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The Sockpuppets of BigBabyKenny…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 17, 2010

I do not post comments over on, so any comments attributed to a ‘Duck’ character have not been written by me.

This article is intended as a placeholder, to list other contributors of this site, being impersonated over on – just state so in the comments, and I will add your name to the list in this article.

The only comment of mine over there has been one pointing out to Kenny which comments are impersonated, and asking that he identify them appropriately – because he said he would *ALWAYS* respond when someone posted such a request. Of course, he did nothing of the sort.

Likewise, the impersonated SBDOTKU, and other alias’ from here are still posting with impunity.

Thus, for anyone actually researching any of this, I wanted to provide a single stop resource of identities that are being impersonated (i.e. any posts with those names seen over on are fakes).

DaffyDuck (as well as RealDaffyDuck) – obviously.

SBDOTKU – based on his multiple statements that he doesn’t post, yet his sockpuppet certainly does.

Daywalker / Graham not as heavily trafficked anymore, but none of his impersonated comments have ever been corrected.

DoctorBond – “I don’t visit there – so I don’t post there either.”


6 Responses to “The Sockpuppets of BigBabyKenny…”

  1. Daywalker said

    I do not post there…. although my name has died down there now. Daywalker / Graham

    I think we all know who is behind it.

  2. doctorbond said

    I don’t visit there – so I don’t post there either.
    Less obviously, if I was being impersonated… I wouldn’t know because I don’t visit there.
    Well, that’s confused the hell outta me, I’m going have a rest now.

  3. Daywalker said


    You need a holiday. 😉

  4. SBDOTKU said

    Oh I’m SBDOTKU, the real SBDOTKU
    All you other SBDOTKUs are just imitating
    So won’t the real SBDOTKU please stand up
    Please stand up, please stand up…!
    (with apologies to Eminem)

  5. Werewolf said


    You’re being impersonated again!

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