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Waaaaaaaay down Soi 4

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on December 23, 2010

Waaaaaay down Soi 4

So, I figured how better to nurture the Christmas Spirit than with a hop and a skip waaaaaaaaay down Soi 4… only to be disappointed to find Big Mango was not open at 12:30 for lunch.

So, Prof Ng, what happened to those dire economic predictions of the Big Mango’s demise?

Oh, and where’s Kenny spending his Christmas vacation?

(Gulliver – grilled onions! Stat!)


68 Responses to “Waaaaaaaay down Soi 4”

  1. Daywalker said

    The Mango opens at 4pm now… due to fact that its just not busy enough in Bangkok in the mornings anymore.

    Punters that hang out in the daytime are not the happiest of punters and if I am honest, the girls much prefer the evening shift when the place is more lively.

    So the decision was made… move the girls to the evening and keep the doors closed until 4pm.

    It also gives me more time to play on the Nintendo Wii that is installed on the 2nd floor.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      So Kenny was right? You’re all teetering on the brink of insolvent disaster.
      Yeah. That must be it 😉

      The lovely lassie said they would open at 3:00pm, though, just FYI.

    • Daywalker said

      The girls arrive at 3 to prepare the bar and food etc… If someone is knocking at the doornthen they are welcome, but officially the doors open at 4pm.

      There have been a few changes in the Mango these past few months. Hopefully people will like what they see. Some lovely new girls in the team which are fun and well appreciated by the punters.


  2. Crackpot said

    The BM remains off my radar,due to a series of piss-poor experiences on the occasions I have popped in. Bangkok in general and Soi 4 in particular have much better refreshment venues on just about every box that can be ticked. Ng was unnecessarily obsesssed with the place,and similarly yet opposingly the Duck seems attracted to a third division bricks’n’mortar space down a cheap alley better known for the cheapest hotels in the area and rooms sold by the hour.I rate it on the same level as Jools….and you can’t score much lower than that.

    Woodstock it aint!

    • I don’t think anyone tried to represent the BM as anything to be listed on the Guide Michelin – if you feel that way, you are mistaken. It’s a nice little bar, where everybody knowns Kenny’s (and John’s) names.

      Personally, I liked it a lot when it was right in Nana Plaza. The best place to hang out in the evenings. It’s changed (obviously) when it moved out from there, but what it is now is a nice place to hang out, where Wifi actually works, with decent food at decent prices, and a pleasant, non-pushy staff. I don’t think it claims to be anything else.

  3. Daywalker said

    Crackpot…. Sorry to hear about your poor experiences. Can’t please everyone I guess?

    • Curious George said

      Daywalker, do you try to please anyone or unsatisfied customers? From reading comments here and over there it seems you could not care any less about customer service. Just askin’

    • I think he doesn’t care about customer service for unpleasable whiners that aren’t even customers.

  4. Van Hoogstraten said

    Big Mango Bar – RIP.

    • Right, that’s why they invested in improving the place:

      Second floor and balcony overhaul. Ffans, lights, and more tables/chairs added to the balcony – smoking deck for the nicotine addicts! Inside on the second floor the pool tables have been recovered, some painting, and what they call “the Nintendo Wii lounge!”

      Sure sounds like the kind of things to be done by the sort of guys running a money losing operation — even if they are, what is it to you?

      As adman observed:

      The zeal and ferver with which Bill Van Hoogstraten (with his imaginary 15 employees) and crackpot continue to beat a dead horse is fascinating, but ultimately confusing – some people apparently like the BigMangoBar, and the guys who run it, a lot (you just need to look at the comments left on the BMB website), and clearly, a very small number of people despise them with a passion, for various deeply personal reasons. These may be valid reasons in their mind, but honestly, it really only puts them in the same obsessive league as “poor misunderstood” Kenny.

      How is the little gookamonkey, by the way? Is he spending his holiday season in Thailand? Last I’ve heard is that Kenny won’t be coming back to Thailand “anytime real soon” (quote/unquote).

    • Riff Raff said

      As always Daffy is blowing smoke.
      All unfavorable comments on The BMB blog get moderated, censored, and deleted.

    • Riff Raff said: “All unfavorable comments on The BMB BBK blog get moderated, censored, and deleted.”

      There, I fixed that for you.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      And all personal information redacted except for Big Mango Owners, Daffy Duck, Young Penfold, Stickman and anyone deemed an enemy of The Little Professor!

    • Riff Raff said

      The insidious thing about the way The Big Mango blog runs is that you never know what is being censored and what is being published and unaware how things are being twisted and bent.
      For example, on The BMB any reference to the fact that the Big Mango Bar owners employ barfineable girls, that the girls are required to go home and have sex with a certain number of customers each month and that the owners are profiting directly from and participating actively in prostitution is censored.

    • You wouldn’t, of course, have anything called “proof” for any of your claims of “barfineable” girls, “shirt time rooms” or “sex quotas”… would you>

      Because I find it funny that BMB seems to be the only establishment in that neighborhood to *not* have girls that must be barfined, and it’s even funnier to have you insinuate there being a short time room on the premises when the place is surrounded by at least 3 hotels that make short time rooms available (some quite comfortable – so I hear).

      Let me guess – you have *never* even set foot in the BMB, ever… right?

    • Daywalker said

      Because there are no quotas as girls are not required to do anything other than their job you idiot!

      I guess you are used to having girls ‘forced’ to be with you?!

      Brave enough to come see me yet? 😆

    • I don’t think any of those socks is brave enough to see you.

      Seriously, I recall when I was ragging on BM about something or other, and you basically wrote the same to me on Kenny’s site — the only difference having been *that I took you up on your offer* and went ahead to meet with you at the BM. Once there, and you were friendly, informative and hospitable, simply laying out your side of the events, at which point it was very obvious what was really going, and what a loser Kenny is.

      Then again, consider that Kenny is a huge coward and won’t meet with you because he’s afraid (or, if he does see you, will run away), and that Prufie will lie to your face acting all friendly and polite (ye, he too is afraid to venture into the BM – why is that?), and last but not least, that your most recent antagonists aren’t even striking out from behind a keyboard, but that they aren’t even in the country – the ultimate cowardice.

      ’nuff said.

    • Daywalker said

      Ha!! Yes Daff, you are right. That’s pretty much what went down.

      I tell you what Riff Raff… I’ll even pop down the SE of England and meet up with you if you want? 😉

    • Riff Raff said

      Daffy, the only ragging of yours I recall is this:

      DaffyDuck says:
      Aug-12 at 10:50 pm

      My maths is based on there being NO customers in the Mango bar, thus, no one walking into the bar won’t be noticed, as it won’t be shaking anyone up from their reverie…
      Justin – “Just curious, how come the Mango Bar lost you as a customer? Seems like an interesting story is not yet told by you.”
      I have explained my reasons several times over these threads — hmmm, maybe it is hard to track them, with all the garbage being allowed to litter the place…? Basically, I am loyal to establishments, organizations, and people I respect — with the kind of garbage flowing over to here from Mango, and it being clearly condoned by Mango management, I see no reason to support that kind of behavior with my wallet — not to mention that the food isn’t even that good (or quick) to warrant trekking over to the new location. Like I said, I find Hanrahan’s to be closer, faster, and better quality – and they have free WiFi as well.

    • Your point being?

      So, you are corroborating that you condemn the kind of behavior that Kenny et al engage in constantly. Is that it?

      Again, I ask, what’s your point?

    • Plus, you engage in the same old tricks – posting some rant over here, and then copying a reference to it over on BDK’s site. Just as you did when you posted threats and allegations as karmako, and then turned around attributing your quotes to any of a number of us, including myself.

      Really, nothing new – just keep on being desperate for attention.

    • Riff Raff said

      ROTFLOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Just read this Daffy. HAHAHA HEHEHEHEH HIHIHI HOHOHO…

      Graham says:
      August 12, 2009 at 1:27 pm
      Daffy… All establishments will have the odd customer that is, well…. a dick. My guess is that you have done the Mango a favor by not going back.

    • Again, what’s your point?

      So, you dig up some super old posts from over a year ago – in the meantime, Graham and myself did what you are too chickshit to do. We met, talked, and compared notes.

      I do find it rather funny, though, that you’re the guy who stalked Werewolf, and clandestinely took pictures and video of him, and pretty much contributed to why he turned his blog into a shrine to My Little Pony (I would have chosen Hello Kitty, but hey, that’s me) – and here you are, contributing to ooddles to traffic and referrals for our site, while leaving some lovely breadcrumbs all over the place…

  5. Crackpot said

    RDD,you are right…BMB is just another bar in a big international city.

    The positive comments bamboozle me,as I find it lethargic,under-furnished and frequented by people I have spent most of my adult life avoiding.The bloke who worked there recently-Nigel-sums the place up….a gobshite who must have got up ever morning and couldn’t believe his luck that someone was willing to employ him.He was a careless self-obsessed gobby prick detached from reality.

    When Woodstock moved out of the plaza,they upscaled and upgraded.Their reincarnation on Thonglor Soi 13 is one of Bangkoks best kept semisecrets…..great food,great music,cool cats and quality surroundings.A place that once you have (re)discovered it,you will return for the right reasons.The BM has neither the quality of investment,style,purpose,clientele,employees or atmosphere of WS.It fails on all counts.And thats why I am surprised it gets mentioned in any positive way,because as a project it set standards so low that it is unworthy of patronage when so many other places have made a real effort to create something significant. The BM bar is a lazy attempt to establish a footprint in Bangkok.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      You’re right, but at the end of the day, what does it matter to you?

      BM is around, they are where they are, and they have their regulars; at the end of the day, Kenny’s jihad has probably done them more good, than harm (while it has done Kenny more harm than good, that it will take him years to recover, if ever), and BM is doing well, for what they are.

      Other establishments have chosen different business models and approaches; others have thrived or failed – BM is still around, and in the present economic climate, that’s saying a lot.

      They have their regulars, and they attract the usual balloon chasers when they have free food, or specials (like the two-bit loser twoser who regularly posts here how much he despises them, yet eats their food). At this point, they are a staple of Soi 4, and I say, good for them!

  6. RealDaffyDuck said

    speaking of missing establshmentsvon Soi 4 – as younwere talking about Woodstock that has moved out and reinvented itself – does anyone know if Steak One has resurfaced anywhere?

    It used to be be a decent steak place on soi 4, then disappeared when the hotel bought the location, and in true Thai form did absolutely nothing at all with it.

    I’m wondering / hoping it has rematerialized elsewhere.

  7. Daywalker said

    I find it highly amusing when someone slags an establishment. I could maybe give it a second thought if the person doing the slagging had their own establishment. More often than not, they’re just sex tourist without a clue.

    • I think more often than not the slagger is an expat with an agenda, or a chip on their shoulder.

      What does a sex tourist, or regular tourist, care about like or dislike for any particularly establishment? They don’t. The ones with chips on their shoulders are either locals, or some weirdly obsessed fanatics, like Kenny.

    • Crackpot said

      Bloody Hell! Dismantle the conspiracy theories and accept an observation that the BMB is an underfunded dive in a backstreet with a clientele to match. My “complaint” stems from lousy attitute,little atmosphere and arrogant staff-no more than that.No agenda or chips here.I spend my baht in places that give a shit.

      Not everyone who goes to Bangkok is a sex tourist. In fact,the ratio of regular tourists to carnal ones is changing rapidly….particularly in Soi 4.

    • What conspiracy theories? My observation is based on the numerous comments by a handful of malcontents with a chip on their shoulder, and one US based whacko with an axe to grind (which seems to be kinda bluntly backfiring, I might add).

      Clearly, you don’t fit either category (albeit you obviously are local), and that’s good – it’s refreshing to ‘meet’ seemingly normal folks in these parts as well.

      While I agree with you that the demographics appear to be changing, I don’t necessarily think for the better… There’s a lot more Indians and Arabs, as well as Chinese, skulking around – at least over the past few days in this area.

      Not seeing many family tourists, though 😉

  8. Van Hoogstraten said

    BM was n idea.

    3 people. mr cole, the man they call pmmp, and mike.

    none of ’em knew a thing about bars.

    they were tryin to live the dream.

    didnt work out.

    they sold it to whoever they could.

    it kept going

    till the new owners understood.

    it wouldn’t work.

    thats history folks.

  9. adman said

    I see that some people have no appreciation for a place to hang out if for nothing other than to enjoy (free) wifi and (inexpensive) ice cold beer and occasional (reasonably priced) meal. Yep, can’t be all things to all people

    Crackpot, the fervor and extent to which you carry on bamboozles me. You’re saying that every experience with every staffer at the Big Mango has been negative? I’d say that’s more a reflection of the way you interact with the staff than the staff itself.

    My experiences (based upon a couple dozen visits) is there are one or two girls in there that certainly don’t understand customer service. If you’re talking about only a couple experiences in your series then I understand your slighted view. However a couple visits is hardly a good sample to make the broad negative statements you’ve made for anything other than the location and decor not to your liking.

    Maybe you just happen to be out when mongers are out getting their cheap food and drink before mongering? Seriously, you do seem to have a big chip on your shoulder. I’ve run into fewer of the mongering types than I have people in various industries who are salesmen and techies. I’ve also seems a good number of military specialists (active, retired, consultants) in one capacity or another there. I’ve been there on a few of the special “free draft” nights and encounter more of the mongering types.

    Your comments remind me of the attention grabbing headlines in mainstream print. Problem is once you get through the story you realize it was just an op-ed piece lacking anything of real substance.

    • I too would actually like to see more concrete details from crackpot about his experiences.

    • Crackpot said

      Ha! I’m not going to do chapter and verse here,but I’ve popped into BMB about four times in the last twelve months….and couldn’t wait to drink up/eat up each time and move on to pastures new! I found the staff cold,the toilets disgusting (used tissues all over the floor when loads of underworked staff were posturing in the bar,someone should have dealt with the unsanitary debris on the floor. FWIW I photograhed that scene on my cellphone as it was so shocking),the food mediocre,the clientele mostly pissed-up overloud Brits watching soccer on too many screens and shouting crap like “go on my son” every three seconds at way too many decibels,the atmosphere slightly intimidating (pissed-up lary single male Brits on typical Saturday night mode). On the last visit I ordered a glass of wine which tasted like vinegar.Yeah…The BM bar is pretty third rate and alternatives are not hard to find.I now refer the Bamboo bar…and thats saying something when its choca with Arabs!Its got atmosphere,energy and feels like they actually want you in there.

      For quality food on Soi 4,the Swan is the place.Popular and then some.Chequers to read the papers and have liver and bacon.Queen Vic on 23 for roast dinners.Woodstock for Americana.Sunrise for Mexican.Top floor of the Rembrant for Indian.The food court on S7 opposite the beer garden for great value platters. Taffys on S22 for true characters (if you can deal with the smoke in there),Bourbon St for out of this world taste sensations,Silver Dollar for breakfasts.Det 5 for snacks. If I want a plastic European experience then its the Dubliner,gobby Brits the Boosa on 7/1,fiesty Scots at the Star Inn and loud Yanks at the Golden Bar.All eclipse the BMB….which is why I’m surprised it has any repeat clientele.

      I’ve no axe to grind though. Just amazed that people support the Mango.I can’t understand why it deserves patronage!Four times I’ve tried it and four times I’ve left thinking its a waste of space.

    • Crackpot, Would you mind posting the shocking and disgusting pictures of the Mango toilets you took with your cellphone? I’d like to publish them.

      By the way, was this the men’s or lady’s toilet?

    • Riff Raff said

      GRRREEEAAAAT comment Crackpot !!!!!!!!! and my experience at the Mango is identical to yours.
      I attended one of their hyped, miserable parties and secretly took a video of the drunk, intimidating yobbos shouting and carry on like twats.

      P.S. Also managed to get some clear shots of Werewolf’s ugly girlfried – the snuggler / cuddler.

    • Daywalker said

      Dear oh dear… it is a coincidence that one of the Kenny followers who hides behind his screen just happened to to visit the Mango and had a bad experience?!?! FYI, the toilets are checked every 30mins. Unfortunately, those people who are not house-trained tend to chuck tissue paper on the floor. – probably you guys no doubt?!

      Hang on a minute… there were drunk people?! Watching football?!?!?! Noooooooo. How dare they? Next you’ll be saying that they were laughing and enjoying themselves?!

      You even admit to going to one of the parties (balloon chasing no doubt) so you really are a hypocrite.

      – You have no idea of how stupid you are making yourself look! 😆

      Like I’ve said many times… show us your bar. Show us how well you’ve done. And whilst you’re at it, show me that shiny 911 on your driveway 😉

      Thought not.

    • Daywalker said

      Riff Raff said
      January 6, 2011 at 8:20 pm

      You can laugh as much as you want Daywalker but people are not as dumb as you’d like to believe.

      Your lies might go down well with fools the like of Daffy but not here, punk.

      It was YOU who provided Daffy with Prufrock’s pictures to post on this blog and it was YOU behind the threats on Werewolf, Kenny and Prufrock lives.

      It’s all there pal, in black and white !

      P.S. I’ve got no desire whatsoever to meet or talk with the likes of you.


      So you accuse ME of taking pics and ‘outing’ people, yet you just admitted to videoing WW’s girl?!?!

      Seriously, what is wrong with you? You are pathetic?

      C’mon… come see me 😉

    • fender said

      Dang, that’s a lot of ax grinding for someone without an ax to grind. Usually if someone posts a bar review they post and then move on, but here you are spending 2 weeks and counting bitching about a bar you don’t care about. Hmm…

      Your description of the toilets, so unsanitary as to be “shocking”, makes one wonder if you’ve ever been to Thailand, much less the Big Mango Bar. The Mango’s toilets are actually astoundingly clean for a BKK bar (and they have the best paper towel dispensers I’ve seen in-country outside of hotels). Please don’t go to Pattaya; you might have a heart attack.

      You’re also probably the first person to ever order a glass of wine in Nana. You didn’t mention in your list of fine Suk dining (Sunrise for Mexican??) where you get your fine wine fix.

      But if you’re shocked by toilets in SEA and ordering wine on Soi 4, you’re gay as a French horn. Or lying.

    • Oh man, Fender, now *that* was some fine literature 😉

  10. Wentworth said

    “Personally, I liked it a lot when it was right in Nana Plaza. The best place to hang out in the evenings. It’s changed (obviously) when it moved out from there, but what it is now is a nice place to hang out, where Wifi actually works, with decent food at decent prices, and a pleasant, non-pushy staff. I don’t think it claims to be anything else.”

    My thoughts exactly, that’s why I always drop by when I’m bangkok.

  11. Daywalker said

    For those dumbass readers of my pal Kennys site.. that believe the horse shit on there that says the Mango opens at 7pm and has cut the menu, please note the Mango opens at 4pm and has a NEW LARGER MENU!

    Once again… Kenny and his crew reporting shite.

    • DW, thanks for forwarding the new menu (holy cow, it’s huge). Once I can figure out how to size it properly, I’ll figure out a way to throw it up so everyone can see it.

      Mango at 7:00pm? That came as a surprise at 4:00pm.

  12. John Roy said

    I only go to the Mango when the balloons are out. Or looking for my wife in Hillary Bar. Chok Dee Na Krup!

  13. John Roy said

    Has anyone seen my wife and daughter? I’m willing to sign an online truce if someone will just tell me where my wife and daughter are?

    Sincerely yours in Christ,


  14. Daywalker said

    For those that don’t know… and we know who they are……

    A Barfine is what you pay to the bar as compensation for taking a girl (or fella) out of workplace. This is usually a daily fee. The ‘fine’ or fee is to cover the salary of the girl (or fella).

    Once the barfine is paid, the girl is free to do as she pleases. It’s her time. Nothing more to do with the bar.

    That’s how the go-go’s make most of their money. Some bars refuse to let staff be fined.

    Kenny has even explained this himself.

    The keyboard warriors that obviously rely on the barfine system in order to spend time with a girl (if they accept) keep saying that Mango girls are forced into going with customers. This is utter crap and I’ll give 1m bht to anyone who can tell me when this has ever happened.

    Once again, the losers are getting all brave!



    • RealDaffyDuck said

      (whispers to Mango Girl: “psssst…. wanna make a quick 250,000 Baht?”)

      Unlike Kenny, *I* can tell an economic opportunity when I see one 😉

      Seriously, it’s funny to see how Kenny and his ‘friends’ are acting exactly like scorned 10 year old boys, stomping their feet, telling lies, and ultimately pouting…

      That’s why when one of them claims having 3 businesses (hahaha hehehe hohoho) with 15+ employees (hahaha hehehe hohoho) it’s just a statement worth laughing at. He might as well claim that he’s an Astronaut…

  15. Big Black Gulliver said

    Forget the Mango Girl I’m headed to Nana to find Nigel. 950,000 Baht for me!

  16. Daywalker said

    Ha! The Mango owners are not from the Kenny clan and would never tell a girl to do anything like that. Shit, it’s hard enough to get them to turn up for work on time.

    So I KNOW that these types of requests have never been made, because all requests have to come from one person at the top of the tree.
    – and I kinda know him.. he’s a good upstanding Gentleman and a Scholar!

  17. Big Black Gulliver said

    Wow scooped by Kenny and then it hits the press! LOL

    The Duke of Wellington, the English-style pub on Silom Road run by the American owners of the Big Mango, appears to have gone out of business. The lights are out, the doors locked, and the interior is in a shambles with most everything of value, including the floor, ripped out. The venue had been on the market for some time with much speculation that the exorbitant amount of rent was always going to make turning it into a commercial success a challenge.

  18. T J T said

    I went to the Big Mango to see if the negative comments I’ve read on were true. I couldn’t believe that things were nearly as bad as people over there said.

    My experience on a Tuesday night at 8pm was this:

    -first and foremost, it’s not nearly as far down soi 4 as they make it out to be. Only about a 2 minute walk.

    -the staff was friendly and none of the girls were pushy about buying them drinks.

    -the food was very good for it being a bar. a good selection of foods from several cultures. i went mexican and it was delicious.

    -the beer was icy cold.

    Just about everything I read on bigbabykenny was not true from my experience. I would tend to agree with the few comments over there that claim he has an axe to grind and that’s why there are a number of comments which describe the bar as some awful place you can’t find.

    Thank you for allowing such incredibly awful claims about the bar that made me want to investigate myself. I’ll be going back my next visit.

    • Daywalker said

      I would just like to say a big thank-you to my mate Kenny for giving the Mango more business.

      @TJT I am glad your experience was a good one. Tuesday (and Monday) are the quietest nights there, so I am glad that didn’t put you off.

      If you are still around next Sunday when the F1 is on, by all means pop-in, say hello and claim some free booze that I’ll handing out during the race as I cheer on Michael Schumacher!

    • I can second that! Never heard of the Mango Bar or their blog till I first was a BigBabyKenny reader, then discovered BDK and that he was my-ex professor from 20 years ago. (Thanks Vice Squad whoever you are)

      The only problem with the place is the Chip Butty, that stupid Star Trek poster, lack of a short time room and 10 Baht extra for the fucking grilled onions.

    • Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!

    • Daywalker said

      BBG… it was the grill bit that cost the 10bht. I had to hire someone to grill them just for you.

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