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Jon Obama – A Blogger’s Stories, Notoriety & Consequences (part 3)

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 20, 2010

So Scoop decides to get an interview with the school administration, so he can get their answers to questions like:

“Tenured Professor says that, as a professor at your school, he can say what he wanted about anything he wanted. Is this true?”
“Is there anything a person can say or write that would make him or her unfit to teach students at your university?”
“Given what he’s written about propositioning students in university libraries, is it a good idea to allow the tenured professor free access to the school library?”
“Are you comfortable with an 18 or 19 year old female undergrad being alone with the tenured professor in his office during professor office hours? What about a 17 year old female freshman?”
“If tenured professor is accused of sexually harassing a student, what will you tell that student, or her parents? Can you tell the student body and faculty, or the taxpayers of California, that you’re doing everything you can to keep the campus safe? Is it the students’ responsibility alone to research the faculty to make sure their teacher isn’t a potential predator? ”
“By staying silent and knowingly allowing the tenured professor on staff, are you opening up the school and the State of California to potential liability if the school is named in a harassment suit?”

Good grief, the story practically writes itself! And again, this has nothing to do with the Big Mango, or the blog. This is about the choices a professor made and the consequences of those choices.

In the situation of BBK, it comes down to the choices made in his quest to be crowned King of the Sex Tourists. Can this end any way other than BBK quitting or being fired? Can the school administrators even hope to keep their jobs, once this story comes out? Is Gov Arnold going to keep him on the State payroll? Or will he say “Sue if you want, but you’re not going to draw a paycheck from or teach students in my state. California’s broke anyway”

It really makes me wonder what BBK’s endgame is. You’ve heard of suicide by cop, right? Where a suicidal person intentionally provokes police into shooting him? This seems similar. It’s like “quitting by termination-for-cause.” Everything BBK has done seems to be geared toward giving his employer no choice but to ultimately fire him, so much so that maybe that’s what he really wants deep down. Maybe holding court on his blog and having readers like Ronru fawn over his exploits and ask him for advice on the Thailand “Girl Scene” is more important to him than his job, friends, reputation and life in the US. But for whatever reason, he can’t bring himself to actually quit and move to Thailand, so he goes to vacation in Thailand. And he blogs.

Maybe his goal is to try to extract some money from the school to settle a lawsuit. Or maybe, again, he just wants the attention and the praise, and the louder his crash and the brighter his flameout, the more attention he gets. And even if 95% of the people who read Scoop’s article think BBK is pathetic and don’t care about Thailand, and 4.99% think BBK is pathetic and DO care about Thailand, that leaves 0.01% who don’t think he’s pathetic, and maybe they’ll hang on his every word as BBK happily regales them with stories of his Korat exploits and mia noi hunting while they adoringly bask in his glow. William Hung and Joey Buttafuoco probably still have fans, and so does Dustin Diamond. BBK could develop a following of sorts. He could become, literally, a hometown hero.


Whatever happens, I doubt BBK will move to Thailand. I don’t think he has the courage. Real courage isn’t riding a motorcycle real real fast, or a poker bluff. It’s moving to the other side of the globe to pursue an opportunity for yourself or your family. It’s throwing your lot in with technology, innovation or exploration. It’s building a business you believe in and putting your product out there to be accepted and get rich or be rejected and go broke.

Courage is not spending your life in academia, with a 4 month vacation every year spent as a sex tourist, publishing now and then about what the socioeconomic conditions were a century ago. Courage is not writing “controversial” pieces for a blog when you mistakenly believe the 1st Amendment protects you from any and all employment, financial or social consequences of that writing. I have deep, deep respect for teachers and value their contribution to our future, but if you have big brass balls and want to spend your life swinging ‘em, you don’t wind up a college professor. And unless you aspire to be anything more than trash of either the Khaosan Road backpacker or the skinny tie & short-sleeve shirt TOEFL English teacher variety, you need big brass balls to move to Thailand (or Cambodia, or China, or Russia, India, Australia, Brazil or pretty much anywhere except Canada or western Europe) from the US.

I agree with BBK: America IS a great country. Partly because of free speech, which you’ll find in spades on college campuses. But also because you can leave your comfort zone and take risks to build a better life, you can be rewarded for innovation, you can succeed or you can fail. You won’t find many risk takers on campus, at least not in the teachers’ lounge.


In his last few blogs, BBK has said he’s taking some time to spend in Vietnam, and rented a scooter in to toddle around Ho Chi Minh City for 3 weeks. According to the spring 2010 schedule, spring break was April 5-10, and classes continue after the break until May 7, and BBK was to be teaching classes on Monday nights and Wednesday nights. But he claims he’s in Vietnam for 3 weeks in the middle of the semester. Sure has the look and feel of an administrative leave…


46 Responses to “Jon Obama – A Blogger’s Stories, Notoriety & Consequences (part 3)”

  1. adman said


    A three part post? You’re wasting your time. Nothing is going to come from this. Kenny is getting his 15 minutes of fame and the media will move on to the next story.

    That’s it.

    Kenny and his sockpuppets will continue their campaign to be the #1 blog on Thailand sex tourism. Sockpuppets will continue to blame the Big Mango guys for any comments telling Kenny he’s full of crap. BDK will continue to poke fun at Kenny. The Big Mango guys will continue to ignore it all.

    As they say in Thailand. Same Same.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ adman – This was submitted in a single e-mail. With the amount of the text and photos it may have been a challenge to some BigDummyKenny readers to digest as a single post, so it was split up into the 3 parts.


  2. towser said

    Check his site … you’re a bit out of date.

    How many 18yo hookers have you fucked? If you don’t like 18 yo women, then you’re not straight. 16 to 18 yo women are what heterosexual men should be attracted to.

    Men who have sex with hookers hardly need to prey on women they teach. Your argument is the same idiotic one that made the UK introduce their new prostitution laws on April Fool’s day. You simply don’t understand heterosexuality.

    And before anyone accuses me of being Kenny or a sockpuppet or a fan. I’m not. I find his blog irrelevant, patronising and dull. But I find it even more pathetic when people are so desperate to be friends with the owners of a grubby little bar on soi 4 that they try and screw someone over – even someone as obnoxious as Kenneth Ng, for doing the same things they do.

    Dafty duck has constantly said he is not an owner of Big Mango, so what is his beef with Kenny? Why does he care so much? I’ll tell you. He is someone who is so disliked in this part of the world (Thailand) that he has to kiss ass to have a few friends. The Mangoid’s are willing to put up with him as long as he keeps up his school girl tirade against the jaw-wonder.

    Anyway, Kenny’s press will probably end up driving customers to the Big Mango. So it’s about time this high school girl bitch fight came to an end.

    Poor old dafty …. what will he do for friends now?

    • Daywalker said

      I’ve yet to see someone make Daffy do or say anything he didn’t want to.

      And if the bar is so grubby……. then why is it you keep coming? Oh.. I forgot.. you only come to the parties to eat and drink on the cheap.

    • EvilElvis said

      Never been to the Big Mango, never met Daffy, never met Kenny. As fun as this little side show has been there is a faint sniff of hypocrisy starting to emminate.

      Original issue aside (to shrine or not to shrine) how has it become that one group of mongers is now slagging another monger, or group of mongers, for blogging about the one thing that truly does bring us all together, sex, with girls (18+) in Thailand. As much is posted on the net about how to do it, we are all going to monger in our own ways, and enjoy the company of different people as we do it. Some we like, some we couldn’t care for.

      Maybe its time to take this back to its simplest form, the two original protaginists, one packet of biscuits and ‘guns’ drawn at sundown for a final showdown, game of soggy sao anyone?

      The winner can bask in the glory and knowledge that his vanquished enemy has had to taste his bitter seed on one of Arnotts finest, then, basking in the aftermath of victory, hopefully humility would ensue allowing the bent and broken bodies on both sides to step out of the trenches, away from the front line and bask in the glow of there chosen little brown goddess’s, and realise, this is truly what its all about.

      Be happy people.

    • You, twoser, are one heck of a funny cookie — particularly since you’re the kind of person I truly enjoy laughing at, because you constantly get it wrong.

      I do love it when you try to get authoritative, like in “You simply don’t understand heterosexuality” or in “He is someone who is so disliked in this part of the world (Thailand) that he has to kiss ass to have a few friends”.

      A couple of hints for you:

      – Don’t give up your day job.
      – You really need to learn to pay attention.
      – You’re listening to the wrong people.
      – Oh, and, you talk too much.

      You *ARE* funny, though, in your desperation to be authoritative.

      You’re not Kenny, and you claim to not be a friend of his blog; likewise, your freeload booze and drink from the Mango Boys – what is your beef with DaffyDuck?

      Do tell, us, please?

    • Hi EvilElvis (love the handle), I’m just wondering, but are you commenting on BigBabyKenny’s site as well? I’m only asking because a comment was posted that reads almost 180 degrees different from what you just wrote, stylistically and content wise.

      Just wondering.

    • Never mind EvilElvis, magically, the comment attributed to you, has been changed to just say ‘ElvisPresley’, so it’s obvious that wasn’t you posting — either that, or you decided to suddenly start writing in the exact same style of Prufrock (a commenter who likes to extol the virtue of ‘Truth’, yet frequently posts under multiple pseudonyms spreading all sorts of invective and seemingly suffering from some sort of Tourette’s).

    • EvilElvis said

      Daffy, just to let you know, I am a one name wonder, anything bearing my moniker is definately me.

      um, unless its not…

    • RealDaffyDuck said


  3. law guy said

    After reading all three of Jon Obama’s posts it’s quite far fetched to think Mr. Ng will suffer any consequences from his activities.

    There are several components missing. First and foremost, you would need a specific rule, regulation, policy or law that Mr. Ng had allegedly broken which stipulates punishment from the State, Feds or Cal. State University.

    No one has provided any specific California State University rule, regulation or anything for that matter, which Mr. Ng allegedly violated.

    But for illustration let’s suppose there is Cal. St. Univ. rule which stipulates how university equipment is to be used. You would then need to prove that Mr. Ng violated that rule. To do so would take time and resources and possibly additional money.

    Does the university have the resources to do the research? When and where did the violation allegedly take place? Do you know what computer access locations were used? What was/is the IP of the server hosting BBK.COM? Have servers or hosting providers been changed which would change the BBK.COM IP address that need to be searched? Are the University computer logs required to prove the violation took place still intact?

    Frankly, given the current economic climate and other problems California is facing Mr. Ng is a small fish. Unless there’s a groundswell from woman’s rights organizations, the L.A. Thai community puts pressure on the university administration or the slim chance it gets the attention of a district attorney or the a.g.o. for violation of some law, nobody’s going to spend their time on this. Only allegations of wrongdoing, no victim to protect and Mr. Ng is utilizing his right to free speech and it’s just not worth pursuing.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      look at that, Kenny’s got his own bevvy of paralegals all going to bat for him. He’s such a grown up boy.

      “But for illustration let’s suppose there is Cal. St. Univ. rule which stipulates how university equipment is to be used. You would then need to prove that Mr. Ng violated that rule. To do so would take time and resources and possibly additional money.”
      Let’s assume further that we have such information, ready to be handed over on a silver platter, including all the salient details that you claim are hard or impossible to get. Let’s assume so, shall we, for the sake of this imaginary argument.

      What then?

      Personally, I think you are correct, that all things considered, the University is very busy with lots of real world issues, than to deal with a singular loser and his sex tourism website.

      Probably sending the university all of this incriminating evidence would just end up with them dumping it on a backburner.

      I don’t blame them.

      On the other hand, I think forwarding said evidence to local and national media, women’s rights groups, and Thai organizations will provide these materials with a better and more motivated audience. What they then do with the information would really be up to them, right?

      You know, I’m thinking, if there was nothing here to be concerned about for Kenny, there would be no need for Lawyer type gals and guys to show up, to tell us so.

      In fact, the only reason to send legal anythings to communicate how irrelevant the other party is, is when they really, really hope they can convince the other party of that, and give up their advantage.


  4. xxxL said

    That story in the Daily News was a fluff piece. Sounded like BBK handed them the article. They didn’t bother to mention BBK talks about where to find underage girls and shows GPS coordinates on where at.

    “While postings do warn men to stay away from underage girls, they also make references to paying adult women for sex.”

    • They also didn’t bother to mention much of anything about the Big mango Bar (except for its name, and where to find it), and instead concentrated on the obvious angle — a University Teacher’s sex tourist adventures.

      Not quite what Kenny had in mind, I’m sure.

    • I also find it interesting how the University can continue to maintain their stance of “as long as what he does, doesn’t involve the University, he is free to carry on” — when each headline mentions CSUN pretty prominently.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ RealDaffyDuck – I shouldn’t need to remind you that Cal. State Northridge is in San Fernando Valley. According to Wiki and, the porn movie capitol of the world. That being said I am even less surprised at the position of CSUN’s administration.


  5. Big Black Gulliver said

    Great write-up clink on the picture to see the Gookamonkeys Yellow Teeth

  6. John Brown said

    That’s a fat faced Thaksin if I ever saw one…

  7. Viewed by 31,958 unique visitors said

    Thank you.

    • Yes, I bet your fingers must be hurting from hitting ‘reload’ so many times more. 😉

      Actually, I’m quite happy that so many more are seeing Kenny’s site – just wait.

    • I just think it’s odd that with 31,000 viewers, you don’t get any more comments than the same you had before – and they are all negative. Why is that, Mr. Reload?

      Hahaha hehehe hohoho

  8. BigDummyKenny said

    @ John Brown – You uncovered it! BBK’s Asian heritage. Excellent research.


  9. Professor Sex-Tourist said
    “Tell Cal State Professors Shouldn’t Promote Thai Sex Tourism
    by Amanda Kloer April 21, 2010 @ 08:00AM PT
    …..he describes the country thus, “Thailand is a girl hill (similar to an anthill) crawling with hordes of young people, half of whom are female,” and follows up with, “the naysayers will say its creepy to be hanging around the Muariti Shrine, hitting on the emotionally vulnerable girls desperately praying … but I beg to differ.””

    Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

  10. Big Black Gulliver said

    Huffington Post — Hilarious!

    “Regardless, Ng’s other occupation has disgusted some of his students. On his profile, criticisms range from “incompetent” to “creepy” to “pervert.”

    What do you think? Should Ng be axed from CSUN? Or is he within his rights?

    • It also appears that outraged and disgusted women are now posting feedback on his site (more traffic -wheeeee!), with predictable responses by the classy audience that Kenny’s cultivated (basically crass and offensive replies, probably from Prufrock, or ronru under another alias)

  11. Big Black Gulliver said

    All right. But now knowing what you know about him, if you’re a student at CSUN taking an economics class with Professor Thai Sex Tourist, do you think you could take him seriously? And could you resist the urge to call him ‘Big Baby Kenny’?

  12. Big Black Gulliver said

    Kenny is fucked on the sexual harassment front for the rest of his career! A known hard grader to compensate for his horrible lecturing ability he is now to subjected to ” he came on to me, I refused and that’s why he gave me the D” the C, or even B! Have fun Kenny hope the Jalapeno Burger was worth it!

    Speaking of…..Daywalker it still angers me about the 10 Baht I pay every time at that bar waaaaaaaaayyyyyy down Soi 4 for those fucking grilled onions!

  13. oodle flip said

    law guy, if you are a law guy then here’s something you are probably already aware of

    Some question whether Ng has crossed a gray legal line, however, by advising men on sex tourism. Patrick Trueman, a former U.S. justice department official, notes that there are several federal statutes that could come into play. Within U.S. Code 18 are two sections – 2422 (a) and 2422 (b) – that specifically prohibit anyone from “enticing or coercing a person” to travel internationally in pursuit of prostitutes. Moreover, one section specifically prohibits the use of the Internet to lure people.

    “Inducing and enticing? Isn’t that what this guy’s doing?” said Trueman, former chief of the Justice Department’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section in the Criminal Division.

    Trueman, now a lawyer specializing in sex trafficking and child abuse cases, said there would likely be debate about whether talking about procuring prostitutes online and actually arranging prostitutes for a person should be treated differently under the law.

    “Given how lax the fed government is on these crimes, they may not charge somebody unless they are more directly involved,” he said. “That’s not to say this person couldn’t be charged, and as I read it they could be charged.”

  14. BangkokMilkshakes said

    the good side of all this publicity is that potential sex tourists will read kenny’s site and be too bored and confused to get on the plane.

  15. SBDOTKU said

    Damn. BBK may put on a good front but he has got to be feeling it. See: petard, hoisted on one’s own.

  16. Big Black Gulliver said


    Thank you and very apropos, like my dad always said you can learn something everyday! That’s more than I picked from Economics Classes at CSUN!

    Hoist with your own petard


    Injured by the device that you intended to use to injure others.


    The phrase ‘hoist with one’s own petar[d]’ is often cited as ‘hoist by one’s own petar[d]’. The two forms mean the same, although the former is strictly a more accurate version of the original source. A petard is, or rather was, as they have long since fallen out of use, a small engine of war used to blow breaches in gates or walls. They were originally metallic and bell-shaped but later cubical wooden boxes. Whatever the shape, the significant feature was that they were full of gunpowder – basically what we would now call a bomb.

    The device was used by the military forces of all the major European fighting nations by the 16th century. In French and English – petar or petard, and in Spanish and Italian – petardo.

  17. Big Black Gulliver said

    Never trust a professor with no vowels…

    Big clap for Daywalker and the guys at Big Mango for not piling on the nutty professor! Something he would never do for them if the situation were reversed!

  18. Big Black Gulliver said

    I just had to post this…….

    CSUN faculty disgusted by Ng website
    Posted by Melanie Williams , Chair, Dept. of Business Law at California State Univ., Northridge on April 22, 2010 at 8:45pm EDT

    I am a professor at California State University, Northridge, Professor Ng’s institution. I am appalled by Prof. Ng’s website. While recognizing that the university must follow university policy and faculty contracts in handling the matter, I wish that there were a definitive statement decrying the promotion of sex tourism. It can hardly be a violation of anyone’s employment rights for his colleagues and supervisors to take a stand against the sexual exploitation of disadvantaged girls in third world countries. It is no defense, in my opinion, that the website was not initially linked to Professor Ng nor the university. It is linked now and that linkage reflects on all of us.

    In addition to the statute cited in the article, I draw attention to 18 USC section 2252B(b) which prohibits misleading domain names on the internet “with the intent to deceive a minor into viewing material that is harmful to minors”. The name of Prof. Ng’s website sounds jolly enough (it’s not named, for example, “” and there is no screen blocking access to minors.

    Finally, I disagree with those who found no evidence of child pornography. In one section “Big Baby Kenny” describes how to get underage girls into sex clubs and, in a responding blog, a writer asks for tips on photographing children. This at least raises the issue of whether the site is assisting the market for child pornography. Prof. Ng’s site is commercial – he charges for ad space – so this is not simply a first amendment issue.

    I appreciate many of the comments posted on this site and hope that you will do what you can to assist CSUN to act in ways that uphold human rights.

    • MongerSEA said

      And later in the same page the Asian Studies Department , Cal State University at Northridge weighs in.

      “Although Ng argues that his personal website is a tool meant to provide travel insight for American tourists in Thailand, his project perpetuates the cultural prostitution of women in Thailand and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of people in Thailand are subject to human rights violations through the sex tourism industry, which often promotes prostitution, human trafficking, and abuse, namely against young women and children. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nearly 1 million people are victims of trafficking and sex tourism. Ng inaccurately characterizes Thai involvement in sex tourism as common cultural practice. Acknowledging the disparate social, political, and economic conditions that foster such an industry, he advocates for the exploitation of those disparities.”

      And thus we know that the institutional center-left doesn’t have the professor’s back anymore.

      And the right is already all over him. Got an unexpected email today from a quite straight-laced friend here who’s never seen the inside of a girlie bar, asking for more background about this situation. This was the pull quote from the forward of an email he sent to The O’Reilly Factor at Fox News:

      “Something is rotten here, and the most likely explanation is that liberal and gutless CSUN administration is trying to avoid a protracted legal battle over rather nebulous First Amendment issues. They’d rather it be swept under the rug. I’d rather it got the exposure and proper condemnation it richly deserves. Please don’t get me wrong, I love our country and our Constitutional freedoms, but just as it was once famously said that the Constitution is not a suicide pact, neither is it a general license for broadcasting filth and encouraging indecency at taxpayer’s expense.”

      When the only people you’ve got left on your side are foaming-at-the-mouth liberals and off-the-map libertarians, you are:

      a) Unemployed
      b) A pariah
      c) Kenneth Ng
      d) All of the above

      One hopes the professor is as good a poker player as he claims, because it’s looking more and more like the CSUN gig is the last job he’ll ever have.

  19. Daywalker said

    Idea for South Park sketch.. “Who Killed Kenny(.com)”
    – no one… he killed himself.

  20. Sickboy said


  21. Big Black Gulliver said

    This is good……

    and the comments below on this

    Piling on would be an understatement here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • I love the Jezebel article, but in all of these, it’s always the comments that are worth it :


      @adahcakes: Yep. A university can, for instance, stick the tenured professor with three courses of FrustratingFreshmanClass 101 each semester and not provide him or her with any TAs. Or take away his or her plush office with windows and reassign him or her to a dank basement office that used to be a men’s bathroom. Or refuse to sign off on any of his or her research proposals, thereby preventing him or her from getting any grants.


      @la.donna.pietra: exactly. Not to mention that fact that when this gets out into the larger academic community, people will be avoiding him at conferences, pulling out of collaborative work, and otherwise blackballing him. Reply

  22. joe cool said

    I do love it when you try to get authoritative, like in “You simply don’t understand heterosexuality” or in “He is someone who is so disliked in this part of the world (Thailand) that he has to kiss ass to have a few friends”.

    Comment by RealDaffyDuck | April 21, 2010
    I take exception to the above excerpt from RDD’s comments. Kenny is totally despised on this side of the world (states) as well, looks like he’s running out of rocks to hide under… It’s beyond me how someone could be so ignorant and pathetic yet exude such arrogance. The term douche-bag comes immediately to mind!

    You guys rock!!! Just another fine example of “you reap what you sew!!!”

    BFF with BDK

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