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CSUN Provost’s Statement on the Deletion of

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 24, 2010

Professor Kenneth Ng informed me Thursday night that he is reluctantly taking down his web site on Friday. He will replace it with a brief account of the business dispute that led to the current controversy.

Professor Ng said that he is taking down the site because of the deleterious effect it had on the university’s reputation, not because he considered the subject matter and content as unsuitable for public discourse, public discussion, or public debate.

I thank him for his reflection and removal of the site. I thank the University community for their comments.

I understand that some people will be disappointed that we did not force the site’s closure; others already object that university leadership was critical of a university employee’s speech.

We are trying to balance two principles that, in this case, clashed. Our commitment to gender equity compels us to see the site as offensive; our commitment to expression urges us to tolerate words and pictures we find intolerant. As university leaders, we believe open debate is critical to ordering our values and determining our acts. While belief in an absolute right to censor might initially comfort us; “our” and “us” has a way of quickly narrowing to “you” and “me.” Then the danger is that exclusion and exploitation, the acts that initially incited us to censor, become the rules of the day.

Harold Hellenbrand
Provost, CSUN


14 Responses to “CSUN Provost’s Statement on the Deletion of”

  1. The provost may find it interesting that Kenny is working on his site right now, Friday, at 2:00pm. This is normally regular business hours at CSUN, and let’s just hope that Kenny took Friday off, and that he’s not working from his office at CSUN, as he commonly does.

  2. Albert J said

    BDK Admin

    It seems Kenneth Ng has quite a grudge against this website because he says it’s affiliated with the Big Mango Bar.

    Any comment?

    • You’ve astutely observed that Kenneth Ng has quite a grudge against this website, because he claims anyone critical of him is affiliated with the Big Mango Bar.

      We are not affiliated or associated with Big Mango – then again, this should be an obvious deduction, considering Kenneth Ng’s reputation regarding accuracy regarding *anything* he claims is a matter of record 😉

    • Just decided to take a peek over at Kenny’s site – it seems Kenny and his sockpuppets suffer from Prufrock syndrome – someone is firmly convinced that myself and Graham are posting comments on Kenny’s site, when neither of us can be bothered in the slightest. I can’t even remotely remember the last time I posted over there, and I’m sure neither does Graham.

      I see, though, that Kenny still condones and encourages the posting of libelous comments under impersonated alias’ – tsk tsk tsk. This is the kind of thing where Kenny’s cavalier attitude towards the law will eventually catch up with him. After all, it has already cost him his job – it’d be a shame if it would cost him his freedom as well.

      I guess he could always flee to Thailand, and if he risks extradition, could always flee to China.

    • Though, for some odd reason sockies are no longer able to read comments over here. Weird, that.

  3. Graham said

    It’s odd that Kenny still harps on about Nick and Mike.. both whom have nothing to do with the Mango bar anymore and have moved on to bigger and better things.

    Kenny is scared of me kicking his ass – and so he should be. The amount of lies he has published is unreal. However, as Daffy pointed out, there is no one reading his garbage. Anyone that has been to the Mango or spoken to me, knows the truth.

    All the other losers on his site are a bunch of cowards also. Broke wannabes.

    • Bingo!

      The dynamic is pretty easy, Kenny and his “friend” are basically seething that all of you are doing well, despite his best and “masterful” attempts at continued character assassination – the only one who basically had his career and life dismantled and demolished, out of all this, was Kenny – and he’s too much of an idiot to admit he did it to himself (and an even bigger strategic nitwit, to his social and confrontational phobia).

      I’m convinced that this could have been buried and resolved a long time ago if Kenny had either responded to any of your overtures or just walked into the Big Mango at some point to talk this over with you.

      … but that is what is so entertaining about completely ego controlled nitwits like Kenny, who would rather go down in flames all by himself (and mind you, he *is* the only guy going down in flames here) than to reach, admit “hey, I screwed up” and make peace.

      Instead, Thai blogs will be reporting, with schadenfreude, on his eventual Internet demise and implosion.

    • Ditto for the few hanger-ons like the guy that used to go under the moniker “twoser” – who admitted to only frequenting the Big Mango when you had free food, and “threatening” to stop being a customer.

      Broken losers, indeed.

    • JC said

      Graham & Daffy – Been reading both your sites for quite awhile but I think you’ve got it wrong here. I do not think there are a bunch of cowards posting on Kenny’s site. In the writing style I see two or perhaps three different people commenting. I will echo other people’s comments on BBK: it is most likely BBK himself writing the Big Mango comments…both for and against…to keep his site active.

      Looking at the date & timestamps of the comments, anytime there is a lapse of more than 3-4 days where there are zero comments on his blog, Kenny comments about you, Harry, Mike or Nick and follows it up with negative comments to keep the blog active. It was this same method which was used to keep the Keith Summers thread alive well past its expiration date.

      Also, I’m glad to see that (finally) there are few new posts here about Ng. I think it’s better to let him alone to flounder aimlessly as he seemed to be doing before he knew about Thailand or the Mango.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I apologize if I presented “a bunch” as being perceived to mean any more than 2-3. You are correct, the total number of authors, including Kenny, hovers around 3 individuals.

      There’s Kenny, a sockie stuck in Australia and a sockie in Thailand. In the other two cases, it’s not too difficult to figure out who they are – especially if one of them routinely brags about using alternate alias’ to post.

      Kenny’s style is unmistakably recognizable, and you are right, the Mango bashing, and Human Trafficking comments are classic, vintage Kenny style. The relatively lame, 5th grade remaining comments are his “friends”. Kenny’s behavior is all the more obvious by seeing any links to Big Mango or this site transformed into ‘ratemypoo and ratemydoodie links – something only Kenny can do with his admin access).

      It’s really kinda sad what a failed human being he turned out to be.

  4. JC said

    Someone wrote on Kenny’s blog that the average score on one of his exams was a 47.

    Now I ask, if you send your son/daughter to an institution of higher education and the average score is below 50% in all the classes, what type of education is your son/daughter getting?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I’m less worried about the scores he gives in his classes (check out his rating on – it’s enlightening), and would be more concerned sending my daughter to a class of a professor with a history of stalking, writing sexually explicit stories about female students, and associated sexual harassment lawsuits (which Kenny settled).

      Unlike the stories that Kenny fabricates about his antagonists, this one is bona fide real and backed up by facts.

  5. adman said

    Maybe Kenny should be a professional photographer. Seems there’s always a demand for even mediocre photos of hot asian girls.

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