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The Really Really True Untold, Unedited Directors Cut Version of Werewolf’s Mundane Life – 25 April 2010 Edition

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 27, 2010

Hitting the Gym with Penfold

Friday afternoon marked my return to the gym with Penfold; my next appointment is for Sunday afternoon 9 Jan 2011.

The great thing about working out with Penfold is he comes to the gym focused and enthused about a detailed and thorough work out session. [insert photos]

YP Meditating Before His Workout

We did a short, sharp session of about 5o 5.0 minutes lifting free-weights, though I got in about 25 2.5 minutes on the treadmill before Penfold arrived.

Penfold's Unbridled Excitement For Another Set

I still can’t figure out why he’s always late to our workout sessions. He always claims it’s the traffic. I need to make a point of asking him next time. [insert photos]

Penfold Navagating The Hazardous Bangkok Traffic

During the time that I was working out with Penfold last year, I just about doubled the amount of weight I was able to lift on all exercises. IN other words, if I was able to lift 10 reps of 2.5 kilos for a total of 25 kilos on an exercise when we first began, my capacity had increased to around 10 reps of 5.0 kilos for a total of 50 kilos by October or November last year.

After a 5 month layoff I was expecting that my strength would have fallen off sharply, but it wasn’t the case. This confirmed my theory that regularly curling pints of ale during the day and shagging like a gorilla at night is all a helthy man of my age needs to keep fit and trim. Something Penfold adamantly denies.

On Friday I was lifting around 90% of what I’d been doing at our last sessions before Christmas (so, if I was doing 50 kilos then, I did around 45 kilos on Friday).

I’m certainly sore following my return to the gym, but not incapacitated. Next time I’ll heed Penfold’s advice concerning falling asleep in the sauna when hungry cougars are seen idly hanging out.

In fact, I find that there’s a certain pleasure in feeling that soreness in your muscles all day and knowing that it’s from hard work in the gym, and not because you’re getting old.

It seems that I’ve been adding some fat to my gut because I’ve continued drinking like a sailor on shore leave every day and eating bearded clam nearly every night without burning up the calories, but I haven’t lost much muscle mass which leads me to believe I must be on to something with the B&B (beer and bearded clam) diet. [insert photo]

Werewolf At The Gym @ Only 90%

Penfold Flexing Between Sets - Get Into Mah Belliee!

I think Penfold may be right when he says that just fifty-three weeks in the gym should get us back to where we were after nearly a year of hard work in 2009. Penfold also commented that he hadn’t been getting to the gym as much as he wanted. From our chats during the workout session it’s apparent he’s having problems meeting the expectations of three of Bangkok’s hi-so delights and it’s taking more time than he expected to meet their various demands. [insert photos]

Penfold Hi-So Hottie #1 - Awaiting For A Stroll Through Bangkok

Penfold's Hi-So Hottie #2

Penfold's Hi-So Hottie #3 and Alternate Workout Partner

It’s good to know that I’ve retained much more of last year’s hard work than I’d expected.

Now all I have to do is get the balance right on the calories consumed versus calories burned and get rid of the layer (or two) of fat I’ve accumulated since the new year. OK, who am I kidding. Screw the exercise. More bearded clam and less beer will do the trick…hmmmm, I wonder what the snuggler is doing tonight.

Werewolf Doing Pec Flexes For The Snuggler


11 Responses to “The Really Really True Untold, Unedited Directors Cut Version of Werewolf’s Mundane Life – 25 April 2010 Edition”

  1. Ugh, dude, do you know NO SHAME?

    I nearly barfed on some of those pictures — what’s the crap hanging out from underneath that one fattie?

    Have you been raiding ‘’ for pictures?


  2. SBDOTKU said


  3. dogofwar said


  4. doctorbond said

    I’ve never seen Penners looking so good……

  5. Riodon said

    Asshole, it’s one thing posting pictures of BBK but what has YP ever done to you to deserve this?
    PS Good cut and paste job on WW Yfonts!

  6. Riodon said

    Hottie no. 2 does it for me, not so sure about the tatts but he does have a nice pair of tits!

  7. EvilElvis said

    Ah, 3 true exponents of the ‘gunt’. mmmmmmm

  8. Young Penfold said

    Now, as anyone who reads my shit would know, Im the first to poke fun at myself, but this just isn’t funny. Bad sattire, poorly done. Painful

  9. Thai Pad said

    OMG! Last time I saw that much flesh was in the meat locker of a butcher’s shop.

    Looking at the first two photos and Young Penfold’s icon I see Young Penfold aging to Old Penfold.

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