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One Year Later

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 14, 2010

Hard to believe a year has already come and gone since BDK came online. Time flies. Who would’ve guessed the changes we’ve witnessed since we took to the internet last December. The original intent and purpose of spoofing BBK.COM came to a screeching halt with the implosion and self-censorship of BBK.COM in April. I think it took many people by surprise. BBK.COM remains a tattered and torn eggshell of it’s former self, now relying on the Prufrock 9-1-1 conspiracy tirades and the desk drawer full of sock puppets to keep the site alive.

It would be improper to say that Mr. Ng learned the hard way that the anti-sex trafficking and pro woman’s studies crowd is a powerful force that someone in his professional position should not make a point of aggravating. Attempting to remake what his website was all about several months later with his letter to the CSUN Sundial pretty much lets us know he just didn’t get it (Yo, Kenny, just keep your mouth and keyboard silent about it and you’ll be much better off.).

Speaking of the 9-1-1 conspiracy tirades on BBK.COM, thanks to RealDaffyDuck for his unrelenting fact finding missions and calling out Prufrock and the group of sham hucksters for what they really are…that being, well, sham hucksters.

Also thanks to Purple Spy for his entertaining series on the pregnant girl and the other girls he entertained while in Bangkok and all other contributors (Big Black Gulliver, adman, ausrob, etc.) as well as the commenters on BDK during the past year. Not that anyone’s asking, but if I had to pick a best comment for the year, it would go to fender for his Monty Python take on the advice handed out by BBK.COM

As for BBK, I hope the pressure subsides and he can go back to providing thesis quality content on the girl scene in Thailand, or as one commenter on his website lamented,

where is dat banging cheaper and faster and more somethin?
put dat v1.0 shit back up u pussy beeeeooooootch

Cheers to everyone during the holiday season and the New Year.



31 Responses to “One Year Later”

  1. SBDOTKU said

    I feel like a veteran reminiscing with my fellow soldiers…”yeah, I was there in December 2009. The insults and bullshit were flying thick and fast. It was impossible not to get hit. We lost a lot of good posters who fell victim to the unstable wack-jobs of BBK.”

    I hope Purple is OK. He checked in for a minute and then disappeared again.

    Getting ready for my trip to the Man Heaven – maybe I’ll send a trip report or two… (holding breath not recommended)

    Happy Holidays to all – mine will definitely be!

  2. RealDaffyDuck said

    Woohoo – and our crickets are louder than BBK’s, too.

    Would probably be cool to do a comparison on how well Big Mango Bar is doing these days, heading into the holiday season, and how not so well Kenny is …

  3. Herman Van Hoogstraten said

    Congratulations, but I like scorned fat american women with a feminist agenda

  4. Herman Van Hoogstraten said

    hahaha i a sad faggot dick

    talk about censorship.

    i bitch more than a bitch bitch.

    now your site

    so can this you fuck.

  5. Real Dr Love said

    It seems Prufrock (Ronru) von Cashpoore never gets tired of coming over to BBK to parade a new screen name.

  6. adman said

    Did BBK make it past one year before he shutdown and flushed his site? Regardless, his site design is crap and functionally crippled. He’s a University Professor so why doesn’t he crack open a PDF or help document and find out how to fix it? But if he knew how to do that he would have figured out how to take respectable photos with his fancy camera. Enough said.

    Congrats BigDummy on the 1 year anniversary.

  7. Debt Star said

    Congrats on making it through a year, and Happy Holidays.

    And will someone PLEASE find out what happened to werewolf, and why his old URL points to gay little ponies farting rainbows? Surely someone knows the inside scoop?

  8. debtstar said

    Sorry, meant to load my new Gravatard. Here we go.


  9. Purple Winter said

    Happy Anniversary Dummy !!

    Anyone online now ??

  10. Purple Winter said

    Im still in Isaan… playing online pokah, buying Canadian grains o, nurturing the babyboy and… gardening !!

    There is a farang who came in our village a coupla months ago — a very nice and dynamic man, 40ish, a homebuilder and a gardener. He lives in the house in front of ours == and we have decided together to transform our immediate environment into a beautiful garden. We hired some local talents and its amasing how easy and rewarding this task is. Now we’re gonna build a swimming pool — its quite easy, he says, coze we dont need any heating system.
    Its fun — we pool our money together, and we get the job done.
    Next step == to *build* an internet cafe == without any wall. Only a very nice floor surrounded by flowers and plants and a roof. I’ll work there, but the kids of the neiborhood will have access to computers; only for local kids. We’ll also buy or build something to stock a hundred books or so in Thai for the neiborhood, especially for the growing child who might be itnerested in reading… and books about cooking…
    Im doing this for our baby boy, and coze its brings me prestige among the community, and coze its fun… and quite cheap versus the huge reward…
    Living into a permanent summer makes life quite easy….

    • “Next step == to *build* an internet cafe == without any wall. Only a very nice floor surrounded by flowers and plants and a roof.”
      How will you deal with the rainy season?

    • Purple OnLine said

      storage, I guess…
      We might in fact build something like a wall to protect the computers from the dust coming from the motorbike track, along which there will be a fridge and stuff like that.
      But u know what I meant : what is great about Thailand — or any equatorial country, probably — is that u dont have to care about the cold when u build stuff…

    • You may not care about the cold (agreed) but I do think you are greatly underestimating the issue of humidity, and its effect on your inventory – particularly electronic devices.

      Also, one of the reasons I like to take a break in an internet café every now and then, is because it allows an escape from the heat, in an air conditioned environment. This might be less of an issue where you are (the internet access will be the main attraction to the local youths), but as you already observed, dust will be a serious issues as well.

  11. Purple Winter said

    i miss Bangkok, the girls, the bookstores, my old place, however… when i think about it…
    but then ill party there a 2 weeks as a friend of mine is coming next january, and i know what he has in mind, and its not to shovel the ground to build a swimming pool…
    only to live in a hotel room is not as fun as to invite girls to your own place…
    oh well…

  12. Herman Van Hoogstraten said

    Ah it’s lovely to be a faggot cunt fuck.

    Cocksluckers – I know a lot of them.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Wow Herman such hate……..

      Its not the season for this this

      I for one will keep my 4 year Christmas Eve tradition of heading to Soi Cowboy, buying my Santa Claus hat with the 3 hour battery life life and sit back and reflect how upside down the world really is in SEA.

      Probably at Shark Bar, like last year.

      The next morning I’ll give my son the keys to his new Honda Click and a quick lesson on not getting killed on the road in Bangkok…

      And your on your way like my Dad did with me 30 years ago in Manila.

      He will then have a Christmas never forgotten. (AKA Doing at 12 what Kenny Ng used to write about in a silly blog)

      No snow, no Santa, but something he will never forget the rest of his life.

      Purple has great advice on this

      Chok Dee Na Krup

      Once again have a great holiday everybody!

  13. Herman Van Hoogstraten said

    cunty muppets the lot of ya
    slaughter – top of the list for you bitches.
    p.s daffny you are a goat

    • Been drinking again?

      That’s being quite nawty, don’t ‘cha know?

      St. Nicolaus will bring you just a lump of coal for that.

      And you: friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless! Do you want me to send you back to where you were? Unemployed in Greenland?

      I just feel great pity for you. Great pity.

  14. Herman Van Hoogstraten said

    chemtrails – monsanto

    aluminium resistant seeds.

    any comments you spastics?

    • Oh, how cute.

      So, having run out of steam with the 911 bullshit, now it’s all about Big Bag Chemical Industry Conspiracies?

      BBCIC, for short.

      How about another sort of hoodwinking — expats that marry their hookers, and then try to pass themselves off as plantation owners in some bumfuck hinterland? Sounds like a much better topic of discussion.

  15. Big Nigger Juice said

    Happy da birfday ya niggers.

    Dat purple bitch is somekinda pedo tryin to get kiddies to come swim in his pool an watch porn an shit on da interweb. He’s da man! Na little boyz da BNJ hopes or he be gettin me big black fist in his chutney.

  16. Van Hoogstraten said

    “How cute”

    How fuckin batty are you???

    Big nigger cock sucker – “Nuff Said”

    Bunch of pussy ‘ole bitches the lot of ya

    See you before you see me 🙂

  17. fender said

    Thank you very much, BDK, and congratulations on your birthday.

    I wonder what life is like for the nutty professor at CSUN these days. He can’t be too popular with his colleagues or his students. I doubt anyone is lining up to collaborate with him on any new publications about 19th century economic trends. And he can’t indulge his true passion: telling everyone about how he’s the Smartest Guy In The Chatroom, on any topic but particluarly on sex in Thailand.

    ‘Course, he could have the blog, and have his snooty colleagues in his rear-view, if he just quit CSUN. But a superiority complex doesn’t put food on the table, ya know? I guess he doesn’t have enough confidence in his poker prowess (or his Bangkok poker apartment landlord scheme, or any other potentially marketable skill or idea be might have) to make a living off of. He took a deep breath, forced a smile, and chose doing what made him bank over what made him happy. In BBK’s “Lexicon”, that’s his Bigger Better Deal. Ironically, it’s basically the same choice he forces on he TGs as he traverses the country: all things being equal, they’d prolly rather not give it up to the 50 y.o. tubby in the broad pinstripes and Leno chin (and one lap around Funky V or Jet can confirm that), but that iPhone isn’t gonna buy itself….

    Anyway, he did give the world the term “exquisitely nippled”, for which I tip my hat.

    • Great comment, Fender.

      “marketable skill” – does he have any?

      “Bigger Better Deal” – possibly, but it seems to me, based on his squawkings, that he chose the *smaller* more secure deal, over a potentially bigger deal – brought down only by his own insecurities.

      Which leaves us with Kenny’s favorite expression, “To Man Up”, and specifically illustrating how he repeatedly failed to do so.

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