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Big Does Si Ratcha

Posted by BigDummyKenny on November 20, 2010

I promised Big Dummy Kenny that I would give him a little taste of the life waaaaayyyyyyyy down in Si Ratcha. I’m not a kiss & tell or party & tell kind of guy but a promise is a promise. In reality, it’s sort of boring posting all your crazy activities in Thailand and I’ve found the guys having the most fun usually keep it to themselves.

The guys banging LBFM’s in Soi Cowboy, Soi 22, Nana and especially Pattaya love to tell the world about it.
I’ve been nursing a hangover for nearly two weeks. How the Japanese lost to us in the big war is beyond me. They work hard and party even harder. I don’t know if you guys have ever made it to Si Ratcha but there is quite a scene going on down there. Albeit geared to Japanese and Korean dudes but if you go with them, WOW!

My life for the past three weeks has been spent after work heading to some Japanese Restaurant in Si Ratcha where immediately upon arrival cold Saki and the even colder Sapporo Beer begin to flow. By the time
discussion of business finishes I freely admit to being shitfaced. I somewhat pride myself on drinking ability but these guys can drink you under the table with the efficiency of a Yamazaki Assembly Line.

Here is a place we hit up on multiple nights. Good food right across from the park in Si Ratcha that faces Koh Si Chang. Easy walking distance to the “local” nightlife areas. There is a great Karaoke place out the door to your right and one block down.

Sorry for the quality of pictures but I’m not a tourist and unlike Professor Kenneth Ng don’t want to look like a fucking nerd in my travels around town with a big camera strapped around my neck!

We would arrive at the restaurant around 8 pm and stumble out into the night usually around 11pm or Midnight headed immediately to the Karaoke Joints. Kenneth Ng always told me to wear quality fabrics when looking for hookers in Thailand so I had on my finest shirts from Savile Row Tailors nearly every night.

Right around the corner is this place called Mermaids……

perfect, young ,white skinned and expensive girls with the option to take them upstairs after a minimum of 1 bottle of whiskey with mix and a cool 4000 Baht put in the hands of the old guy on duty.

Were they worth it?

Don’t know but we had a good time inside.

I didn’t ask, but there were clearly some underage girls in there and available.

The Japanese guys really tend to like them young and this place definitely setup for the clientele.

Maybe the underage thing Ng inherited from his dad.

Who knows?

At the other end of the Soi is this place. I never did catch the name but this must be the Mecca for small bodied little white skinned Japanese Hook’s. All cute as a button and very, very friendly. The MO is the same with the Farang girls in Bangkok (they want a foreign boyfriend to pay for everything) except that a number of these girls are working and going to school in either Bangkok or here in Chon Buri at various Universities. The names Burapha and Thammasat were mentioned often. Mentioned why? I’ll leave that up to you.

We usually ended up here. Where the atmosphere was great but the girls weren’t the quality of the previous two places. However, I met a real cutie here that it took some convincing to leave the place with me at the end of the night. She told my friends in Japanese that she had never been with a Farang before and had a real reluctance to go.

The whole approach is much more subtle and feels more like finding a steady girlfriend rather than taking home a working girl. I know it’s the same but the “feel” is different. These guys all rent an “extra” condo or apartment here in town. Sometimes they have two, one for the regular girlfriend where she lives and one setup to take girls home from the bar to. Like me, they all have a wife at home and need to “make it home” even if this means 20 minutes before you shower and need to perform the whole routine all over again.

Here is the place right down the Soi from the mall in Si Ratcha.

I took Mai back to the room I have rented here in town. 5000 Baht a month with Aircon, a great view of city and a decent TV service. As I write this I’m watching the Utah Notre Dame game.

The night I met Mai and her friends they told me they study at Burapha during the day and work in the Karaoke Joint at night. I called bullshit via my friend and told her to send a picture the next day of them at school. Sure enough the next day I got the picture on my mobile phone as proof!

The girl on the right in Jap style all the way. These guys love them tall, a little thick and with big boobs. Me, I’m the opposite give me a little spinner and I’m a happy boy!

To say this girl is hot would be an understatement. Five foot tall and 38 Kilo with a perfectly proportioned body. The downfall is of the course the typical. No shaved snatch and she doesn’t really know how to fuck Farang Style……yet!
Get banged, better, cheaper and faster………I’ve had this girl in the condo for nearly four weeks and I stop in to fuck her at least four times per week. Usually during lunchtime or when she doesn’t have school that day. Yes, she works in the Karaoke Joint still but I don’t care. Without a doubt she also has a Japanese Dude paying for school and possibly a car.

Pro Rated out at 4 times per week with the Condo rental I’m tracking at 300/400 a pop for a young good looking Thai College Girl.

Get banged, better, cheaper and faster Indeed! Thanks Professor Kenneth Ng for all you help! I never learned anything from you at CSUN but I certainly did at

One crazy co-worker has this girl shacked up on Koh Si Chang and slips away during the day to bang her. A 16 years old with the cockiness of a Baccara Girl. That’s him in the blue shirt. Hilarious!

This routine of partying went on for 21 straight days and nearly killed me by the time it was over. Every day I had to wake up early and catch a small tender boat that took us over to Koh Si Chang for work. Nothing like a daily hangover with a boat trip first thing in the morning.

If you go to one of these places buy a bottle and be prepared to pay a min of 3000 Baht out the door for the girl.

Peace. BBG

[Thanks to Big Black Gulliver for this writeup – BDK]


17 Responses to “Big Does Si Ratcha”

  1. Bill Cooper said

    i wish i could fuck them girls for breakfast but i ain’t got no game or scratch.

  2. adman said

    Good for you Bill. Glad to see you acknowledge your shortcomings and know your boundaries.

  3. Big Nigger Juice said

    What wheels you driving, nigger? Don’t be tellin me it be some cracker truck, i got a pimped up 1968 Benz. Dat bitch be da shit an if you aint got da wheels i be stealing her from ya faggot ass lil’cock for me stable, beetch.

  4. Damn me! I should have hopped on a plane and headed down there – to think that I was in Koh Kood for 3 days and Koh Chang for 3 days during that time — we should have made more of an effort.

  5. Big Black Gulliver said

    If memory serves me correctly you were also busy with two ladies on your arm (and other places) the entire time.

  6. Bill Cooper said

    big nigger juice sucking gulliver.

    you fucked 🙂

  7. Bill Cooper said


    how many fucking schizo personalities you got?

    nuff said


    • Just one.

      How are your 15 imaginary employees, and 3 imaginary business?

      Didn’t know that standing in line, drunk, is considered a ‘business’, though — I guess more in the style of “none of your god damn business…!” kinda thing, right?

      I guess they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada… or in Thailand, so bummer, looks like you’ll have to hurry to make it back to class.


  8. Karl Rove said

    Mr. Gulliver,

    During your time there did you per chance see any buildings built with steel columns with traces of nano thermites? Prufrock is trying to gather evidence for his truthers trial and rumor has it much of the WTC steel made it to Asia.

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