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Fiction Imitating Reality

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 14, 2011

It’s been more than 1-1/2 years since BBK and his sock puppet brigade decided to lash out against the BMB. Almost 9 months since BBK v1.0 has been taken down. Yet, the sock puppets continue with their rants, lies and impersonations against anyone not aligned with BBK.COM

It’s rather intriguing really. Are these people so obsessed with the BMB or so devoid of outside interests that their main mental exercise is to jump on the computer and impersonate people on BBK and attack others? It appears this is the case.

BBK.COM‘s more active articles concern the Duke, BMB or articles on other topics which have gone strayed (from food reviews and travel stories) to bash the BMB with many of the same comments and lies which appeared on BBK nearly 18 months ago.

It begs the question to be asked: is this type of maligned mental behavior indicative of the type of expat that circulates among Bangkok’s mongering scene or simply an example of a few social outcasts with nothing more to do with their time once they’ve tired of buying whores from Nana, Patpong or Soi Cowboy?

Kenny often used the term close to the line expat to label those living in Thailand with barely enough money to get by.
That term should be exended to those who are close to the line in a mental sense. Lacking any stable social network to provide them with positive outlets for their mental activities they live for promoting their negative agendas.

Blogs are a great tool for generating discussions. It’s quite reasonable to share an actual negative experience, discuss it with others and move on. What is repeatedly seen on BBK is the rehashing of information that’s outlasted it’s shelf life. Worse yet is the obsession of a few BBK readers (and at times BBK himself) need to twist the observations made by the authors on other blogs (most often assassinating Stickman’s articles) to the extent that after reading the BBK comments and the Stickman article you wonder if the wrong link was provided because the two are far removed from one another.

Kenny continues to make missteps in the management of his blog. However, making the same mistakes time after time indicates an intentional act rather than an error. Perhaps he sees it as a tactic that will make his blog a commercial success (something he’s repeatedly expressed jealously toward Regardless of his intent, there would be better ways to manage his blog to make it successful. A first step would be to he those with dissenting opinions with
an open dialogue instead of dismissing most everyone with a differing opinion as a hater and associating them with the BMB. This should be something simple for an academic to facilitate. Interestingly this simple change hasn’t taken place.

So it appears that will continue to be the home for a number of social and mental malcontents for quite some time and will continue to provide an image of a certain segment of the Thailand expat community.


25 Responses to “Fiction Imitating Reality”

  1. Riff Raff said

    What is this incoherent rambling of yours all about Dummy ?

    It’s medication time.

  2. Pete said

    I have no problem comprehending what’s being said. Maybe your self-medication isn’t working or the pharma needs to up your dosage?

  3. Pete said


    Is that last photo Ronru aka Cluey aka Riff Raff?

  4. Riff Raff said

    You’re correct Dummy when saying the war with the Mango started about a year and a half ago.

    Why do I have this funny feeling that this war is going to INTENSIFY (considerably) and continue until the Mango follows the Duke ?

  5. Bill Van Hoogstraten said

    Sounds like sour grapes to me mate.

    Also sounds like a backing down of sorts.

    Your soul, and perception of life are too sick for others not to batter your rancid persolality, disgusting snide methods and overall goatness

    Som num na – daffers – we reap what we sow

  6. Big Black Gulliver said

    Whats up with the goat references????? Goat? Sound like something people said about 100 years ago or is that an Aussie thing?

    • It must been an Aussie thing – one thing I have noticed about a certain subset of British subjects living in Australia (ie Aussies), is that they are generally pretty slow in their uptake or their cross-cultural comprehension.

      For example, this sub-demographic hasn’t understood that insults, or “name calling”, really only work if the intended target actually understands the references – otherwise these particular Aussies (as usual) just come across as an object of ridicule (as usual) to the intended target. I’ve had this happen quite often with some inebriated (as usual) Aussie bloke spouting some incomprehensible inanities and expecting me to react with some sort of outrage – they do get more wound up when my only reaction is usually chortling and laughter.

      To illustrate, RonRaffRu probably wouldn’t have any clue what we meant if we called him a snaggledashled whoopygoofy – though the message would be clearer if we just called him a bloated windbag. You could also stoop down to his level and call him a bloody abo, though that would be unfair to aborigines, seeing as how most are smarter and more cultured than RiffRaffRonru.

    • Wombat said

      Nice. Love generalisations. If you are trying to pick an argument I’ll give you one.

    • See, BBG – ^^^ perfect illustration of my point. I bet Wombat wasn’t reacting to my reference to “snaggledashled whoopygoofy” 😉

      Sorry, Wombat, my comments weren’t directed at you – I’ve made some edits in my comment to hopefully clarify my intent.

  7. SBDOTKU said

    Kenny is under the impression that allowing misanthropes like Ronru unfettered reign to spew whatever vitriol is brewing in his addelpated mind is somehow an example of free speech. It is, rather, the reason he has no other regular posters and thus no open and intriguing dialogue among readers.

    As to whether Ronru and associates are an example of expats’ mood and personalities is tough to say, as to my understanding, Ronru is not an expat but an occasional traveller like most of us.

    To get a sense of expats’ opinions one might wish to read a blog with an actual diverse group of regular contributors like The BMB’s blog. This blog has both visitors’ and expats’ frequent entries. The only difficulty is discerning who is living a more frugal lifestyle. And bitter and tedious contributors are not coddled there as they are by the passive-aggressive Kenny, as the BMB boys actually MANAGE their site to encourage positive interaction.

    In short – malcontent psycopathy knows no geographic bounds. The intensely bitter and perverse commentators can originate from anywhere and live anywhere.

    • mr.gee said

      Agree. The people on BBK.COM probably not a representative group of expats in Thailand that you can apply a general opinion. It’s a very small group of people who use the BBK.COM platform to voice their anger against the big mango. Reading the big mango blog you get an interesting mix of contributors and comments. Bigbabykenny gets almost no outside contributions and comments usually get pulled into the anti big mango vortex.

      Some of the travel pieces kenny posts are somewhat interesting (if for no more than his maligned opinions), but it not a place anyone with worthy article would consider posting.

    • SPLADOKUTGDPFTH is of course correct – psychopaths and stupidity are not restricted to certain geographies or cultures, but in fact cross geographical and cultural boundaries – I believe it was Einstein that said “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity… and I’m not so sure about the universe”

      As such, I’d like to add that, by and large, the expats that I have met in Thailand have usually been pleasant, educated and enjoyable individuals (*)- albeit the one thing that I have also noticed is that the broken psychopaths sub-demographic that regularly pops up in their usual unpleasant way is more intensely composed of more particular losers than in other SEA countries – it seems in that regard Thailand is very unique in attracting a specific bottom-dwelling demographic that you won’t find as easily in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, or even in mainland China.

      Agreed with Mr.gee that it is usually the same small group of people – aside from, they can be found clumping together across Thailand expat discussion forums as well. It’s always the same type – the ones who are virulently envious and jealous of anyone smarter or more successful than themselves, stuck in their puddle, taking out their frustrations in boozing or (failing) bully behavior.

      Quite the group of mates Professor Kenny has attracted.

      (*) (well, with the possible exception of Pattaya, which seems to be a magnet for mostly broken, maladjusted, malcontents – what a crazy town)

  8. Big Black Gulliver said

    Is it just me or do the two guys in the left side of the picture look like father/son or brother/brother?

  9. Big Black Gulliver said

    Breaking News from BBG Connections at CSUN

    There has been a rash of racist comments posted on BBK recently, supported or possibly encouraged by Kenneth Ng.

    Could this possibly have anything to do with ill feelings Professor Ng has towards African American Men?

    Could this stem from the fact that Professor Ng’s ex-girlfriend, co-worker and confidant married an African American Man a number of years ago.

    More details are coming in at the moment, we will keep you posted.

    The BBG CSUN New Team –

  10. Daywalker said

    “Jon Nankervis says:
    January 15, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    After reading numerous negative reviews about the Big Mango bar I set out last Saturday to find out for myself, once and for all, the true situation on the ground.

    I arrived at 9.30pm and counted just 8 customers who were drinking quietly, seem bored to tears, mostly staring at the ceiling and twiddling their thumbs aimlessly.

    By 10pm 4-5 more people arrived but still no atmosphere, no life, dull backround music, couple of TV’s hanging up waaaaay too high for comfortable viewing and showing sport which I didn’t bother with.

    One of the girls approached me and we struck up a conversation after she ordered an alcoholic lady drink (160Baht!) but never mind, I was a man on a mission. We talk.

    I asked her about Graham the English owner of the bar and she pointed to an animatic dumb looking middle aged, short, bald, weird sort of a character who was standing across the bar talking with one of the customer and continuously waving his arms up and down in the air like a twat.

    I wanted to approach him (ask about Kenny ha ha) but soon enough he disappeared and I couldn’t spot him again.

    Another 160Baht lady drink and me and the girl, not pretty but not ugly, continue to talk. I press ahead. YES, they did have a short time room upstairs but since the recent sprucing up of the second floor with cheap furniture its not being used any longer but started rubbing my finger, suggesting a blow job in the toilet for a 1000Baht and quickly went down to 700 after Lolita around the corner was mentioned. No thanks.

    Chutzpa, she orders for herself another lady dlink without even asking and sure, no plomlem, she is happy to go with me – 2000 ST /4000 LT + 600 barfine. WTF !!!! NOOOO O O !

    Check bin, goodbye and off on a sojourn to Nana Plaza and while on the way I couldn’t help but notice that unlike the empty Mango, all beer bars were chokers (Saturday night).

    Ended up at 3am with a stunner from Nana Liquid who was happy with 1500 (3 rounds) and stayed with me till 4 in the afternoon.

    In Conclusion I don’t see any reason to visit the Big Mango and can not recommend it to anyone. It’s Expensive, lifeless, bellow average looking girls and there’s nothing really going for it.
    Complete waste of time and money. Much better options are all around.


    That’s odd… as I am the other side of the world? How could you of seen me?!?! More lies?!
    – Graham

    • Daywalker said

      Damn… you did get the bald bit right.. and yes, middle aged I am…a whopping 35 years!

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      You know Kenny Ng really is a stupid guy…….

      Personally if people knew,

      What I look like
      Where I work
      Where I’m at at a particular times
      Know what I drive
      Know where I live
      That I was a proven pussy

      I would have let things alone a looooooong time ago.

      Just sayin!


    • That’s really weird – how did ‘Joe Nankervis” manage to visit Nana, visit the Big Mango, see Graham (who isn’t even in Thailand), all from …. Melbourne?

      How does he do that?

    • Don’t feel too bad, Daywalker – the BTF rejects powered Daffy fan club is also out in force over on BBK. I guess there’s not that much to do while stuck in Pak Chong, Melbourne, or Chiang Mai on the weekend.

      Just lean back and smile that all that effort is spent because of seething envy and jealousy because *we* get to do what we want, while they *have* to be stuck where they are…

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      There is a lot to do in Chiang Mai! Its just whether you have any money to do it! These guys seem to have lots of time and little to do. Definitely one the traps you can fall into living here. The guy from Melbourne (ronru, Riff Raff and god knows who else) is just a troll, some dick who probably has never been here. What subject he talks about he learned from scouring BBK and BDK.

  11. Big Black Gulliver said

    For example….

    May 14-20, 2011 Final Examinations Week.

    Learn how to View Final Exam Schedule.

    Grades are posted online approximately one week after finals.


    CLASSES MEETING ONCE WEEKLY will generally take their
    exams on the day the class normally meets at the time listed
    in the final exam schedule.

    Serious question, how fast would Kenny shit his pinstriped pants if he saw a certain someone looking through the window during his final exam for Econ 308??????

    10 seconds, 20 seconds? With no bargirl around to save him again?


    • It’s a public uni (State University) – any resident of the State is allowed to audit classes, and sit in.

      Even in the last row. Right about left of the center.

  12. Big Black Gulliver said

    Near the exit?

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