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Milli Vanilli – The Best of BigBabyKenny

Posted by BigDummyKenny on May 2, 2010

I’m sure most of us had our favorite post, comment or phrase from BigBabyKenny that brought a smile (or cringe) to our face that had us thinking “man, what is he on about”.

A BBK News Flash

He took it down….but we’re bringing back some of it for public consumption.

“So what about price? There is no short time and long time at the STREET WALKER SUPER MARKET. These are farang concepts which also haven’t migrated over.

The standard price is 1500 THB for farang and 1000 THB for Asians. These are asking prices and you can try to negotiate. I usually don’t because there doesn’t seem much point in trying to save 500THB when the price is already so low and the girls really need the money. I don’t begrudge them a little extra scratch. Frankly, most of them need it pretty bad.

The girls expect to go home after you finish and don’t expect taxi fare or a tip. This is Thai style banging and Thai customs rule the day.

The STREET WALKER SUPER MARKET is only good from about midnight to 4AM.

The prime hours are between 1AM and 3AM–right about the time the clubs at RCA and Rachada close.

On weekends, there is frequently a crowd of 50 to 100+ girls milling around during prime hours and there is a long line of cars crawling through.

On weeknights, there is less action but there is usually still a functionally large enough crowd of girls.

Outside of prime hours don’t expect much. It can frequently be a waste of time with only the hardcore everyday girls and the girls being pimped out by the mafia or their boyfriends (not sure there is much difference) available.”

Anyone else have anything I can add to my “Best Of” compilation?


18 Responses to “Milli Vanilli – The Best of BigBabyKenny”

  1. Shiner said

    Here’s one of the discussion on another blog which was part of his “THESIS QUALITY RESEARCH” for his infamous “Imagine Moving to Rural Issan (Issan) – Budget and Income”

    There was some discussion on my blog about what it costs to rent a nice house in Buriram.

    I figured you could rent a nice house for about 20,000 THB per month.

    One of the commentors on BigBabyKenny,com mentioned that houses in Ubon costs 9,000 THB per month.

    Are there any Buriram real estate agents on the forum who could provide some numbers and examples for Buriram?

    It is Ok to post your business information in the comments BTW.


    20,000 Baht is waaayyy too expensive for rent a house in Buriram.
    There are no real Real Eastate agents that I know..
    Mostly it’s on the private market and individuals selling their property.
    There are big lists of properties in Buriram located in every Bank Branch in Buriram which I personaly recommend to search there for mostly real value properties abnd not to deal with some locals rising their properties for no connection to the market structure and actual value of the asset they have on sale.
    This way of directing your searching in the banks database of properties can save you a lot of headache and some money as well.
    You’ll be surprise to find properties in Buriram where no signs “for sale” at all,some in very tempting prices.

    Be aware of the contract the bank will let you sign on when/if you decide to buy property from them but usually it’s a straight forward deal.

    good advice Admin. you seem to know alot.

    20,000 baht a month for a house rental in Buriram ? did you see the level of buildings here?would you pay more than 10,000? if must be nuts !
    I have a friend rent a town house in the city paying 4000 baht.
    2 floors.2 toilet/shower.2 bedrooms and can park the car inside the building which adds a nice security benefit to the whole package.whenever he leaves thailand he leave the car inside and no worries. of course the building is not so new but inside its clean wall has been painted by a thai guy,all the house 5000 baht. splitted half-half with the owner of the building.
    good deal as I see it. party12

    Note: He still didn’t listen.

    • Wait, let me get this straight — he posted on another blog asking for advice on this issue, and everyone there told him the same thing as his audience, yet he still didn’t take that information back, but kept insisting he was right?

      What a frakking idiot!

  2. rawhide said

    The photo looks like Kenny complete with quality fabrics shirt.

  3. Big Black Gulliver said

    The stupidest line in the history of Thai Blogging –

    “You can meet a lot of cool girls at the STREET WALKER SUPER MARKET but without basic Thai proficiency you can’t really do much more than take them home and bang them. If that is all you do, you are missing out on a lot of fun”

    As if you want to date, have in-depth conversations or take them out on the town? What is he talking about here?

  4. What He Really Said said

    It’s like allied powers decoding the Japs intercepted messages during WWII.

    You can meet a lot of “cool” (substitute with “sleazy and easy, dump on the roadside once you’re done with them”) girls at the STREET WALKERS SUPER MARKET but without “basic Thai proficiency” (substitute with “a pocket full of baht”) you can’t really do much more than “take them home and bang them” (substitute with “take them home and bang them”). If that is all you do you are missing out on “a lot of fun” (substitute with “an opportunity to discuss the current political unrest and the resulting economic impact on the amount of foreign business dollars spent on each of the socio-economic groups in Thailand”).

  5. GooDonor said

    More good stuff:

  6. adman said

    I would like to know one thing. Where is the cheesecake?

  7. Purple Sky said

    Tonight is Election Time in the UK.

    My Final Predix:
    Liberal Dem….28

    Conservative Overall Majority

    If the Tories win more than 345 seats, I make a fucking killing. It will be crazy, financially. I’ll be where I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel.
    If they just get on Overall Majority, I’ll be doing just fine. Enough to buy a very nice condo in Bangers. In cash. In full.

    If it’s a hung Parliament, I’m fucking crushed. I’d have to go back to work in Farang-land relatively soon. I have lots of cash running on it.If I lose, err, I’ll have to rethink about my life… probably in India doing yoga for a coupla months.

    Go Cammo, Go !!

    This will be my last mega-bet for at least 2 years. If I win, that is.

  8. Purple Sky said

    I’ve opened a Betfair account for Mother-Girl (a barwhore, for those who dunno) : she has $3,500 of her own money running on *Cameron Next PM* for a return of 25%.

    I’ve placed the bet last week-end. That will make her a net profit of more than 25,000 baht. She’s quite happy about it. I’m so sure she’ll win that I offered her to pay back her wager in the event she loses. Free money for her; nice ego trip for me !!

  9. Purple Sky said

    Wish me luck, Boys.

    If I win this, new Purple inanities with shitty quality picture will infest this blog again !!

    A more rich Purple, bolder, cockier, happier !!

    • You can follow the election results in funky style by looking at Big Ben:

      Should be cool – we can all watch, and we know when to congratulate you.

      Nice work on mother-girl.

    • Purple Sky said

      I’ve called her this morning (she went to Isaan last night with babyboy) to ask if she wanted to lay it (at much lower odds), thus cashing immediately a profit, and wage that profit to double it.
      — You give me guarantee.
      — No, you could lose the profit. You’d make only 10k, about. If I lose, you lose also the profit. If I win, you win also.
      — Mmmmm. No. Don’t want.

      She doesn’t like to gamble. Not like me and her evil mader.

    • Purple Sky said

      By the way, how’s the blog going? Traffic’s up or down since…?

    • This doesn’t surprise me — my general experience with Thais has been “I take money now, than wait for money later”

      This may seem odd, considering how crazed they can be when it comes to gambling, but consider that gambling is usually immediate gratification, while you were proposing delayed gratification and risk.

      The immediacy of what she could have ‘right now’ was probably what swayed her.

  10. moRonru said

    You all can kiss my moronic ass since my buddy Kenny is back in BKK. I\’m going to be soooo cool hanging out with my buddy at all the unidentified G-Clubs. I know you want to join us but you can\’t because you\’re not cool enough.

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