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A Day During The Unrests…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on May 19, 2010

[an in-the-field report from Big Black Gulliver]

I had some errands to run today, bought a bottle of Leo to hit Kenny with
but I didn’t find him!

Bangkok was eerie quiet today no vendors, most shops
closed and very little traffic!  This was the case in On Nut, Bang Na, and
down Petchaburi but things got real quiet in the Farang Ghetto.  I rode
straight down Sukhumvit doing 80-100 km nearly the entire way!

The Emporium was booming with business packed with tourists!  I took some shots – not of the Army and fires (there’s enough of those) but pictures of just how empty everything was today at around 3:30 to 4:30 today at the normal hotspots!

Mango Bar seemed to be doing OK, 8 people when I was inside!

There seemed to be hundreds of displaced hookers walking around Soi 4 not knowing what to do or where to go!  I got many hungry looks as I drove around on the scooter!

I talked to 2 girls on Soi 4 that said they would go for 500 Baht each!!!!!  I think they just wanted to get somewhere they felt safe for the night!


5 Responses to “A Day During The Unrests…”

  1. charles mansion said

    Hey BBG.

    Interesting pictures – but no action shots. Were you scared to go into any dangerous situations?? Obviously you were, but wow, 80-100kmph along sukhumvit – you are the man!!

    Wow – this is such a great site for the real down -low in the bangkok city!

    You guys rock!

  2. charles mansion said

    P.S 2000 of Seh Daengs devout massive are grouping up and heading to BKK in next few days, so any pussy panty wetters don’t crack open yer Heinekens and relax just yet – more to come 😉

    • So, applying the reductionist formula of the Red Shirts (upon promising 1 million protesters, barely had 100,000 at their peak few days), your claim of 2,000 Seh Daeng disciples would really translate to some thing like 20 hard core drunkards.

      Also, I have a feeling that not only does the government and military have the means to reduce them to pulp, but it also has the mandate of the people.

      Last but not least – it’s a nice pipedream.

  3. Purple Sky said

    500 TB for a whole night !!
    Now that’s a bargain.

    Mmmm. Im tempted to fly back in Bangers for a couple of threesome per night for a week or so !! At that price u could just replace them if they’re not satisfying…

    Are there lots of police checkpoints on the streets?

  4. Big Black Gulliver said

    “Are there lots of police checkpoints on the streets”

    Not unless you want to go to
    Central World or Patpong otherwise the coast is clear!

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