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anon – Mixer At Alcapulco’s

Posted by BigDummyKenny on May 1, 2010

Our crack investigation crew was in place for the “Top Secret” CSUN Economics Department Meeting at where else? Acapulco’s! Not much imagination with this crew or backbone for that matter! Our man on the scene was able to capture some of the conversation and take an educated guesses at some of the thought processes…

Tension has been has been high over the last two weeks and the team needed to blow off some steam, get off campus and do some team bonding with the Nutty Professor! Adam Gifford (not pictured) was quoted as saying “well Kenny is like that crazy aunt you keep locked in the basement” Unfortunately, this thing called the inter-webby came along and unleashed our “crazy aunt” onto the Thailand ex-pat community! “Our apologies go out worldwide to anyone who was affected by this horrible incident”
Gifford also remarked “but being educated folks, we took this as an opportunity to not only learn a hard lesson to handle matters in a more timely manner but to learn about the P4P Market in Thailand….Bangkok in particular”
After reviewing many “Reservation” oriented websites Gifford and the staff came to the same conclusion most of us had all along. “Kenny Ng is as clueless about Thailand as he is in a classroom teaching economics.”
“I have personnel thoughts on what to do with him but he has tenure and my hands are tied” – Gifford

On another note, the Economics Department was most impressed with the mobilization of the Bangkok ex-pat community and those on the ground in the States! Action was taken in a rapid fashion; well written emails and articles were sent to the proper authorities and media outlets.
“Not our impression or the impression Kenny led us to believe anyway of who lives there…..
According to Kenny the whole group in Thailand are “close to the line, tattooed, drunk, demented, twisted, sex crazed fools who he tried to straighten out via his “Thesis Quality” blogging!!!
Once again my apologies from the whole CSUN Economics Team but we have a couple outstanding questions…


16 Responses to “anon – Mixer At Alcapulco’s”

  1. MongerSEA said

    Do they charge extra for onions?

  2. Daywalker said

    Looks to me like he’s had enough onions.

  3. Holy Cow!!!

  4. BangkokMilkshakes said

    i dont get it. what’s the point?

    • Functionally and strategically – I agree.

      From a simple “Holy cow, WTF” point of view, it’s a fun post – the least of which for that final picture of Kenny.

  5. adman said

    I believe Alcapulco’s is a mexican restaurant MongerSEA.

    I bet they charge for extra guacamole.

  6. Raider said

    Yeah I didn’t want to be the first to say it but this post left me scratching my head too. With Kenny’s blog gone you guys seem to recently be scratching around looking for something to say.

    • Oh dear – that’s just what he wants us to do, isn’t it 🙂

      I don’t believe that Kenny’s quite done, yet – as you’d understand.

  7. Daywalker said

    What is meant by the term ‘Big Whitey’ by the way?

    A phrase that Kenny uses rather a lot

  8. don't be such a baby said

    So that’s not photoshopped? That’s really his head, his neck, & his farmer tan?

  9. wikiwatcher said

    Me thinks he has man-boobs too. Time for the gym there Kenny. Banging poor Isan girls does not count as a workout.

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