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BigDummyKenny On The Closing of BBK.COM

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 25, 2010

With the media coverage BigBabyKenny has received during the past week and BDK being linked to the “campaign” to shutdown BBK.COM I want to provide some background which will correct a few (but not all) inaccurate statements reported by the press and to also provide a few thoughts of my own on the whole matter.

Finding BBK.COM
My introduction to BigBabyKenny began with my introduction to Thailand. I had traveled to various parts of the world and a few years ago made my way to Thailand. I found Thailand to be an intriguing country having areas within 1-2 hours drive from Bangkok rich with history. It’s my opinion the beaches and resorts in the south are some of the most beautiful in the world. Since I was seldom in Thailand, I would read the mainstream press as well as the blogs to pass the time and keep current on events. A couple of the blogs, such as were interesting from the perspective of the cultural differences between (mostly) western men and their relationships (or liaisons) with Thai women.

One of the frequent contributors to the Big Mango blog was BigBabyKenny. I enjoyed reading BBK’s posts for several reasons. One was that BBK had an interesting style in that he would come across as the definitive authority on anything he discussed. This had positive and negative aspects. The positive side was it generated a high number of comments on the articles he wrote and there were informative (moderated) discussions. The negative aspect was that BBK was very divisive and as I read through his posts it became more and more apparent to me that most people who lived in Thailand didn’t agree with his point of view (which I believe is why he came up with the term self-professed masters of the universe). When these MOTU people did challenge BBK directly with facts he seldom responded or would move to something else (which I thought was pretty funny because it only generated more discussion). It was the combination of his writing style and the comments which his posts generated that I found entertaining.

BBK Getting Banned & The BBK.COM Launch
If I recall correctly it was not the post about hitting on girls at the shrine itself which got Kenny banned, but the follow up comments he made in the thread about it. I also believe that BBK was warned before he was banned and it was done matter of factly and without animosity on either side. The Big Mango is in Thailand and Freedom of Speech has more restricted written and unwritten limits there, so this was a matter of protecting the interests of the Big Mango which had more to do with the Freedoms of Speech in Thailand than a censorship policy. It was out of those events that BBK was eventually launched (In 2009 – March? April?) on the basis of being censored.

It was sometime in July or August BDK found BBK.COM. In the short time it was online a considerable amount of content existed and true to his old style, things hadn’t changed from his Big Mango posting days. I noticed he still was as divisive as ever and still ignored people when they brought up arguments which had merit. What I found even funnier than his old posting style was that it was him now trying to come across as the MOTU on every little mundane aspect of Thailand. His no censorship policy was a disaster. Every idiot with off topic, racist, spam filled comments were left on his site for all to read. The vendetta against the Big Mango continued and had escalated with less than truthful information. The Big Mango was not the only website he attacked as regular negative posts were also made against the Stickman Bangkok website. (At no time did it appear that the Stickman, The Big Mango or the owners of any of the other websites commented on BigBabyKenny. I mention this because BBK would frequently attribute attacks to certain people without presenting any proof.)

The combination of his “factual” posts and the comments on BBK.COM were quite absurd. So one day I jumped in with a off handed comment under the name “Average BKK Moron”. In that comment I called “Upcoming Posts At BBK.COM” I parodied BBK. I don’t recall the complete list, but he had written a piece on bribing a traffic cop to get out of a ticket so in the list I wrote something along the lines of PART 2 “How To Argue With A Traffic Cop To Get Out of a Traffic Ticket”. PART 3 “How To Survive You Time In A Thai Jail”. I believe a couple of the other items was How to get a job in a Buriram Chinese Laundry. Since BBK was always bragging of how other websites got things wrong and how only he had the knowledge on “Banging Cheaper”, another item was “Banging Cheaper – How To Reuse A Condom”. Several people commented that the list was the funniest thing they had read on BBK.COM (for those of you who remember that comment). It was that comment and the feedback written which fostered the idea for BDK.


Since I had some free time (November-December being a slow time of the year for me) this site was started. I had next to no knowledge on web programming, how to setup or run a website and the research took more time than I expected but as I read more and more about wordpress I figured I could give it a go. Setting up the site was the easy part. Managing content, submissions, and comments takes up alot of time. I still have a few submissions that I have yet to post which are several weeks old. (My apologies to those authors. I will get them posted.). I sent out a few e-mails to a couple friends who I knew also read BBK saying there was a spoof site of BBK. Shortly after I started BDK (a few weeks), several people approached me via e-mail asking if they could contribute to the site. Real Daffy Duck (initially Daffy Duck), Soi OG and the PurpleSpy asked to be given pages to contribute. (One thing to be clear on is I have not to this day met Soi OG, Daffy Duck or PurpleSpy.) If I recall correctly, Purple Spy contacted me saying he wanted to catalog his personal experiences in Thailand. Daffy asked if he could have author rights to contribute additional parody material as did Soi OG. I told these guys it was OK and gave them access, but asked that they just try to keep it tasteful. I had no expectations for BDK other than to have a bit of fun and to see if by using just a couple tools (such as the Bullshit Awards) I could manage content.

As I mentioned, BBK frequently claimed that those outing him were owners or investors of the Big Mango though he never provided any proof. Never mind that while on the Big Mango blog it was obvious there were people who weren’t associated with the Big Mango bar who found his posts and comments less than palatable and offensive. This pattern carried over to new people who commented on BBK.COM. The best example of how BBK alienated readers is Daffy Duck (who is constantly credited with being part of the organized Big Mango campaign against BBK). The interesting story about Daffy Duck is initially he was an adamant supporter of BBK. However, as time wore on he too grew tired of being ignored when he questioned certain “facts” provided by BBK. Unlike many of the commentor’s who disagreed with BBK who in effect said “I’m done with you and your site” and left, Daffy didn’t let Kenny or the “dedicated detractors” get away with their Bullshit.

The Professional Media

A couple things I need to comment on concerning this story as originally reported by the L.A. Daily News and followup stories by other news agencies. I can only say I am deeply disappointed in the quality of the information provided by some professional news organizations. It’s not the op-ed pieces I’m talking about, but the initial fact finding efforts. The US press probably has the widest latitude and most resources at it’s disposal for researching news stories in the world. Why not make a minimal effort? The total number of e-mails BigDummyKenny received from all media outlets who communicated the BBK story has been ZERO. I realize BDK.COM is not the focus of the story, but when certain allegations are made I was under the impression the press has a responsibility of verifying those facts as much as possible. Allegations were made about and no verification was done. This should be disturbing to anyone reading the article because it directly impacted the Quality & Accuracy of the content provided. Seeing this happen first hand on a story from a major US Newspaper which received national coverage makes me question the Q&A of L.A. Daily News stories in general. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the L.A. Daily News who was derelict in it’s reporting.

From the dozen or so articles I’ve read with unique content the worst job of reporting goes to the Badger Herald. Did the reporter even bother to read the original L A. Daily News story? Do they have anyone in the editing department who does minimal fact finding or verification before something is posted? Apparently not, since several of the statements in the article is in direct conflict with what was said in the Daily news story and on BBK.COM itself. The Daily News reported BBK.COM was started in response to the Big Mango removing a post by BBK suggesting guys should go to a shrine to pick up women. In the Badger Herald it was reported that BBK.COM was started because “He had written a piece against the bar’s brothel-style business operation and they censored his work.”

But it gets better (or worse), the article goes on to say, “To restore their tarnished name, the Big Mango Bar struck out at Ng by contacting the California newspapers, as well as his work colleagues in an attempt to slander Ng’s name and personal life. The university calmly addressed the Big Mango saying Ng had a right to free speech and that after viewing his blog, found nothing that was in violation of the law.” Interesting Andy, as your story is the only one I’ve read that specifically indicates people associated with the Big Mango identified themselves as such when they contacted the papers and the University. Then the crowning inaccurate statement is ““To make matters worse, the Big Mango was hit with financial hardship and was forced to close. Part of the reason they lashed out at me was to get back at me for ‘ruining their business,’” Ng said.”

To be fair here, I don’t know if it’s the reporter’s take on what he’s read or if he actually contacted BBK and it’s what Kenny told him. Regardless, a bit of fact checking could have cleared it up (Hint Badger Herald: “Big Mango Bar” +Thailand).

Come on guys and gals, this is what you get paid to do.

Hate Mail
Well, I suppose it is bound to happen.

The Big Mango has it’s supporters. BigBabyKenny.Com has it’s supporters. But I won’t attribute anything I receive to BBK until I have the proof.

That’s All Folks

Certainly the way BBK.COM got the coverage he wanted was not the way he thought it would happen. Certainly the negative press was not what he had in mind. The question is if this is the end of BigBabyKenny blogging on the “Thailand Girl Scene”. Certainly he’s could be contacted by one of his supporters and they could start another website where he could post under a different name. But would it really make any difference on what that site looks like after a few months of operation? People would find his site, some would not agree with him and be treated the same way as they were on BBK.COM. Even though people wouldn’t know it’s him people would see the same style of not addressing key points. How could the outcome not be the same and wouldn’t people eventually realize it’s just BBK using another name?

Despite his website being shutdown some very positive discussion and debate has resulted from the L.A. Daily News story. Although Thailand has been discussed in a negative light and this is more bad press for a country going through difficult times you certainly can’t lend credit to much of what BBK has said on his website.

For example, in one of BBK’s final posts or one of the interviews to the media he said the “Thailand Girl Scene” is part of the Thai culture. I find that in very poor taste or a very poor choice of words (or both depending upon how BBK meant it – maybe it’s in his lexicon?). Although the “Thailand Girl Scene” is more common (and many would say open) in Thailand than it is in most parts of the world, it is no more part of the Thai culture than prostitution is part of the culture in Canada or the United States. What you see in Thailand a part of society engaged in a commercial activity more openly than in most parts of the world. Although the western media highlights sex tourist driving the problem let me say this: If sex tourism from western countries went from where it is today to 0, with the exception of a dozen or so “Thailand Girl Scene” areas, the majority of the industry would be untouched. Read into that statement what you want.

Last, I would ask that those groups or individuals suggesting legal action be taken against Prof. Kenneth Ng seriously consider what good will come out of pursuing such things further and let it go. Professor Kenneth Ng‘s personal life and professional career has been exposed to everyone at CSUN, the San Fernando community and campus’ across the country. There really is no upside to prosecuting him, is there?

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press debate aside, the positive outcome here is the debate and attention it’s brought to the exploitation practices which takes place in many parts of the world. Factual accounts should stand above sensationalism used to promote agendas and through those discussions the real problems can be addressed.

To borrow a phrase, “Buddha works in mysterious ways.”



65 Responses to “BigDummyKenny On The Closing of BBK.COM”

  1. “In that comment I called “Upcoming Posts At BBK.COM” I parodied BBK. I don’t recall the complete list, but he had written a piece on bribing a traffic cop to get out of a ticket so in the list I wrote something along the lines of PART 2 “How To Argue With A Traffic Cop To Get Out of a Traffic Ticket”. PART 3 “How To Survive You Time In A Thai Jail” (…) “Banging Cheaper – How To Reuse A Condom”. Several people commented that the list was the funniest thing they had read on BBK.COM for those of you who remember that comment.”
    No way, that was you – yeah, seriously, that was one of the funniest comments on that site. Made me laugh.

    “Hate Mail
    Well, I suppose it is bound to happen.”
    Wait, you can’t just hint at the Hate Mail you received, and not at least share some of the gems. They *must* be good ones.

    “Last, I would ask that those groups or individuals suggesting legal action should be taken against Prof. Ng seriously consider what good will come out of pursuing such things further and let it go. Professor Ng’s personal life and professional career has been exposed to everyone at CSUN, the San Fernando community and campus’ across the country to see. There really is no upside to prosecuting him, is there?”
    I have to agree with you on that — there is absolutely no upside to further pursuing any retributions against Kenny, than he has already hoisted upon himself, so far.

    Realistically, though, it is entirely up to him, at this point — if he would just walk away from this, and most of all give himself some time to calm down, he’ll be okay, and most people would be willing to just forget about it. As it stands, he has probably irreparably damaged his career, as well as his social standing amongst his academic peers, that laying low would be in his own best interest.

    Realistically, judging by the MOTU tone of his latest missives on his resurrected blog, I don’t think that will be the case, and he will most likely continue causing his employer additional annoyances, resulting in further investigations, that could conclude to his detriment.

    He does appear to be on a path towards self-destruction.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ RealDaffyDuck – None of the mail has been particularly interesting or creative and I deleted them. If a one is sent that is interesting I’ll post it.


  2. MongerSEA said

    Frankly, there’s one more in the series of mooted article titles that I would have been fascinated to read as Kenny would have actually gone through the process and had a factual basis for once: “What to do when you’re denied entry at a Thai immigration checkpoint”.

  3. It bears pointing out that some brain donors on the BBK site are still convinced that the BigDummy site is my own, and that I somehow run the show. (Yeah, it’s our buddy BKKSpy’s continued fantasy.)

    So, BigDummy, I guess that means “You’re Fired”…. Well, until you decide to fire me… and then it’s Daywalker’s turn, again… and round and round we go.

  4. Big Black Gulliver said

    I still miss Drummy and Bill Simmons….it’s sad that there will always be casualties of war. But the 07 Show this afternoon cheered me up a bit! I bet Daffy a Beer Lao at The Mango Bar that Stickman will make “some” mention of this incident in is column today! Stickman is like a Chang he never forgets!

    • Yeah – what *has* become of ronru, and the other sockpuppets? They all seem to have gone on radio silence. I would figure with all their kinship with Kenny, the closure of (or, as Kenny would claim, our closing down should have unleashed a veritable firestorm of comments in protest and condemnation from his biggest fans.

      What happened to that?

      Not even a peep.

      As the saying goes “Not with a bang, but with a whimper…”

  5. SugarDaddy said

    Well-written article on Bangkok Diaries. Not that I expect Kenneth to learn anything from it should he read it. But maybe other readers get a more accurate view of what happened.

    • 2 Cool 4 Words said

      Yep. That’s a good summary of the BBK-BM saga.

      BBK just could never be told he was wrong about nothin and once he blamed all the bad stuff on the BM guys he couldn’t go back and say, uhhh my mistake, I was wrong.

      He had no choice but continue down the road he choose.

  6. Daywalker said

    “To make matters worse, the Big Mango was hit with financial hardship and was forced to close. Part of the reason they lashed out at me was to get back at me for ‘ruining their business,’” Ng said.”

    – what a dick.

    Was this from the same guy who said a certain bar website was dead when it was on HIATUS??????


  7. Werewolf said

    I bet Daffy a Beer Lao at The Mango Bar that Stickman will make “some” mention of this incident in is column today! Stickman is like a Chang he never forgets!

    Looks like you’ll owe Daffy that beer.

    I read the Stick site today after reading your comment. No mention of BBK that I saw.

    I hadn’t seen the Stickman site in a year and a half or two years. It was amazing to see how far off the path Stick has wandered. The man who used to be considered the authority on Bangkok and Thailand seems to be increasingly either out of touch, or relying on the reports of unreliable acquaintances in putting together his weekly reports.

    He seems to be unable to discuss anything as though it is simply the norm; everything has to be sensationalized from the evidence in this week’s column, whether it is the ease of riding the subway or taking a meter taxi in the CBD. This week’s Stickman column is describing a Bangkok so far removed from the one that I live in daily that I don’t even know what he is talking about.

    To wit:

    Getting around the city has become a nightmare at times.

    I mean, really. I trot all over Bangkok on a daily basis, and I haven’t hit a single notable problem since the protests began (aside from protests that were well-publicized in advance). Things may not be entirely “normal” with regards to traffic, but, as the photo of Silom Road in today’s Bangkok Post might illustrate, you are as likely to find streets easier to navigate as more difficult. Stick seems to be taking the easy route to “sensationalizing” a mild inconvenience.

    For anyone who doesn’t live in Bangkok, reading Stick it sounds like the city is at a standstill. Hardly. You almost wouldn’t know protests weren’t going on if you didn’t try to travel to either the Rachaprasong or Lumphini/Silom areas, which represent perhaps 2% of the city.

    More Stickman:

    The skytrain and the underground have at times suspended their services, changed their services or even completely shut down. And to really screw things up, it is incredibly difficult to find out just what is going on. Phones aren’t answered, websites aren’t updated and even staff at the offices of the various transport companies don’t know what is going on!

    Yes, given the events of the past few weeks both the MRT and BTS have at times limited or suspended service. But to say it is hard to know what is going on seems just silly to me, and I can only imagine that Stick is basing this on uninformed third-hand reports.

    I have experienced some service interruptions (understandable when there are protests, explosions and automatic gunfire), but each has been posted in writing in in Thai and English at each affected station, with announcements in Thai (and usually English as well) to provide information to passengers about service interruptions.

    Is it really reasonable to complain that some non-routine announcements are made only in Thai and not in English (or Japanese, Korean or Chinese)? I mean, I understand that standard announcements are pre-recorded and bi-lingual, but during an unanticipated service interruption in Thailand is it so horrible that announcements are made in the Thai language, or so difficult to understand why there may not be a foreign language translation readily available?

    More Stickman weekly:

    To illustrate just how bad things are, a friend was on the underground this week, attempting to get to Sukhumvit, at lunch time. He didn’t know that the underground was only operating from Bang Sue to Praram 9, the train then going back the way it had come. He was on the train heading towards Sukhumvit when, at Praram 9, most people alighted. He had no idea then that the trains were up the pole. There had been a loudspeaker announcement in Thai but nothing was said in English. He asked another passenger what was going on and was told that he had to cross the platform (as all the others had done earlier) and get a train heading back to where he had come from! The train that was there at that point departed just before he could reach it and then it was a long 20 minutes before another one came with, by then, hundreds of people waiting in the poorly ventilated lower level! Needless to say he was not amused.

    I wrote on my own blog a couple of days ago that I ran into this issue in the late afternoon, but it wasn’t quite as Stick’s “friend” reported it. The service was indeed interrupted at Rama 9, but there was a “shuttle” train running between the affected stations when I was there. Announcements were made in both Thai and English and there were signs posted, as well as staff on-hand on the platform to assist passengers by directing them between trains.

    I saw it around 4:30 in the afternoon, while Stick reports that his pal was on the MRT at lunchtime, so perhaps he was experiencing a problem that was fresh and not yet fully in hand, but the experience he describes second-hand is completely different than my first-hand experience.

    Again, it seemed to be a short term service issue that was caused by some sort of track repair or maintenance. In five years it’s the only time I’ve run into this situation in Bangkok and it seemed to be short lived (a few hours at most). The desire to sensationalize things seems to be part and parcel of Stick’s site these days.

    Stickman on Bangkok taxis:

    Available taxis are hard to find and many drivers seize the chance to ask for – and get – outrageous fares. When the bombs went off at the Sala Daeng skytrain station on Thursday night, much of the skytrain and underground networks were shut down and cabs were ferrying passengers around with the available sign clearly lit up – a sure sign that the passengers had been forced to negotiate the fare….

    More than ever I am convinced there is a massive rort perpetuated by errant taxi drivers and the use of dodgy meters is a recent and potentially widespread problem in Bangkok. Again this week I struck a cab with a dodgy meter. The distance kept going up, even when we were stationary – it went up 500 metes in about one minute while sitting at the lights. Of course I pointed this out to the driver who played dumb. Keep an eye on that meter!

    I take taxis EVERY DAY in Bangkok. They are part and parcel of my daily life. Because I often travel the same routes weekly I am very familiar with the cost — down to a single baht — of each trip that I take. I have NEVER ONCE found a taxi in Bangkok that was higher or lower than the standard fare by more than 2 baht on a fare of 100 — basically the cost of sitting at a traffic light for a couple of minutes.

    In other words, in spite of taking about 20 taxi rides a week between known destinations with known prices, I have not — in 5 years — ever been ripped off by a Bangkok taxi driver who turned on the meter. Stickman’s idea of a “massive rort” is simply not supported by my experience.

    My pal the Dude was actually in Silom on Thursday night and needed to get a taxi home when Molly Malones closed at 8:30 following the grenade attacks. He told me that, predictably, taxis were difficult to find, and that he had to walk a fair distance to find one, but he didn’t report having to negotiate the fare (and trust me,that’s a detail the Dude wouldn’t have glossed over!).

    The idea that taxis are difficult to find is simply ridiculous. No matter what part of town I am in, I rarely need to wait more than 30 seconds to get a taxi, and I’d say that in five years there have not been more than three or four situations where I have had to wait more than three or five minutes for a taxi.

    Bangkok taxis must be the cheapest and most available taxis in the world. The idea that they are “unavailable” or that there is some kind of endemic ‘rort’ going on, is just completely outside my personal experience here — and again — I ride in taxis about 20 times per week.

    ON a different note, here’s a comment by Stickman that I simply can’t understand:

    There are some things I will never understand in this life. No matter how hard I try, no matter how many different opinions and perspectives I seek and no matter how much computer processing power is thrown at it, I just cannot understand how some Westerners are taking a stance in this conflict, as per the guy in the photo below. There are some real extremists on each side and a Westerner getting involved is giving that extremism their approval, their vote of confidence. Seriously bad form.

    Is Stickman seriously suggesting that expats should have no opinion on politics in Thailand? Or am I missing the point of his comment?

    “Avoid having an opinion” seems like the most ignorant position a man could take, and seems unlike Stickman, so I assume I must be too dull to understand the subtleties of his message.

    Is he, perhaps, simply unhappy that a westerner might support the guys in red, when he so clearly is opposed to what they are doing?

    And while I’m pissing and moaning, I might as well have a go at a Stickman reader who wrote this published letter:

    I get annoyed by the frequency with which Thais refer to themselves and others in the third person e.g. a Thai girl named Lek having dinner with friends will say “Lek ow khao pad,” instead of saying “Chan ow khao pad.” Likewise, a Thai girl will ask her boyfriend if he would like a glass of water by saying “Fan ow nam mai ja?” or “Poo chai ow nam mai ja?” instead of simply asking “Khun ow nam mai ja?” I don’t know why, but this idiosyncrasy of the Thai language really bugs me. Perhaps it’s because I think of how ridiculous it would sound for an English-speaking woman named, say, Sally to say “Sally wants fried rice” or for her to ask her mate, “Would my boyfriend like some water?” It sounds infantile.

    Why is this guy annoyed? This is just Thai language — and common Thai language at that. Thais don’t use pronouns the same as native English speakers; the guy admits that he understands as much in his whinging letter to Stickman, yet he has taken the time to complain about the Thai language, as though his personal “idiosyncrasy” should matter to anyone. For fuck’s sake, this is how Thai people talk in their native language! What is there to complain about?

    Why would Stickman even publish such an idiotic letter about nothing?

    This guy’s got too much time on his hands. (Apparently I do too, since I’m complaining about his complaints).

    Back to Stickman….

    He offers us this bit of advice this week:

    Many girls working in Soi Cowboy live above the bars. It’s cheap – they usually pay several hundred baht each, being a contribution to the power and water and they don’t have to battle Bangkok traffic to get to work. There is, however, a major downside. The bars seem to consider that the girls are their property and impose a 24-hour barfine on them which is strictly enforced. This means that even if you wanted to take a girl out for a pizza at lunch time – and nothing else – all of which may be during hours that the bar may not even be open, it is expected that a barfine will be paid for her! And if you do not pay that barfine then it will be deducted from her salary at the end of the month. Can you say slavery or bondage? Bar owners who enforce this nonsense really are the worst of the worst.

    Stick offers no basis for his assertions, so I have no idea where he’s gotten this idea.

    I can tell you, however, that I have regularly seen girls who lived on the third floor of Soi Cowboy bars during my five years living in Bangkok. Not only were they free to come and go as they pleased, but one of them actually took me up to her shared accommodation during the afternoon. The girls were there along with several Thai guys that day (I was the only foreigner, though). There was certainly no bondage or slavery going on… the girls were drinking whiskey, playing cards and free to come and go as they pleased.

    In addition, the girl that I moved into my room a few years ago — my ex-girlfriend who lived with me for a year — had spent the previous 5 years living above a soi cowboy bar. She had plenty of stories about girls stealing clothes from each other, but nothing about bondage, slavery, forced sex, rape, or 24 hour barfines. She always described it as a fairly pleasant place to live.

    It seems like one of Stick’s pals has been told by a bar girl that if he wants to see her he needs to pay a barfine no matter what time of day, and he believed her. And Stickman believed him.

    Slavery? Bondage?

    C’mon. It’s sensational, but not real.

    And while I hate to pick on somebody for careless spelling, I’m on a roll and it’s easy to do. Stick made mention of “Dirty Nellies” in Ekkamai. He indicated that they may have some decent food on the menu, though he apparently doesn’t know from first hand experience, since he closes this section with the commitment to “make the effort to swing by soon”.

    I’ve been to Durty Nellie’s twice and it wasn’t worth the effort either time. Hopefully it’ll improve by the time Stick gets there.

    Stickman was living in Thailand and writing about the place before I could even find Bangkok on a map. A lot of what I knew about Thailand prior to my first trip here came from reading his web site.

    I stopped reading his site a long time ago simply due to lack of time, but based on this week’s blog he’s now in the business of disseminating a lot of questionable information about Bangkok. I’m sorry to see that, since Stickman is one of the reasons I first visited Thailand in 2005. Reading this week’s column, I don’t recognize the place he describes as being the same city that I live in.

    • I gotta agree with you there. I don’t read Stickman anymore, except for the occasional glance, for much of the same reasons you listed.

      On the other hand, I feel sympathetic — for his position, not his way of handling it. Clearly, Stick’s not in the same space he was 5-8 years ago. In fact, he’s certainly not the same person anymore – plus, let’s be honest, after so many years, what *IS* there to talk about?

      Basically, his website has become his business — it’s a very successful business, and I can understand that he doesn’t just want to walk away from it, so, he essentially just ‘calls it in’.

      Instead of him actually doing much of the research, or basing it on personal experience, he’s got contributors that provide the content — including of course the email bag.

      Why print a lame email? Maybe there weren’t that many better emails to pick from? Stickman is a business, and it’s obvious that his heart isn’t in it anymore, the way it used to be – so, he calls it in, aiming for cheap sensationalist style that he thinks his audience wants.

      Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Who knows.

      At some point, another site will come along that provides more compellingly presented, fresher content, maybe updated more regularly, maybe offering more diversity. Heck, I feel any site offering better navigation, better design, and better interaction would do better, even with less or worse content.

      I do feel that the Thailand Blogger / Website Scene is currently stagnating, with little to nothing new; Most existing sites are overrun by ‘regulars’ and ‘veterans’, providing little of relevance — just the usual bitching about Thailand, bitching about every day problems, trolling by bored regulars, ripping on each other, or those who are more successful, or pissing contest involving sexual exploits (yawn) or alcoholism (double-yawn).

      So, Stickman’s not unique in his situation, and maybe what’s needed is some fresh blood ??

    • Ditto about the girls living above the bars in Soi Cowboy — there is no barfine, slavery, or any that bullshit. I’ve had a few regulars that lived there (above Suzi Wong’s, amongst others), and there was never an issue with barfines, quotas, or curfews.

      The only ‘risk’ I ever noticed is that some of the living conditions were not exceptionally hygienic, as one of the girls brought some companions of the insect variety along with her to my hotel – it made for some fun ‘delousing’ games we got to play (she didn’t have lice, more like bedbugs). Gotta take those things in stride.

    • …and, as an addendum, I feel that any girl that requests an out of the ordinary barfine from the guy, is probably just signaling “Hey buddy, you’re just a customer, and I’m looking for a payday”.

      I usually get the opposite, where the girls try to accommodate me by whatever means, so no barfine is involved (while I don’t have any issue with the barfine system — I always figure that a barfine is due and budgeted for any girl who’s time you use after 5:00pm, or across multiple days – in fact, it’s usually the first thing I give them, when I take a girl out for several days).

    • Bangers Bill said

      Werewolf, a thorough and detailed comment. Could have been a post on it’s own. A couple of my observations if you’ll indulge me.

      The first Friday the Red shirts had said they would be protesting was the easiest cab ride from Rachadamri and then down Suk to Nana for my late afternoon beer was the least congested and fastest I can remember in years. Since then, most Fridays have been nearly as traffic free.

      Getting to and around MBK however is another story unless you’re taking the Skytrain.

      Interruption on the MRT the morning after the grenade attacks and the limited operations of the MRT was announced on the local news that morning. If you don’t understand Thai there is simulcast in English if you have a 2 audio channel system, if you don’t there’s the English on FM radio.

      Anytime there’s a major event in Bangkok you can be sure the Thais will over-react and you should plan appropriately. People who have lived here awhile know this, would you agree?

      “Is Stickman seriously suggesting that expats should have no opinion on politics in Thailand? Or am I missing the point of his comment?”

      Also to me this seems absurd. Some of us expats have decided to make a life here permanently. We have Thai girlfriends, wives, families and businesses here. If the government declares strict martial law it impacts us. If the government continues to play political games with the constitution and people’s freedoms it impacts us. If civil war erupts it impacts us. Why shouldn’t we have a voice if we’re permanently invested here?

      Coming from someone who lived and worked here as long as he has I expected better.

  8. kenny-b-gone said

    i count myself amongst many others, i’m sure, who saw the potential of that site, and then watched kenny destroy any and all good will, as you’ve briefly outlined above, and in so many other ways…

    the deceit of his true intent, the denial of reality (despite much contrary evidence presented against his often erroneous commentary), and a delusional belief in his own grandiose observations and personal superiority, were each, in their own way, of a pathological scale.

    i’m sure he’s a nice guy, in person…someone? anyone? ww?

    good riddance. karma’s a bitch, ain’t it kenny?

    • Bangers Bill said

      You’re correct on that k-b-g, karma’s a bitch. All this could have and should have been avoided before it blew up. Kenny could have contacted the Big Mango guys or the Big Mango guys could have contacted Kenny and said “enough”.

      Maybe one side did try to make peace with the other but there’s no word of it. BBK? Daywalker?

      Kenny’s promotion of posts from Bkkspy which continued to bash the Big Mango under the auspices of being a human interest story was hash. Everyone knew Bkkspy hated those guys with a passion. I wonder why? Look at Bkkspy’s latest comments on BBK. Now he’s after Daffy Duck.

      What did any of these people do to Bkkspy? Is his vile all on what BBK was telling these guys like Bkkspy via e-mail or just his public ranting on his website?

    • Daywalker said

      BB… WE DID extend the olive branch. More than once.

  9. Big Black Gulliver said

    In response to WW…great post glad I could help. LOL! And yes Daft One, I owe you a beer or drink of your choice at the establishment of your choice! The food at Durty Nellie’s will get much better when the banner on the Stickman Site goes up!

  10. I think this week might be the time that he regrets having re-opened the comments section.

  11. MongerSEA said

    @Werewolf: Your observations about Stickman are very much on the mark. One has to always keep in mind that the primary goals of the Stickman Brand are to preserve the viability of the Stickman Brand and to maximize its revenue. Truth and factuality never really enter into it, and the audience he writes for doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to see his nonsense for what it is.

    Who would argue against foreign involvement in reforming one of the worst sham democracies on the planet? Someone with a vested interest in the status quo; someone who had eagerly adopted the entrenched Thai customs of the back room deal and the facts-be-damned publishing model.

    An audience who do not have the mental candlepower to see Stickman for what he is are that much more easily marketed to, by means ethical or otherwise. Any who need the dots connected for them…

    1) Two weeks ago Stick mentions a new Irish pub on Ekkamai but claims he can’t remember the name. This is the hook to get a few readers to go look for it, undoubtedly including a few “contributors” who will email it in and put a gloss of legitimacy on things.

    2) This week, Stick manages to come up with a name and a more exact location. But misspells the name, accidentally, I’m sure.

    3) In a week or two Sitckman will come up with a a correction of the name (in the name of journalistic integrity, we may be sure) and maybe a few more details. But it will be a real surprise if he actually includes any details of a visit.

    4) And one or two weeks after that, there will finally be a published review of some form or another, positive to neutral in tone with any defects being glossed over.

    With that the “slow reveal” is complete. Four mentions in a two month span; I wonder what he charges for that.

    If it seems formulaic, it is. If one looks carefully at past columns over a long enough stretch, it’s evident of this in process over and over to the benefit of numerous establishments allied with the Stickman Brand or, we may suppose, that have paid him compensation.

    Once you understand the formula, and how it approximates a legitimate news cycle, you’ll also have a clue as to why Stickman is published in a weekly format, without mid-week updates or corrections. And you’ll also understand why he’s never moved to a blog format. Most simply, because he’d lose control of the pacing at which he shills.

    His resistance to doing that has nothing to do with his own cadre of dedicated detractors, and everything to do with preserving the viability of the Stickman Brand.

    • “And you’ll also understand why he’s never moved to a blog format. Most simply, because he’d lose control of the pacing at which he shills.

      His resistance to doing that has nothing to do with his own cadre of dedicated detractors, and everything to do with preserving the viability of the Stickman Brand.”

      While that may be true, in a way, I tend to believe it has more to do with Stickman simply being a technical luddite, and all he knows is the manual updating of his HTML pages, while claiming to be ‘too busy to learn new technologies’ (a common excuse) – in other words, technical incompetence is a much better explanation, than deliberate strategic marketing planning 🙂

  12. kenny-b-gone said

    hysteria ensues: thx, ng.!/group.php?gid=103579313018948&v=wall

  13. Hmmmmm?

    “In 2001, a civil lawsuit was filed against him (Prof. Ng) by a then 22-year-old Pasadena City College student, who said Ng mischaracterized her on a website by using photographs of her, then writing erotic fictional tales about her.”

    Source :

  14. Big Black Gulliver said

    Is it just me or do others have the feeling the Susan fucked up on her initial expose by ONLY interviewing BBK and calling the University ONCE. Now she is on the warpath for you ass Kenny cause you lied to her! Funny as hell!

  15. Big Black Gulliver said

    I just walked down Soi 4, past Hillary II had the chance to take home two hookers. Walked past Big Dogs to see some of my fellow mutated Farang and yet feel the need to only take a shower after re-reading this from BBK……

    A review of a house of prostitution in which he said he was “offered an underage girl.” Though the girl claimed to be 18, Ng said he convinced her to admit she was 15, then bought her and her sister ice cream. As he did with his other reviews, Ng provided GPS coordinates of this site to facilitate his readers’ efforts to find it.

    Kenny your soooooooo fucked!!!!!!

  16. Big Black Gulliver said

    Come on RDD you can’t tell me you forgot about Into the Heart of Issan – Hi So and Lo So in Burram

    Spelled wrong by CSUN’s most talented tenured professor Kenny Ng

    Friday 23rd April a date that will live on in infamy…..Cache it while you can LOL

  17. Daywalker said

    Anyone listen to his broadcast he did on the whatever show?

    He states that his site has none of the above.

    Where the fuck is moRonru when we need him?

  18. Big Black Gulliver said

    Where the fuck is moRonru when we need him?

    Over on….

    Click on the comments

    Guess who Kenny is??

    Here’s a clue he’s Valley

  19. Big Black Gulliver said

    Kenny squacks on a new home for his rantings now that his is dead……

    Bureaucratic Mess

    Northridge, CA

    Reply »
    Report Abuse
    1 hr ago

    Thomas Gilmartin wrote:
    To anyone interested in this…….Professor Ng used CSUN equipment to develop and maintain his sex tourism site. email me at for details…….

    I hope that you and your partner go out of business and lose money on your Little Mango bar and brothel and that Ng somehow finds a way to sue you for harassment. You all sound like selfish morons.

  20. Stick Figure said

    Stickman has said to numerous people he has had offers to migrate to a blog for free with him doing no work. But he “hates comments” and wouldn’t do it. He maintains control this way. His shower partner dave the rave similarly turned off comments.

    Imagine all the people who know Stick is a Dick having the ability to comment freely on his blog?

    He’d go the way of BBK in no time.

    • There is actually nothing wrong with a blog that doesn’t allow comments. There’s plenty, and if they provide good content, commenting is not a necessity.

      Even if Stick had comments active, I doubt he would have any troubles – his blog quality would improve, IMO, but that’s neither her, nor there… One thing’s for sure, with a comment system, there’d be a lot more work maintaining it – I’m sure that’s what he wants to avoid, and honestly, who wouldn’t.

      Either way, the way I see it, Stick is not a dick (no, really). He’s found a nice and profitable niche that works for him, and he just wants to run it his way. A lot of the whining about Stick is the usual expat attitude of hating success of any kind in other expats.

      I for one am actually happy for Stickman, and his success. I think he fills a need in the market, and I’m glad that morons like Keith Summers self-destructed.

  21. twoser said

    I’m interested to know if the anti-Ng schoolgirls, who delight in BBK’s downfall, actually agree with anything the feminist, christian crusaders are saying at the moment?

    • The Wigger said

      Huh? I’m not delighting cause its a case of I tol you so.

      About BBK site being mostly about paying for sex in Thailand. Yea, I agree with that.

    • don't be such a baby said

      What’s to agree with or disagree with? It is what it is, so stop whining.

      If you go to Saudi Arabia and rip up a Koran, will you be surprised when your arrested, tortured and executed?

      The entire foundation of the argument BBK is now making is that he didn’t make the rules in Thailand, he’s just writing about them. His freedom of speech argument is that he’s exposing these sexual and relationship dynamics, warts and all, and that a professor’s job is to seek and teach the truth, not a bleached, sanitized version (ignore for a moment the fact that there is no shortage of information on the warts of Thai culture or the role sexual currency plays*). (now, after the fact and once the posts have been pulled to prevent, or at last try to prevent, readers from making their own evaluation) claims to have been nothing more than a socio-economic report on Thai culture (with some restaurant and hotel reviews and wedding quality photography). We’re asked to take that culture at face value and not judge.(*)

      So Twoser, if we can accept Saudi Arabian culture, and we can accept Thai culture, why is it so hard for BBK and you and all the other sockpuppets to accept American culture at face value?

      Are you surprised at the response he’s getting? Why? You can rail at it and cry about it. But just like Thai culture is rough on a poor rural Issan girl, American culture is rough on teachers who run websites like You get hit from the feminist left, you get hit from the christian crusading right, and you’ll find no allies in the independent center. You get mild to strong disgust from the no-children demographic, and utter revulsion from the with-children demographic. It’s as certain as death and taxes. Your political friends are that tiny sliver of fringe radical libertarians and your monger base, who are the not-too-well-organized and not-to-vocal for the same cultural reasons. American culture is just as much a fact as Thai culture, so if we accept the latter on its own terms, we should be prepared to accept the former as well.(**)

      So I don’t feel bad about the fall of I actually feel good for him, and so should you, and so would BBK if were observant enough to apply some of his economic theory to himself, since BBK got what BBK wanted given his situation. On his website, he talks about Thai girls looking for the “Bigger Better Deal”, or “BBD”, as if it’s something other than an indifference curve shift you’d learn about in week 2 of an Econ for Poets class. Sex with BBK may be a BBD for some Thai girls, given their economic choices. Likewise, given his economic options in the cultural environment he found himself, keeping his associate professorship while giving up his blog was the BBD for BBK. He had other options: keep his blog and make money as a professional poker player. Keep his blog and start a business, or write a book. He turned those options down. BBK took his Bigger Better Deal. He made the most of the situation and bent over the desk while Big Whitey (Harold Hillenbrand) fucked him up the ass. Metaphorically. If we can indulge a culture where the best option for a girl is to have sex with BBK, and be happy for her that she has that option, we can indulge a culture where the best option for BBK is to take down his site, and we can be happy for him too. Well done, BBK! Now hit the shower! Bt1200 for you on the way out, but that covers the taxi too.

      The biggest difference is that, while the poor rural Issan girl didn’t choose for the conditions that made her face her choice, BBK’s situation is entirely of his own doing.

      (*) The gusto with which he indulges himself (see: How to Really Have Fun In Thailand; Checking out Some Books; Into the Heart of Issan – Rabbit Club Review; etc.) clearly gives away his real game. Also, there’s no shortage of information out there on the warts of Thai culture or the role sexual currency plays. To the extent he’s brining anything new to the table, it’s entirely geared toward the monger, and how to best exploit the economic advantages we have over Thais , i.e. how to live like a rock star. BBK also seems to have a pretty low self awareness; most rock stars don’t go around laying out all their fetishes for the public, but thanks to we got to know that he likes to top, big time and likes humiliation games. He pays his girls to tie themselves to the bed all day until he comes home, and has them always wear miniskirts without panties when going out, he brings his own vibrators in from the US, etc. I mean, we all dig what we all dig, but we can see how BBK raises the creepy bar at least a little: If BBK is like most folks who wouldn’t ordinarily publish their deepest, darkest kinks for all to read, what’s he holding back? Scat? Roman showers? He did seem to have a nose for finding underage girls, and he did seem to obsess about gays and ladyboys. We can also see how a career as a professor would appeal to him.

      (**) BBK clearly expected this response or he wouldn’t have worried so much about maintaining the wall between his world travelling, poker playing, motorcycle racing, adventure thirsting, Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World jealous-making, thesis-quality blog writing, wedding-quality photo taking, FARANG persona and the slightly more pudgy and Asian, slightly less swashbuckling and heart melting reality. So much so that, for one unfortunate stretch, he was deleting comments containing personal data and claiming they were child porn. Free speech indeed.

    • adman said

      Keeping his day job and deleting the content on his blog was the sure deal, not necessarily the BBD.

      The other options: make money as a professional poker player, starting a business or writing a book, those options requires the courage to strike it out in uncharted territory and take risk. One of these options very well could have been a much BBD for Kenny but he didn’t have the courage or self-confidence to take one of the other routes.

      As much as he spoke about no censorship and freedom of speech at the end of the day he decided self-preservation was more important than principal.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure that self-preservation was his motivation, seeing as how he maintains himself on a very active self-destructive downwards spiral on his re-birthed blog.

      I think that ‘fear’ and the inability to ‘man up’ were stronger motivators.

    • don't be such a baby said

      The security of the teaching job is what made it a Bigger Better Deal, which is why he took it. This is why it’s such a joke that BBK rolls out his BBD concept like it’s he’s discovered something new, and hasn’t just put lipstick on the pig of a very basic economic concept. All it means is that, when you’re faced with various combinations of plusses and minuses in any situation, you’ll choose the combination that you most value.

      BBK’s indifference curve puts a very high premium on perceived security and risk-aversion. There are other goodies on the table to reach for, such as freedom of personal expression and opportunity, the chance to rub the dedicated detractors’ noses in the dirt, really sticking it to what I’m sure he sees as those feminazi dykes at the American Asian and Women’s Studies departments and the cunt at the Daily News, keeping the pulpit to preach from, and of course, the chance to dance on the grave of the Big Mango while wearing the Burger Boys’ skins like Buffalo Bill. But they don’t have the allure of the fluffy security blanket. Nothing wrong with that per se. To each his own and all that. It does cut against his claim that he made a decision that he’s not going to be bullied, and he’s going to dig in and fight, but it seems that he meant was going to fight as long as CSUN still had his back, which is a point along a different, right-shifted indifference curve that’s not currently available. (By the way, that curve is not coming back either. The ship has sailed. It doesn’t matter, and it never mattered, if his site became the best darned monger site in the ‘kokosphere and he starts moderating comments, and he drops his vendetta, and stops using aliases and everything else. It wouldn’t even matter if never even flirted with crossing, crossed or came as close to the underage line as it did. Nobody gives a flying fuck how awesome his monger site is. His lost the war the minute he decided to put up the site. He was so caught up in himself that he failed to realize that every single real life person he sees when he’s in the US thinks he’s a pedophile or one step removed, and their opinion doesn’t change if the girls he’s talking about on his site are 215 or 216, or even 228 or 240, months old.)

      Someone with higher risk tolerance will choose a different spot on the curve. Given the same options, their BBD will not be the same as BBK’s. They’d be willing to stand up for their convictions and at the same time bank on their own skills and savvy. BBK said something along the lines of when reality and principle clash, sometimes reality wins, as if he had no choice in the matter, but he did have a choice. There may not have been many options that he liked, but now we’re back to square 1: if BBK doesn’t care about Thai girls faced with poor options, beyond how they can be exploited, why should I care about him? In fact, BBK’s advice to me would probably be to find a way to exploit his bad situation to my gain.

      But RDD, I agree with you. I don’t see what the point of his continuing on is, unless he thinks he’ll be successful at a complete whitewash of the site and its content, so his stories, like the one where he goes to the karaoke bar and gets the underage girl drunk and snaps pix of her dancing on the sofa, will never see the light of day. But this is the internet we’re dealing with…

    • None of which matters, as the evidence that he was using (and continues to use) University resources in the creation, management and operation of his site is still out there, and waiting to be picked up, and shoved in the face of the CSUN administration – particularly since he now continues to taunt the media, and even his own peers with his silly ‘corrections’ and ‘explanations’.

      I can’t wait what he’s going to pull out of his hat next.

      The only question that genuinely rests on my mind, is if he is actually aware that things like the KCAL9 interview are NOT painting him in a beneficial light? Yet, since he seems proud to showcase them, I really believe that he’s delusional.

      (Incidentally, it’s nice to see KCAL jump on that one, seeing as how I worked with those guys not so long ago…)

    • MongerSEA said

      Agree with the feminists? Not likely, given that they are in the main not working from a factual basis, relying instead on dodgy NGO position papers and statistics, and particularly as they continue to conflate heterosexual sex tourism and relations with adult providers with homosexual child sex tourism.

      They can descry us as much as they wish, but the simple fact is that most of us consumers have more impact on convincing providers that their are alternatives to commercial sex than they ever will. No, not because we are obese and sweaty, but simply because we demonstrate (and frequently communicate) that there is a third path between a dead-end farm job, plucking chickens, etc and making a living with your sex organs.

  22. Couldn’t agree more with the above – claiming ignorance to his own culture’s social mores is the ultimate cop-out, and once again validates that Kenny is unable to ever admit that he has made a mistake.

    Now, it just became a farce that he’s ‘correcting’ the Daily News article, and essentially ‘setting straight’ the American Asian and Women’s Study department heads, who initially spoke out against him – essentially amounting to telling them to STFU.

  23. An interesting point to note – BBK updates no longer seem to take place during business hours at CSUN.

    Oddly enough, this appears to include ALL updates – includes from commenters favorable to BBK… While adverse comments appear to get posted at any odd hour, new ‘articles’ and favorable comments in support of BBK seem to appear only in what passes for ‘after hours’.

    Could it be that the administration and IT are (finally) keeping a closer eye on their traffic? Could it be that Kenny was busy being a ton of sock puppets to ape imaginary support for his position? Could it be that BBK’s traffic was exactly as it was stated in the past by your’s truly? 😉

  24. Either he got hacked, or the site has crashed, or he’s down for the count.

    The site has been unreachable to varying degrees for the past several hours, yielding a ‘unsupported compression format’ on Firefox, and now ‘cannot decode raw data’ on the iPad.

    Maybe Lawyer Dude’ and ‘Legal Tyoe Gal’ finally screamed some sense into him? Maybe a dismissal letter, waved in front of him provided sufficient incentive for a BBD without BBK? Maybe it’s just a glitch on University paid leased servers? Maybe he’s just playing another trick on us (and I have to be honest, the April 1 trick WAS a good one – well played, Ng, well played).

    Anyone else experience the same?

  25. Bill Simmons said


    Content Encoding Error

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.
    * Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

    • There’s a chance it could just be incompetence – an improperly configured cache plugin of his blogging software could generate the same error behavior – or it was by design, so that he can claim the site was downed by a hacker or by a crash – just to avoid having to admit to being forced to take it down, and safe face, after boasting :

      [quote]”I’m not going to let anyone make me take it down,” Ng said in a recent interview. “That’s just a personality thing.”[/quote]

      (Just speculating, mind you, but I heard that Kenny had another one of ‘those’ talks at the provost’s office…)

      Who better to be the messenger than good old German hating Bill Simmons 😉

  26. don't be such a baby said

    Nope, the site is still there. Just the home page is down.

  27. Not a joke:

    You’d think it’s a joke post, but the program appears to be real.

    See, Kenny was just waaaaaaaaaay ahead of his time.

  28. Bill Simmons said

    God damn it! That fucking Kenny is harder to take down than that machine-gunners nest outside of Koln. Those fucking Krauts even though they knew they had lost just didn’t want to call it quits. This Kenny guy, who once seemed like a breath of fresh air has now become a stale fart. Can I say ‘fart’ here? I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

    You know I hadn’t visited Kenny’s site since I gave up on it many months ago. Some times I don’t revisit these websites, I just sit out on the porch and listen to the radio, it helps me relax and not think of some of the things that I have witnessed though my life. That Kenny he sure is an ugly motherfucker isn’t he? I’d almost feel sorry for him, you know a man being born with a horse’s face, and a Chinese horse at that! God damn, just like them royal chinks in them tombs in Xian. Kenny and that big chinky horse face of his! You know, I am not an educated man. Sure I have read books, Moby Dick being a particular favorite, but not educated in the traditional sense. But that god damn Kenny, he went to high school! Fuck, when I was in high school I left early to go over and fight those Hun fellows taking over Europe. Maybe working my way over to Berlin from the Coast of Normandy was a better education that the fancy University Kenny went to. A piece of paper don’t make a man smart, only makes him a guy with a piece of paper. I’ve killed people. I even raped a few women. Thats what war is, killing and raping. Sure it was a scary time for a young man, but it was a good learning experience to kill and rape. I’ll take that over a piece of paper that says I’m smart, I’m educated.

    Let me get back on track. Where was I? Oh, Kenny, the horse face chinky. God damn it, what was that boy thinking when he decided to become a self professed master of the universe? How must his parents feel? When I came back from Europe and told my folks about the killing and raping, they were proud that their boy did good. But Kenny? A big famous media person now, and why? He paid a few whores and got a few tricks. That god damn stupid kid should have known tricks are for kids. I’ve raped women. It was in wartime so it wasn’t a crime, but I know rape.

    I got to go now.

    Your pal,

    Bill Simmons

  29. BigBabyOverlord said


    You still the king bitch.

    ya mate,

  30. I suggest removal of this comment abaci.

  31. BigBabyOverlord said

    Yo Daffy,

    I da Faggot.

    Publish this shit – and then sit back and wait for whats comin. Painful, bloody, remorsless torture and check the IP bitch – its re-fundable. Dead man walking. Tell that maggot his days are numbered too.

  32. Crackpot said

    What is it with Thailand webmasters that makes them think they can destroy the commercial life of others without severe consequences?

    Summers was the first crank to pollute the Bangkok blogsphere with his rabid attacks on Stickman and Big Mango Dave.No doubt he’ll be banged up soon enough. Then Kenny,with his absurd vilification campaign. He has got what he deserves,as he wouldn’t listen to all those who urged different tactics.

    I imagine the battle will continue though,with real-world retaliation in years to come when it would be least expected. If someone destroyed my life in the way they did for Mr Ng I would get revenge many years later.

    Although it wont be done in public,I imagine retribution will come one day to even the scorecard.

    No winners.

    • “If someone destroyed my life in the way they did for Mr Ng I would get revenge many years later.”

      I’m sorry, are you implying that Ng somehow was wronged, and deserves to take ‘revenge’,


      that he is too dense and dumb to realize he brought all and everything upon himself, and thus pines for revenge against the ‘evil’ people that have ‘attacked him without provocation’?

      Some clarification needed.

    • Crackpot said

      The second situation…..I think he will seek retribution somehow,somewhere,someday.

    • Got it – thanks for explaining.

      Yeah, you’re most likely right that he’s now a smoldering crackpot (no offense) of hurt ego, seeking retribution for perceived wrongs.

      In the meantime, as long as he clings on keeping his site up and running, he remains as vulnerable as before — so the way I see it, his suicide wish is stronger than his desire for revenge.

      Like most economy teachers, he is very ignorant of how things get done in the real world.

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