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Dummy’s Guide to Website Quality

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on November 1, 2010

Most website work alright, if you visit them from your desktop browser.  The devil’s in details, though, and that’s where we start to separate the wheat from the chaff.  For example, which site would you rather visit on your mobile device:

Taking a short hiatus from the “9/11 channel”, I’m going to redirect back to Kenny and his Oeuvre d’Art, the website.  Ignoring for  a moment that Kenny’s site is all but dead these days (no new articles, no updates, only to occasional censorship performed not even by Kenny himself), I’d like to address some of the related issues responsible for Kenny’s lack of attracting quality contributors.

The introductory two image demonstrate how BBK and BDK present themselves to visitors on a mobile device – in this case, the ubiquitous iPhone platform (which just so happens to be the most popular mobile platform used to access websites).   Kenny’s site doesn’t even bother presenting his regular theme, but presents itself in a very, very broken manner instead.

BDK presents a theme optimized for mobile devices (in fact it looks the same on Android phones, or Palm webOS devices – I honestly don’t care what it looks like on Windows Mobile). Of course, you could turn off the mobile optimized theme for BDK – in which case, the comparison looks like this:

Still doesn’t look very good for BBK, does it?  But wait, I recall that this issue was brought up to Kenny in the early days of, and he was even offered numerous solutions to remediate the situation – his answer?

A public put down of the iPhone as  “silly toy”, and his holding up high his Android based mobile phone, the T-Mobile G1 as the better solution. So, maybe he optimized his site for his preferred Android platform, right?

Fair enough.

As luck would have it, I bought the latest and greatest Android mobile phone during my last trip to BKK – an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S,which I am currently using to test Android compatibility for client websites.

Thus, I have the perfect tool at my disposal to verify Kenny’s claims.

Disregarding the fact that installing a screenshot utility took quite a while (on an iPhone, you just press 2 buttons), I upgraded the Galaxy S to Android 2.2, in order to make sure we have the best version of the mobile operating system.  Here’s what we got (with the BDK versions juxtaposed alongside) :

Yeah, still not looking good for Kenny, is it?

It gets even worse if we throw the iPad platform into this comparison:

This is just the visual aspect of it – if we were to now attack the functional aspects of how both websites work (or, fail to) on the respective mobile platforms, Kenny’s work just plain falls apart.   While our site is fully functional on all platforms (i.e. you can read it, you can post comments, etc…), on Kenny’s site (as you can see), you can barely read it, but it is entirely impossible to post comments from a mobile device.

Sure, you can enter your name and email address in the respective fields, but the actual comment entry field does not allow you to enter anything on the mobile devices (i.e. the field never becomes active, no matter how much you tap on it).   This alone is what makes Kenny’s site extremely user-hostile to visit – if you wanted to contribute to any of the discussions (ha!) while you are mobile, you simply couldn’t.

In contrast, welcomes debate and discourse, and as such you are fully capable of contributing from any of the popular mobile platforms.   Since I post the vast majority of my comments while mobile, this suits me just fine (and it allows me to contribute actively).   This is simply not possible on Kenny’s site – which is why all you end up with are regular commenters like ProofWreck and his many alias’, as he is glued to his keyboard at home, or at his school.

This is one of the main reasons why I am not willing to ‘debate’ anything with ProofWreck on Kenny’s site – that, and the inability for Kenny’s site to allow in-line images, which makes any kind of discussion of factual proofs near impossible as well.

Of course, Prufie could always pop over to present his side, and maybe we’d stop calling him Zero_Proof.


20 Responses to “Dummy’s Guide to Website Quality”

  1. Bill Cooper said

    Bill Cooper (as bill cooper)


    I’m a goat.

    Where I come from we have a saying. You can apply this to me (said loosely you understand).

    Whereas kennys (not so pretty) site (even though he himself is MIA) is populated by free thinking drunk people, your “flashy glitzy high tech” site is populated by goats (including myself)

    “A monkey in silk is a monkey no less”

    I am that monkey.

    Shock (treatment) the monkey.

    • Thank you for being such an active participant – in fact you are far more active over here, than you are over there. That should tell you something …

      Would you mind listing the population of free thinking, intelligent participants on Kenny’s site, please, because I can’t see any. (well aside from Gulliver or myself, but we’re over here as well).

      Thanks for your help, John.

  2. Bill Cooper said

    no problem daffers 🙂

    such a spasticated nonce of a website deserves a few visits from the sherrif either
    a) to make you turn off this piss ant exscuse for a website
    b) make people laugh you into the grave

    either way.. you’re a muppet 🙂

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    I think you need to go out of your way to screw up installing a wordpress template. The most difficult part is getting multiple images in a post to align correctly. The toggle for desktop or mobile is part of each template, so anyone who doesn’t have that function on their wordpress website had to purposely remove that code.

    @Bill Cooper – Don’t you get tired of posting your non-stop stream of brainless comments? I can tell you I get tired of seeing them (which is why they usually go to the trash bin). I know everyone has a right to act an idiot but you abuse that right.


    • We could always put up a BC section and dump all his OT stuff in there.

    • As for WordPress – Kenny is running a self-hosted version on his own server and managed to screw it up by installing a plugin to ‘enhance’ the editor (not sure what he was enhancing) – it interferes with the mobile plugin, which causes those problems.

      Of course, the latest version of either plugin would fix sone of these issues, but Kenny hasn’t updated the site since he was last told about security issues – last year.

      Then again, good thing he’s so inept, or else we wouldn’t have the tracking cookie that’s still seeding from his site, tellings us his stats and traffic information.

      Hahaha hehehe hohoho

  4. adman said

    Only 18-21 unique visitors per day.

    Hahahah hehehe hohoho indeed!

  5. adman said

    Yes RealDaffyDuck, 18-21 unique visitors was the count of unique visitors the Bigbabykenny v1.0 site was getting per day when BBK was claiming “record traffic”. That was according to several stats tracking websites.

    That was just before it all went tits up and he decided to remove all the content.

    Which, you know, is the ultimate form of censorship 😉

  6. Riff Raff said

    To the administrator attention:

    It is debatable which home page looks better on the screen but undoubtedly shows the latest comments much clearer, easy to follow and with the first couple of lines displayed.
    On this blog I find it cumbersome to trace comments and after a day or so they no show anymore on the homepage and disappear into the abyss.

  7. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Daffy – Suddenly he’s a bit shy. Maybe busy with 5th grade crossword puzzles. You know, trying to up his game a bit.

    • Maybe something important came up — you know, maybe it’s the annual goat shaving contest, or something (I figured I would say something he can identify with).

  8. Big Black Gulliver said

    I guess its impersonation time for me on the Big Baby Kenny again.

    Once again, I did not post any comments on that site anymore.

    What a sandbox of little kids that place has become.

    Watching Kenny and his two friends talk to each other is like watching two monkeys trying to fuck a football. It fun for about 10 minutes then you realize there is no endgame.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      WTF are they talking about? A comment by Steve Green was posted, then removed on here????

      What, when, where and how?

      I’m never sure with these guys if they are just genuinely insane or really confused.

      Oh, right, “goats” – genuine nuts.

      I don’t get Kenny – I mean these guys are fun … for about 10 minutes. I think Kenny is starting to realize that they don’t care about him, are not his friends, and have their own agenda that is risking to eclipse Kenny’s. Too late for that, of course.

  9. Big Black Gulliver said

    Riff Raff (dumb ass sockpuppet # ?) says:
    January 24, 2011 at 3:40 am

    Apparently my comments on DumbFuck “too intelligent for anyone to challenge” own blog do not fall into the compulsory kiss ass and are now subject to auto moderation and immediate deletion.

    I’m not sleeping well since

    —— ROTFL

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