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“chiiiirrrrppppp – chiiiirrrpp”

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on November 7, 2010

Recently an amusing commenter has started posting “chiiiirrrrppppp – chiiiirrrpp” as comments over on Kenny’s site. As much as the message he’s driving home appears amusing, it also begets the real question of how dead, exactly, is Kenny’s site?

From the looks of it – very.

“chiiiirrrrppppp – chiiiirrrpp”, indeed.

"I'm not going to let anyone make me take it down," Ng said in a recent interview. "That's just a personality thing."


36 Responses to ““chiiiirrrrppppp – chiiiirrrpp””

  1. adman said

    LOL ^^

    Disclaimer: “^^” is not a glyph.

  2. Bullet dodger said

    He should be counting his blessings. A professor writing articles about how to hit on and pick up girls in university libraries? Drinking in bars with underage girls? Complete lack of self-awareness? This had Cooks Source potential.

  3. Bill Cooper said

    Still a sad bunch of numpty fucks 🙂

    Glad to see that some things in life remain stable and predictable 🙂

    Keep up the good work girls 🙂

    • Oh, we are – after all, it appears that us numpty fucks are now having 6-7 times the traffic of Kenny’s site (which isn’t saying much, frankly).

      Now, scurry along and make sure you’re not late to class, ‘Bill’.

  4. Pete said

    Kenny Ng’s big mistake was to hide behind his blog and attack anyone who didn’t agree with his point of view. Instead of having open discussion he promoted name calling and ad-hominem attacks. People who had reasonable comments and opinions quickly grew tired of his little clique (myself included) and discontinued visiting his website. So I am not surprised at the outcome.

  5. Bill Cooper said

    so you and all your 2 mates (+ 3x schizophrenic personalities each) care about stats?

    bbk was a dumbass site but respect to prof ng for his free speech policy.

    6-7 posts (researched very hard + photoshop work) about a defunct site??

    you the saddest motherfucker on the planet daffney.

    and yes – i will be here to remind you 🙂

    you spend two days composing a ridiculous bitchy thread, and i will take one minute to slate your pussy ass efforts


    • Bangers Bill said

      Your comment illustrates the type of regular who is attracted to, as well as why there are no comments on BBK which have anything worthwhile to say on topic.

      In addition, your quip on free speech is laughable. When confronted with pressure by his peers concerning the content on his website he deleted everything. Looking back then, before everything was deleted, he would selectively pick and choose what comments he would edit and which ones he would not based upon his personal biases. Something he continues to this day.

      Although I agree BDKs efforts concerning BDK are a bit excessive, I find the images in this post humorous.

      I would guess that you probably do not because of your ongoing “war” with RealDaffyDuck. I would only suggest that you get over it, be happy and enjoy life instead of the miserable sod you appear to be online.

  6. Bill Prufrock Cooper said

    Daffy you

    i am a fuck

    why you postin bangers bill?

    is i a goat?

  7. RealDaffyDuck said

    …. you sure spend an inordinate amount of time on a ‘bunch of insignificant fuckwits’, not to mention going out of your way to do so in our playground.

    Oh, that’s right, your sandbox was kinda abandoned, wasn’t it? Kinda getting “ronery”?

    Why don’t you go write up some drivel about 47 columns?

  8. Bill Goat Banger Cooper said

    [Editor Note-Superfluous stupid comments rolled up into one superfluous stupid comment]

    your mums an ugly goat

    thats why i bang her from behind


    but she makes the right noises

    • Bullet dodger said

      So you bang goats? Props for manning up & coming clean. Some folks would just lie and say they bought the goat ice cream.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      I really hope that Prufrock didn’t write this! This guy really is turning out to be the loser I always knew he was. Another dipshit English Teacher in Thailand. I have never met a more arrogant bunch of underachievers in my life!

  9. Poofcock said

    Felching rocks.

  10. It would appear that Kenny has found new popularity, judging by a new wave of comments:

    Yummy Comment SPAM

    Comment SPAM!


  11. MongerSEA said

    The second photo at the top… Ken Junk-Eel, Eternal Leader?

  12. Big Black Gulliver said

    I wonder when CSUN realized they had made a hiring error. It had to be in the late 80’s when after 5 years Kenny was still couldn’t take on anything more than entry level classes, hadn’t published anything and had already gained a reputation as a social misfit and sexual harassment liability. (word on the street is Mr. Ng had a couple of episodes early in his career before the harassment case became fashionable)

  13. Big Black Gulliver said

    Additionally funny is that Mr. Free Market (Dr. Kenneth Ng) was actually hired under a mandatory “Asian Preference” quota that was implemented in the mid 80’s to accommodate for the larger and larger number of Asians attending school at CSUN. In other words, his background (University of Buffalo for god sakes)and talents (none as it turned out) had anything to do with him being hired in the first place.

    Free market indeed!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Wow, you just keep digging up the goodies..

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Digging nuggets on that fat bastard Kenneth Ng is akin to sitting in a Colorado creek bed circa 1863 and the gold just comes to you.

      There is a long line of people passed over that are really barking loud at CSUN about Ng these days.

      Picture a cold Buffalo morning and a little rotund kid walks out the door yet again for some torture at the bus stop. The bus approaches the corner and sure enough, the fat little yellow kid gets shoved.

      Not much has changed over the years except the stakes!

      10 for 1 rule is always in effect!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Where did his parents go wrong?

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Well maybe the rice bowl haircut and dressing him in the black pajamas living in Buffalo during the late 60’s had something to do with it?


      Maybe it was the first set of pinstriped pants they bought him


      Maybe it was the fact that they made the huge regrettable mistake of having sex in the first place.

  14. Big Black Gulliver said

    Fuck it I’ll just post it here, there is more traffic anyway………….

    Big Black Gilliver says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 20, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    LOL I remember Ng boasting how he enjoyed making the girls beg in his hotel room for some money to go shopping. If anyone has some issues with women and “real” relationships its Kenneth Ng. Taking pictures and writing unwarranted semi-fictional sexual stories about her………….AND GIVING IT TO HER????????? A student at CSUN?
    Creepy! When he loses his job he can go teach with Proofie and fit right in with the mutant masses here in Bangkok.

    • Ng teaching English in Bangkok? Sounds like his dreamjob.

      Personally, I think he’s more likely to take up online Poker professionally — because, you know, he’s got a system… 🙂

  15. Big Black Gulliver said

    Dear University Administrators–

    I was appalled and surprised to find out about the issue surrounding the sex trafficking hobbies of one of our own professors. The reason I am writing to you today is because the amount of disgust that I have for this issue is compounded by my own experiences with this particular professor.

    I have professor Ng this semester for Economics 160. The class is taught from the perspective that the West is the Best and that non-westerners are for the most part fools to conduct themselves in any other way. It goes so far as to make it seem like its no big deal for us to prey upon them because it ‘only makes sense.’

    I know that economically speaking the west has a higher GDP etc etc. I am not offended by an analysis of fact, but I have always felt extremely uncomfortable in that class because of the way Professor Ng makes fun of other nations and economic strategies. For instance, he says that anyone who thinks that China is a major superpower in the world is only an idiot tricked by the liberal media because their per capita GDP is low. I did not understand how this one tiny fact could diffuse an entire discussion about what that means, nor did I feel that he was correct.

    I am, however, disgusted to find that the bigotry that makes me so uncomfortable during class is also responsible for this other website. While I was surprised to learn that a professor was involved in the promotion of sex-trafficking, I am sad to say that I was not surprised when I learned which teacher it was.

    I have heard that he has done nothing illegal, etc etc. I hope that you will take actions to demonstrate a clear and unified University response to this issue, especially because the attitudes that allow this man to advocate taking advantage of underprivileged and under aged girls are the exact same attitudes with which he is educating an entire class and shaping the way they perceive their relationship with the rest of the world.

    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Please be an administration who will hear the voices of students when the dignity of human life is being maliciously and disgustingly discarded.

    Mark Gravender

    • Wow, that’s pretty harsh!

      Albeit, I do find myself oddly agreeing with one opinion of Ng’s:

      “For instance, he says that anyone who thinks that China is a major superpower in the world is only an idiot”

      I would tend to agree with him on that – China is hardly a superpower, no more than a legitimized sweatshop is a superpower. IMO.

    • Dear Dr. Jennings,

      I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Rebecca A. DiStefano and I am a writer and resident of Providence, Rhode Island. I am writing to implore you to take action against Professor Kenneth Ng for his egregious promotion of the rape and sexual slavery of women and children in Thailand. His website explicitly encourages international travel for the purpose of engaging in deviant behavor, including, but not limited to, the rape, molestation and sodomizing of children.

      Dr. Jennings, this is a travesty of global proportions. Sexual slavery and human trafficking are a billion dollar industry and we who are free and educated must do everything in our power to help free the millions of women and children forced into prostitution through coercion, force, violence and ignorance.

      Professor Ng is supposed to be a role model, teaching his students about the world and how they can make a difference. Yet he is encouraging, endorsing and supporting the most heinous of crimes and hiding behind a veil of “freedom of speech.” The only way freedom of speech can operate at its true core is for EVERYONE to be free to speak what they want and the countless women and children forced to service paying customers day after day have NO voice. And they deserve one!

      Please do not close your eyes or turn your head on this matter. You can make a difference and show the world that this type of behavior is not tolerated and not acceptable.

      I do not know if you are a mother, but if you are, imagine it were your child being forced into prostitution. Imagine some teacher from the most powerful country in the world PROMOTING the rape of your child and ENCOURAGING men to spend money to travel to rape your child. This is the reailty of these women and children every single day. As a mother, I worry about my children endlessly and it makes me sick to my stomach to think of these innocents being violated.

      If you do nothing, if you sit by and let this happen, your university’s hands have blood on them: the blood of innocent women and children who are being raped, abused, destroyed and abandoned. The effects of sexual assault kill the spirit and break people down physically, emotionally and mentally. That is on you and your university if you choose to ignore Professor Ng.

      I pray you will do the right thing.

      Kind Regards,
      Rebecca A. DiStefano

    • CSUN faculty disgusted by Ng website

      Posted by Melanie Williams , Chair, Dept. of Business Law at California State Univ., Northridge on April 22, 2010 at 8:45pm EDT

      I am a professor at California State University, Northridge, Professor Ng’s institution. I am appalled by Prof. Ng’s website. While recognizing that the university must follow university policy and faculty contracts in handling the matter, I wish that there were a definitive statement decrying the promotion of sex tourism. It can hardly be a violation of anyone’s employment rights for his colleagues and supervisors to take a stand against the sexual exploitation of disadvantaged girls in third world countries. It is no defense, in my opinion, that the website was not initially linked to Professor Ng nor the university. It is linked now and that linkage reflects on all of us.

      In addition to the statute cited in the article, I draw attention to 18 USC section 2252B(b) which prohibits misleading domain names on the internet “with the intent to deceive a minor into viewing material that is harmful to minors”. The name of Prof. Ng’s website sounds jolly enough (it’s not named, for example, “” and there is no screen blocking access to minors.

      Finally, I disagree with those who found no evidence of child pornography. In one section “Big Baby Kenny” describes how to get underage girls into sex clubs and, in a responding blog, a writer asks for tips on photographing children. This at least raises the issue of whether the site is assisting the market for child pornography. Prof. Ng’s site is commercial – he charges for ad space – so this is not simply a first amendment issue.

      I appreciate many of the comments posted on this site and hope that you will do what you can to assist CSUN to act in ways that uphold human rights.

    • Reprinting some of the other letters to CSUN from Google’s cache, as John Foubert (who originally put up that page) suddenly and without warning took that page down, after he was given information on Ng using university resources to operate and administer his website.

      Interestingly enough, despite the University administration having been given the same information, nothing has changed, as he’s still using the same resources. (except for Kenny keeping an extremely low profile, switching his ‘updates’ to an automatically scheduled event, and no longer posting comments — well, *NO ONE* is posting comments anymore).

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