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Tiger Furs and Fake Boobs (Again)

Posted by dapurplespy on April 14, 2010

In a previous thread, Spaffy Fuk asked me where i picked up a tall 20 y/o (or less) girl with fake boobs, and if there were more like her?

Well, i picked her at spicy/swing (days ago, but i saw her yesterday also, leaving spicy with a dude)

There’s n oldish gal hanging in spicy/swing that seems to take a fancy presenting me to her more shaggable “sisters”; i said thank you in my best thai before leaving with my leggy price.

There are a lot of sexy gals but not many that are tall like this, excluding the lady-toys of course, which i avoid.

I have to admit here being less lucky recently in my hunting. I was unsuccessful yesterday at Swing; there weren’t many nice ones, and the ones i liked were either taken or didn’t like me!

I made a few mistakes here. Well, I live in Bangkok now, and I’m kinda tired of answering questions from chicks I just want to fuck to have fun with — about what i do for money and all. I say now I’m on holidays. much easier.

–How long?
–Er, one month or so.
Then they stop talking and just smile and dance.

But if I say I live here, it can go on and on: — Where do you work? ; do you speak thai? why not? i don’t believe you don’t speak thai? What is it you do for a living again? Where do you live? Which soi? Got a swimming pool? Live alone? How much?…

Gosh. I’m here on holiday now. But the first girl I told this to replied that she saw me in December at Bossy. Gulp. Not good.

With another one, I quickly forget my lies as I was drinking, and told her later that I was living in Ratchada since one year (which is true).


Horny and sporting a massive wood, I called a 30 y/o girl at 8:30 am that I’ve not seen since a long while (I always seem to ditch her for some reason), basically inviting myself over. She had a home in Ratchada; now she’s living in a small apartment not far from Lumpini park. When her maid left, she flashed new boobs to me. nice. very well done. wow. soft and bouncy.

— Made in thailand?
— Yes.

She told me she had had no sex since her operation 6 weeks ago. She was wet as songkran and i barebacked her like i did the last time. She’s a classy moneyed girl (half singaporean/half thai), and it seemed the classy thing to do at the time (but then i was kinda drunk). She came fast or faked it, and told me to cum inside her, which i did of course, being a gent.
I hope I won’t receive the dreaded “you’ve got a baby” call in a few weeks. She doesn’t know where i live, she seems like a resourceful girl. I should have songkraned her tits with my water, but hey, i was kinda drunk.

The chick went shopping with her maid while i crashed in her bed like a meteor in a cornfield. she came back a few hours later without the maid but with a new perfume and high-heels shoes made of real tiger fur. it looked fucking real. she said it was real. It felt real.
I’ve had asked her to buy some nylon stocking which she wore as well, and I barebacked her, a bit absentmindedly i might add. I was tired and was suddenly craving for me room and some meat. Her fridge was virtually empty, containing cooked stuff i couldnt tast without trace and those chicken essence thingy that girls drink to prevent hunger, I think.

She lives in an expensive 2 rooms and kitchen place, but honestly i wouldn’t trade my studio for hers. her appartment has a low ceiling, not bery sunny, no wall made of windows, and the soi she lives on is a boulevard with an empty, dry noisy atmosphere; no street food stalls, only 7/11s and oil pumps. I feel so lucky, as the neighborhood i randomly happened to live in (more or less randomly: it was a barwhore who introduced me to it last april) is amongst the few first I visited in bangers. A year has past, and i still think it’s the best neiborghood for me : hearty, quiet, with good food, a few shadowy trees, plenty of children and girls walking to the local mart in pajamas. I really love my flat and the area i live in.

Before I left her place, Tiger-Shoes girl made me promise to call her later on ; she wanted to go see a movie. She had made some research, and suggested that new Scorcese with di Caprio (and I’m a fan of both). I said ok girl, but plase wear a small skirt with your stockings and open-toes tiger-shoes; after all, she let me fuck her for free. she called me a few times in the evening but i never bothered to answer. I was listening to the second season of Dexter, and it is very very very good, quite addictive actually. And yes, she did let me a coupla sms, which i didn’t read yet. So I guess i won’t see her before a month or so)

From her apartment, it took a taxi to suk 11 where I had previously parked my moped in the parking of ambassador hotel, near climax. As I rode my way back to my studio, lots of youngsters were happily throwing songkran water at the riding farang. good, coze my purple shirt was stinking cigarette n the cheap perfume of a few swing sluts.

Today’s gonna be quiet, for i will nurse the baby boy for 24 hours or so! we spend quite a lot of time together, and he really seems to like me a lot. Hey! i pick him up when he fancies defying gravity a lil; I feed him when he’s hungry, and we smile at each other a lot. He’s laughing now.

PS — i lost the habit to take pix, but i may try to do so again


37 Responses to “Tiger Furs and Fake Boobs (Again)”

  1. You just need a better camera phone – what happened to your plans to buy an iPhone?

    • dapurplespy said

      Pure procrastination, daffy. i was a busy also, a lil.

      I enrolled in a thai school, had a new passport made; i go in KL in a few weeks to get en ed visa.
      The baby boy really rocked a few things in my routine.
      Before Mother-Girl went back to work, I had to invest more time to get laid!
      I also prepared the ground for a visiting friend; he’ll be here this friday for 2 weeks; I rented a room for him in my building and all.
      I’m following feverishly a few betting markets.
      And i try to hit the gym.
      I guess the fact that i will have to take out 25k at the atm doesn’t appeal very much also. I’ll wait a bit and see. I’m sticky with money. Let’s see if I win on the 6th on may first.
      Songkran is not the best time anyway to think about buying a smart phone!

      ***goes fetch a plastic bag for his ole nokia**

    • 😉

      Might as well wait until the end of June, then, for the release and availability of the new iPhone HD. Same price, more power, more storage, etc ….

      Look into AAPL. Bought into some more a couple of weeks back when it was around $210. It’s now floating around $240/$242….. Easy money.

  2. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Purple – What are you looking at betting on? Any specifics you can share?


  3. twoser said

    Mr dapurplespy, are you gonna take the daft duck up on the offer of a night out with SBDOTKU?

    “We gotta go trolling when I’m in BKK next time – heck, let’s take SBDOTKU along with us.”

    You told him the place where you met the leggy girl, but are you willing to put up with the obnoxious, paranoid, obsessive, little fat twat in real life?

    • Katechon said

      sure, why not!

      i’ve never met the duck before. if i don’t like him i can always disappear into the night as easily as a raven!

    • I seem to have that descriptive effect only on losers — thus, I feel that I’d be having a great time hanging out with the purple one.

      I appreciate you staying away — I generally can’t stand freeloaders and idiots, which fortunately keeps them at bay.

  4. twoser said

    Well you’re a gent. Good too see tolerance in this fair city. I met him and bailed. Good luck to you.

    • sbdotku said

      Daffy seems like a pretty normal guy to me, or no more odd than others I have come across might be a better way to say it ; – ).

      You DO know that anything labeled any permutation of “Daffy” over at BBK is NOT him, right? Kenny purposely turned off avatars so that people could impersonate other posters (myself included).

      At least here you know you might actually engage in a conversation with the actual person you have issue with. Over there, who knows with whom you are talking. It is the reason I have decided not to visit or post there. I only bother when someone informs me that there is another post by a doppelganger so I can see what has been said.

      Very sad really, Kenny posts a lot of content, some of it actually with some merit, but it all gets lost in his bizarre interpretation of “no censorship”.

    • twoser said

      I’d like to squat over dafty’s face and shit in his mouth.

  5. sbdotku said

    And the award for best reference to Songkran goes to: Purple-Chon!

    “I should have songkraned her tits with my water”


  6. sbdotku said

    To all,

    I find it interesting that Ronru has completely disappeared at the exact same time that Kenny has been traveling in Vietnam (I know this because I read WW’s blog). Hmmmm, connection? You be the judge.

    • What’s actually more amusing is how easily the sock puppets rise to the bait – well done SBDOTKU. (bunch o’ classy friends, Kenny has, doesn’t he?)

  7. ha ha ha said

    “I find it interesting that Ronru has completely disappeared at the exact same time that Kenny has been traveling in Vietnam (I know this because I read WW’s blog).”

    Where in WW blog does is say Kenny was in Vietnam? It doesn’t. SBDOTKU you are a faggot, a pussy of the worst kind. “I know this because I read WW’s blog”. Ha ha ha – what a joke!!! Why are you so ashamed to say you read it on bbk, where you obviously did? Did you have to say this silly little lie just keep in with you internet buddies? Afraid they won’t let you kiss their asses if they knew?!! Are you so lonely and desperate to be part of the “club”? What a waste of space. Grow up and get some pubes on your balls you felching nonce. I know you’re a felching nonce cos I read it on WW’s blog. You fucking faggot’s turd wipe – do you spit or swallow?

    • Wombat said

      “Where in WW blog does is say Kenny was in Vietnam?” That is so easy to answer. WW’s travelling companion took a girl to a nightclub. She bought her boyfriend. Who else could it be but the clueless Kenny?

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hmmm… don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting yet another one-hit wonder anonymous poster with the vocabulary of a 13 year old pimply loser. Does mommy know you speak that way? Or are you glad she does so that she spanks you regularly? Really, you are a sad, pathetic, little man. I put that in just to stave off any comments like yours so eager to stick up for your equally disturbed and emotionally runted friend.

    • twoser said

      he he he ha ha ha ho ho ho.

      SBDOTKU got owned – what a turd like come back from the little fella.

    • You certainly live up to my impression of you at the BM.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hey, I get it. It was a looooooonnnnnng and overly detailed list. And so yes, some of it was in jest because of the level of detail. However, as I mentioned directly after that, the basic intent was (paraphrased): don’t be a dick, have something funny or useful to say.

      I like those rules and try to operate by them on any blog I contribute to. Now I may not always contribute the funniest or most helpful comments, but the intent is there.

      And that is what it boils down to, what is the contributor’s intent? Easy to tell in almost all cases. Take the case of my new over-excited admirer above (ha ha ha (?)), no question about intent there. It is my view that those type of comments might as well be removed as they serve no positive or useful purpose.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Ah Twoser, or should I just call you ha ha ha? And you thought Daffy was obnoxious, paranoid and obsessive? Seems of the two of you we can all see who exhibits those characteristics.

    • SBDOTKU : “…don’t be a dick, have something funny or useful to say….”

      Do you mind if I steal that tagline for my website? (Oh, wait, I keep forgetting — according to ‘sources in the know’, THIS website is my website…)

      No, seriously, I’m thinking of setting up a discussion forum, and that tagline seems to pretty much nail it.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Your’s to use as long as you invite me to the party!

  8. Big Black Gulliver said

    Sounds like Professor Kenny Ng…..after all he gets his kicks by “hanging out” with pretty Asian girls. Oh, and taking their picture which he pays them to do! Translation – I still pay money, treat her boyfriend for a night on the town and get no pussy! Getting banged cheaper? Truly sad!

  9. adman said

    Big Black Gulliver,
    Kenny hangs out with pretty Asian girls? I disagree. From the photos of the girls I’ve seen parade on his site his taste in women is below average.

    100% on the banged cheaper question. He demonstrates how to save money on small ticket items such as CDs while throwing money away on big ticket items such as pickup trucks.

  10. SBDOTKU said

    In light of my new friend’s comments, I thought I might share the rules that are agreed to in order to participate on the site.

    These are pretty much the ones I would adopt were I to set up a similar site. All of which are completely lacking at bbk.

    Since bDk is more a one-off lark, I don’t consider there to be a need for these robust rules – rather if the attempt for bdk were to be one of large growth and a high-traffic site. Though that does mean we let the mentally ill and emotionally stunted spew their bile…ah well, at least they’re marginally entertaining.

    1. No disrespectful or inflammatory discussion about The King of Thailand, The Monarchy or members of The Thai Royal Family is permitted.

    2. No disrespectful or inflammatory discussion regarding the current Thai government is permitted this includes all government agencies such as the Thai military, police, customs and immigration services.

    3. Disrespectful or inflammatory comments designed to incite other members are not permitted, flaming of other board members is prohibited, this does not include casual banter amongst friends. If it seems to be going too far then PA staff will step in to ensure that it is kept fun and friendly.

    4. Posting of information which is known to be false or which is reasonably considered to be false is not permitted.

    5. Posting of spam is prohibited and posters of such information will be banned immediately. Legitimate advertising will be allowed by members who identify themselves to PA staff provided that they agree to post their advertising in the proper areas. Legitimate business owners may contact any of the Administrators or Moderators for posting permissions for these areas.

    6. An email address or domain name may not be used as a username.

    7. A valid email address is required to register for Pattaya Addicts.

    8. Abusive, defamatory, harassing, hateful, obscene, profane, threatening, vulgar or any material which is considered illegal in either your home country, your host country, the United States of America or Thailand is not permitted. This is done to ensure that PA remains a fun, friendly place to be as well as to protect the integrity of PA. Ignorance of any law being violated will not be accepted as an excuse or reason.

    9. Gambling or discussion about gambling is not permitted.

    10. Posting of personal photos or information of a personal nature without the permission of the individual is not permitted unless it is quoting a post made by the person in question or their permission has been obtained. Permission will be considered to have been obtained if the person has allowed their picture to be taken, unless it has been specifically requested that their picture not be posted. Posted photos may be removed arbitrarily by PA staff or if requested by the subject of the photo. At other times PA staff may request that the poster remove the photo, the reason for request is to be given when the request is made.

    11. Posting of Personal Messages or emails sent to you by another member of Pattaya Addicts is not permitted. Exceptions to this rule may be made if an offensive, threatening, racist or unproven accusation has been made against another member or Pattaya Addicts. The PM or email should be brought to the attention of one of the Admin/Mod staff and collectively they will determine whether it constitutes an offense under the rules and take the appropriate action against the offender. Members are not to take offensive action against other members and those who do can expect to have punitive action taken against them. Pattaya Addicts reserves the right to take action against any board member who breaches this rule and each reported instance will be judged individually by Pattaya Addicts staff.

    12. Revealing the identity of another board member is not acceptable unless that board member has either done so on their own or given their permission to do so.

    13. Degrading comments regarding anyone or anything posted by anyone, including pictures, as well as religious and/or racial slurs will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    14. Copyrighted material may not be posted without the permission of the copyright holder, this includes copying of material found on Pattaya Addicts to other places or sites.

    15. Each member is permitted to have one account and subsequent accounts will not be approved or if discovered after the fact they will be deleted, attempts to register more than one account may lad to the original account being banned or removed from the board as well.

    16. The topic of the use and/or purchase of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited.

    17. The decisions of the Administrators and/or Moderators in any dispute at PA is final.

    18. PA cannot be held responsible for any material posted by board members. Objectionable material may reported to the Administrators or Moderators and may be removed after being reviewed.

    19. No posting of pictures or references of a sexual nature with anyone under the age of 18 years is permitted. No exceptions.

    20. Posting of pictures involving sex with animals is not permitted. No exceptions.

    21. The rules and policies of Pattaya Addicts are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

    22. Where questions regarding the interpretation of these rules occurs, the interpretation and decision of the Administrators and/or Moderators will be considered correct and final.

    23. Posting of Personal Messages or quotes from personal messages sent to you by moderators or administrators for moderation or administrative issues is not permitted. Any questions on such matters should be directed to one of the Root Administrators.

    24. reserves the right to limit or remove the access to the forums of anyone at any time.

    25. Business owners who advertise with Pattaya Addicts agree by registering that Pattaya Addicts assumes no liability for loss of business or exposure that may occur should they have their access at Pattaya addicts removed or restricted.

    26. Action may be taken against any member who motors any act that is intent on devaluing the forum and/or the reputation of forum and staff. Including slanderous statements either on this forum or any other website/forum.

    27. All content posted on Pattaya Addicts is owned by We respect your privacy and the Data Protections Act 1998.

    • SBDOTKU said

      But you could really boil it all down to this statement:

      “We do not welcome personal attacks and this includes disparaging comments made in regard to pictures posted by our members. Please respect individual likes and tastes as not all of us enjoy the same things. If you don’t have something nice to say then it is preferred that you say nothing at all.”

    • ———-
      1. No disrespectful or inflammatory discussion about The King of Thailand, The Monarchy or members of The Thai Royal Family is permitted.

      2. No disrespectful or inflammatory discussion regarding the current Thai government is permitted this includes all government agencies such as the Thai military, police, customs and immigration services.

      I can’t wait until BBK decides to push *those* boundaries of good taste (and you *know* it will happen). Just a matter of time, until he decides to ‘up’ his need for controversy and offensiveness.

    • Bangers Bill said

      If you look at most the websites they adhere to some similar policy, written or unwritten. Then compare the quality of content on PA to that on (and to a certain extent here as well) and there is a notable difference. is a spoof site and I get that. What makes no sense is Kenny’s attempt to be taken seriously in the Thailand blog community. The occasional decent trip reports are outweighed by his attacks on other websites and the bullshit he promotes through his not so clever editing techniques.

    • ——-
      What makes no sense is Kenny’s attempt to be taken seriously in the Thailand blog community.
      Do you really think that Kenny still believe that his behaviors and actions can result in his blog (or himself) being taken seriously? I think at this point if he ever identified himself as the BBK admin, he’d really just be laughed at.

    • Wombat said

      Why is everyone so against inter-species erotica?

  11. BangkokMilkshakes said

    shall we all buy a load of cocaine, and then fuck a selection of underage farmyard animals, placing bets on which one of your dreary cunts gets caught mid buggery by one of bangkoks finest law enforcement officers?

  12. BangkokMilkshakes said

    the price to quality is a bangkok issue that NEVER goes away Daffy. no, i was just commenting on SBDOKTU’s tedious list of rules. maybe it was a joke though, im not sure.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Said it above but want to reiterate. Yes, I thought the list was humorously long and overly detailed. The idea that there is at least some attempt to keep the tone positive is the important point IMO.

  13. BangkokMilkshakes said

    sorry, that should of said, the price to quality RATIO…just say no and all that

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