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She Was Blowing Me & I Fell Asleep

Posted by dapurplespy on May 6, 2010

I’m so fucking nervous since 10 days or so.

I’ve waged about 3/4 of my net worth on the Conservative winning more than 310 seats chez SportingIndex, a spread betting firm. I’m gambling about 3000 pounds a seats. If the Tories get only, say, 250 seats, I’d lose 180k pound. But if they win, say, 330, i win 60k pound. Lots of Thai Bath. If they score over 345, I may kiss everybody I see tomorrow. And I’ve waged also tons of cash on Betfair : Tory Overall Majority.

Those bets made me so fucking nervous recently. Since a week or so. Things didn’t seem to turn out as I’d expected them to do. But I hold on on my positions.

Yes, I needed massages. Twice a day, real traditional massages.

But yesterday I chose a young busty slut at a naughty place.

She oiled me gently on the table for 30 minutes, flipped me on my back, and took care of my love-pump, with her hands, then with her pulpous mouth. I had to ask her to stop when I was about to cum after 5 minutes only. I was fragile, stressed. I had to breath deeper. To relax.

She laughed, took out her t-shirt and her bras, and came to massage my breathing torso, while her round tits were reposing on my eyes and nose. A cheap perfume in the air, and hairs on my hears.

Inhale, exhale. Mmmmmm….

Then she sat on the table, between my legs, and massaged both balls and stick with her hands. With professionalism. And lots of oil.

Guess what? I was hard, big and long — YET the sensation was not that of a stimulation ; it was deeply, deeply relaxing !!

I fell asleep FFS, and dreamed lightly, with evanescent images and sounds flowing in the room. Like morning lively, short after-snooze dreams. I woke up in the actual, and fell back again into virtual land a coupla times. My mouth opened like a moron.

At one point, after 20 minutes or so of this routine, she slapped my face gently, obviously irritated, waking me up quite abruptly.

— You sleep na?

I realised then that she had had her mouth on my cock, again, while I was sleeping.

I watched the clock. She had been oiling and sucking my pump for 20 minutes or more, and I, literally, was dreaming about something like walking on a windy street in my native town.

That’s how sleep-deprived I was. And am. Still. Immune to sexual stimulation. Can’t wait for that Election to be over.

On leaving, I gave her a bigger tip than she’d expected, I’m sure. For she had bigger boobs than I’d expected. And a lot of determination to make me cum. (I didn’t.)

Oh oh…: writing this comment gave me the *idea* of visiting her again. Now.

Meanwhile in the UK, the polling booths have just opened….

Ciao ciao. Krap krap.


42 Responses to “She Was Blowing Me & I Fell Asleep”

  1. dapurplespy said

    Tonight is Election Time in the UK.

    My Final Predix:
    Liberal Dem….28

    Conservative Overall Majority, 333+ seats.

  2. “That’s how sleep-deprived I was. And am. Still. Immune to sexual stimulation. Can’t wait for that Erection to be over.”

    There, I fixed that for you 🙂

  3. BangkokMilkshakes said

    i think youre going to do it. i would wish you luck, but quite frankly, the thought of that arse kissing gaylord in charge for the next 4 years kind of nullifys any happiness i should be rooting for on your behalf…

  4. Wombat said

    I thought you got off lightly. In my experience very few things make a woman angrier than falling asleep while she is giving you a blow job.

    As for the election I think you may be in trouble.

  5. SBDOTKU said

    Can’t comment on the anticipated UK election results as I only know what I’ve been reading/hearing. Not that I think the Conservatives would do any better than Labour or the LibDems but for Purple-Chan’s benefit I hope they get there – it would be truly devastating to know that the babes of Bangkok aren’t being banged by our man in the field.

    Nice to hear from you Purp! Fingers crossed. (And I think a little “stress relief” is definitely what you need!)

  6. LMW said

    Well I voted Labour but I thing the Conservatives will get a majority despite the opinion polls pointing to a hung parliament. You should make a killing.

    Have you seen this swingometer Purple? It’s pretty cool.

  7. Scampering Jack Wilshere said

    This site called the last US election almost down to the vote.

    looks like you’ll end up in the money, but not by as much as you’d like. Keep in mind he repeatedly warns that UK polls are not as common or complete as the US stats he uses.

    Congrats on the big balls. I never make a trade that could put me out of the game, but that limits my returns as well. Hope it comes through for you.

  8. GooDonor said

    Kenny just can’t shut up. I wonder why he doesn’t “own his own words” in the LA Daily News or other sites. What a loser:

    • Yeah, I noticed – particularly since he keeps making the point that his site was all about sex tourism, by protesting too much.

      As you said, he simply doesn’t know when to shut up – a quality he shares with the erroneously named BKKspy (should be more appropriately named CalSpy), and several other whiners from another site.

  9. David Cameron said

    “If it’s a hung Parliament, I’m fucking crushed. I’d have to go back to work in Farang-land relatively soon. I have lots of cash running on it.If I lose, err, I’ll have to rethink about my life… probably in India doing yoga for a coupla months.”

    I’m so so sorry………

    • Purple Sky said

      Yay, you fucked up, Posh Boy.

      Managed to lose a 17-point lead in the polls.

      Sack Osborne quick.

  10. Gordy said

    You need 326 to get a majority. Purple says he needs 310 to win. That seems like a possibility the way things are going.

  11. wentworth said

    If your tale is true you’d be shitting yourself now.
    How much did you have on betfair for a majority?

    • Purple Sky said

      About 20k. But not at good odds. I backed it in average @ 1.6.

      I managed to lay a few thousand of it @ 1.55 this morning. But laid the bulk of it @ 3, even 4. I was shell-shocked, too slow too react.

      Everything I laid, however, I immediately waged on No Overall. So I manage to go green for a little more than 2k. Only.

      And btw, it’s true : it does me you crap. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last days. Especially today. I’m not inclined to eat either.

  12. Conservatives : 290
    Labour : 247
    Liberal Democrat : 51


    Where can we find purple now?

  13. Gordy said

    Hang from a bridge I think.

    • Purple Sky said

      I’d rather overdose on hero.

      But I like life too much!

      Must really suck to be poor tho. I’m not there yet.

      I fancy I’ll make good money on the mid-terms, this November, betting on the GOP.

  14. BangkokMilkshakes said

    that has got to hurt like a motherfucker

  15. doctorbond said

    hang on in there purple – it’s creeping up (currently 301)

  16. doctorbond said

    oh well – sorry purple – it’s all over – bread and water for you my friend…

  17. Gordy said

    PurpleBigBalls, cumon … tell us how much you lost.

  18. Purple Sky said

    Well…. The Tories won 307 seats, so I lost 9K pound : 3k * (311-308) on Sporting Index.

    I did manage to go green on Tory Overall Majority on Betfair, by laying a good fraction of my bets when it became favorite from evens, momentarily, as soon as the early results began to pour in, showing a few massive swings Lab->Con, and by betting a fraction of it on No Overall as soon as I saw that Labour was holding Tooting. Right after a significant Con->Lib swing elsewhere.
    In the money on Betfair then, but not by nearly enough to cover the losses on my spread bets. I was too slow to react, frankly, and too shy in doing so.

    I laid all my Tory Majority too late, and backed No Overall too late as well.

    Net loss : 7.5k. In fucking Pounds. Not too bad. But I’m not used to lose, honestly. It hurts. Especially when you woke up from a nap. Persistent feeling.

    BTW, BBC News World’s coverage sucked. Lucky for me I followed the live results on the Net as well.

    I need a break, so I’ll go to Isaan, probably on Monday, to play with Baby boy, to decide if I rent a bungalow somewhere on a sea-side, or if I go in India for a radical yoga detox.

    My libido is nil. And my head hurt !

    But I will survive !

  19. Purple Sky said

    Fortunately, the 100,000 bath I waged with the money of Mother Girl on Cameron PM is a winner !
    She made more than 20k TB.

  20. LMW said

    Sounds like you got out relatively unscathed all things considered purple!

    • Purple Sky said

      Well… my 307 seats number includes the Tory likely win of Malton in 3 weeks.

      Otherwise I’ll have to add 3k to my losses!

  21. Purple Sky said

    What hurt is the swing more than the losses, I think.

    I expected to up 60k+. I’m down 10k.

    Feels like I loss 70k.

  22. Scampering Jack Wilshere said

    @ purple – good to hear you were able to buy the other side of the trade in time. Heaven knows I’ve been there. There’s nothing quite like getting off the tracks just before the train rolls over you, it’s an even bigger rush than being right in a lot of ways. It also makes you feel really smart and hard working, ‘I was completely wrong on my trade but I fought like hell, admitted I was wrong, and gutted out a minimal loss.’ Always be careful, though, there is some value in being able to sleep at night.

    • dapurplespy said

      “Always be careful, though, there is some value in being able to sleep at night.”

      Words of wisdom, Sir.

      This phrase of yours echoed a few times in my head since I read it.

      Many thanks.

    • Scampering Jack Wilshere said

      Only because I’ve been there, Herr Purple. Warren Buffet was once asked why he took preferred shares in a company instead of common stock when he invested, and he said something like, ‘We like the company and considered the common, but 12% on the preferred helps out beauty sleep, which as you can see Charlie and I need.’

      I’m actually a boring buy and hold investor if given the choice, but I’ve been trading very actively of late because I don’t believe the market is being rational right now, and I’m surprised how much fun it is. I might carve out a little chunk of my money and go back to trading a little more.

      Anywho, keep up the good stories, those of us in the west need reminding of how much fun can be had when we leave.

  23. Jumping in at the right time on the US stock market swing was a better opportunity.

    AAPL, previously at $270, then at $199 (for 10 minutes), and now at $233. Time to hoard some more. Better bet, and virtually guaranteed to hit $300 by year’s end.

  24. Scampering Jack Wilshere said

    @ RDD – we watched the oddness where I work on Thursday, with PG at a penny and AAPL at 200. It was so stupid we actually turned the volume up on CNBC. I wouldn’t take too much from all of that. That was a combination of computer malfunction, NYSE trade halting, thin electronic markets, and who knows what else. You’re not going to get PG at a penny again any time soon, and if you bought it there Thursday the trade was canceled.

    • Oh, for sure – when these accidents happen (and they happen about once every 3-4 years), the main benefit is picking up seriously devalued stock the next day — AAPL at $233 is still a bargain.

    • Scampering Jack Wilshere said

      @ RDD – not to make this a stock picking forum, but at $233 using any of the traditional value measurements (price / ten year average earnings and such, old Graham and Dodd stuff) AAPL is NOT a bargain at that price. It’s also priced dear compared to its peer group. The problem is that all that was true a year at when it was at $120 and look what happened since. I lost more than a few bucks shorting AAPL over the years and finally decided that apparently I’m just too dim to understand how to value it and have left it alone. I still watch it, though, on the theory that eventually something is going to go wrong, and historically AAPL is a company that when things go wrong they go REALLY wrong, and I want my money back on the way down.

      Case in point, when the iPad was announced I thought, ‘who wants a big iPhone with no storage?’ and what has happened? It has crushed micro notebook sales and is blowing doors off of Apple stores. One of these days, though, one of these days . . .

    • You’re generally better off betting on AAPL’s fortunes (than their misfortunes), and doing the boring and buy and hold strategy.

      I’ve held AAPL since I bought my first shares at $13, subsequently at $45, in the $80s and in the $120, and so forth. Your expert calculations were also thrown into my face by my ‘investment advisor’ a nearly each of those values, and so far, after two splits, and constant growth outpacing the entire industry and industry segment, I’m quite happy with AAPL.

      My plan is to wait until it hits $300, then sell 50% of my holdings, keep them on the shelf, and wait for a hiccup to invest in more of them.

      Like I said – $233 is still a great deal, considering where the company is going, what it’s strategy, and roadmap is. SOmetimes I feel like I’m the only one aware of what that is, reading on about some of these analysts going on…

      Oh, and my ‘investment advisor’ from so many years ago – he lost his shirt betting on all of the ‘safe’ recommendations. Don’t use numbers and formulas to valuate a stock — use knowledge, and insight.

  25. wentworth said

    10,000.00 GBP = 477,596.01 THB
    That’s a lot of short times or a near new pickup. 😦
    I feel for you, I’d much be rather be reading about a someone’s good fortune than a loss having had a few of the later.

  26. SBDOTKU said

    Well Purp & Co,

    I should have a satang or two to invest/wager now, so I’ll be sure to ping all for some stock and wager tips.

    Very glad to see Purp hasn’t had to sell his moped and start teaching English, I don’t know if the world is ready for Thai natives speaking “The Purp’s English”.

    • katechon said

      me teaching to young gals?! Only drummy could forever traumatised the pupils harder than I could…
      im addicted to my moped. I can feel like a monger without his gun when I wake up at my place with the bike in a parking lot far far away in the City of Boum Boum Boum.

    • katechon said

      im in a van for isaan to pick up Mother Girl and Babyboy.

      We will go to Ko Samui for a coupla month. I plan to do scubadiving. Remember Mouth Girl? We kept in touch. She’s a very nice gal. She’s opening a diving place there with a farang guy, and asked me for some help.

    • katechon said

      i told her i know nothing about diving. I can swim, but that’s it. She told me they’ll instruct me. She asked if I could help with a website also. I can, sure.
      Babyboy stayed a few nights a few times at her condo, and always came back calm and smiling. For free. And she keeps asking for him.Speaks volume about the girl in my book. (That and the silk stockings and heels she wear for me at night)

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