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No Cheesecake – Only Pancake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 12, 2010

Today we look at the finest pancake in Thailand.


That is the Thai actress and model known as Pancake, Khemanit Jamikorn.


9 Responses to “No Cheesecake – Only Pancake”

  1. chung nunsi said

    u have an eye for ugly bitches.

    your site is awesome

  2. EvilElvis said

    Pancake is an unusual name. Is it because shes light brown, flat, likes being covered in syrup and has to be eaten?

  3. Lovely girl, but not my cup’a’tea.

  4. Falang Ting Tong said


    how much?

  5. SBDOTKU said

    Ah, a particular flavor of cheesecake today! I think she looks best in the candid shots. And I have heard of girls nicknamed Donut, but she is the first Pancake. I really don’t understand the rules for nicknames but if it makes them happy…

    • Hmmm… There’s a project for my next trip.

      Work myway through the pastry section.


      Do they have girls named:

      Brownie? (no, wait, I know one called ‘Brownie’ – check)
      What else?

  6. SBDOTKU said

    Not a bad idea. You may find some of these:
    Cookie, Tart, Cupcake

    But I don’t think you’re going to find these:
    Butterhorn, Ginger Snap, Macaroon, Scone, (Bread) Loaf, Cake, Biscotti, Pie (well, isn’t it all kinda pie? 😉 ), cracker, cobbler…

    And in Bubba, friend of Gump, fashion: “That’s about all I can think of…”

  7. Werewolf said

    You can certainly find:

    honey (naam peung)
    sugar (nam taan)
    water (naam)
    pork (moo)
    chicken (gai)
    watermelon (dtanmoh)
    orange (som)

    and you might find:


    but what would interest you the most might be:

    Pussy (meaw)

    Plenty of things to eat when it comes to the girls of Thailand!

    • Bangers Bill said

      Ha. Werewolf, leave it to you to fill in the gaps.

      With what I would guess is a very extensive Rolodex you could probably blog about it.

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