    I need to get a life, I actually just googled Coq-Au-Vino and read a Wikipedia entry about Coq au vin. Now I’m hungry!

    Kenny, your still an asshole! Enjoy your trip to Vietnam!

  6. MongerSEA said

    This is total rubbish. Those are two different fruit carts. If you would get outside the expat fruit district and go see how Thai people buy and eat fruit you wouldn’t be exploited so easily. Better, cheaper, more efficient something is how real knowledgeable fruit eaters roll.

  7. Thai Pad said

    These photos are of the same cart. I’ve seen it. It’s on Thanon Chok Chai 4 just a few meters down CC4 Soi 39 and not too far from Public Health Center 66.

    It’s owner, Sunan, did the upgrade himself and claims its the only dual top convertible fruit cart in Bangkok. It also has an aftermarket refrigeration unit and GPS.

    The successor of this model, the TukPro Sho-rite II, was on display at the Bangkok Motor Show this weekend. Everyone was gob-smacked by the flashy new style of the electric-blue colored Sho-rite III on display. Complete with the high performance Michelin Krylion Carbon Tire (, the Sho-rite III now has refrigeration, coolant recovery & recycling system, GPS and ABS standard.

    Anyone purchasing a Sho-rite III during the motor show took advantage of a special promotion which included a BAL X-Chock Tire Locking Chocks, a VCD/DVD/CD player with 500w amp, 4 speakers and 10 Issan music CDs.

  8. Falang Ting Tong said

    Daffy Duck
    r u in town?

  9. SBDOTKU said

    And is that dragonfruit wearing the pink fishnet? I guess I should have seen that coming. I mean, after all, it is called DRAGonfruit! (I crack myself up.)

  10. cherry man said

    RED eyes. i aint no fag. got the moniker cherry man cos i bust all the cherries of them prime lil bitches with my fat cock. hows ya like that eh?

    you no doubt a bbk lil gook dick sympathiser.

    leave us fellers with big members outta it. fruit is gay

    • (rolls eyes)

      Hi, the 80s called, and they want their ghetto speak back. I don’t think anyone around here is very much impressed by it (well, ronru, maybe)

  11. Big Ninja Juice said

    Cherry man is ok, beeetch. Dun be messin with my bro! He be havin’ a big pecker and dat dafty duck dun like it? Wassup wiv dat nigger sheeet, bruther!? I dun get why da dafty duck is so beeetchin queer? He have some iddy bitty ooodle noodle or some like sheeet? Him da fag, sure, me be speak. Him is a fuck ugly little fat cunt dat makes Kenny da Gook looks straight. But yousr all fag next to da BNJ, and even Cheery Boy aint go no 40oz, ya dig?

    Last night i be fuckin a 40kg beeetch, suck da old foot long up her shitter. Now she be 38kg. Hehehehe, gotta wash da sheeeets, beeetches! hohohoho! me so funny and i is black too!!!!!

  12. cherry man said

    science fag.suck on my shrievelly smelly balls

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