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MIA: Purple Spy

Posted by BigDummyKenny on September 25, 2010

We conclude conspiracy week by looking at the disappearance of BigDummyKenny contributor and popular Bangkok lady’s man Purple Spy. Those of you who’ve been reading BDK since the beginning of the year know that Purple Spy was a frequent commenter and contributor. Writing about his Bangkok experiences in graphic detail. Who can forget literary classics like “Photo Diary of a Slut-Junkie” or “Where are the beautiful sluts in Pattaya” along with his gritty photo contributions.

Sadly, it seems that forces from Thailand’s dark side may have gotten to Purple Spy. We haven’t heard from him since his last contribution submitted in early May. His living on the edge lifestyle may have caught up with him and leaves many possible causes for his disappearance. Perhaps a jilted Thai girl felt the need to set things right or maybe a gambling bet went terribly wrong. Some have speculated he was abducted by a gang of yabba’d up ladyboys in Pattaya. At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

Several attempts have been made to contact Purple Spy and BDK CLIT investigations have yet to get any leads on his whereabouts. Here at BDK, unlinke some other websites, we won’t go so far as to blame anyone until we know it’s a fact.

Until then, any lead would be greatly appreciated. And Purple Spy, if you’re reading this, please call home. Your mother is worried.


53 Responses to “MIA: Purple Spy”

  1. Bangers Bill said

    I know this post was meant as a joke but I want to know why the Thailand “reality bloggers” seem to be disappearing. Purple Spy, Werewolf, Chuck Wow and several others have gone MIA this year.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Maybe they are all concerned about Kenny Prufrock some asstard blogger or commenter outing them? Maybe they concluded that with a wildcard like Kenny out there, it’s just not worth it.

      I’m sure others, or the same under new identities, will be replacing them sooner or later.

  2. oodle fluff said

    They all got AIDS from ass fucking Penisfold and went home to their mums.

  3. Frodo Baggins said


    what happened to those dudes?

    there’s a fascinating discussion regarding 9/11 going on on kennys site – check it out dudes. I notice theres not much traffic here so check out the other blogs too.

    appreciate your efforts daffy – good luck with the site.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      IT. IS. NOT. MY. SITE.

      It is BigDummy’s. I am not, nor have I ever been, BigDummyKenny.

      Regarding the ‘fascinating discussion’ over on Kenny’s site — there’s not much fascination in a discussion where the main nutcase writing calls anyone and everyone disagreeing with him ‘asshole brigade’.

      There also happens to be more original traffic here, than on Kenny’s site — once you eliminate Prufrock’s masturbatory diatribes, and his multiple alias’ all agreeing with each other (Hi, Prufie – I see you!), and him, you actually end up with close to zero traffic on Kenny’s site.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      So I guess BBK has become so bad that Prufrock’s diarrhea of the mouth combined with 12 year old potshots at him have become “fascinating discussion” 555

      Good luck Kenny with your career, now get back to work and grade those Econ 301 papers you little bitch.

  4. adman said

    I’ve seen what passes for “fascinating discussion” on that other site. If you like being insulted when you bring facts to the table and dealing with the host of Prufrock and BBK’s aliases commenting in support and agreement I will concede that it is “fascinating discussion. That site is the most exemplary illustration of a boys club locker room available on the internet.

    RealDaffyDuck’s post on 9/11 won’t be touched by anyone over at that site because Prufrock knows he can’t get away with using a dozen different aliases to support himself.

    Speaking aliases, which name do you comment under on that other site Mr. Frodo Baggins? Is this another Prufrock concocted name?

    • RealDaffyDuck’s post on 9/11 won’t be touched by anyone over at that site because Prufrock knows he can’t get away with using a dozen different aliases to support himself.

      Which are the *only* reasons he (Prufrock) shies away from this site – fear of being discovered, and the resulting cowardice.

      Oh, the irony of him calling anyone else a coward.

  5. Frodo Baggins said

    I dont post just read, but the links to the youtube stuff take you to some pretty horrific viewing. i am astounded at whats going on in the world and i’m just saying check it out.

  6. Frodo Baggins said


    Have you watched this stuff? what do you think about it?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Here’s the thing about this conspiracy stuff — and it really doesn’t matter if it’s 911, Aliens, UFOs, Illuminati conspiracies, etc…. There is a limited amount of the same arguments, of the same scripts, and of the same ‘secrets’ that is being re-spun by each and every one of these nutcases.

      There are two types of aforementioned nutcases : the profiteers, and the tools.

      The irony about Prufrock is that he does two things:

      – he provides fascinating insights into his own psyche by the insults and accusations he hurls at others (such as accusing everyone of using multiple alias’, while he is on record, and proven, to have done so, and to continue to do so).

      – he throws out bits of advice and information that he himself never takes, such as his recent quote of “Ask these questions when you view ANY media: WHO is saying WHAT to WHOM and what effect or behaviour are they hoping to elicit or produce? (Prof. Sam Hiyakawa)”

      In the case of most of these 911 conspiracies, you have the same fabrications, repeated by a cadre of relatively uninformed and uneducated tools — Prufrock being one of them — driving themselves and other such tools to websites created for the sole purpose of *profiting* — from the traffic generated, the sales of products, and the donations these same tools provide.

      If you go to Prufrock’s repeatedly referenced site, the very first thing you see is a nice banner soliciting ‘DONATIONS’, plus two additional BIG banners soliciting additional ‘DONATIONS’ for some bullshit projects.

      Similarly, look at Richard Hoagland, a self-professed ‘expert’ on Alien Coverups and Conspiracies — who makes a killing, financially, as a non-profit speaker at various engagements, and who commands a healthy fee for his presentations (during which, not surprisingly, a healthy amount of his materials are always available for sale).

      Richard Gage is the Richard Hoagland of the 911’Truth’ movement – Gage has given speeches at conferences organized by supporters of the 9/11 Truth movement in various locations in the United States and Canada, and has presented his multimedia talk “9/11 Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction” in 14 countries.(…) He went on a tour of European countries in 2008[20] and gave speeches in Australia, New Zealand and Japan in 2009.

      You bet that he was paid for his presentations, or rather his ‘non-profit’ organisation was, and that wherever possible, plenty of materials were available for sale — and that plenty of tools bought it. Just click on the ‘store’ link on — plenty of crap to buy.

      Ask Prufrock how much he bought? How much he sent in for donations? (Feel free to interpret any “none of your business” style reply as “too damn much”)

      “Ask these questions when you view ANY media: WHO is saying WHAT to WHOM and what effect or behaviour are they hoping to elicit or produce? (Prof. Sam Hiyakawa)”

      Indeed — or, in more simple terms, “follow the money” (a simple rule that Prufrock’s obsession appears to blind him to)

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      While you are at it, ask him why he is afraid to venture over here, and post here.

      ….and in answer to your query, yes, I have seen all this stuff before.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Finally, just browse this site:

      Appropriately named, it addresses every single of Prufrock’s whacky pet theories — but far more importantly than that, note that the site has absolutely NO ADVERTISING, NO REQUESTS FOR DONATIONS, and NO PRODUCTS FOR SALE.

      Finally, almost the entire argument that Prufrock is invested in, is based on the famed ‘nano thermite’ material that allegedly brought down the Twin Towers – this entire nano thermite bullshit is so obviously flawed that any school kid can pick it apart, and an increasing number of other 911 critics are now denouncing it as the bullshit that it is:

      In fact, there are plenty of articles on the above willyloman site that are picking apart

      Except that maintains its promotion of it — because they directly profit from maintaining their pseudo-science as ‘truth’ (interesting enough, Willy Loman’s site doesn’t request any donations, or sells anything either).

      Feel free to cross-post any of what I provided here into the Prufie thread, and see how Prufie welcomes ‘intelligent debate’ — I’d be curious to see how fascinating his reply will be, if you even get anything that’s not his usual cut/paste response.

    • uhhh-huh said

      I just checked it out and there isn’t any discussion going on. A handful of posts from No-Proof repeating the same materials. He’s talking to himself. Nobody else has commented over there for about three days now.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      What despite Zero_Prof’s astronomical traffic?

      Even No_Proof’s ardent efforts haven’t created any traffic except the traffic he’s generating himself, talking to himself.

  7. Scampering Jack Wilshere said

    I have no clue what happened to Mr. Purple, but I will say this. His concept of ‘risk management’ was not one for the bashful. Chairman Mao got it right when he wrote that if you’re trading a lot rule #1 is to be sure you live to fight another day. Or something like that.

  8. RealDaffyDuck said

    Odd, isn’t it — after ‘Frodo Baggins’ posted his attempts to draw readers to Kenny’s site, disguised as inquiries, and after I posted plenty of material to study …. he disappears into thin air… 😉

    Just checking back on Kenny’s site, the lack of traffic and content continues – except for the occasional comment spam, and some guy trying to return the conversation back on topic (something that technically should have been Kenny’s job, of course).

  9. Frodo Baggins said

    I watched that building 7 go down on tv. It was blown up. who did it and why?

    i’m not beleiving in all the devil worship shit and 3000 yr old secret society spiel. only that 911 was in some way a set up and quite a few innocents died.

    thats all,

    and i think some people should be punished for murder.

  10. Purple's Alright said


  11. Frodo Baggins said

    stop winking at me you faggot – i’m serious

  12. Steve said

    Good to know Purple is fine. Are you back in Isaan? Your lively stories are surely misses.

    And I truly hope BigDummy does not allow this site to be hijacked by Frodo and the other no-brainers who would probably love to transform it into a silly “9/11 wasn’t what millions saw” forum. Thanks.

    • Purple Spy said

      Yeah. I’m in Isaan — playing online poker to rake in da monies, playing with the babyboy, and riding around to hunt for pussies when im horny. I’m commuting to Kamui, Bangers and Chian Mai every moon or so — when the hunger for sex is too great. Here in the small village we live in, one cant fool around without everybody else knowing it; gossiping spreads any *news* like a wild fire in a dry land. You have all those pumpuii ladies doing nothing but playing cards, eating and watching around in the most quiet, rural and peaceful environment you can imagine. Chickens and cows, rice fields and tons of mandarin trees.

      For instance there was this slut — first time I saw her I an large hardon automatically and violently unfolded — she’s an over-perfumed leggy gal with a dark “big-eyes” make-up. She can’t marry any thai guy coze she apparently slept with all of them. Often 2 or 3 at a time. She walks with her arse uptight as if to say “rape me from behind please”.
      She’s permanently sporting high-heels in rural Isaan.
      She plays cards, have a thai, local boyfriend (a very good looking farmer boy)

      Anyway, this lovely slut — i want to nail her one time, I really to; I have to coze I think of her every time I shaf my gal. I fantasise about jumping her from behind when she adjusts her makeup in front of the mirror in the bathroom(shes comes play cards in our place ’til very plate in the night at least once a week), and then giving her 3 thousand baths (extra cash for the trauma of being virtually raped).

      Anyway, this sexy slut bring one farang in town. She hooked up with him on the Net; he flew from the States to Bangkok, and she brang him to deep rural Issan the very next day. Nice, dark fella; California; late thirties; military body : tight, tanned and well muscled. Half-farang, half-latino. Hansom man. He rented one room 10km or so from the village. Guess what? The very first night; she deserts him for her thai boyfriend !!
      Slutty slut; i like her. She’s so fucking attractive; more sexy than beautiful. Man.
      The American guy disappeared quickly, and the slut had a bankroll of 50 thousands baths or so to play with. She spent a week partying with a few guys, buyying beer and whisky, bar-b-q; and trip to a cambodian casino.
      She lost 25k to my gal — in one night. To celebrate, we brang her mother, the baby boyboy and her 2 brothers to Pattaya (Jomtien) for 2 weeks. Wasn’t my idea — but apparently her mother always wanted to see Patts !?


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Nice to see you’re back, well, and the same old, Purple!

      I’ve had my PSE (PornStarExperience) in BKK on my last trip. BKK’s good for that, isn’t it?

      Never heard back from you about your pad – I assume that one’s gone now, so I’ll have to keep looking for another pad.

    • Purple Spy said

      “mandarin trees”

      that was “tamarin” trees.

    • Purple Spy said

      re PSE

      I never really enjoyed Porn. Soft movies — erotica — can turn me on much much more.
      An oriental pop singer in a short short dress sitting quietly on a sofa can turn me on much more violently than a thirsty californian busty bimbo begging with her tongue to drink the man-juice of two black studs.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I don’t think I implied finding “a thirsty californian busty bimbo begging with her tongue to drink the man-juice of two black studs” while in BKK. No, what I found was a hot and horny punk looking girl in a local GoGo, that alternated between cute girlfriend action, and hot and heavy, loud moaning, squealing, and hoarse screaming and panting action over something like 6-7 packed hours with near continuous action (Banging…. checking email …. Banging …. drinking water …. Banging …. orderig room service …. Banging …. Eating room service …. Banging ….. Showering ….. Banging in the shower …. Emailing pics to my good friends …. panting and banging…. yet get the idea 😉

      I’m just glad I had a corner room, and thus technically no neighbors – albeit not sure how far the noise on the balcony carried. Easily 5-7 pops, over that period (just threw that in, seeing as how ronru has an issue with any guy who manages more than one orgasm per month).

    • Pink Corner Room said

      did you get that fantastic corner room in Ratchada I tipped you?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      No, I stayed in the Anantara on Radjaprasong.

      Trust me, it was a good trade up 😉

  13. Frodo Baggins said

    steve – you are a muppet – and why dont you speak propper english “steve”

    “your lively stories are surely misses”

    if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.

    wait – i get it this is one of the brainwashed “set-up” websites

    fuck it – i’m outta here.

    but before i go.

    me and my mates will take great pleasure in chopping up the robots/week willed script followers.

    you have to go.
    i’m not being cruel man.
    you were to week or too greedy so as to allow yourselves to be controlled.
    us realists cant afford to spend the time helping/fixing you.

    suck my fat one you cheap dime store hoods.

    when the slaughter of the

  14. Steve said

    Frodo, so ur real name is frodo? lol. Hi, I am Steve 😀

    Since when does the whole world have to speak proper English or spell-check something when posting comments on the internet? Your arrogance is sickening. Which foreign language are you able to write on the same level as I write English?

    Anyway, I hope one day Purple Spy comes back and tells us more of his life. Somehow I wished he had a stable job and wouldn’t be a “bet-junkie”. But then his stories might be more boring I assume 😉

    • Purple Spy said

      ” a stable job” ??

      Nobody in their right mind would hire me !! I cant be punctual, and I have a fetish for office ladies in pantyhose…

      Besides, working is for suckers, isnt? — unless of course you really like what you do. Betting is fun and fine. “Hard way to make an easy living” they say.

      I just made a over $7k laying David Miliband to be leader of the Labour Party in the UK.
      And now — for the US mid-terms, Im basically betting on the GOP to win the House. And im betting heavily against Romney and Palin to win the Republican nomination. It’s gonna be a “new” face, fresh blood.

      Poker’s hard however. Made $20k last month; lost 17 this month !! Guess a few players successfully deciphered the way I think about the game… Gulp. I just switched from fulltilt to pokerstars!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Poker’s hard however. Made $20k last month; lost 17 this month !! Guess a few players successfully deciphered the way I think about the game… Gulp. I just switched from fulltilt to pokerstars!”
      Poker’s a great way to lose a lot of money, regularly — just ask Kenny 😉

    • Purple Fly said

      What makes you think Kenny is a losing playah, duck? from which signs did you infer this? — Im curious.

    • His lack of strategic thinking:

  15. Krs1 said

    i met up with this girl named dolores a pranksta
    i said i MC she said “u’re a gangsta”

    then i spread jism like graffiti on her titty
    free styled all night no doubt
    that bitch couldn’t get enough cos she was strung the fuck out.

    classic early nineties easy listening rap music (eh wombat 😉 )

  16. Steve said

    Purple, whatever floats your boat, if you are happy with your life so be it. Loved the story about your “village slut”. That’s exactly what you are missed for… at least by me 🙂 Brin me more! 😀

  17. BigDummyKenny said

    Outstanding Purple Spy. Good to hear you’re enjoying the good life in rural Issan. What betting house are you going through for your political action? Even money on the bets?

    Take notes on your pursuit of the hot village slut and put up a post or two about it. You should still have author privileges.


    • Purple Fly said

      mostly betting on the GOP to win the House next november.

      Im betting on this since Brown won in massachussetts in January — there’s a huge anger in the States; the people are pissed off — even those who have money. They hate Wall Street, and Washington, and the MSM. They hate everyone whos perceived as an insider, as part of the establishment.

      in many states where its a “toss-up” with the Democrat a slight favorite, im shorting the Democrat and buying the GOP face : TN-4, FL-22, IL-10…

      it’s in virtue of this massive hunger of the plebs to ruthlessly kick the ass and beat up the sitting politicos, — to humiliate them at the very least, — that im also shorting Palin and Romney to lead the GOP in the 2012 presidential election : anger calls for new blood and fresh faces; they look like yesterday’s faces of change; they look like insiders, washington-type — even if they’re not.

      Im not betting on obama to win the next Election…

    • Purple Fly said

      Regarding the well-heeled slut : she’s gone to pattaya!
      She brang with her a coupla pumpui girls…

  18. Prufrock (fake) said

    The best way to deal with the Isaan sex bitch. Get her over to your place. Get her drunk with your bird. Be careful you don’t drink too much. When the bitch falls asleep on the sofa, really quiet like, sneak over and put your hand up her skirt. Fiddle with her cunt flaps until they’re nice and juicy and you got your fingers covered in her gunk. Then go in the bedroom, fuck your bird whilst sniffing the wench stench from your fingers. It’s what I used to do with my daughter.

  19. Norman (Prufrock's Dad) said

    @ Prufrock Impersonater.

    I used to do that with your mum while your dad was at work. she was pretty lose and a bit stank but she loved to swallow so i didn’t mind 🙂

    give her my love

  20. Prufrock (fake) said

    Yeah, she was great my mum, no one loves her son more than his mother she used to say. Boy, was she right!

  21. Norman (Prufrock’s Dad) said

    She was a good woman!

    No cock to big – was her mantra.

    What a salt of the world lady!

    Good work fella!

  22. Scampering Jack Wilshere said

    Glad to hear you’re in fine fettle, Mr. Purple. Keep taking money off ‘dem poker stars.

  23. Pete said

    Yes Purple, those swings in online gaming can be nerve-wracking. Keep the faith.

  24. An Anon said

    To the good folks here, an update on you-know-who:

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Thanks Kenny!

    • Wow, Kenny continues to be the same idiot who believes that people have no memory and are not able to use Google:

      Fortunately, it seems others are able to step up and provide much needed insight and additional information.

      Professor Ng in an effort at revisionism claims: “Instead, was about discussing and photographically documenting marriage, dating, love, and sex in Thailand and Asia—The Thailand Girl Scene in speak.”

      Fortunately, the real purpose of has been well documented by the first to break the news, the LA Daily News:

      “The site offered a wide range of reviews and tourism advice about Thailand, but its main focus was on how to meet women in bars, including how to negotiate prices for sex. As Ng phrased it on the site: [B]“Learn how to get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently in the Thailand Girl Scene.””[/B]

      Learning how to get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently (in BigBabyKenny speak) certainly doesn’t sound like a documentary effort on dating, love and marriage, as Prof. Ng tries to white wash it.

      Nice try, though.

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