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Looks Like Bangkok *IS* Burning

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on May 19, 2010

(title corrected after the blazes and fires broke out, and Werewolf pointed out the obvious – thanks WW)
Welcome to Ratchathewi In order to get the truth of the matter on record, I again called on my esteemed wingman “Brandon” to get as close to the action as he dared and get some snaps.

What follow is Brandon’s record which he emailed me as I was heading to the airport.

Things weren’t looking good when your call came in, but after the McDonalds Incident and subsequent cover-up I owed you one. Got in a taxi and edged into town along Sukhumvit. The stories on the radio were just ugly, so I had the driver pull over at Sukhumvit 77 and considered the options.
Bargirl I know lives in a condo in Phra Khanong Nuea and even though she’d tried to give me hepatitis I still remembered how to sneak into her building and get upstairs.

We can tell a few things from the one photo I was able to get before the pool attendant started giving me that look. When he reached for his cellphone I had to get out of there. No way am I going up against the D.S.I. and Interpol for a lousy blog photo.

Anyone can see that mostly Bangkok is not on fire. The lack of any air cover in and around the downtown area proves that the Thais do have stealth capability and that it’s really going to be the Royal Thai Navy that decides which way this thing goes.

I think I more than evened the scales with this and now I’ve got to see my apothecary and pick up my ballistic armor from the dry cleaners.

Don’t Call!


8 Responses to “Looks Like Bangkok *IS* Burning”

  1. The point here is, that while a small part of Bangkok is experiencing issues, ‘Bangkok’ is not burning, and there is no hill to simulate the experience of watching Nero playing the lyre while Rome was burning (shakes head over the use of dumb metaphor).

    • Werewolf said

      I’d suggest small change from “a very minor part of Bangkok” to “a very small part of Bangkok”.

      Although I think this post went up before the arson began, today’s news reports say that there were 34 separate building fires set yesterday.

      I read several reports that all seemed to be quoting the same source that said that the Siam Cinema collapsed.

      Central World seems to have been heavily damaged as well.

    • Thanks for the corrections — indeed, the blazes and destruction started by the peaceful protesters has now started to cause some serious damage.

      Corrections are being made in the post.

    • Werewolf said

      Not “corrections” but “additions” to the post added a day later.

      There certainly seemed to be a lot of fire on Wednesday, but you were there, I wasn’t. I’m lucky, I guess, to be working outside of Bangkok for two weeks.

      Is Central World as destroyed as it seems to be from the one photo I’ve seen, or is it a matter of 3 months’ renovations and back in business?

    • I think this’ll be a while before things start to look normal again.

      The smaller malls and shopping areas might get rebuilt quicker, but I think Central World’s down the count (i.e. I think it’ll need a tear down and rebuild); The area around Siam looks pretty hosed too — then again, oftentimes, things might looks worse than they are.

      When you going to be back?

    • Werewolf said

      Back Wednesday night

  2. Trying to post a couple of pics before I pass out. Long flight. No sleep. Tired.

  3. doctorbond said

    … hoping to pick up some bargains in the forthcoming Central World Fire sale

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