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DEDICATED to Prufrock

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 18, 2010

Our crack BDK investigation team was able to uncover rare footage of Prufrock in the middle of typing up a response over on BBK’s site.

“The thing about truly crazy people is they don’t know they are crazy, me if I started hearing voices I get to the doctor… Prufrock heads for his keyboard.”

Ain’t that the truth?


25 Responses to “DEDICATED to Prufrock”

  1. uhhhh-huh said

    “The thing about truly crazy people is they don’t know they are crazy, me if I started hearing voices I get to the doctor, Prufrock heads for his keyboard.”

  2. Biz Markie said

    Thats you in the cartoon daffy… “you”

    “The thing about truly crazy people is they don’t know they are crazy, me if I started hearing voices I get to the doctor, Prufrock heads for his keyboard.”

    you champion this most schizophrenic line?

    “me if i started hearing voices I GET to the doctor”

    you or “your friend” dont say “WOULD GO to the doctor” do you?

    So “YOU” DO hear voices, and when you do you go to the doctor?


    I think thats called a Freudian slip?

    right daffy? 😉

    • Yes, Prufie, we know you’re sooooo smart.

      Just not smart enough to resist posting here, after your ‘Dear Leader’ told you to stop posting on; and certain not smart enough to obfuscate your identity.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @Biz “Prufrock” Markie

      Nice try.


  3. uhhhh huhhhh err ummm said

    errr um mmmmmmm de dum dum do….

  4. adman said

    “me if i started hearing voices I GET to the doctor”

    Hahahah hehehe hohoho

  5. SBDOTKU said

    Biz, what are you, 12?

    Funny cartoon RDD. LOL

    And did we ACTUALLY have a real PURPLE siting a couple of posts back? Hey Purp, WHERE YOU BEEN? Give us the scoop.

    Big Baby Kenny? Big Baby TRAINWRECK is more like it. And…I…just…can’t…look…away…

  6. Big Black Gulliver said

    I am really hoping I can be the last comment posted over there. The ONLY reason that I post on BBK at this point.

  7. Big Black Gulliver said

    I don’t really blame Proofie for his attitude. I used to work for an old fart at DHL that was a few months from retiring. He was grumpy, a bit of a know it all, very rude to Junior employees (although they were more talented), paranoid about company and just a royal pain in the fucking ass. Sound familiar?

    Anyway, this guy explained it to me one day. He said “Big Black Gulliver I’m not the bad guy everyone believes I am but I’ve had the same conversation with 20 Mike’s, 20 Tom’s and 20 Big Black Gulliver’s over the years. I’m bored with it, nobody listens to me and I’m burned out and bitter.

    And we come back to Proofie. He believes in a conspiracies that never happened, he’s been in Thailand too long, and lastly he spends way too much of his time on nightlife blogs with a revolving door of new players. In other words, if you Google “Prufrock Thailand” this dude has been talking with himself and pissing people off for a long time!

    Good luck, John…..Love you Man!

  8. Bill Cooper said

    sell out fucks the lot of you.

    forgot to mention brainwashed fucktards too.

    • You base this on excatly…. what?

      You see, I’m confused — wether you actually had a point, or if you’re just displaying Prufie-grade Tourette’s.

      Please, do enlighten us.

  9. Indenial said

    I wrote the original comment on BBK and yes I fucked it up slightly but I think people know what I meant despite the grammatical error. How long would one have to be stuck in a lift with Prufrock before he would invariably start talking about 9/11? One minute? Two? Surely not 3. He loves to sabotage Thailand related blogs with his insane conspiracy ravings, one can only imagine how much time and deluded effort he spends reading and posting at forums and blogs actually dedicated to the subject of 9/11. The mental picture I get of Prufrock is the character played by Mel Gibson in the movie Conspiracy Theory. He’s more to be pitied than despised.

  10. Bill Cooper said

    Prufrock is trying to wake you fuks up

    but like you say – you’re in denial.

    podi podi.

    please note “we” have hacked and now bug all your msn and email accounts and now listen to all your VOIP calls too.

  11. Big Black Gulliver said

    “For those of you wondering where Prufrock has been hiding, my sources inform me that he has been holed up in a hitherto unknown part of Bangkok called “Soi Sauce.” After his merciless beating at the hands of Keith Summers in Isaan, Prufrock was ferried to a private location by that degenerate pederast, Johnnie Tokyo. Prufrock contacted the Canadian Embassy for assistance but was told to “Fuck off.” Unable to flee to Pattaya (he owes 4 million baht to bar owners in Boys Town) Prufrock decided to take refuge in a hostel which caters for those with peculiar tastes. “Soi Sauce” is famous for dwarf-tossing, bestiality and ego-massage: three of Prufrock’s favoured pastimes. At present, the ex-editor-of-a-Canadian-daly-rag is still in hiding.

    Rumours of a mafia contract on Prufrock, worth a staggering 60 baht, are unconfirmed.

    Rumours of Prufrock being impotent have been confirmed (see toilet walls in Landmark Hotel, Bangkok”

    1997 –

    • 2006
      “Besides this particular thread will not die because the persecution of “he with bloodied eye and cloven foot” Prufrock,, must begin again in earnest. The supposed editor of a Canadian comic wants to elbow smash Keith Summers. Prufrock has obviously forgotten Ubon Herald’s excellent report on that topic.

      You lost Pru, live and learn…

      Anyway, I thought you were taking Om Sin (High-class-ho) to Switzerland and selling her? I’m curious to know the final price for this used meat product. Let me know…”

    • 2007
      “Hopefully, with no forum to trawl, Prufrock will try jumping from the Landmark Hotel? How we would love to see that on Youtube…”

    • Honestly, ridiculed by Keith Summers, Prufie simply gets no respect at all.

      What does it tell you if a total nutcase like Keith Summers even ridicules Prufrock?

  12. BigDummyKenny said

    @ RDD – What’s this? Prufrock was banned from a forum? Is that right? But look here, there’s no chance of him jumping from the Landmark for at least two reasons:

    1. He and all his sock puppet friends still have a home where they can act like children at
    2. His campaign to topple those responsible for 9/11 is on the fast track and they will be rounded up and brought to trial at the World Court very soon. Possible before the end of this year

    Should I add a hahaha hehehe hohoho here?

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