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Restaurant Review – Say-Vuhn

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 3, 2010

More exploration & investigation from my wingman, Brandon.

So I tried this new place I’d been hearing about called “Say-vuhn”. It might be part of a bigger ownership group though because there are other similar spots with the same name, and others in a nearly identical format like “Fah Malee Maht” and the other one “The Score/Lotus”. They apparently have some deep connections to the police because they never actually have to close!

It seemed really popular because everybody talked about it, and when I got close there were a lot of people going in and out. That included some pretty hot girls walking out with guys so I figured the odds were good. So I thought today would be the day to check it out.

Seems like you can get pretty much anything you want there: beers, wine coolers and many popular brands of whiskey are reasonably priced, they do have cigarettes and even snacks which they’ll warm up if you ask nicely.

The girls there are dressed up in cute little matching uniforms that make them look like shop girls. Be careful though because it seemed pretty evident there are dudes working there even though they wear the same uniform as the girls!

One girl liked me so much she even swiped a pack of cigarettes for me after I tipped her 100 baht, and she was so into me she even gave me some money back so I wouldn’t over-pay. But she kept to her side of the counter and I couldn’t even cuddle with her. But she still had a nice smile.

I wasn’t sure about their camera policy so I only got the one photo. This far away from The Farang Ghetto I wasn’t taking any chances!


One Response to “Restaurant Review – Say-Vuhn”

  1. SBDOTKU said

    took me a minute and a double take on the picture. Nice one.

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