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WTC Collapse & 47 Columns: Explained!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on November 18, 2010

So, here’s a final video explaining pretty succinctly, what caused the collapse, and debunking the last, major strawman argument of ProofWreck — the (non-) melting of steel.

This may very well be almost our last installment of the Prufrock Channel – not just because ProofWreck has proven himself to be a spineless coward (no surprise there, I know), nor because there’s only so much we can laugh at him, but because at one point the dead horse has been been beaten enough.

Pretty self-explanatory:


6 Responses to “WTC Collapse & 47 Columns: Explained!”

  1. End Of Story said

    My oh my, Prufrock sure does like to post a considerable amount of, well, garbage. While perusing the daily collection added to the digital landfill known as, well, you know where it’s from, I came across this:

    “Despite the nano-thermite, and no matter how ridiculous the official story of Al-Qaeda is, the majority still believe that 19 hijackers from a cave crashed jets into two buildings at the World Trade Center….”

    This all sounded too polished for it to be his original thought. It looked to be a cut and paste job. Maybe from some nutjob newsletter mailing list he’s on or another website, so I hit up yahoo as well as google with the phrase

    “the majority still believe that 19 hijackers from a cave”

    I wasn’t disappointed. A couple pages filled my computer screen. Good to know that one of Prufrock’s mantras in life is “do as I say, not as I do” or more accurately, “you need to stop doing what I complain about others doing, even though I do it myself”. That aside, the reason for bringing this up is to point out the extent that guys like Prufrock (truthers) mix and match information to meet their agenda (and it isn’t truth).

    The phrase, ”the majority still believe that 19 hijackers from a cave crashed jets into two buildings” attempt to impress upon the gullible a thought that the hijackers came straight from caves, snuck into the US, got control of passenger jets and crashed them into building. If you know anything about the background of the hijackers, the myth the Prufrockers try to impart on the reader falls to pieces.

    What facts? Oh, things like several of the hijackers coming from wealthy families, over 60% of the hijackers being college educated. Don’t forget that little unmentioned fact that the hijackers lived in the US for months, and in many cases for years, flying in and out of the US multiple times and avoiding apprehension the entire time.

    But changing the above statement to something like, “the majority still believe that 19 hijackers from primarily wealthy and middle class Arab backgrounds, the majority being university educated and having lived in the US for years, successfully avoided the authorities and completed enough training to hijack and crash jets into two buildings” just doesn’t quite create the same image in one’s mind.

    My apologies. After all, who am I to get in the way of a good story? My apologies for not getting on the mailing list or reading the memo. Cut and paste away Prufrock, cut and paste away.

    • Yep, our Prufie’s sure a good strawman builder (something he loves to accuse others of).

      The airplane wing story is another excellent example of that. What I posted is exactly what I told him initially – in his teardown, the story morphed into not just Summers having sent me the picture (instead of posting it on his website), but a whole lot of additional embellishments and details, that not only were never part of the original tale, but which he then proceeded to ‘debunk’ with his numerous experts.

      This is just another example, along with your exposé of his strawman methods, why the veracity of everything he presents is questionable. (well, not that that’s obvious).

      Thanks for taking the time with your post.

  2. Trooper said

    That is the weakest shit i’ve ever seen.
    How can you be so dumb to post that? (actually don’t answer)

  3. PrufShocked said

    “A series of explosions will take place and a whole floor will be blown to pieces,” he wrote. “Then the top part of the building will fall on the bottom part, and the tower will collapse within seconds.” This is what Simensen believes happened in the two World Trade Center towers.

    This isn’t obscure chemistry, Simensen says; the U.S. Aluminum Association has recorded 250 accidental molten aluminum/water explosions worldwide since 1980. “Alcoa in Pittsburgh [the worldwide leader in aluminum production] has done a series of such explosions in special laboratory in order to understand what can prevent such explosions and what are the most dangerous situations,” he wrote. “For instance they let 30 kilograms [66 pounds] of aluminum react with 20 liters [5.3 gallons] of water, which resulted in a large hole 30 meters [98 feet] in diameter, and nothing left of the laboratory.”

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