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Jon Obama – A Blogger’s Stories, Notoriety & Consequences (part 1)

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 18, 2010

In a recent post about the “untold true story” of his ongoing tantrum, BBK says: “I had several email exchanges with university administrators over the summer and they confirmed what I already knew. In the U.S., people have freedom of speech. As a professor I was free to say what I wanted about anything I wanted. America is a great country, isn’t it?”

Yes, Kenny, yes it is. And it keeps getting better, because, if you keep reading that 1st Amendment, not too long after the freedom of speech part, you’ll come across the freedom of the press part. We have that in the U.S. too!

So, first the obvious: BBK has a very poor understanding of what freedom of speech means and the protection the 1st Amendment provides. Here’s a refresher, courtesy of 7th grade social studies: freedom of speech means you can say what you want; you can’t be silenced, and you can’t be sent to jail. It doesn’t guarantee you get to keep your job or your friends, much less your reputation. If you’re an elementary school teacher, you are free to join NAMBLA, write a book about how great it is to bugger 11-year old boys, and hand out flyers in front of the supermarket asking people to join your cause to lower the age of consent to 11. All these activities are protected by the 1st Amendment’s guarantee of free speech.

And, when the elementary school finds out what you’re doing, they’re free to fire you. And your wife is free to leave you, and a court is free to find you not fit for unsupervised visitation with your 11-year old son, and your friends are free to think you’re a scumbag and not return your phone calls. The local Yamaha dealer is free to not sell you a new R1, and even the freak-show that the World Series of Poker has become can say, all things being equal, they’d rather not have you at their events, and reject your buy-in.

So yes, BBK can say what he wants. And his employer can decide to fire him or not, and his coworkers can decide to continue to associate with him or not. But he’s definitely free to continue publishing his blog.

He also says that the LA Times and Daily News were contacted, as was the school paper. He claims that an article was published in the Daily News but, as many have noted, no article has been published, nor is there one in the LA Times or the school paper. What can be inferred from this? It’s possible that BBK was contacted by a reporter from the Daily News and then banged out his post, assuming that a story was forthcoming. I can’t imagine why else he’d say there’s an article when it’s so easy to see that, at the time of the post, there was not.

So BBK says that reporters were contacted. Maybe they then read the blog or did some research. Then, probably, a Daily News reporter called him. The question that is most worth asking, given what we know about the overall situation, is this: “Why would a Daily News reporter contact BBK?” And the answer is simple: a reporter (we’ll call him “Scoop”) would call BBK if he thinks there might be a printable story to write.

The Daily News is a local Southern California paper, headquartered in and targeted toward LA’s San Fernando Valley, which contains communities such as Encino, Studio City and Northridge. Wikipedia says it has a conservative slant and a conservative readership. So if you’re Scoop, a young reporter fresh out of J-school, working for the Daily News and trying to make your bones, or if you’re an editor looking for stories of interest to your readers, what would you find compelling? What stories would you run, and what stories would you scrap?

(Continued in part 2)


51 Responses to “Jon Obama – A Blogger’s Stories, Notoriety & Consequences (part 1)”

  1. Vice Squad said

    I contacted both the campus paper and the LA Times education reporter. I think it could have been a story, but maybe one too hot for the campus rag.

  2. Lemon Twist said

    So why did Kenny claim that a story was written about BBK.COM in the Daily News when there hadn’t been? Is this another instance of Kenny flailing at the keyboard and pressing “submit” before he verified the facts? Sure looks that way to me.

  3. Big Black Gulliver said

    I contacted the Daily Sundial (CSUN Student Newspaper) and spoke with Melissa Lalum, Publisher

    She came out and admitted CSUN HR matters are off limit due to liability. However, she did look at the site while I was on the phone with her and was “utterly disgusted”, for what that is worth!

    I’m definitely no moral crusader but as a CSUN Alumni Professor Kenny Ng is a disgrace and not the type of I want representing my Alma Mater!

    The reasons are too numerous to list but one definately stands out, the veiled promotion of sex with minors in Thailand with his — The Ins and Outs … Everything you need to know about sex with minors in Thailand

    Let the retort begin…………

    • Not to mention his tacit endorsement of sex with minors by his full endorsement of ronru’s boasting statements in that regard – there’s plenty of references on his site of ronru boasting and bragging how he has, and how he would be banging underage girls. Kenny apparently wholeheartedly agrees.

  4. SBDOTKU said

    Who knows what really happened. BBK gets hung up on stuff that ends up doing more harm to himself than to any target.

    If he just focused on producing a quality blog all this would disappear. And maybe we would all be readers and posters. But for that to happen he would have to:
    – actually monitor and administrate his blog so that positive discussions could take place.
    – get off his weird hang-up about the Big Mango guys.
    – give up on revealing of private information.

    Really, that’s about it. Then he could continue to post content and actually ATTRACT readers and have QUALITY discussions among actual people.

    But I don’t think the above will happen. Something just isn’t getting through to him…

    Which is why THIS blog will continue to exist!

    • SBDOTKU : “If he just focused on producing a quality blog all this would disappear. And maybe we would all be readers and posters”

      Agreed – and it’s a point that had been made ad nauseam on his blog, over and over — well, that and actually engaging in real dialogue with his audience, and acknowledging when people who actually LIVE THERE are more correct than his theoretical statements. Of course, he wouldn’t be a Straussian Economist if he did that….

      In conclusion – you’re right, it won’t happen. Not until Kenny has a stroke, and turns into Negative Bizarro Kenny…

  5. The Wigger said

    That Kenny dont ever answer nuthin. I asked him and his sockpuppets bunches of questions and they do not respond. I asked him about the Daily News thing but do you think he’s gonna answer the question? I bet not. I bet he will just go on about something else but it wont have nuthin to do with what I asked.

  6. His ‘friends’ seem to be keeping themselves quite busy impersonating all kinds of people — which, again, Kenny fully appears to endorse and condone.

    Oh well, his traffic has now dropped to pretty impressive lows.

  7. MongerSEA said

    We’re I trying to make my bones as a fledgling journo, the story I’d go after would not be “the dedicated detractors trying to intimidate the college professor who’s just exercising his right to free speech.”

    Far from it, my story would focus on why a spineless CSUN administration was sheltering a self-professed sex tourist and possible pedophile, why they failed to discipline him for misuse of state property while he was spreading filth, and why the student newspapers of the CSU system are forced to subordinate the critical facts about deviants to human resources policy.

    • Werewolf said

      You may have noticed that Kenny has had the “Untold Story” in the featured story space for several days now. I noticed tonight that he has changed the title of that blog to include the words “and the Daily News Story”. He has updated the link to the Daily News site, and now when I followed the link it took me to a page where there was a headline about the article. I still had to follow that link to reach the article.

      Here’s the URL where I eventually found it:

      It’s not the kind of story that’s gonna win a Pulitzer, or help anyone “make her bones”. It’s a pretty soft piece that looks like it could have almost been written by Kenny himself.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      From the article: “Ng said he notified university officials about his site and was told it was acceptable as long as neither CSUN nor Ng were named and no university equipment was used. ”
      I think the ‘no university equipment was used’ portion will come back and bite him in the ass, as he

  8. Big Black Gulliver said

    The Email…….

    Subject: CSUN College of Business and Economics, Sex Tourism Promotion and Mr. Kenneth Ng

    Dear Dean Jennings,

    The following is a post by one of your professors Kenneth Ng aka on his own blog that is read by a hardcore group of sex tourists based here in Bangkok.

    Thailand has a bad reputation throughout the world as a country filled with illicit sex, illegal drugs and out of control behavior by foreign backpackers and sex tourists. Some of this reputation is well deserved and some of it is not. However, there are a number of American Expat’s living and working here in Bangkok the same as they would in Los Angeles, Miami, New York or elsewhere in the United States. They own cars, pay taxes, raise their children and try to lead normal lives albeit in a sometimes strange foreign land. The foreigner in Thailand does not have the best of reputation and the actions of your employee….an American College Professor certainly don’t help that reputation. Thai’s do read these sex oriented WebPages and Blogs. They are aware that they exist. It is becoming fairly well known that an American College Professor from California State University Northridge (CSUN) posts and manages one of them. How do I know about this? Am I a participant on one of these sites, No! The short, simple and embarrassing answer is that I was confronted about it from a Thai Colleague of mine. His direct question to me was how could a major university in America condone this? Are there no ethical standards built in to teacher contracts in the United States?

    Some recent examples……the first being somewhat disturbing when Mr. Ng actually speaks about trying having sex with University Students:

    BBK says:
    Feb-06 at 1:29 pm


    Khon Kaen would be tough without speaking a little bit of Thai.

    Korat is better. It is closer to Bangkok and you can get by with just English.

    The euphemistically named Industry is much bigger and more developed in Korat and you can go to places like The Slender, 2Peace and a couple of other places and be certain that you can meet some decent looking girls and be certain you can get laid. They even have a big soapy there.

    Khon Kaen is probably better if you want to meet Fresh Produce/normal girls and can speak some Thai. There are a ton of university girls there so you have a population of more educated girls to work with.

    If you have a car, finding the girl venues is not difficult. They are businesses that want to be found. In Khon Kaen there is a street right off the town square where most of the clubs/karoakes/etc. are.


    The Response………

    I am responding to your email below on behalf of the University.

    We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us and are currently reviewing the matter. While the University is prohibited from discussing the details of any findings or actions related to personnel matters, please be assured that the University is obligated to take action as appropriate whenever a violation of University policy is found to have occurred.

    Again, thank you for sharing your concerns.

    Randy Reynaldo
    Executive Assistant to the President
    California State University, Northridge

  9. Lawyer type gal said

    “please be assured that the University is obligated to take action as appropriate whenever a violation of University policy is found to have occurred.”

    His actions don’t violate any CSU policies. You should study up on those.

    • Conundrum said

      “His actions don’t violate any CSU policies.”

      Randy Reynaldo is saying it’s something for the university to decide based upon evidence, not the opinion of some “Lawyer type gal”.

    • Hello Lawyer Type Gal,

      If Kenny is using University equipment to access, administer, manage, or add content to his website, then his actions DO violate CSUN policies.

      A lot.


      Evidence Type Dude

    • Lawyer type gal said

      Educate yourself on the CSU policies people. There are no restrictions on internet use. You may not like the content, but thats too bad. No policies are being violated.

    • Lawyer Type Gal,

      There are no restrictions on what sites can be accessed via the CSUN internet network (though that’s also a debatable issue, as the CSUN internet access policies clearly have restrictions how the resource can be USED and what USAGE is frowned upon or not permitted.


      ——-CSUN Terms of Internet Use——–
      You agree to not use the Alumni E-Space to upload, post, engage, or otherwise transmit:

      1- Material which defames, harasses, abuses or threatens others

      2- Unauthorized copyrighted material or content that you do not have a right to transmit

      3- Software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, interfere with or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment

      4- Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them

      5- Any form of commercial advertising or unauthorized solicitation

      6- Statements that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive or material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images

      7- And lastly, impersonate or falsely misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.
      ——-CSUN Terms of Internet Use——–

      Under the above Terms of Use, Kenneth Ng would be in violation of: (1), (2), (4), and (6).

      Furthermore, the critical point is that Kenneth Ng has been using University Resources to not just access, but to manage, administer, and conduct his business with regards to — the university has been clear that as long as University Resources have not been used by Kenneth Ng in relation to, he is free and clear; As you are fully aware, that is not the case, should there be firm and concrete evidence that he *has* been using University Resources, in a manner that can directly tie the university to BigBabyKenny.

      Consider the above, before you type your next response, and attempt to make it less in denial of facts.

      Evidence Type Dude

  10. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Werewolf – It makes sense now. It appears Kenny was contacted by the reporter and jumped the gun on the Daily News article. Now that the article has been printed he’s updated the references and provided the direct link.

    Speaking of references, I just read the story and see that Daily New staff writer Susan Abram thinks I’m one of the owners of the Big Mango. Wonder where she got that idea.

    Sorry Susan, you got that wrong. Would it be too much to ask for a retraction? Probably. So much for accuracy.

    Guess it was too difficult for her to send me an e-mail and ask.


    • Yeah, I was going to ask about that, to see if you had received any email from her. I guess not. I guess she just took Kenny’s word (or, maybe, ronru’s -hahaha hehehe hohoho), instead of performing a minimal amount of fact checking.

      Surprised that the Mango Boys didn’t get quoted – then again, maybe the same type of fact checking took place (none)? Has she actually contacted them?

      Either way, the article is decently written, and mostly not very favorable to Kenny. It’s a good piece for CSUN to see itself portrayed as a potential haven for obvious deviants and possible pedophiles.

    • Daywalker said


      Speaking of references, I noticed it says the BMB owners wrote something on the RateMyProfessor site?!?!?!

      Really? I didn’t even know that site existed until I saw it here.. or on his site. By which time it was full of comments by others. Oh, but then in Kennys head, it is only the BMB people that don’t rate him highly.


    • I also find it interesting that negative comments about Kenny, as well as references to his going ‘off topic’ with ‘prostitute issues’ goes way back, to even long before the creation of the Big Mango…. In fact, I was surprised for how long this guy has been getting piss poor reviews by his students.

      The Mango Owners wrote disparaging remarks on Damn, so there really are dozens upon dozens of owners…!

    • RateMyProfessor:

      1/20/09 : “His lectures are pointless – he usually gets off topic talking about RANDOM things that have NOTHING to do with econ.”

      5/16/08 : “he did not care about the students. he never wanted to answer questions and when someone would ask a question he would just give a fast answer and continue with his lecture”

      12/19/07 : “this guy cant teach..he shows pictures of stupid cars and purses..his tests have nothing to do with the homeworks..he didnt even know when the final was”

      12/5/07 : “Boring long lectures that have more to do with stupid random examples about gambling, cars, and Fatburger.”

      9/6/07 : “I had this prof. in 1992. I CANNOT believe he hasn’t changed. It was the worst class I have ever taken.”

      9/6’06 : “Very boring, he goes off on topics that are completely irrelevant to what he is teaching, he mumbles when speaking. I did not learn anything in his class”

      12/10/05 : “By far worst teacher ever, does not respond to e-mails.”

      11/27/04 : “Do not take his online course. Teach doesn’t respond to questions on the discussion site fast enough (or sometime not at all).” (sound familiar?)

      6/1/04 : “STAY AWAY. nothing he says makes sense! talks more about vegas and bikes then econ. lectures suck”

      3/6/03 : “Talks about Koreans and their gambling habits, Vietnamese and their donut shops, and dont forget he talks about the Cambidians and their liquor stores and how they do online blackjack while watching directv. ALL OF THIS IS TRUE ABOUT NG.”

      I guess the Mango Boys have a time machine…

    • Daywalker said

      Daffy…. shhh…. people think it’s a standard DeLorean 😉

  11. CSUN student said

    This article was so interesting. I never had a class with this guy.

    To the folks here, please don’t judge a school by one person. I wouldn’t judge Thai tourism industry by one person’s website.

    I’ve got two new favorite websites now. LOL

  12. SBDOTKU said

    Thanks for the link WW. Interesting, if only somewhat accurate representation of the situation.

    Hey, I’m not going to be a hypocrite, I am not reading and posting on these sites because I am fascinated by the cultivation of rice in Thailand. Nobody here has ever said we don’t want articles regarding the world of SE Asian nightlife. What everyone here HAS objected to is BBK’s obsessive witch hunt with regard to the Big Mango guys and his purposeful negligence in administering his comment sections. All while claiming innocence in the name of “no censorship”.

    These issues are what stop people from providing any submissions and participating. Who wants to be subjected to the group of losers that pass for regular posters over there? And then may be threatened with exposure / passive-agressive attack if BBK decides he doesn’t like you? No thanks, I’ll pass.

    And CSUN Student, don’t worry, nobody thinks that. This is directed solely at BBK.

  13. Werewolf said

    Surprised that the Mango Boys didn’t get quoted – then again, maybe the same type of fact checking took place (none)? Has she actually contacted them?

    Without going back and re-reading the article, my memory was that she inserted a single short sentence that said that attempts to contact them by email were unanswered.

  14. Big Black Gulliver said


    Good job! Now I have something to forward onto Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren. Ain’t America a great country Kenny? Funny how she called him a teacher and not a professor? Probably lack of respect like his students!

  15. Lawyer type gal said

    Kenny is not using alumni E-space. He is allowed unfettered access to the internet. You may not like it, but thats the way it is.

    • Lawyer Type Gal,

      I love the way you are, on purpose I assume, ignoring the very point that Kenny is in violation of, which is use of University Resources (not his access).

      But, hey, carry on – if what you say holds true, then sending evidence forward won’t matter, right?

    • moRonru said

      Lawyer type gal

      Do you have inside information? It certainly appears you believe you have inside information.

      I wonder why it is you have interest in this. Were you or someone you work for hired by Prof. Ng? How it is you know him?

  16. twoser said

    If Kenny has tenure it’s pretty hard to fire him. The purpose of tenure is to allow professors to do exactly what Kenny is doing – to express controversial views without the risk of being fired. I think a tenured professor would be allowed to be a member of NAMBLA, or certainly be allowed to express support for their views, as long as he didn’t break any laws.

    Anyway, you guys can pat yourselves on the back, happy in the knowledge that he will probably be passed over for promotion and will never be a full professor.

    • “Anyway, you guys can pat yourselves on the back, happy in the knowledge that he will probably be passed over for promotion and will never be a full professor.”

      Oh, I think Kenny took care of that aspect of his professional career all on his own, quite a while earlier than this fracas…

  17. Big Black Gulliver said

    Come on Kenny errrr twoser! You….I mean the guy has been there 25 years and still Associate????? Kinda tells you a little something doesn’t it? His career seems to take the backseat to other activities! I do give him credit where it is due, it takes as lot of thought and effort to create all those puppet names and carry on conversations with himself! It really does! What a douchebag!

  18. Vice Squad said

    Gotta be pretty dumb to subject yourself to this type of public humiliation and career damage and still “stick to your guns.”

    Then again, this IS Kenny we’re talking about, so saying “stupid” is kind of redundant.

  19. Lawyer type gal said

    Mr. Daffy,

    I’m at a loss here. What resources are you referring to?

    • I’m pretty certain that Kenny has forgotten to provide you with certain details, as he felt no evidence existed – that’s his problem, of course, but it comes as no surprise that he felt he knew more than you.

      …. or do you consider university owned equipment to not count as ‘public resources’?

      “University officials say they will not intervene or discipline Ng as long as his extracurricular activities do not involve public resources.”

  20. Lawyer type gal said

    Mr. Daffy,

    I see your point. Pretty weak argument and not against the CSU policy (sorry to disappoint you). However, I’m not going to debate this any further. You clearly have your mind set and want to carry on your vendetta. Enjoy the crusade. Now you’re an important man.

    Oh, by the way? Did you hear Kenny on KFI radio this afternoon? He handled himself well. Use your internet prowess to get a podcast.

    • Enjoy your client.

      Lawyer-type. … Which is what, exactly? Last I checked, ‘not quite lawyers’ are paralegals, right?

      I’m glad you’re client continues his campaign to be ‘an important man’ – you should reserve that statement for him. He needs to hear it far more.

    • … and just like all the other sock puppets, she slithers away into the fog.

  21. Big Black Gulliver said

    Word is getting around quickly

  22. ZZZ said

    Is Ronru really Kenny using an alias to post the stuff about shagging underage girls? If it is then he’s got trouble. If he did it from university computers then he’s got even more troubles.

    And Lawyer type gal sounds like someone hired by Kenny. Nothing wrong with that. Just saying.

  23. John Brown said

    I didn’t realize he looked like Thaksin with a fat cunt face…

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