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The New Immigration Office in Chaengwatthana

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 3, 2010

Most foreigners who spend a significant amount of time in Thailand will at some point have to take a few extra steps to stay in compliance with the fairly mundane requirements of Thai Immigration law.

The ones who will bump into difficulty are usually those who combine arrogance with ignorance, and who generally feel the rules don’t apply to them. This sort will oftentimes also run into difficulties in their personal lives and on the job face censure or dismissal for their poor judgement.
While dealing with “Immigration”, it is that in name only for the great majority of foreigners. They have have no intention of becoming Thai citizens and any comparison to citizenship procedures in the West would suggest that only a very limited intellect could invoke such an analogy.

The new building at Chaengwatthana features an attractive if less-than-contemporary design, the inverted pyramid shape being well out of step with modern buildings elsewhere and reminiscent of airport control tower chic. The look is echoed in the inward slanting windows of so many police boxes in Bangkok constructed many years ago.

While the less informed might condemn the design of the building they would probably be just ignorant, one-time visitors indulging in parachute journalism in a desperate attempt to generate content to forestall their publication’s slide into total irrelevance.

This wonderful building not only hosts the Immigration Department offices for Bangkok, but dozens of other official departments and bureaus, and most importantly, smartly puts to use the vast interior as an event and exhibition space that is weatherproof and that features quality infrastructure already in-situ.

The Immigration procedures here are a great refinement over the former location on Soi Suan Pluu, the Thais apparently having learned from their prior errors and greatly upgraded workflow and queue management systems.

The improvements are further enhanced by the spacious feel of the place. This gives some much-needed elbow room, provides a more relaxed atmosphere and a measure of privacy at most steps in the process as there are semi-private offices at most steps in the paperwork process. In turn this has encouraged better attitudes among the staff.

You’ll find people from all over the world getting services here: people from every social class and background. It just requires a little tolerance to get through a bureaucratic process that’s inevitably cumbersome although by no means as odious as some misguided people will make it sound.

If you were for example an insecure minority Asian from a Western nation you could easily criticize the wardrobe of certain “farang” — the very people you’ve got a long-standing grudge against and whom you blame as the cause of your many failures.

However that’s just appearances, seeing what one chooses to see, and an outgrowth of a pathetic inferiority complex. One can just as easily on the right day here see Asians who have all the fashion sense of Kim Jong-Il picking out clothes from the Sears catalog’s tall and husky section.

Of course you could visit here just once and come to completely the wrong conclusions about the place depending on what’s going on that particular day. But after several visits — in general the facility is easy to get to in terms of both time and money, and can be thought of as a clean, well-lighted place for bureaucracy — you’d actually be competent to make remarks about it to others.

MongerSEA in Bangkok contributed to this article


29 Responses to “The New Immigration Office in Chaengwatthana”

  1. adman said

    Talk about one of the most monumental wastes of space in the history of architecture and you would be talking about the building which houses the immigration department. It appears they built the place as a multipurpose complex to house government operations during the day and rugby or football matches at night.

    The choice to go with a sky light roof design for the majority of the building which isn’t used is another item to add to your TIT list.

    I’d like to see what the power bills are to keep the building cool.

  2. Can you get to this place on the MRT or BTS? I generally like to take the MRT or BTS as far as I can and then take a taxi. Not because I want to save money but because it takes so fucking long to get out of the Sukhumvit area.

  3. Werewolf said

    Go to Mo Chit and grab a taxi… about 60 to 80 baht and 15 or 20 minutes one way.

  4. Raul Villagas said

    Good morning, or buenas dias as we say in my home country of Panama. I did not know where to post a comment of a general nature so I am posting this here. My comment concerns the purpose of this blog. What is the purpose of this blog? Kenny has been outed, you have done your job, now I think it is time that I go fuck off and find something productive to do with life. I am sorry to sound harsh, but life is harsh and I is an abortive fetus of a mistake. Muchas gracias por su tiempo, Raul.

  5. Raul Villegas said

    Senor Daffy, he has lost. Not only has he lost with his website he lost in the battle . It is very sad that this continues on when there is nothing new there. When will there be new stuff here? Never I think. There is much saddnes in my country of Panama, just like there seems to be in your heart, but we have much joy also. Much joy just like you has. Kenny needs to find in his heart some joy! Don’t just be angry be joyful and happy yo have a life of serenity. His website is so sad that if it was a dog in my country it would be shot in the head. That sounds bad, but it isn’t as the dog, he was not happy, and no one is happy because of the dog. And no one is happy because of his website, I want him to shot his internet in the head and put it out of all of our miseries. As we say in my country of Panama “Usted tiene un corazon negro”. Viva BigDummyKenny.

    • It appears that we see the return of Señor Ronru, un lachadore de Pañama!

      Kenny appears very desperate to be sending his lapdog, again, and to start the same stupid games, again, considering how rather embarrassingly he lost the last time, and how rather embarrassingly ‘his friends’ tucked tail the last time.

      Are you indeed so desperate to want to drag everyone from this site back over to Kenny? Is he that desperate for traffic?

  6. Raul Villegas said

    Mr. Duck,

    I am not this Ronru that you speak of. I am just a reader of stories on the internet. There is no story here, everybody move along, and pay no attention to the carcass in the road. To clarify, I have on affinity to Kenny. You a man that thinks so highly of both himself and apple, you were outsmarted. Left handed people cannot use the new iPhone, no one looks at this website but me, and Kenny seems to be doing good.

    Mr. Duck, you sad pathetic little man, have some pride, either kill this putrid beast, of post new content.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hello Raul,

      Thanks for your post – from the tone you take and the invective you hurl I pegged you as a fan of Kenny’s right away. What you don’t get is that the whole purpose of this site was to make fun of Kenny because many of us were so mystified about the way he was committing e-suicide. None of the contributors here ever thought this would be a blog in the same vein as BBK. We are all way to busy with our real lives to devote the absurd amount of time it takes to keep a blog running.

      Outsmarted by Kenny? THAT is rich. To date no one here has been outed in major news sources as a sex tourist with a blog that is an embarrassment to the institutions we work for.

      The only question I have is how did you even find this site? To Daffy’s point above, this site has grown pretty silent after BBK’s “outing” because there just isn’t a need/desire to further bash the man anymore (see: dead horse, beat). You are OBVIOUSLY someone who is affiliated very closely with BBK in some way to even know of this site’s existence. And by your lame grammar I would agree that you are probably “this Ronru that [Daffy] speak[s] of…”

      To the rest of the semi-reg posters I hope you are all doing well and have many enjoyable future visit to the LOS.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I am not this Ronru that you speak of. I am just a reader of stories on the internet.

      Of course you’re not this señor Ronru I speak of, señor ronru. Of course you are *just* a reader of stories on the internet, señor ronru.

  7. Big Black Gulliver said

    I’d love to know what site was linked to BBK, other than news reports in the States and worldwide of his whore blog!

    BTW why can you not post comments on BBK anymore? No Censorship indeed!

    • Yeah, what sites *do* still link to BBK, considering his traffic must be close to negative numbers by now…. he’s had, what, about 3 comments in 3 weeks on his site.


  8. Raul Villegas said

    Happy 4th of July all my friends. For you ‘gringos’ this is a very important day, but here in Panama it is just a Sunday. Today, we will just go to the church and maybe visit the Fiesta de la Virgen in Colon. But sometimes I like to visit here to see if any new content has been posted. No.

    Senors, I understand that this webpage was made to make fun of the Kenny webpage. But it also looks like there was an attempt to make original information that did not work for you. I think it is funny and ok to make fun of a different webpage but it needs to be done in a intelligent way. I think it is like this because the webpage is based on nothing more than the stupidity of Kenny. This is why this dog should die, it is nothing.

    And you may have outed Kenny, but who did that hurt, Kenny? I think no. Kenny will go on and his blog will be around for much time. And you, in your hateful way did Kenny a favor, you have allowed his deep seated secret to be revealed for all to know and have removed the one thing that has caused him concern. Now that you have removed this he is liberated, his secret is well known and he is free to live his internet and personal life in an open and no fearful manner. You have lost. You have lost because your reasons for existence are all based upon reasons of darkness and vileness. Oh, Kenny is not a saint, there is no Santo Kenny, but he is at least original, where as you are not.

    I am sad also. I assume Mr. Duck started this website, if not one of the other two comment posters. But I know that Mr. Duck is not well liked. He is a sad and miserable person who has to belittle others to make himself feel better, look at this webpage!! ha ha ha. Why must you be like this Mr. Duck? can you not be friendly and amicable? There is nothing wrong with this.

    Any ways, I have gone on much to long and must go to worship church now and then to the fiesta. I wish you all a happy holiday, and Mr. Duck, reflect on. I do not have to be like this. We are all the masters of our destiny and are not unable to change our fate. I known I you and I can be better, it just takes getting rid of the evil from your heart and accepting that there are other people that walk amongst us on the planet earth. Can you do the same?

    • “I assume Mr. Duck started this website”

      You assume wrong.

      “But I know that Mr. Duck is not well liked.”

      Interesting, how *DO* you know that? Where do you get this information? Is this the kind of talk to be bandied about the watercooler, up there, outside of Oxnard (a small town in Panama, I assume?).

      Please, do share, when you return from your siesta.

    • I can also see that BigBabyKenny appears to be uniquely a dialogue between you and Señor Kenny, these days? What happened to the astronomical traffic numbers Kenny claimed?

  9. Raul Villegas said

    Mr. Duck,

    Forgive me for thinking that you created this webpage, for the fact that you and i are the only ones to post things here led me to believe that you were involved. Forgive also for say that you are not well liked, I just got that impression from ready the Kenny website. many people there seemed to think very lowly of you.

    But you must admit that this webpage achieved its goals. And that whoever build this page had to out to Kenny, and knew that they could beat Kenny, because whoever made this webpage and let the world know about Kennys webpage allowed kenny to be freely be known as sex tourist in the news. There is no more reason for this place. There is no information that is of any use to anyone here. It is just doggerol, and bad doggerol at that. I have just so much hate, and that is not what the world needs. The world needs love, and not the sort of love that a man finds in a young boy, I mean the love that a person have for other people, just because we are all in the same ship. It is like when I was an able body seamen, on the ship we were like one family because we have to be that way to make things work correctly. And over at Kennys page I notice that many people have posted stories of their trips to Thailand and people are all walking in the same direction. Here people don’t even walk. It is just you and me mr. Duck. Who ever made this page doesn’t even claim it any more. It is like a dog that has left its home and wonders the streets, and the dog is hungry and dirty, and it doesn’t bring joy to any one and the dog is sad also as it does not have a home anymore. This dog, it would be better that it is dead. This webpage it would be better if it were dead.

    And to you mr Duck, do you read what you post? Can not you just be happy and a kind person. I would hope so but I can not. So don’t be so much like that dog that went from his home. Be happy that you have a computer. In my country of Panama many people do not have such things, and I am very happy that I have such a thing. But you seem only to post bad and hateful sorts of things. All I think about is dogs and maybe I have a problem because I like dog so much. I think you need to see in you heart that there is some good. Can you do that? I hope so. Because don’t be like that Dog mr Duck! Love dog like a person and dog will be happy.

    • “Forgive me for thinking that you created this webpage, for the fact that you and i are the only ones to post things here led me to believe that you were involved.”

      You and I are the only ones posting? What about SBDOTKU? What about Gulliver?

      “Forgive also for say that you are not well liked, I just got that impression from ready the Kenny website. many people there seemed to think very lowly of you.”

      *many* people? I only see one sad example of a troll that desperately appears to try to get me to post over there, but don’t see anyone else to qualify for *many* people, as you claim.

      Maybe you can provide some more details on who all these *many* people are?

  10. Big Black Gulliver said

    Wow! Amazing!

    Daffy, Kenny….errr Raul seems to be begging for a piece treaty here!

    The posts have an almost humble tone to them!

    An olive branch has been offered!

    Inquiring minds want to know, will you take it!

    • “An olive branch has been offered!
      Inquiring minds want to know, will you take it!”

      Olive branches are offered by the victors. Kenny is in no position to ‘offer’ an olive branch.

      If he wants to ask for a détente…. well, it’s too late for that.

  11. Raul Villegas said

    Mr Black and Mr Duck,

    I am afraid that you think of me in a manner that I am more than. I am not related to Kenny and have only come upon his webpage for a link from the friscodude webpage. I am just a humble man from Panama that would like to visit Thailand one day. Because of this I have read the Kenny page and have enjoyed it. From there I have found this page and find it fascinating but lonely. I feel that this is no more than a dog that nobody wants. Does anybody want this page any more, I think not. Who is the owner of this page? I think if they can be found that this page should be put down, just like this dog that nobody likes. I see nothing here of value. All that is here is lonely and nobody to feed. Where is the stories of hookers and pickup thai girls that was on the Kenny page? There is none here. In my country of Panama we have a place called Casa de los Pobres. And at this place the poor people who are going to die, go and die, in a respectful manner. I wish there was a webpage for pages like his to go and die. The dog Kenny does not know he is vile and repugnant, and how do you tell a dog such a thing? And how would the dog understand such a thing? But the people of his page know what is is vile and repugnant and were outed and could not let it live.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Diversity amongst humans is a fascinating thing – so much so that when you see someone stumble in efforts to make himself appear as someone he is not, that it is all the more obvious when they are still appearing as themselves, not the person they pretend to be.

      So, for example, a vile and repugnant character, who then claims to be a vile and ridiculous character and calls himself ronru, who then assumes a new identity as a vile and ridiculous character who calls himself Raul – yet there aren’t that many people that all hail from Southern California, and all from the same locale, which is where it gets amusing.

      Yes, I’m quite sure, Raul, that you dream of going to Thailand someday – unfortunately, your familiarity with Panama leaves much to be desired.

  12. …. and, mysteriously, Raulru has disappeared as quickly as he has shown up — I’m sure it’s just because there’s some pressing engagements, like the local harvest, the Panama Canal cleansing, or maybe he had to lend a sympathetic shoulder to Kenny after the traumatizing event from yesterday.

    “Hasta La Vista”, as we say in our country of California

  13. Raul Villegas said

    Mr. Duck, I am sorry for my absence, but maybe you too have noticed that except for me, there is nothing new on this page for over one month. People make fun of Kenny for his content but at least he posts new stories a couple times in a week.

    One of my nieces had her 15th birthday party today. In Panama this is a very important party and we had great fun. I enjoy to see the young women blooming into womanhood. It is all very exciting. Maybe Kenny would be excited as well!

    I just want to point out that I am not also this one that you call Ronru. I am sure that you know this already as even though I am using a VPN that I am sure my internet address is different than Mr. Ronu or Kenny, but at this does not fit in your story you do not make mention of such things.

    You know this has been fun, but there is no reason to visit this webpage. I see that it will die a slow death as there is never anything new here, and except for me I don’t think anyone ever visits this place. This page is like the dog that wonders across the road only to get hit by a car but not die. Its sad to watch a dog wonder around for a long time when it should be dead. It would be better to dead as it no longer has reason to live. It has no more joy in life. And that dog that should be dead is the same as this webpage. That is why I made my comments here. Everything needs a reason to be alive and like that dog, this webpage has no reason to be alive anymore. But I can tell it will die a slow and lingering death. You know once I had a bird, a parrot that I raised from a baby. This parrot did not know the world but one day it flew out of the house to discover the world. Well, the parrot was not prepared and I found him a week later near death. Then after I found him he died. But you know he went out in glory. This website will continue to shine for outing Kenny.

    This Mr. Duck is the last that you will hear from me. My passing of time at this page is complete as there is no reason to be here, there is nothing here. I am just someone who likes to complain about this website and talk about the dog that nobody want and that should die… Maybe PETA will come after me because I want dog to die.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Promise? I don’t want you making promises you can’t keep.

      And I just have to say if you were “wearing” this disguise rather than writing “incognito” it would be akin to wearing one of those Groucho Marx glasses & nose combo. It is so pathetic it isn’t even worth poking fun at. I can actually HEAR your lame fake accent whenever I read your posts.

      Oh, but just a couple of questions: if you are using a VPN then your origin would be masked. If you are SO proud of being from Panama why do you use a VPN? And how do you know that the address that is given isn’t the same as Ronru or Kenny? Unless, of course, you know exactly what their IP addresses are? And as you ARE using a VPN, this lends even greater credence to the idea that you are either of the culprits mentioned above. GO GO GO! Try and drum up some controversy and traffic to Kenny’s lame rotting carcass of a site which is definitely not about sex tourism, no, it is about “the girl scene” in SE Asia…riiiiight.

      “I just want to point out that I am not also this one that you call Ronru. I am sure that you know this already as even though I am using a VPN that I am sure my internet address is different than Mr. Ronu or Kenny, but at this does not fit in your story you do not make mention of such things.”

    • “You know this has been fun, but there is no reason to visit this webpage.”


      “This Mr. Duck is the last that you will hear from me.”

      Oh, we should be so lucky — I have no doubt that the next alias is all ready to go, claiming to come from a Vietnamese internet address, or maybe one on the outskirts of Sidney, this time.

      The only think more entertaining than dumb people, are dumb people who think they understand the internet.

      “A la prochaine, mon pauvre con”, as we say in my home country.

  14. BigBabyKenny said


    Does Thailand have teacher visa’s for pedophiles?

    Your pal,


  15. RealDaffyDuck said

    There’s only one buddy who would be an expert — not sure if that’s teaching, or paedophilia, but seeing as how Kenny’s a teacher (well, I use the term loosely).

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