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Thai Officials Claim Farang Men Helped in Arson Attack

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on May 24, 2010

Thailand’s government has claimed two foreigners were involved in arson attacks on major buildings in Bangkok this week.

A Brit and an Asian man.

Could it be?

After the breakup of the Red-shirt riots, some of the more militant members went on to torch Thailand’s biggest shopping mall, Central World.

In fact, 36 buildings, including the stock exchange and bank branches, were also affected by arson attacks.

The Thai government has now claimed a white Westerner was involved in the attack on Central World, urging it to be set on fire.

According to the Times Online, the man’s name is Jeff Savage, of Tonbridge in Kent, and he is living in Pattaya.

As Bangkok struggles to recover from eight weeks of red shirt protests followed by two days of burning and looting, Thai police arrested British citizen, Jeff Savage, for questioning about the Central World Plaza mall fire.

Central World Plaza, in downtown Bangkok, was south east Asia’s second largest mall. It was almost completely destroyed by fires started by red shirt protesters after the Thai military broke up the protests on Wednesday. A few days before the fire, British man Jeff Savage was recorded on video at the red shirt protest site saying they were going to “burn down Central World”.

On the video, filmed by American Andy McGinley who was at the protest site just to see what was going on, Jeff Savage walks past dressed in black, just like radical red shirt protesters. He stops and tells McGinley, “We are going to smash the Central Plaza to s**t and steal everything out of it and burn the f**ker down”.

The video was posted on YouTube and immediately caused outrage among Thai citizens, who couldn’t believe a westerner who was a guest in their country, could say he was planning on doing these things. Days later, Central World Plaza mall was burned almost to the ground by red shirt protesters. But now Jeff Savage says he had nothing to do with it. Police, however, aren’t so sure. Particularly as Savage has been quoted in the British newspaper, The Times, saying he was at Channel 3 TV station at the time with red shirt protesters when it was set on fire. He then went on to say he just watched.

Most westerners living in Thailand though are now asking, what’s wrong with this guy?

Sure, there are many foreigners in Thailand who don’t agree with the government and do support what the core red shirt protesters wanted – democracy. However, that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to threaten violence, arson or worse, just because you’re angry.

In fact, most westerners (and particularly the Brits) who are discussing this on forums all over Thailand, agree on one thing. If Jeff Savage had anything to do with arson at Central World Plaza or any other building in Bangkok, he deserves to spend a long time in a Thai jail.

According to, an Asian man from another nearby country has also been blamed for taking part on an attack on other Bangkok buildings.

Ed.: Could it be????


5 Responses to “Thai Officials Claim Farang Men Helped in Arson Attack”

  1. Big Black Gulliver said

    “Most westerners living in Thailand though are now asking, what’s wrong with this guy”

    I think MongerSEA has been asking this about Kenny Ng for a long time! Me too!

    I wonder what is most ridiculous, that the face looks like the Nutty Professor Kenny Ng or that he actually wears shirts that look like the puppet? It’s a chicken and egg thing….what came first the movie or Kenny’s attire? Did he watch the movie and say to himself “yea that’s the look I’m seeking” or did Trey Parker and Matt Stone see some idiot walking down the road in SoCal and show the designer a picture and say model the dickhead after his guy!

    Hmmmmmmm Ummmmmm Wellllllll

    I’m moving on to Soi 22 drink a couple of beers “close to the line” expats and debate this issue for about…..3 seconds before moving onto more pressing issues!

    Will Nigel fuck up tonight in the pool tournament tonight?

    Peace out, BBG

  2. SBDOTKU said

    Can’t say enough about how stupid these guys are. As near as I can tell all that post here are from fairly democratic countries. I feel safe in saying that all of us would wish nothing but a more egalitarian society for Thailand but to get that immersed in their political struggles is just idiocy. And if not a path to “suicide” it will almost assuredly lead to imprisonment. And I’m SURE that’s what this guy had decided was his desired place to stay during his time in the LoS. If he is lucky he will only get exiled.

  3. adman said

    They don’t go to Thailand for the girls, the food or the culture. Instead they go to Thailand to become politically, active and cause chaos once bored.

    • MongerSEA said

      Those types originate from the same camp as the Khao San Road losers, save these seem to have an underlying psychological condition or perhaps have taken one too many bong hits. Nevertheless congrats to them for doing something more than the rest of the backpacker trash who seem content with Lonely Planet, ignoring hygiene, eating banana pancakes, pointless haggling over pocket dirt, and wearying one impoverished nation after another with their tedious self-delusions of non-conformity.

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