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Another One Bites the Dust…

Posted by BigDummyKenny on August 31, 2010

Werewolf Is No More

Although I seldom commented on Werewolf’s blog, I was a semi-regular reader. Given that it seemed all the dust had settled with websites shutting down or going on hiatus earlier in the year it was a surprise to me when I clicked over to his blog today and found that he’d shut it down. If people want to discuss the merit of his blog that’s a matter of opinion open for debate. Personally, I found his writing style added to making his articles an enjoyable read. Whether you enjoyed reading his blog or didn’t you need to give WW credit for having the nuts to put his personal life up on stage for everyone to read.

As expected, a few of the haters and sycophant’s at BBK are laying the blame for WW’s closure on “someone” at the BMB. Also as expected, they offer no facts to back their opinions as to why WW turned off his blog. Apparently the love-in that BBK and moRonru (and their host of his alias’) isn’t over (some might think they’d have more important things to do with their time). The manner in which Werewolf didn’t hold back on detailing his day to day activities made it easy for someone who felt they had a score to settle with him to do so. Again, this is all speculation as to why he turned off his blog until WW himself decides to provide some insight.

Running a blog and updating it with content as frequently as WW did takes a considerable amount of time and effort. His was much more than a nightlife blog, it was a diary of his life in bangkok. So thank you WW for the time and effort you put into keeping your readers entertained during the past few years.



24 Responses to “Another One Bites the Dust…”

  1. Daywalker said

    Sorry to repeat my comment.. but just wanted the idiots of this world like moRonru to see this…

    I’ve been made aware of some comments on my pal Kennys site. I have to say that there are some people out there with a vivid imagination!

    For starters, NONE of the Mango owners are on there commenting. None of them. I see my name has appeared there many times. It’s not me and Kenny knows it’s not me.

    If the person posting as Prufrock really is Prufrock, then shame on him. I thought I knew him better than that.

    For the record, no one cares anymore about the feud. There is at best, a few people on there trying to cause problems. We have moved on. I am sure Kenny has also.

    Last of all, WW has NEVER received any threats or animosity from us. What would be the point? We get on, share the same friends and walk the same streets. Again, it’s a bunch of sad losers trying to cause a situation.

    – A little advice to Kenny… if he were to activate the Avatars which are associated to the e-mail addresses, then we could all see who the fakes are.

    • Yes DW, he could do that. But the net effect would be that traffic would drop.

      Given that he has blogged about his jealousy of other successful websites and is doing his best to make his website a commercial success I don’t expect to see avatars on BBK anytime soon.


  2. RealDaffyDuck said

    Beat me to it, BigDummy.

    Plus, it’s more than obvious that his alleged stances of “do not post personal information” and “if notified of impersonations I will correct them” are just his usual lies.

    I have written him numerous times about impersonated DaffyDuck postings, including providing him with links, and absolutely nothing has been done by him; yet, if someone impersonates him, or ronru, the post gets edited within minutes.

  3. Daywalker said

    …and another thing……

    WW made a lot of friends through his blog. He has maintained communications with those outside his blog. So the guy decided hosting a site wasn’t for him anymore. No biggie. Those of us that enjoyed his writing wish him well. There is a small number of people that are now bitching because they no longer have someone’s life to follow. Maybe it’s time they got a life of their own?

    • BigDummyKenny said


      It is perfectly rational thought (for some people over at that other website) that people who regularly meet up with WW and get along with him to also threaten him for no apparent reason. At that other website this is the way the world operates.

      Who are we to question that logic?


  4. RealDaffyDuck said

    Surprised the usual haters haven’t made it here yet.

  5. crackerhead said

    Werewolfs blog was ok with me even though I didnt believe half of what he said. Maybe it was all true but some of it seemed far fetched.

    You know them pricks that regularly comment on bigbabykenny are the mirror images of the worst bottom feeding scum expats they perfectly describe. Trolling around for every free food happy hour and drink special and then bitchin about the bill or asking other patrons they dont know for a hundred baht to pay the bill gives you an idea of what thes bums are about. BBK should be proud of the group of regulars he has hangin around his website. Anyplace those garbage sifting losers say they frequent i avoid so i dont need to listen to hteir endless bitching about how miserable life is in bangkok or how great their last conquest was with an underage hooker. Readin bigbabykenny gives you a good idea of the crap they complain about all the time. If i had a naggin wife and friends like the desperate losers and degenerates who frequent BBK i know i would want to be at home with the naggin wife.

  6. farang_jai_dee said

    What I find curious is that within a span of two days WW’s blog, bangkok nights blog and a third whose names escapes me as I write this all stopped. And all three where on wordpress. I read them all, daily, at entertainment.

    • Hugh said

      I also noticed bangkok nights has shut down. It would be nice if some noticed was posted as to why they were turned off.

      There had been some laws passed in thailand last year that made it easier for people to be arrested for things said on blogs. Maybe coincidence, then again maybe not.

    • farang_jai_dee said

      I agree, feuds or whatever aside, both where interesting reading (to me). I’ve done my darn est to try and find out what went down but the other blogger’s I’ve contacted have no idea.

  7. Daywalker said

    Who is moRonru? I assume he is an uneducated 12yr old right?

  8. Bangers Bill said

    Werewolf’s Lair was quite graphic in his descriptions and someone probably figured out who he was. Whatever the reason I’m going to miss his blog. It was a great read about 1 westerner’s life in Thailand.

  9. Steve said

    DW, I think for BBK it’s not over. He keeps the post with Mango owner’s full names open. Not to talk of all the lies he writes in that post just to ruin your and the other owner’s reputations. He also allows ppl to comment with links to SSB and his current profession, e.g.

    I wished it would be over and even better… he had never started all that disgraceful crap. But to say he has moved on is a bit over the top, imho.

  10. MongerSEA said

    Werewolf’s site was brimming with tedious drivel written at the ninth grade level and better suited to ie Twitter. It will hardly be missed. He made himself a public figure, he didn’t cover his own ass, and social Darwinism did the rest. Expat communities have always eaten their own young and worked under lifeboat ethics. If you don’t realize that and act prudently you have only yourself to blame. The bright spot in all of this dreariness is that it’s not a closed shop; if it’s figured out who caused Werewolf’s distress, steps can be taken… That’s a matter for you white knights though. Without a meaningful payday this mercenary can’t be bothered.

    • farang_jai_dee said

      We are all entitled to one’s opinion. Not mine!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “… steps can be taken …”

      …and I have no doubt, they will be….

      For the most part, BBK’s big mouth does himself more harm than anyone else could…. Wait and see.

      It’d be far more interesting, IMO, to see Ronru / John / plethora of alias’ undoing beng broadcast live. I think a nutcase with a conspiracy obsession certainly explains the restraining order from his ex-wife to keep him away from their kid. In fact, it tells tales – and his current diatribe against Pattaya Warrior only proves that everything PW states to be painfully true.

      Seriously, does anyone know what John’s obsession was pre-2001, before his mantra du jour was “it was an inside job”?

    • MongerSEA said

      The smart money’s on Freemason/Bildeberger/Trilateral Commission/Skull & Bones/New World Order conspiracies.

      Cover the bet with Ufology/Area 51/HAARP/Dulce Wars nonsense.

  11. I guess one commenter said it best:
    “Bangkok’s sexpat population includes a disproportionate number of lonely, dismal cunts who spend one percent of their time getting blowjobs and the other 99 percent spreading poison about everyone and everything.” -Overlander (September 4, 2010 )

    • MongerSEA said

      If one wants to comment on anything, it pays to be negative. Speak well of any venue and it will quickly be spoiled (overrun as it were) by the wrong sort of new patrons. Professor Kenneth Ng said so and who are we to argue?

  12. Botox said

    Has Werewolf made any comments on any of the other blogs? Haven’t read a single comment of his since he closed shop.

    • farang_jai_dee said

      If he has I have not found any and I’ve asked around to a few bloggers. Along with Bangkok Nights Blog.

    • My guess is that he disagree with Zero_Proof during one of his 9/11 tirades, and is justifiably concerned about John outing his blog to his girlfriend and his employers – so far, based on John’s frothing tirades of streams of un/consciousness over on BBK, I’d say it’s genuinely time to be seriously concerned for his mental well-being.

      The guy’s about to snap — thus completely explaining his friendship with Kenny.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      He has commented on several blogs but no commentary as to why he turned off his blog.

  13. The Enabler said

    Many of the nightlife blogs have shutdown in the past year but more keep popping up in their place. Just a normal cycle I think.

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