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Damage Control…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 25, 2010

I was seriously wondering why Kenny re-launched his site after it initially went offline, on April 23rd. Initially, it seemed obvious that he wanted a place to host the explanation for his shutdown — including a place for sockpuppets comments.

It’s now obvious that the reason is actually DAMAGE CONTROL (and public relations masturbation), as his recent spate of new posts shows

– “Correcting Errors in The Daily News Stories and Press Coverage about”
– “BigBabyKenny on KFI 640AM”

The first article is nothing but an expansive and long-winded effort to backpedal, trying vainly to explain that his site is all about some noble efforts.

It certainly would be amusing to take a red pen to his diatribe, and deconstruct it line by line, but right now, I would just like to emphasize one statement of Kenny’s :

“Fourth, because did discuss prostitution in Thailand the site was mis-characterized as a site which promoted sex tourism and a site about how to find a prostitute in Thailand.”



Here is a list of article titles over the past year — yeah, how could anyone *ever* have mischaracterized as promoting sex-tourism and how to find prostitutes in Thailand.

“Guide to the Streetwalker Supermarket” by BigBabyKenny
“Under-Aged Sex in Thailand” by Ronru
“The Sex Tourist” by ronru
“The Scene at The Thermae in Pictures” by BigBabyKenny (January 2, 2010)

Yep. Mischaracterized.

Do you recall any other particular articles (or do you have a copy in your RSS feeds) that would apply to being ‘mischaracterized’?

Seriously, Prof. Ng – move on.

The more you engage in a desperate effort to save face (as that is really all you are trying to do), the more of a fool you make of yourself — and the more likely you will end up pushing this towards your eventual termination.


16 Responses to “Damage Control…”

  1. mongersea said

    “Correcting Errors” indeed…

    “First, was never a commercial enterprise making money or intending to make money off the sex tourist trade. was hosted on a private leased server which was paid for out of my own pocket. The server costs about $100 per month to lease and, although the site did have affiliate advertising, the site generated less than $100 in total revenue over it’s [sic] life.”

    If it was never intended to make money, why were ads placed on it?

    And how could the site have failed to make more money given Kenny’s one claims of a vast readership?

    Perhaps more to the point, Kenny’s claims about the leased server need to be examined. Under the terms given by most be hosts a “leased server” amounts to one server machine or master virtual server tied to one dedicated IP address. Then the hosting customer is free to create as many websites as he wishes on that machine up to the host-imposed limit on storage, processor time or bandwidth.

    So a “leased server” may in fact host a multiplicity of websites in support of various ventures. And indeed with BigBabyKenny, this is precisely the case:

    First we find the IP address of
    $ ping
    PING ( 56 data bytes

    And now we determine by other methods what else is hosted at and this yields two additional sites:

    $ ping
    PING ( 56 data bytes

    More details about are available with WHOIS:

    $ whois
    Domain Name: CSUNECON.COM
    Creation Date: 04-mar-2007
    Administrative Contact:
    Smith, Joe
    18100 Nordhoff Ave
    Northridge, CA 91325

    (And were I Mr. Joe Smith, I believe I would want an immediate and very public separation from anything and everything having to do with Kenneth Ng.)

    Just as a refresher:
    $ whois
    Creation Date: 04-mar-2007
    Administrative Contact:
    Domain Listing Agent,
    110 East Broward Blvd, Suite 1650
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

    Given the creation dates, and given that hosts Professor Ng’s course materials, it’s much more probable that is simply getting a free ride on a hosting account that would have been paid for at any rate.

    Finally the last of the 3 known domains being hosted on Prof. Ng’s server at

    $ ping
    PING ( 56 data bytes

    And the WHOIS:

    $ whois
    Domain Name: KILLERKENNY.COM
    Creation Date: 08-sep-2004
    Administrative Contact:
    Ng, Kenneth
    9151 Darby Ave. Apt. 215
    Northridge, CA 91325

    The creation date here clearly makes it the senior of the 3 domain names in question in terms of registration date, so perhaps whatever lurks behind the authentication screen is the real cause of Kenny peeling off a Benjamin every month.

    (A happy outcome of this research is that now there’s a way to directly express one’s displeasure with Professor Ng without putting an undue burden on the email facilities of the CSUN computer network. Of course, if he’s no longer at that address or number, or the email address doesn’t work, that would be a violation of the ICAAN policy on data accuracy in WHOIS, the Registrar Accreditation Agreement and the TOS of his registrar; he could lose the domain name for that.)

  2. Twitter yields some interesting results:

    search : “Big Mango Bar” = one result (they have a Pool Team. Interesting)

    search : “BigBabyKenny” = 16 results, none of the positive towards BBK.

    search : “Kenneth Ng” = 2 pages, and counting. None favorable. Damning comments by current students. Not pretty.

  3. “If it was never intended to make money, why were ads placed on it?
    And how could the site have failed to make more money given Kenny’s one claims of a vast readership?”
    Hmmm, I guess that ridiculously low numbers about Kenny’s traffic that I shared, in detail, on his old site weren’t so incorrect, after all.

    FWIW, the ‘tracking mechanism’ that used to provide information on his site has gone silent since he has removed all content, and changed the theme (and to those that kept questioning the ‘tracking cookie’ statement – thanks, guys, it’s been a riot seeing you fall for that, and miss the obvious. Maybe I’ll dedicate a post to what I did, someday)

    Plus, I still owe Prufrock a lesson on reading airplanes’ wing ID numbers.

  4. Twoser said

    Seriously, dafty duck – move on.

  5. Twoser said

    Hardly fixated … i think my total comments on this site are less than you post in half a day.

    If that’s fixated – what the fuck is your deal with Kenny? Did he break your heart or something? Sad if that’s the case, I think you’re quite suited.

  6. Big Black Gulliver said

    I think it was more ball breaking than heart breaking but I could wrong and unlike Kenny can admit it!

  7. Big Black Gulliver said

    Kenny you look worn out, you should get some sleep and stay off this blogs at night trying to defend yourself!

    Nice shirt BTW, Is that what you call “quality threads”


  8. Yep, main page of is still giving the same error.

    As long as you have links to the sub-pages, you can get in and access it, but predictably there’s no further traffic or comments since this happened.

    Nice subterfuge.

    • Werewolf said

      Not sure why you are getting an error. It loads up on my computer just fine.

      The URL address I am going to is

      I’m accessing via Wireless connection on my home laptop using Firefox.

    • Thanks for checking on that as well — it appears to be working again. It seems that towards the middle of the day (West Coast, CA, time) it went MIA — the error it generates for me (and others, it seems) is synonymous with a misconfigured cache plugin for WordPress — not a stretch, considering Kenny’s technical background).

      It also makes sense that if this happens during the day, that it doesn’t get fixed until ‘after hours’, as Kenny probably has to be quite careful about NOT connecting to during work-hours, anymore.)

      Either way, looks like it’s a repeating technical glitch.

  9. Werewolf said

    Also, not sure about the relative times, since I think Kenny’s site is on California time, but the most recent comments are from Big Black Gulliver today.

    Here’s a copy of his most recent comment:

    Big Black Gulliver says:
    April 28, 2010 at 12:07 am

    “The primary subject of the site was dating in Thailand” Kenny Ng

    how about this?

    So what about price?
    There is no short time and long time at the STREET WALKER SUPER MARKET. These are farang concepts which also haven’t migrated over.
    The standard price is 1500 THB for farang and 1000 THB for Asians. These are asking prices and you can try to negotiate. I usually don’t because there doesn’t seem much point in trying to save 500THB when the price is already so low and the girls really need the money. I don’t begrudge them a little extra scratch. Frankly, most of them need it pretty bad

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