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911 — The Fickle Nature of ‘The Truth’

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on September 11, 2010

No true satire of would be complete without a healthy dose of Prufrock inspired 911 conspiracy “inside job” spoutings. So, here we go.

Bill Clinton:

Glen Beck:

Fox News:

The Onion:

9/11 Conspiracy Theories ‘Ridiculous’

Someone said the following about Zero Proof (Prufrock): “The thing about truly crazy people is they don’t know they are crazy, me if I started hearing voices I get to the doctor, Prufrock heads for his keyboard.”

Enough said.


35 Responses to “911 — The Fickle Nature of ‘The Truth’”

  1. Jimmy Boy said

    Amazing isn’t it? After 9 years there are still people looking for the smoking gun that it was something other than a coordinated terrorist attack by a group of Muslim fanatics. I’ve seen his comments on BBK and this Prufrock fellow seems to be the king of the fruit loop conspiracy theorists.

  2. uhhhh-huh said

    A neighbor of mine was all into the 9-11 conspiracy stuff until I gave him a copy of my Popular Mechanics magazine. After reading it he was furious and told me it was only more of the governments lies to continue the coverup. He hasnt spoken to me since.

    • Hi Uhhhh-Huh,

      Did you know that one of the BBK sycophants seems obsessively certain that you and I are the same person?

      Yeah, speaking of whackos — there’s a good example for you. 😉

      As always, this new character just talks too much, and doesn’t know what he talks about.

    • uh-hhhh said


      Their fixation on the big mango and the continuing stream of accusations by prufrock, kenny and their host of aliases is not healthy. Prufrock and his 9/11 jizz is bad enough. Most know anyone who is overly critical of kenny or his website is attacked. Then the claims or speculation comes they are in some way associated with the big mango.

      By the way there Profless, just when will ‘it’ all come out there partner? As he not so cleverly (although he was trying to be) and unwittingly (fitting) stated in one of his comments “Never”.) 😉

      The claim by one of BBK sycophants that think uh-hhhh and RealDaffyDuck/DaffyDuck is the same person behind the keyboard is another incorrect guess. They have been long on words (esp. Profless) and short on facts. Since the original BigBabyKenny site (what many considered as a guide for the sex tourist) this has been the case. Most people know kenny has a longstanding score to settle and continues his agenda.

      The best post to this day concerning bbk and his sycophants unhealthy fixation is on Bangkok Diaries, where John (prufrock?) vigorously defends his hometown hero kenny. Unwittingly he had become a part of Prof. kennys dubious agenda, taking everything that kenny said on his blog as fact (which most people know is mostly opinion spun as fact).

      So Mr. RealDaffyDuck, the behavior of BBK sycophants and sockpuppets on V2.0 of BBK.COM is the same as it was on V1.0 of BBK.COM as it will be on any version. Since they think I am you will they claim I am talking to myself?

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      “Most people know kenny has a longstanding score to settle and continues his agenda.”

      Well, it’s obvious, but I still can’t figure out what that damn ‘score’ is? Is Kenny so emotionally unbalanced that having a single article reasonably removed drove him far enough over the edge to land in Keith Summers territory? At best, that is the only known event that was known to trigger the launch of BBK v1.0. Or was it Kenny constantly having his advances rebuffed by Big mango staff, precisely because they are not hookers (and because Kenny is repugnant) – the constant harping on Mango staff running a brothel, and Kenny’s insistences on the existence of a short time room, do seem to corroborate that as well.

      Prufie (or, Zero_Proof) is easy to figure out – he’s just an obsessive nutcase, who’s self-identity depends on his claimed insights into a ‘secret’ conspiracy; if it’s not 911, it’s UFOs, or the freemasons, or I wouldn’t be surprised if he ever started talking about the Zionist conspiracy of the Elders of Zion…

      Kenny, while predictable and equally easy to figure out, still has me baffled how something as simple could drive someone over the edge — then again, judging by the comments on RateMyProfessor, this doesn’t appear to be a new personality trait. Speaking of, it’s funny how he claims his negative teacher reviews are part of a slander campaign — yet his negative ratings go back as far as 2003. Didn’t know the Mango guys had a Time Machine. (note: most of the recent negative reviews are now labeled as ‘rating under review’, so it appears that someone was concerned about the impact – but there are plenty of other equally negative current ratings that passed the review process — poor Kenny…)

    • BigDummyKenny said

      “Most know anyone who is overly critical of kenny or his website is attacked.”


      Apparently you commenting on the bbk website isn’t even required anymore. moRonru dug up a post from the Saphan Loy website and went into attack mode on bbk. So much negativity and hate over there. Maybe they believe that’s what it takes to generates interesting discussion.


  3. Botox said

    I’ve read Pruflocks stuff and all that Nano Thermite bullshit Prufrock is selling is just that – bullshit. Plenty of stuff out there about the alleged mysterious traces of thermite that the truthers dont want to acknowledge,

    Then the truthers conveniently forget the building was made of steel columns and those columns were covered with primer.

    “The thing about truly crazy people is they don’t know they are crazy, me if I started hearing voices I get to the doctor, Prufrock heads for his keyboard.” – yes! Fits perfectly.

    • The truthers conveniently ignore physics, metallurgy, and architecture –but no surprise, since these sad hanger-ons all share a complete lack of education of understanding of the facts and issues involved.

      I mean, consider Zero_Pruf — there’s a reason his ex-wife’s had a restraining order against him to protect the daughter. I mean, how often do you see that, and under which situations?

      Now, he’s lecturing authoritatively on education, in the latest over on BBK, which is irony in its own right.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @RDD – LOL

      “Now, he’s lecturing authoritatively on education, in the latest over on BBK, which is irony in its own right.”

  4. Wombat said

    Prufrock, on occassions, can be amusing & interesting. When it comes to 9/11 he is seriously unhinged. Someone called him a fucking idiot. That does not do him justice. When it comes to 9/11 he is a complete fucking idiot. Read the Mango Sauce archives. Has anti-Semitic views.

    • He is good for entertaining conversation, as long as you keep the subject off 9/11 — once even so much as drifting into that issue, as you said, he becomes completely unhinged.

      Classic pathology — but I just wonder what was he talking about before September 11, 2001?

      It’s not so much that he’s a “complete fucking idiot”, but rather that he has a woefully inadequate background to understand the most basic structural or metallurgical issues – and he has a rather ‘strained’ relation to the truth (as his posting under multiple alias’ supports), and is completely unable to research or understand the simplest technical issues.

      His insistence that planes do not carry identifying ID numbers on the top of the right wings, in stark contrast to obvious evidence, is pretty much enough to illustrate that. Maybe I’ll do a separate entry on that little anecdote, which he seems to enjoy dredging back up, claiming ‘his experts’ (haha) support his views…

    • zion the elder said

      Well, they did kill jesus.

    • The Enabler said

      Based on his ranting my guess is he’s 3/4 idiot…maybe 7/8

  5. Inciter said

    What is this guy talking about?

    Prufrock says:
    September 12, 2010 at 6:25 am
    Thanks Doc. I was gonna do it but I was busy with what this jerk off calls my 911 obsession

    A word to all about Daffy;

    Daffy, a regular and all-too-easily-spotted-troll here on BBK, probably suspects he gets nailed every (fucking . . . just for you Church Lady) time) because of what he modestly “self-regards” as his own stunning arpeggios of wit, his agile turns of phrase and his acute sensibilities as to what is right for the rest of us to believe.
    In short, Daffy likes to think that it’s that by-jiminey, gall-darned brilliance of his that outs him.

    Well, I can assure you there, doofy, it sure as fuck isn’t THAT

    Here’s what outs you daffy:
    All that painfully odious personality shit of yours notwithstanding, daffy (fucking) outs daffy. Because there is simply NO ONE ELSE who could possibly shovel such gratuitous arrogance onto a commonplace, facile, mindless dismissal of the facts and information pertaining to the most serious issue of our times.
    Whether it’s by posting as ”uhhhhh-huh” or Daffy, this guy gives himself up simply by holding the GROUNDLESS opinions that he holds.
    He’s too full of himself to realize this but when it all comes down to the short strokes?
    But now, I’m beginning to think that Daffy is kind of stupid.
    And he’s an intellectually pudgy coward.
    (Oh yeah . . . . Big Black Gobblivar (thanks Mickey) . . . Daffy be way yella . . . (Thanks blackie)

    About a year ago, I (JA Prufrock) asked this duckenshit if he’d care to have a point by point, toe-to-toe debate on the issue of 911.
    Me. Here. On this site. I’d take him on. mano a mano.

    Best presentation wins.We’d fuckin’ clear it up, ya know? If he won I’d never speak to the board about it again and if I won (well, let’s see Daffy? would you consider appearing in “Daffy does Pratunam” (Bwahahahahaha hee hee heee hohoh hoh ) nnnngh *sigh*)

    DAFFY, the FUCKING COWARD; Yep, the hiding-behind-his-lies, sneaky-ass, gossip-mongering, smearing, bile-infested consensus- sucking toady that he is . . . . . . .. as it turns out, is also a HUGE fucking toadlike COWARD.
    When I challenged him all he could come up with was a petulant childish “no”.
    So this lightweight cunt is really just ANOTHER Xbox know-it-all who actually believes that cyber-skills cobbled together from years of one-handed hacking of animal porn sights make his a player of some kind.

    I am considering a renewal of this online challenge:
    C’mon Daffy; You PUSSY instead of fooling yourself into believing that you are having ANY effect on ANYONE when you post on your site (that no one sees) that only you and two other people read, I am renewing my challenge:
    So why not be a man and accept the 911 challenge I laid down 18 months ago.
    Let’s do a point-by-point debate of 911 and why the case need s to be re-oped. And lets do it on this sight .

    Robert’s Rules of Conduct. (as in Marquis of Queensbury) . . . . you know like Tyson to big mouth Bob Sapp:
    I’ll fight ‘im t’NITE . . . . . heh, heh . . . . YEAH . . . . (big metal mouth grin) Roberts Rules? I’ll fight him right NOW . . . . tonight 😉
    Daffy, you treason-abetting unpatriotic PUSSY suck up.
    C’mon; RIGHT NOW

    On this site.
    G’head Daffy, steal this (plagiarize it) and paste it under one of your typical ”talking off the point” rants.
    The point??? I am challeging you to a debate on 911.
    Your bullshit claim of course (on that site of YOURS THAT NOBODY READS) will be that “Prufrock has gone ballistic” or some such tired chat-room twaddle.
    This is usually where an overblown braggart like Daffy starts gassing off about the challenger going ballistic, or being obsessed with him the fight being rigged . Well fuck you Daffy;
    This is a real challenge.
    I win and you donate $5000 to
    You win and I admit you were right all along.
    Put up or shut up.
    Be honest; You really are some kind of girly-thing aren’t you.
    (9/11 was an inside job just like you admitted back over there in Pratunam)

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Apparently, his prescription must have run out.

      Seriously, I would offer to pick his argument(s) apart, but I don’t even know how and where to start – this is like a seriously unbalanced stream of consciousness, by a seriously disturbed and unbalanced individual.

      He goes on and on about ‘easily spotting’ me, when I haven’t posted over there in months and months, and couldn’t be bothered to. Popping over there now and then only shows the ‘same old, same old’ redundant crap – mostly Zero_Proof posting under a dozen different alias’, congratulating himself, or supporting his own ‘arguments’ — seriously, does he think we are all as stupid and gullible as he is? Apparently, so.

      It’s all too obvious that Prufrock has outed himself as Ronru, as Mike, as SBDOTWAT, as Richard Kuklinski, as DrLove, as JustinCider, etc…. Kinda telling that the guy painting himself as a White Knight of the Truth repeatedly can only support his own arguments via subterfuge, lies, and misrepresentation.

      No wonder his ex-wife restrains him from seeing his daughter — she must be a good woman.

    • pinko commie said

      Any guy that is trying to topple the u.s. government is ok with me. It don’t matter none to me how crazy he is.

      Getting a restaining order against seeing his own proginy makes him double ok with me. Hell y a, i hope i’m lucky enough to meet him one day.

  6. Inciter said

    Is this true?

    In spite of all DAFFY’s BEGGING and coercion and in spite of trying to get me to even look at your shyte site that nobody goes to by posting all manner of slanders, threats, smears and lies and then reporting the fact that you’d done so on this site in hopes that I’ll have a look? :::

    Even after ALL the begging me to have a look, and all the photos, and all the threats I can assure you, I’ve never even bothered.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Consider his fickle relationship to ‘The Truth’, I’m not even going to bother checking server logs to verify that Zero_Proof’s a regular visitor/ reader.

      Let’s just say that he wouldn’t go off, as he did, if he wasn’t aware what’s going on over here. (wink, wink).

      Thanks for your patronage, Prufie!

  7. adman said

    Prufie got a restraining order against him from seeing his own daughter?

    A judge granting such a request says alot.

    It should be obvious, even to the 9-11 truthers, that they won’t get anywhere with their crusade to get people put in jail. Even if they had public opinion (and real scientific fact) behind them.

    That won’t stop them though. It’s their obsession.

  8. Smurf Daddy said

    For those of you old enough to remember, all this 9-11 noise remindes me of the stuff that’s been going on about UFOs since the Roswell incident. A number of people claiming US government involvement in a coverup continues to this day. Even if what they claim about the governments involvement is true, they have unlimited resources and these truthers are too obsessed to see that. Those in government will continue to utilize those resources to protect itself and the public from losing confidence in their representatives.

    In the meantime, Proofie and his likeminded (mentally disturbed) cohorts continu to hit the internet with their stories of what they think really happened. Just like the Alien Roswell truthers, the problem Proofie has is he is part of a dwindling minority of people seeking to gain popular support for their beliefs but you know, they may as well be pounding their head up against a brick wall. Nobody who was or is in government is going to see any action taken against them.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Good comparison with the UFO cults from the 70s and 80s. Maybe that’s what Prufie was into before 911 – would fit, right along with his non existent understanding of airplane markings.

      The funny thing is that if I were in the govt tasked with protecting Top Secret research, creating a UFO cover, and leaking it to nutcases is the best cover story – the moments these nuts glom onto something like that, no legitimate news source will even remotely touch this.

      Ditto with 911 – if anything the truthers would be playing right into any alleged conspirators’ plans, making them the useful tools that they are.

      The difference being that top secret weapons and planes *are* being developed at Groomlake – while when it comes to 911, Prufie and his cohorts remain just as fools.

    • uhhhh-huh said

      You struck a nerve RDD. Your buddy has blown a gasket over on that other site with his endless list of junk science references. Anyone who challenges or questions Zero_Proof first gets accused and then insulted. What a great guy.

      “The thing about truly crazy people is they don’t know they are crazy, me if I started hearing voices I get to the doctor, Prufrock heads for his keyboard.”

  9. Yogi Berra said

    He has so much to say and when you look at everything you see it rehash of what other people say. So he really ain’t said nothin. Except the insults peppered throughout his posts.

    Close your mind to academic research done at leading scientific universities, colleges and other independent experts and attack their credentials so your conspiracy can get momentum. Even if they did have all the momentum of a juggernaut (they don’t and it ain’t never gonna happen) where they going with it?

    Or, to quote myself, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”

    Prufless and his mixed bag of conspiracy nuts definitely don’t know where they’re going with their 9-1-1 aneurysms.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      911 aneurisms…. NICE!

      Yeah, seriously, there’s actually a mental disorder associates with these asshats’ obsessions.

      It’s similar to the God On The Brain syndrome that makes religious people ‘experience’ God (temporal lobe epilepsy), so for the most part, arguing with these sad fucks is pretty much pointless. No cure either, so, really, they are just good for our entertainment.

      People like Zero_Proof are fun to see when they are going through their girations, especially if they are close to snapping – that’s when all the ad hominem, insults, curse words, base insults, and all the other tourette’s expressions come out — as you can see, we are way past that on the other site, seeing how he reacts to pretty much everyone that isn’t an alias of his.

      Never quite got why he thinks posting under these many alias, especially when they are easily recognizable, enhances his credibility – especially when he talks to himself, mostly.

  10. Inciter said

    There are too many comments to quote from over on the bbk site, but Prufrock is continuously accusing the Daffy Duck character of :

    – posting repeatedly on BBK (I have not been able to find any such recent posts, if anything from DD)

    – posting under multiple pseudonyms on BBK (the latest accusation being that DD = Curious, or someone else).

    This is the only site I have been able to find Daffy Duck posting on — DD, what are your thoughts on this, and are you posting under pseudonyms on BBK?

    • Inciter said


    • RealDaffyDuck said


      Wow! Just, Wow!

      I haven’t bothered posting on that site in months and months, and I certainly see no reason to start now, just to feed the paranoid delusions of that whacko.

      Now, in the interest of total disclosure — there *have* been instances where I have posted under 2 other alias, which was during a time when Kenny “no censorship” Ng filtered and blocked all comments made by my alias/name — I posted several times under a different alias (forgot the name by now), and clearly identified myself as such, in order to verify that it was just ‘DaffyDuck’ that was blocked, and not any other alias.

      This was easily 6 or 7 months ago.

      Reconsidering, I *might* post a response in that thread you brought to my attention, just to set things straight with that whacko — not that it will make any difference, of course.

      Still, in the interim, please feel free to quote any of the above – you have full permission to re-quote any part of my explanation.

      Particularly my opinion that Prufrock has proven himself to be a heavily unstable personality, in serious need of professional help, particularly if he maintains his delusional architecture (so, now EVERYONE posting over there is me, according to him? What an asshat).

  11. Pete said

    I understand Prufrock’s refusal to come and post on this site. Daffy would humiliate him once again. I remember the exchange on you post on V1.0 Daffy, and the only fact about Prufrock’s comments is he would resort to insults instead of discussing facts.

    His token response to facts you presented was something like, “That has been debunked.” Which is just more of the smoke being blown over on that BBK site.

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      I think it’s more a case of smoke being blown *out* of something, and it’s not Kenny’s ‘site’.

      Yep, about your comments — which is exactly why Zero_Proof will just keep talking to himself over there.

      The reason he refuses to post over here is even more simple than humiliation galores — a lot of his deceptions would go *poof* if he did. The reason he refuses to post here, under his Prufrock moniker, is simple: Fear and cowardice. (which is even more amusing, considering he accuses everyone else of the same).

    • I like curious’ response:

      Curious says:
      September 19, 2010 at 10:43 am
      The saying goes like ”never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference’.
      I’m not going to waste another second of my time on you.
      Go suck an egg.

      I’ll go along with Curious’ decision, and it would be a waste of my time to respond to Zero_Proof (and I note that Inciter has copied my reply already — Prufie meltdown in 3… 2… 1…. ). It would be pointless, and I can pretty much compose my own faux-Prufie reply if I feel like wanting to read an unsubstantiated stream of insults/consciousness…

      Has anyone noticed how it’s not just Prufie who ‘refuses’ to post on BDK, but also all of his other alias’? Not so much as a comment from moRonru, Dr Love, Jim, Martin Scoreseasily, and his plethora of other alias… for the same reason, as they would be easily and quickly exposed to be Prufie.

      “Ah, what a transparent web we weave, when we decide to deceive….”

  12. adman said

    My thought is BBK wants visitors so much he has begged Prufrock to post more 9/11 propaganda to drive traffic. I see that people (myself included) who were visiting and commenting to set the record straight concerning the BMB on the old site are bored with the anti-BMB campaign. Now seldom visiting and not commenting when BBK allows the attacks.

    Speaking of the BMB, I was there a few days ago. The place was doing good trade and the food was great as usual. Let them continue their attacks. The upside is it’s keeping all the right people away!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “… Speaking of the BMB, I was there a few days ago. The place was doing good trade and the food was great as usual. Let them continue their attacks. The upside is it’s keeping all the right people away!”

      Same here. I have been there the past couple of days, and the “money losing bar waaaaaay down soi 4” seems be doing some good business, has plenty if customers, and keeps serving good food with a smile.

      Prufie, I mean ronru just proves to be dead wrong again, and Kenny (“Mr. Bad Economics”) must be seething that his designated nemesis is profitable and doing well. Then again, this comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with his economic rantings.

      Too funny.

  13. RealDaffyDuck said

    Just a re-post of a couple of comments I saw of there, after Inciter pointed out Zero_Proof’s rantings.

    Raider and Uncle Frank pretty much nailed it.

    Raider says:
    September 21, 2010 at 3:17 pm
    My guess is that Prufrock is trying to split a very fine hair. He says “I only post here as Prufrock”. Well if “here” means this thread rather than the BBK blog then maybe he’s telling the truth though I would have bet a month’s salary that Winston Churchill and Zeitgeist were Proof-aliases based on the style and content of the two messages. As Pruf himself likes to say they seemed to be full of his “tells”. I notice that Winston became Winstom from the 11th to the 12th. It seems unlike Prufrock to misspell Churchill’s first name but it also means that whoever left the comment had to re-type it when leaving the second comment which means they must have been changing screen names in between.

    I don’t even think he is capable of thinking with such complexity – he simply lies. He’s done it before, and in fact, he’s doing it all the time right now. We all know, and we’ve all read his admission the first time around — when I had access to the editor level of BBK, and I pointed out how Prufrock and several other alias’, which were echoing Prufrock’s points (or blatantly agreeing with them) all came from the same exact IP address, clearly proving that Prufrock was posting under these and various other alias’.

    When confronted with this proof, his only ‘explanation’ was “It’s the internet, get over it!” (or words to that effect).

    His denial reads just as hollow as Kenny’s continuous claims that he doesn’t comment under different alias’ than BBK.

    Finally, nice bit of observation by Raider on “I notice that Winston became Winstom from the 11th to the 12th. It (…) means that whoever left the comment had to re-type it when leaving the second comment which means they must have been changing screen names in between.”

    EXACTLY – the forum remembers your alias, once typed, and a typo of this sort indicates someone having to re-type the name between posts; and being unable to properly spell a common name is par for the course for Prufie, as his proofreading skills go out the door the more agitated and excited he becomes.

    Yeah, Prufrock threads and ‘arguments’ certainly are the only thing that’s an “inside job” around BBK’s parts.

    Uncle Frank says:
    September 21, 2010 at 4:08 pm
    Interesting that ronru was MIA and then, shortly after his absence was mentioned by Big Black Gulliver, he posts.
    Prufrock, your use of multiple alias’ is hardly fooling anyone. You’ve admitted to it in the past and continue the practice.
    I read one of your rants which was cross posted on by someone that commented you’d gone over the edge with ad-hominem attacks. In that comment there were at least 15 such attacks.
    Is that discussing facts? Debate? Perhaps these type of comments passes the muster with the 9/11 truther types.
    A couple things stand out to me after reading this thread Prufrock. You have no self-control in maintaining a level of decorum (or “class”) in your comments. Secondly, to echo what “uh-huh” said, “You are classless.” For someone who rants and raves about his worldliness, intelligence and education you lack discipline. My experience with people who are in possession of the those qualities you claim have more self-control and refrain from going off the deep end.

    Uncle Frank pretty much echos my own sentiments in that regard, when it comes to observing Prufie’s total lack of class, in the shadow of his claims of worldliness, intelligence and education (which, when challenged on, he doesn’t seem to want to provide any background to support his education and wordliness claims, oddly – to be fair, though, being Canadian Prufie would have had the opportunity to have received a better education than Yanks — of course, he probably missed out on that opportunity, by all indications).

    I particularly love his claims of being part of the ‘intelligence community’ — irony indeed.

    Can’t wait for him to claim that both Uncle Frank and Raider *must* be me, because they not only challenge his assertions, but are agreeing with my thoughts here.

  14. Congrats, Inciter – you’re now me, as well.

    Damn, that guy’s a real asstards (yes, Prufie, that means *you* are the asstard).

    Nice to see that his ‘reply’ was to post a conversation with himself and 4 alias’, agreeing with himself.

    Winston Churchill = Insighter = Dr Love = Prufrock

    Love the MrCheesecake comment slagging off WordPress, and calling upon me to use a *real software*, like Kenny’s site — which uses WordPress, albeit terribly misconfigured. (hat tip to ‘Clay’ for pointing out the obvious, as well as yet another Prufrock alias).

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