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Prufrock’s Confession!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 18, 2010

One of Prufie’s favorite past times on is continually insisting that he does not post under different alias’ – claiming there is no proof.

Well, there is, and here it is!

New comment on your post #4234 “Daffy in Thailand-Version 1.1”

Posted it on September 22, 2009 2:32:50 PM PDT, a Tuesday.
Author : Prufrock (xxxxxxxxxxxx)
E-mail :
URL    :

I have never had any reservations about posting under other names. I think I referred to a relevant Karl Rove post a while back.  I’ve done it on many sites. It’s a trademark of mine.  I love doing it.

I think it’s fun.

This is the internet you pathetic nonce.

There’s the serious stuff and there’s the fun stuff and it’s only sick lying bastards like you that ever mix this stuff.

and then he goes off and continues with the usual tourette’s rantings:

So what are you now? Just because you have your own thread are you the hall monitor???  Enforcing rules that don’t even exist.

Can’t you even fucking read??

Do you just read your own posts, skim mine and mentally block out all the dreadfully embarrassing mistakes you make in your flaying posts?

“no wonder you were ‘let go’” You really are out to lunch.

“let go” ???

Fuck man. Is that your blind stab at me???

Are you so frigging desperate now that you have to take shots in the dark?

Look, strike-out king. Your “Daffy Does Bangers”  page is sadly lacking in the requisite blurry photos and Phechburi Pratunam hot spot candid shots.

You avoid the farang ghettos remember???  So where is all the action you were bragging about??

You complain about Kenneth’s so hey let’s have some of  your pics.

And let’s have some responses to my “Powers That Be” reply to your umpteenth fucking stoopid challenge,  A challenge in which you, once again were as right about that situation as you ever are about anything  😉

You can see all comments on this post here:

Sadly, as you can see, nothing has changed.

I mostly thought this would be a good piece of evidence to keep on file, and to provide a URL location for people to link to, when Prufie spouts off his usual claims to *never* post under alternate alias’.

I mean, “this is is the internet, you pathetic nonce” pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?


33 Responses to “Prufrock’s Confession!”

  1. BigDummyKenny said

    Once every month or two I’ll go through the logs and check out some of the “one hit wonders” (a screen name which appears to make a few insulting or inflaming comments and then never come back) IP addresses. There are at least 20 of these screen names which tie back to the same three sets of sub-network and domain ip addresses with instances where one screen name making multiple comments overlaps into one of the other sub-net and domain ip addresses.

    So they may think their proxy software is getting the job done, but it isn’t. I suppose I could give these people some hints on how to prevent this from happening, but I can’t be bothered at the moment.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      People who believe anonymous proxies are anonymous, protect them, and obfuscate their traces are naive.

  2. Big Black Gulliver said

    You cant just leave it at that? What is the location of some of these one hit wonders? Canada, Bangkok, SoCal, Australia?

  3. I Just keep discovering these gems from Prufie:

    New comment on your post #4234 “Daffy in Thailand-Version 1.1”
    Author : Prufrock (xxxxxxxxxxxx)
    E-mail :

    Odd – isn’t it, for a guy who claims he doesn’t post under an alternate ID.

    I post under many ID’s

    You’re the guy who’s a one name only poster if I remember that correctly.

    I was simply enjoying myself (once again) at your expense.

  4. Bill Cooper said

    I dont use a proxy

    whats my IP you muppet?

    when you’ve gone to true and got my address, come see me.

    bring knives bottles and guns

    you’ll need ’em

  5. BigDummyKenny said


    Interesting that you choose to personally respond to a general comment. Ass for your suggestion, the only thing I would need is my size 12 boot.

    Please read again: “I can’t be bothered at the moment”

    Meaning: You’re insignificant.

  6. Bill Cooper said

    Your websites insignificant… dont you get that?

    If you only come with those boots – i’ll hack em off and send em back to your ma with a load of your broken fingers. I’ll leave you with your eyelids cut off and feed you sleeping pills.

  7. Bill Cooper posting as Bill Cooper but too stupid to remember where he wrote down original e-mail address so different avatar said

    First minute should do you

  8. Bill Cooper posting as Bill Cooper but too stupid to remember where he wrote down original e-mail address so different avatar said


    Only pussy hole bitches like you are teachers.

    Us grafters make money the real way.

    Therefore “your” a teacher and “i’m” a grafter.

    3 businesses 15 staff – how bout you?

    fuck all and fuck all – right?

    you and all your mates (if you have any real ones) are a bunch of cocksuckers.

    Adios Beeatch – see you when i see you.

    • Go scurry, and run away – as usual. Flounce, flounce, flounce.

      Grafters? You? More like Grifters.

      As usual, thou protesteth too much… and for someone who feels this here blog is insignificant, you sure keep coming back, over and over again, under different alias’.

      Little obsessed, aren’t you?

    • This original gloating and empty boasting of ‘Bill Cooper’ is just simply too funny for words — like we’re going to take some insipid, drunk and vehemently bitter expat’s word for it, for how “successful” he is?

      Sorry, buddy, just not gonna happen — do make sure you’re not late to class, though, m’okay?

  9. Bill Cooper posting as Bill Cooper but too stupid to remember where he wrote down original e-mail address so different avatar said


    and i’ll keep coming back to slate you you shit gobbling turd burgling butt fuck battyboy


    • Actually, I *do* love how ‘Bill Cooper’ spelled his original email registration as ‘’ — takes a certain type of dumb-ass to screw that one up — well, that or he’s just (typically) posting while drunk… Doesn’t take much for impotent little guys like him to hit his limit…

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Prufrock AKA Poofucker AKA Dumbfucker AKA Shit For Brains

      You runny steaming slop of jizz vomit. So you’re sick of the comments other people make? How do you think we feel about your comments you fucking self-centered herpes covered pig faced rectum licking lice, blood, cum and shit covered pimpled peckered maggot. HMMMMMMMM? As if the nonsensical ramblings you provide qualify as “comment”.

      You think anyone here cares what you think you Nano Thermite dick sucking cum guzzling conspiracy jizz filled asshole. You apparently drool over the shit BBK pulls out of his ass as if it’s fucking Newton’s Law. It’s nothing more than his opinion. I’d like to see things from your point of view but I doubt my head would go that far up my ass, so go fuck off pecker polisher. You don’t like it go stick that thing you call a head in a sausage grinder. There are hundreds of places where a 1/4 chicken, rice and som tam meals can be had for less than 150 baht, or pork and pad pak, or fish and that’s fact. Understand you cum guzzling, shit smeared cockring licking boil infested dicksucker? Oh I forgot, you make yourself to be highly educated, though you won’t divulge to what extent, so I guess I should address you as Mr. Dicksucker for short. On one hand BBK suggests sex tourists should get out of the tourist areas and here proposes that if you come to Thailand the tourist areas in Bangkok are the places to go so his numbers make sense. A case of him pissing on himself.

      So Mr. Dicksucker, if you want to eat at nice 4 and 5 star restaurants why the fuck come to Thailand? The food from the small family restaurants and carts on small sois and subsois is hands down better value and taste if you know where to go (which is most anywhere, even near the tourist areas). You want your sanitized western meals then stay home and save the airfare you herpes licking ballsack sucking rotmouth ass pirate. With you knowing fuckall about the tourist areas it’s understandable all you know is Soi 4 bug carts and rat droppings of which you are so fond. Then again, for someone who finds a glass full of cum and menstrual blood a pleasant and preferred aperitif it’s understandable.. Of course you know plenty about eating bugs, I won’t challenge that as I’m sure you’ve had plenty of maggots and assorted bugs which fester in the crotch boils of the paid-for ladyboy’s who find you so appealing. Which goes to reinforce the maxim that flies really are attracted to shit.

      You fucking worthless piece of shit. I can see why you troll for ladyboy whores. No woman would put up with the fucking lame brained regurgitated ass fruit that comes out of that cock receptacle on the front of what has some resemblance of a face. Maybe you were married once, but my guess is your wife got tired of you dancing around the house in her tights, a tutu, fluffy bunny ears and a fucking gimp mask smeared in molasses and baked beans with a 20″ dildo hanging out of your ass as part of your foreplay auto-erotic asphyxiation ritual. No? Perhaps it was your incessant rambling to her about your manlove fantasy with your next door neighbor Spike, having your rectum stuffed with his manmeat like a stuffed holiday turkey. Every time you post the same worthless crap I wonder why your dad never considered that his greatest contribution to mankind would have been cumming on your mother’s face.

      I can understand your anger though. I’d be angry too if my mother had asked the doctor why he handed her the afterbirth in the delivery room instead of you. I guess being born looking like a malformed pig faced gargoyle with the dick the size of a sea monkey takes a toll on a person. But that’s not an excuse for stupidity Mr Dicksucker. I’m fucking amazed you aren’t relegated to sitting in a corner playing with your own shit and drinking your piss with the stupid things you say. Which has me wondering if you’re taking pills to make yourself so fucking stupid. See that doctor and have the dosage reduced. Whatever the hell it is it’s working and you should stop before overdosing. There is more to life than self-medication, self-fisting and being called “sugartits” by a 60 year old russian sex tourist. Now isn’t it time for you to get back to the bedroom where Totally Gay waits to cover you in shit, cum, blood, vomit, maple syrup and thermite?

      Keep the snappy comments coming you butt-fucking splint-dick jabba the hut look-a-like, someday you’re bound to say something intelligent.

    • adman said

      LOL. I remember that one. A classic from BBK 1.0 to Zero_Pruf. Very nice.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      They say history repeats itself……………

      Not again says:

      Prufrock always says he’s going to ignore you and never does. He is like a pimple that won’t go away. Like a turd you can’t seem to flush.

      May 10, 2007 11:28 AM

  10. Big Black Gulliver said

    Hmmmmmm is Bill Cooper Kenny or Prufrock? Or is Kenny and Prufrock the same person. Which would make Kenny, Prufrock and ronru the same person. I’m confused! And who was Bill Simmons?

  11. Bill Cooper posting as Grim Reaper said

    Come on Daffy – I’m waiting for you…

    Pills, knife, hot bath…….

    Used up your usefulness for years now.

    Come to papa you window licker

  12. Big Black Gulliver said

    Daffy, you can’t pull the trigger dude! it could be worse you could be a gookamonkey!

  13. Bill Cooper posting as Grim Reaper said

    How could being a gookamonkey be worse then being a..

    snide, bitch ass servant of satan?

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Well as Satan I teach a Yale. The Gookamonkey (badly)at CSUN. Hence, I am better and not worse than him.

  14. Bill Cooper posting as Bill Cooper but too different avatar said

    Answer that i am spastic fuck wad

  15. Bill Cooper posting as MR Gookamonkey said

    Thats MR Gookamonkey to you Big Black Cocksucker

  16. Gookamonkey said


    Please delete the above comment. It is not mine. If you look through the logs you will see I am the original gookamonkey. Maybe change the previous comment to MR Gookamonkey.

    Original Gookamonkey

    Well, not the ‘original’ original. Everyone knows that is Kenny 😉

  17. RealDaffyDuck said

    Ah, ‘Bill’, still chasing balloons (opportunity this weekend at Big Mango), still bragging about fabrications, and still being the same tired two-bit loser from the other places…

    Still bouncing checks, I see …

  18. RealDaffyDuck said

    By the way, can someone translate from the trailer trash slang ‘Bill’ seems to be frenetically posting in..?

  19. Bill Cooper said

    Simple Yes or No answer Daffy.

    Do you think 911 was an inside job/setup
    or do you think it was militant muslims


  20. Bill Cooper said

    sorry – my bad
    do YOU agree with 1st or 2nd option?

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