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The Pentagon!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 29, 2010

We’re back with another installment of the ‘9/11 channel’.

Based on popular demand, and insanely popular call-in requests (well, alright, BKKmilkshakes asked), today’s installment will deal with THE PENTAGON!

…and it’s really an open and shut case, that a single YouTube video can explain.

Honestly – this is all you need to watch:

Any questions?


8 Responses to “The Pentagon!”

  1. Milkshakes — let’s start with this, and feel free to line up a set of additional or explorative questions based on this.

    Honestly, though, the Pentagon situation is pretty cut and dry – once we have agreed and established that it was hijacked airliners that were slammed into the WTC, there’s very little leeway to then assume that the Pentagon ‘hit’ was an independent conspiracy by the government, using a covert missile, with a separate operation to ‘disappear’ the actual flight 77 airplane, its actual crew and its actual passengers — all of which were real vehicles and people, which existed and had a history, and now no longer exist.

    Of course, according to ProofWreck over there, the ‘solution’ is that the government killed everyone of those people, and then killed everyone who did the killing, and finally killed everyone that killed the killers – at which point you have something in the neighborhood of 30,000 missing people that apparently no one is missing. Brilliant plan – and to think that man once ‘worked construction’.

  2. BangkokMilkshakes said

    yup. good video. the lampposts make it an overwhelming piece of evidence for me. the lack of video footage can also be easily explained…because its the PENTAGON, and it got attacked, successfully..why the hell would they allow footage of how that happened to be floating around?

    as we kind of discussed earlier…were the US Government complicit in any way? well…i guess thats impossible to answer….perhaps some of a very select group of people were a lot more ‘complacent’ than others, if you get what I mean.

    the real world is complex. conspiracy theories (and government explanations) are simplistic. it would not take a huge amount of manipulation at an integral level of a countries intelligence networks, to cause (and lets not forget they are for the most part doing a near impossible job) a failure of this scale. when you look at the people at the top – particularly Cheney and Rumsfeld, its also pretty easy to guess at where the ‘complacency’ may have crept in.

    in know you dont need to read any more of this Daffy, but anyone else who needs a healthy dose of facts to counteract Prufrocks random insults, could look here for a bit of an explanation….

    • “…a failure of this scale. when you look at the people at the top – particularly Cheney and Rumsfeld, its also pretty easy to guess at where the ‘complacency’ may have crept in…”
      Exactly — that’s the whole point. Most any new administration brings in people of equal or lesser intelligence and capabilities than themselves, in order to surround themselves with ‘peers’ (for lack of a better word). Subsequently, ascribing a complex and vast reaching conspiracy to people of simplistic background is ‘reaching’, only shows that those positing such a conspiracy are of equal level than those they ascribe it to (yes, ProofWreck, that means you – I’m basically saying that you are just as dumb as Bush, Rumsfeld and (yep) Carl Rove).

      In their case specifically, we had complacency, coupled with arrogance and incompetence of mythic proportions — while Rumsfeld had the brilliant strategists of the US Armed Forces picking up most of his slack, John Ashcroft was a disaster, as was Michael Brown, and pretty much everyone else placed and appointed in critical positions by the Bush administration.

      If anything, the Islamic masterminds behind the plan deserve kudos for having managed to devise and pull off such a plan with essentially 20 short-tempered sheep herders – but that was basically 50%; the other 50% were pure bloody luck that the Bush administration unwittingly helped them along by not just appointing morons (“thanks for cutting counter terrorism budgets, and ignoring obvious warnings from the FBI, Mr. Ashcroft”), but by creating a culture and atmosphere of complacency and ‘yes’ sayers.

      The more or less carefully devised plan alone WOULD have failed (there were plenty of warning signs that went up like flares that the FBI and foreign services picked up), but at the end of the day, those were ignored, or brushed off — not as part of some cabalistic conspiracy, but because the morons in charge thought “this can never happen here” (ignoring the USS Cole, the prior attack on the WTC, and plenty of history…)

      If you *really* want to pursue the trail of tragic mistakes — not going all the way in the first Gulf War (which is what made the second one inevitable); not disarming Saddam effectively; supplying and supporting the Mujjahideen in Afghanistan, and thus training Bin Laden; Allowing the Shah of Iran to fall, and denying him support when the Islamic revolution was brewing.

      In fact, if you want to bring all that down to one administrative failure, and one single event that caused all subsequent events — the situation with the Shah of Iran, and Ayatollah Khomeini would be it. Jimmy Carter influenced Reza Pachlevy to not kill Khomeini, but to send him into exile, and subsequently refusing to help his ally, the Shah, when the Islamic Revolution was spreading and dethroning him.

      The Middle East would be a 180 degree different place, if Iran had remained in power as a Western satellite – Thanks for nothing, President Carter!

  3. Bill Cooper said

    You’re fucking kidding me right??!! 🙂

    I’m a Halloween joke….. right??!! 🙂

  4. trump said

    This is one of the most comprehensive collections of interview from eye witnesses concerning the jet which hit the pentagon.

    From these accounts it’s apparent there were pieces of plane all over the place. From the highway where the lamp posts were hit to the lawn of the pentagon.

    Those people who believe it was something other than a passenger jet are fools.

    • Great find on those links, and thanks for contributing to this thread. Even though the site you linked to skirts close to the “we need an investigation / the official story has holes” rhetoric, the links you pointed out nevertheless pretty obviously support that a real plane hit the Pentagon 😉

      Yeah, I have no idea how people like ProofWreck reconcile the obvious and clear publicly available evidence like the information you posted.

      Frankly, I stop reading his diatribes after the introductory 1-2 sentences, or as soon as he descends into incoherent ramblings and rantings.

      I have no doubt the recently discovered bombs in the cargo are also part of the vast secret cabal’s plan of economic dominance, or whatever he believes in this week.

      ProofWreck’d be quite the thesis material for Dr. Zimmerman (catch that reference 😉

  5. adman said

    One thing about the CCTV video. Nobody expected the need to capture 30+fps for individual still frames of a jet going 500mph when the camera was setup (even if they had, put a moron like BBK behind the controls and they still would have been shit). The security cameras were reported as being Philips LTC 1261 shooting at about 1fps.

    Most this stuff has been covered. Over 120 eye witnesses reported seeing a jet. Not one person went to a liberal media outlet and said, “I saw a missle.”

    Nuff said. 😉

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