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Jon Obama – A Blogger’s Stories, Notoriety & Consequences (part 2)

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 19, 2010

Well, how about the story of the Big Mango Bar? The history of the bar, from the idea of expats to open a bar to early success at NEP, to a landlord dispute and a move up the soi, the characters involved, the blog, etc., and I’m falling asleeeeeeeeeeeeesla;skfj;al But wait, BBK claims, again and again, that it’s a brothel, and that the waitresses, bartenders and cashiers are all required to have sex with the customers! Plot twist! Scandal!

Get a reporter on the first flight to Bangkok to investigate!

Extensive Investigation Required

But not so fast, the bar is in Bangkok, on the other side of the world. In fact, there’s no Southern California connection at all. So, it’s not really a local story. And while this story makes for gripping theater to our little Bangkok blog community, how interesting will it be to readers of a local So Cal morning-edition newspaper? Sorry Scoop, no trip to Bangkok (of course, if he had gotten on that flight, Scoop would have found BBK’s claims laughable; in Thailand it’s pretty easy to tell whether providing the customer with extra TLC is part of the job, and he’d have known that that’s not the case at the Mango within 30 seconds of walking in the door).

Okay then, how about the story of The Dueling Blogs? vs. TFS2M, etc, etc! Theory vs. Experience! Tourist vs. Resident! Academic vs. Entrepreneur! Proletariat Intellectual vs. Bourgeoisie! Cat vs. Dog! Free speech! Censorship! Controversy! LLLLLLLLLLET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLEEEE…. but…again…who cares? If a newspaper decided to start printing stories about all the flame wars that happen on blogs, they’d be thick as phone books, and who outside of this small (though selective!) community gives a crap? Plus, once Scoop starts looking into it, he’ll see that it’s really just doing the flaming, and being ignored by and subsequently the blog. Until came along, was the sound of one hand clapping.

What about the threats of violence and other harassment claimed by BBK? Is there a story to be mined there? Well, from a read of the blogs and the comments, I personally don’t find the BBK claims credible.

To me it sounds like so much noise, the kind of thing that folks with a particular type of mental disorder can so much more easily find an audience for in the internet age.

Are there police reports? Where are the threatening emails? Anything at all, other than anonymously posted comments? BBK’s blog and comments speak for themselves.

Anyone with a half a reporter’s eye can read between those lines. But let’s hypothesize that Scoop bridges the credibility gap (chasm, really). Is Scoop’s editor going to read Scoop’s submission and think to himself “Wow, what a story! This blogger just wanted to write about how to get laid in Thailand cheaper, better and more efficiently, and he’s really being given a hard time by a blog he used to submit to. This is really something that’s going to interest the conservative-leaning circulation of my paper”? Um, no.

So, what would get Scoop off his ass to start writing? There seems to be one story here that is far, far more newsworthy than the rest, one that he could pitch to his editor, who would then say “go after it, son, knock it out of the park.” It has nothing to do with a Thailand bar, or the blog. This story lives even if The Big Mango never existed:

Imagine a hypothetical situation were a tenured professor at a public university, whose salary is paid for by California taxpayers, prowls university libraries trying to pick up university students, and writes about it, brags about it, and encourages other to do it too, giving helpful hints along the way. He also provides directions to and GPS coordinates for nearby bars where you can pay to have sex with underage girls, and he takes and posts pictures of girls who may or may not be underage on a blog he created to catalog his endeavors (which begs the question: what pictures are on his hard drive that he DIDN’T put on the blog?).

When, after some time, the administrators at said university learned about this, did… nothing. Perhaps they really felt that the 1st Amendment prohibits them from taking any action at all. Perhaps they’re bureaucrats who can’t be troubled. Perhaps that tenured professor hired a lawyer and threatened to sue if the school began any disciplinary procedures, claiming, of course, freedom of speech. Regardless, if the school in fact knows about the blog (and it’s hard to see how they couldn’t), the administrators are covering it up, ignoring it, or hoping it goes away.

And by now, Scoop is drooling.

(Continued in part 3)


26 Responses to “Jon Obama – A Blogger’s Stories, Notoriety & Consequences (part 2)”

  1. doctorbond said

    re: the picture above…. I’ve had her – squealed like a stuck pig

    • moRonru said

      Ummmm What did you stick her with a type of pig sticking device?

      Double ummmm There is more than one gilr in the photo above.

      Trible ummmmm Whichever one it turns out to be, I had her before you did.

    • doctorbond said

      That explains the green slime we had to hose off her first…

  2. Vice Squad said

    Loved the Daily News piece. Just blows my mind: He could have avoided all this and kept his whoremongering a dirty little secret from the “real world” and his employers.

    Why destroy your reputation, stall or derail your career and humiliate yourself over a blog? What does he get out of that justifies the cost to his personal life?

    Blogs have been closed over much less.

    What an idiot!

    • TJ said

      I also thought the Daily News piece was very interesting. LIke you, I also wonder what’s driving Kenny.

      Having read a few of BBK early postings I think it’s his desire to have a successful blog. If I recall correctly he made several comments about being jealous of the success of the more widely read blogs.

      Look at it from that angle and his other behaviors make sense. His article about how much it would cost to live in Buriram and the cost of a pickup truck stands out in my mind. Everyone was telling Kenny he was wrong, but he refused to listen. Not even the people living there providing links with actual truck prices could convince Kenny otherwise.

      Why he’s so driven to be the expert on whoring in Asia is beyond me. Banging cheaper and faster? Come on. Anyone can come up with a list of better subjects he could become an expert on, but after reading the comments on the ratemyprofessor site his teaching career should be first on that list.

    • I loved his dissertation on how income potential of various bargirls should affect how much they ‘should’ ask for, how much we should pay, etc … all in the interest of calculating ‘the best price’ a man should pay.

      Well, I don’t need a failure of an economics teacher to tell me that. No complex formulas needed.

      Short time : 1500 Baht
      Long time : 2000 baht

      … and most importantly, YMMV. A lot.

      … and from what I’m seeing, so far he is regularly paying much more …

  3. Conundrum said

    Daffy Duck,

    I was just reading a response to a question I had on the BigBabyKenny site when someone said you were being hateful.

    The person responding said it was you who threatened Werewolf. Did you threaten Werewolf?

    I see that Werewolf comments here on occasion so maybe he could shed some light.

    • I can assure you that I have never threatened Werewolf.

      How are they defining, or explaining my ‘hateful’ nature?

    • Conundrum,

      What you were told is most likely a reference to a one-hit-wonder commenter (i.e. someone who appears to serve a specific purpose, then disappears again), who did indeed try to incite hatred and division against, amongst others, Werewolf.

      As for the lovely misrepresented accusations of ‘threatening’, I would like to point you to these comments to assist in your research:

      A good reference and analysis of the originating comment:

      A redaction and explanation by the original commenter :—-gookamonkey-really-really-really-speaks-no-more/comment-page-1/#comment-1235

      A character called ronru is the one that went on a crusade of hatred, posting his dedicated detractions, and fabrications all over the place, making wild allegations and accusations of violent threats that, when challenged, he couldn’t back up.

      He’s the same guy who also repeatedly stated that I was the administrator or owner of this website (I’m not) – but bear in mind, this is also the same group that maintains that all on this site are owners and/or investors in the Big Mango bar (I believe the only one on this site who is such a thing is Daywalker).

      You will notice that Mr. ronru is also conveniently MIA, now.

      Either way, thanks for the updates on the creative realities of the BBK groupies — I really don’t care about them, or care to visit anymore, but the reason I started and posted the new article is because several visitors have pointed out to me that ‘I’ was posting comments over (as were SBDOTKU, Daywalker, BigDummy, and who knows who else). I think at this stage of the game, it’s far more entertaining knowing that these guys are talking to themselves, than wasting my time trying to reason with them.

      The only reason I posted comments over there is because Kenny declared that if visitors point out they have been impersonated, and point to the impersonated posts, he will take corrective action.

      I have.

      He hasn’t.

      Which should tell you all you need to know about the credibility and trustworthiness of Kenny, his friends, and associates. Those handful of posts have cost me 15 minutes that I’ll never get back.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Ah! There it is! Thanks for finding my “defamation thesis research” I couldn’t remember where I had posted it.

    • Conundrum said

      Daffy Duck,

      Someone made a comment that you were being hateful. I asked how you guys were being hateful and the response from some guy called “Answer Man” was you threatened Werewolf and gave out personal information on Prufrock.

      I see what’s happening. They are in damage control mode and doing what they can to shift blame.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    • Anytime, Conundrum. Never hesitate to ask questions. I’m always happy to reply, if I have an answer.

    • SBDOTKU said

      And RDD ALWAYS has an answer, maybe several! ; – )

  4. SBDOTKU said

    Hello Conundrum,

    That would probably be Ronru (or one of his aliases). He has a very interesting way of creating revisionist history. Did he also say that we were calling people Nazis (or something like that) too? I have previously shot holes the size of the Gulf of Siam through his stories in previous posts on this blog. (Sorry can’t remember exactly where. Look at any of them with an inordinately large amount of comments.)

    RDD expressed his frustration over some things with regard to WW a couple of times but they worked it out, in the pages of this blog no less. (See above for location ; – )

    • “RDD expressed his frustration over some things with regard to WW a couple of times but they worked it out, in the pages of this blog no less. (See above for location ; – )”

      Indeed, the reason why the Prufrock article was redacted was precisely because WW and myself had a (at times heated) debate, and I realized he had a valid point, and I redacted the Prufrock piece as a gesture of good will.

      As for the outing and pictures of Kenny — those predate my appearance on this blog, as that was one of the first things to go up. I believe a particularly funny collage was contributed by twoser, at the time.

      Besides, I prefer the likeness of Kenny we all have come to agree on:

  5. royal-flush said

    Kenny is getting a lot of press off this. His site is probably getting tons more traffic than this site now. Probably not what you guys were hoping. Too bad,+Geography/States,+Territories,+Provinces,+Islands/U.S.+States/California/01Pa3js45H38L/1

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hello R-F (or is this just BBK, checking in from the VC ; – )

      Actually, I don’t think anyone here cares one way or the other. As a matter of fact, I think most of us really wish BBK would just clean up his act, behave like an adult rather than a petulant teenager and run a decent blog. He has been places I am interested in and so I would be interested in reading about. I won’t go into depth here as I have previously about my feelings but will say that bDk was created and kept going by people who were incredulous at the behavior of BBK with the hopes that through some “tough-love” parody he might get a clue about his hypocrisy and lapses in responsibility.

      And it should come as no surprise that people will exercise their prurient curiosity and check out his blog. Once. If they review the posters’ comments, anyone who wished to have a positive discussion about anything will see that that is impossible and move on.

      And I, for one, really wouldn’t want to have a bunch of publicity about running a blog like BBK’s.

  6. Big Black Gulliver said

    First of all, apologies to twoser and mistaking him for The Nutty Professor.

    Secondly, there is too much press building about this now as it is passed on to other news organizations and will lead to his being placed on the Thai Immigration Blacklist

    Those for whom there is reason to believe that entrance into the Kingdom is for the purpose of being involved in prostitution, the trading of women or children, drug smuggling or other activities that are contrary to public morality


    Those categorized as persona non-grata by the Minister under Section 16. (e)

    • I guess it was convenient for Kenny to flee to discover Vietnam, then.

      I suspect that’ll be his future destination.

      Shouldn’t stop him from continuing to be all MOTU about the Thailand girl scene.

  7. EvilElvis said

    Yes,yes,yes, but where’s the cheescake people!!??!!

    • SBDOTKU said

      LOL! EE has his priorities in the right order!

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ EvilElvis – Oh, yea, the cheesecake. Sorry about that. It’s been a bit crazy at BDK Central. I was a over a week behind on getting Jon Obama’s submission sorted out and the day job kept getting in the way. I may get to it yet this week. Otherwise it may be a double cheesecake this coming monday.


  8. Big Black Gulliver said

    In the middle of a historic budget crisis in the State of California we have BigBabyKenny using campus equipment to maintain a sex tourist blog????????? Take Kenny’s office away and bus in kids from Compton to sleep in the Aircon and utilize the high speed connection for something more useful!

    Thesis quality summary:

    “Not only has Mr. Ng violated his moral responsibility, he has violated the trust of citizens who pay his salary at a public university funded by taxpayers. Even if no public resources were used to fund his web site, Mr. Ng has demonstrated the type of personal behavior that brings into question his integrity and character. If CSUN wants to be regarded as a legitimate university that truly cares about human rights, it should investigate this matter and fire Mr. Ng”

    — Meredith Turney

    • SBDOTKU said

      Yeah, BBK is definitely reaping what he sowed. Just so unnecessary. It was too hard to just go on with his own blog and not worry about the BMB? I guess we know the answer to that.

      I guess he never saw that T-shir “Living Well Is The Best Revenge”. *shrug*

  9. John Brown said

    I didn’t realize he had cheek implants until now…

  10. CenWrem said

    He got what he deserved and he still didn’t learn.

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