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Don’t Worry For Me Guys

Posted by dapurplespy on May 8, 2010

The trauma of losing 10k pound didn’t alter my brain in the least. In fact : I just had an exciting idea for a new retail opportunity.


They would sell really well, I reckon. And fast.

That will make up for my losses, no?

I mean, just how fast would hotcakes sell? Is there a lot of demand for hotcakes in my soi?

Mmmmmmm. I have a hunch they’d sell… really really well. And really really quickly.

Update Shaving, I just noticed that the slut I banged at my place last night forgot a shiny shiny ring over my bathroom sink.

Mmmmmm. It must be diamonds. I mean, she’s a real classy lady. I picked her up at Climax for a quick fuck at four in the morning yesterday, to relief some stress.

I didn’t waist time, no sir. As soon as I saw her boobs, I looked at the face. Decent. 25 y/o. Nice long legs, and an delightful unveiled stomach, perfectly flat, and visible for all to see.

— Hey, you wanna go short-time with me? I asked.

Embarrassed laugh while radiographing my body through my clothes.
— I’ll give ya 2,000.


Such classy lass shurely must sport real diamonds, hey?

*Pockets the ring, and reaches for his keys*


4 Responses to “Don’t Worry For Me Guys”

  1. You know, this happens to me a lot.

    Rings, bracelets, earrings, etc… I usually just put them in a small envelope (I’ve started bringing a handful of those on my trips with me, now), seal them, and put the girl’s name on it. If I have her phone number, it goes on there too.

    If I don’t hear back from the same girl, I usually call them back in a few days to arrange the return – and sometimes returns won’t happen until a trip or two later. I always make sure to try a return, though.

    The girls are very appreciative, especially when returning their stuff a couple months later. Quite worth it, I find. 😉

    • dapurplespy said

      I didn’t bother to get her phone number. I very rarely do nowadays.

      There’s a coupla girls I see regularly now — sluts, but not whores — sponsored chicks in their condo, “divorced chicks” with money form their ex-farang boyfriend, or girls from a rich family. I find they are more relaxed, healthy and worldly, than the typical freelancers. You can do things with them : play tennis, or scuba-diving, or just spend a relax evening watching DVDs.

      I can fancy going to Chang Mai for fun with them, or to Ko Samui, etc, but not with a plain whore.

      Whores are fun for a night or two. Not more than that. I realised that even if they are physically stunning, virtually perfect, and some of them really are, I don’t have any inclination to call them back.

      I realised it’s also better that we don’t exchange numbers. Some of them would call me back; and invariably I wouldn’t answer. It could create a slightly awkward situation when we encounter again somewhere by random.

      Better let things be spontaneous with whores. No plans, no calls, just the pure hardcore fun of now. In my view, as far as I’m concerned.

    • You make fair and valid points.

  2. The Sandman said

    great site

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