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As seen on

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on January 15, 2011

“There were a few lookers but the unattached were mostly packing an extra 10 kg and wearing black for the wrong reasons.”

Quality fabrics,anyone,  Disgraced Associate Professor Ng?


57 Responses to “As seen on”

  1. Big Black Gulliver said

    A face only a mother could love!

  2. Crackpot said

    He is one ugly fucker! And seems to have aged considerably too. Stress maybe?

    The thought of him and Werewolf going on the pull together,clutching fistfulls of baht and picking on the skinny types is truely a frightening concept for the bargirls of Bangkok.

  3. Big Black Gulliver said

    Or the girls in Issan. Poor little things actually having to fuck two really ugly, overweight and old fucks like Professor Kenneth Ng and Weirdwolf……Oh the horror!

    I called a friend of mine, who shall be referred to in this post as Blogger X in order to hide his actual identity in an impenetrable layer of mystery, and asked if he’d be interested in making the trip with me. In spite of my fairly sheepish question he expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the idea. We queued up a plan — on Sunday afternoon he would pick me up in his 4-wheel drive pickup truck (Ute for you Aussies) — and we would go to Burriram, then on to Khon Kaen.

    I was excited.

  4. Big Black Gulliver said

    Can someone please explain to the class what is Kenny Ng’s obsession with the 3rd Floor of The Big Mango Bar?

    It seems pretty stupid and unhealthy.

    • “Can someone please explain to the class what is Kenny Ng’s obsession with the 3rd Floor of The Big Mango Bar?”

      … it’s the place he wasn’t allowed to go.

      Just another thing that makes him snap.

      While we’re at it, I’d really like to know what the Kiwi’s unnatural obsession with goats is all about, and why Kenny and his acolytes think that repeatedly making up lies about barfine and short time rooms at the Mango Will get them anywhere..? Oh, and the “you threatened Werewolf and are blackmailing him to write for Mango Bar” fantasy is quite amusing, especially to WW while he’s kicking back a few beers at the Mango, and laughing it up with the Mango Guys… 🙂

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Yea I don’t get it? Being called a goat wouldn’t bother anyone I know. But being called kiddie fiddler or pedophile like Professor Kenneth Ng is called….now that would bother me!

    • Wait … I think I *did* figure out what The Kiwi’s obsession with goats is all about … it appears goats live in fear on his Survivor Plantation – particularly on those days when his hooker/wife doesn’t want to put out for him.

  5. Cracker jack said

    Is this the same dumbass who had to settle some lawsuit with a former female student? He sure is an ugly bloke.

    I checked his rankings on the site and I can’t believe that in this economy the California State Northridge recruiters can’t find a replacement with better credentials.

    • Ah, but he claims that the ratings were all fabricated by Mangoids… all the way back to 2003… after the Big Mango invented a time machine and went back in time (the time machine is actually inside the room that Kenny/ronru think is the short time room on the 2nd floor. That’s why they aren’t allowed in.)

      “In 2001, a civil lawsuit was filed against him (Prof. Ng) by a then 22-year-old Pasadena City College student, who said Ng mischaracterized her on a website by using photographs of her, then writing erotic fictional tales about her.”

    • Wombat said

      A replacement for Kenny? Unlikely. He has tenure. Furthermore in the politically correct utopia that all universities exist in he helps them meet their asian quota. His only danger is if a somewhat qualified, asian female who happens to be a lesbian & also has a disability hoves into view. Then he would be gone like a shot.

    • Khun John Roy said

      At least she could publish something! And probably be capable of teaching something other than two entry level courses. The same two Kenny has taught for the last 25 fucking years. What a disappointment he must be!

  6. Reminds me of a great comment by our pal Bill Simmons back in April of last year:


    Bill Simmons says:
    April 26, 2010 at 7:33 pm


    You’re a fucking idiot. You did this all yourself because you just could not ‘work well’ with others. You always had to be right and if you were pushed into near admittance that you were wrong you would label the person a Master of the Universe, and blow them off. If you would only listen to others and not been so god damn arrogant this blog could have been a semi-useful place for entertainment and information. But you’re always right and everyone is always against you. I didn’t read most of the above post, I got to the point where once again you outed the Big Mango guys and stopped there. But your fixation with the Big Mango was the stupidest thing imaginable. Just get the fuck over it.

    I first found this site from a link from FriscoDude. At the beginning I liked it and wished you well. I was angered when the FS2M started to censor comments and even wrote a comment in the section on Bangkok Places to Avoid. I was with you 100%. But you have the unique ability to put off people and make supporters enemies. You’re very good at that.

    And now, as this site is going down into the ash heap of history, all I am left to say is that you are a fucking idiot.

    Your Pal,

    Bill Simmons

  7. Big Black Gulliver said

    There were numerous warning signs with Jared Loughner maybe CSUN should intervene with Little Kenny Ng before he hurts someone.

    Just sayin.

  8. Khun John Roy said

    Sad but true Bangkokbuddy has more traffic than BigBabyKenny. Naps, video games and magicjacks and more entertaining than some dickhead in the US who bullshit stories that never showed any results.

    Sad but true.

  9. Khun John Roy said

    Did you know that Kenneth Ng and Nancy Virts used to live together? Wrote and published papers together.

    Did you know that Kenneth Ng was nearly terminated for trying to publish all this work as his own leading to the eventual breakup?

    I am Kenneth Ng’s close friend so I know this information.

    Some might call us butt buddies.

    • “Did you know that Kenneth Ng and Nancy Virts used to live together? Wrote and published papers together.”

      No, they didn’t. Please say you are joking.

    • Khun John Roy said

      True story!

      Two young Professors back in the late 80’s living together, sharing expenses and ready to take on the world with their publications.

      Until Kenny got nailed for trying to steal work that wasn’t his.

      Rumor has it that the chip on his shoulder about it hasn’t healed.

      Hence his “protest” by not publishing anything since. This also explains why he has been passed up time after time for the next level.

      But in his mind, he is standing his ground to his own detriment.

      Sound familiar?

    • Well, personality traits don’t change much, or at all, now do they?

    • fender said

      Speaking of Bill Simmons, the ESPN writer Bill Simmons coined the term “Tyson Zone”, where someone’s behavior becomes so bizarre that ANY story is plausible, no matter how outrageous, ala “Did you hear John Daly peed on Tom Watson at the Open?” No, I hadn’t, but it sounds believable…

      Anyway, Ken’s behavior is so bizarre that he’s deep in the zone. Tried to screw his live-in out of a publishing credit? Easy sell. Gimme something harder, like he ate a live rat on Soi 23 or he banged a coyote (g-club or canine, either way) or something.

    • … or he banged a coyote (g-club or canine, either way)

      …. had me in stitches…!!!

    • BigDummyKenny said


      You’re killing me. An appropriate application of the Tyson Zone term if ever there was one.

      Here are a few more:

      Kenny took up a 1000 baht bet to drink a pint of the sewer water that runs down Soi 4.
      he was overheard saying “the ‘quality fabrics’ look is out, I’m a flip-flop, shorts and t-shirt kind of tourist”.
      Kenny can never eat at the same restaurant twice because after he checkbins he pisses on the table.
      Was seen trying to negotiate a barfine for a female police officer on Soi Cowboy – thought it was theme night at Afterskool.

  10. Khun John Roy said


    why can’t you be true?

    You’ve started back doing the things you used to do.

    More lyrics:

    A visitor from Mammoth Lakes, California viewed “Life of a Lounge Lizard” 26 mins ago


  11. Khun John Roy said

    I just posted this on BBK.

    ???????? says:
    January 17, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    Kenny, some cunts don’t have any qualm posting your personal details.
    Why you behave like a woose ?


    P.S. How do I post pictures in the comments section ?

    Its my trademark the fake alias. The fake link. The threats that add up to nothing.

    Has anyone seen my hooker wife and my daughter? Well at least I think its my daughter ????????

  12. Big Black Gulliver said

    “Meantimes Kenny is now a Bangkok Nightlife Rock Starcomplete with paparazzi, celebrity stalkers, and everyone speculating on his whereabouts”

    “I fully expect to be sitting on Cowboy one night and see him sitting there with a wig, dark sunglasses, and a fake mustache trying to avoid being recognized and trampled by his legion of obsessed fans”

    Ahhhhh….I think its more like hiding so he doesn’t get the shit beat out of him like should have happened last time around.

  13. Bill Van Hoogstraten said

    yo gulliver you bitch.

    if you go for kenny (99% unlikely cos you’re a pussy)

    i’ll handicap you.

    Same goes if you cause problems for me ole mucker John

    Handicap (remove your kneecaps, break one of your bones and keep you sedated till its set in the wrong position, or maybe blind you, or douse you in acid)

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      ummm OK “Bill”

      I’ll tell ya what.

      I’ll be in SoCal in the spring to visit Kenny after one of his final exams.

      Probably Econ 160! But I’m not sure yet.

      You can meet me and my kneecaps there OK?


    • Hi “Bill” – so is ronru / Riff Raff now going to claim that that burger boys threatened to beat up Gulliver? Or that I did (and called him a nazi)?

      Oh, and it seems cashpoore’s’s got some redaction issues…

    • fender said

      Now THAT’S how you threaten someone online. Specific and targeted, unambiguous, and traceable. Not some one-hit wonder that needs to get not only quote mined, but also mis-attributed, ad nauseum, in an attempt to manufacture a threat. Now, when someone says “IT’S UP THERE!”, bang! Search and find in seconds.

      Thanks pedobear; now go back to 4chan.

  14. Big Black Gulliver said

    In case anyone hasn’t figured out why Little Kenny Ng lost his mind after traveling to Thailand, one look at his former live-in girlfriend will explain much.

    You can add Kenny Ng to the list of men who came to Thailand, lost all reason and put the pussy ahead of their best interest. You know like family, career, self-esteem.

    Those type of things………

    You need to pace yourself, great show of self-discipline Little Professor.

  15. Big Black Gulliver said

    So let me get this right. Professor Kenneth Ng who ran a how to fuck whores “bigger, better and cheaper”

    Yea, that Kenneth Ng…..the posting of GPS coordinates of underage girls in Thailand so that men could find their family house to fuck them. Along with the price that should be paid!

    He has a problem on his blog supporting the following comment:

    “you are defending have been behind some pretty ugly shit. Not as bad as making renting the pussies of the girls employed in their bar”

    Are you fucking kidding me? The Little Professor Kenneth Ng tried to buy pussy in that bar!

    Yea, a guy in Bangkok who couldn’t buy pussy.

    Sorry Kenny, Graham was laying pipe to the girl you wanted move on fat boy!

    Get yourself a Starbucks, go lay out some of that diarrhea of the mouth you call a lecture and get behind that podium with one hand on your little yellow pecker where it belongs.

    Peace. ****


  16. Big Black Gulliver said

    What Kenneth Ng’s resume should look like.

    What Doug Whitman does in his spare time.

    What Kenneth Ng does in his spare time

    See any difference?

  17. Big Black Gulliver said

    Melbourne, Victoria arrived from on “Life of a Lounge Lizard: I think I saw bigbabykenny.”.
    14:20:10 — 4 minutes ago

    Oh no here comes ronru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. RealDaffyDuck said

    Wow, if I had to puck one word to describe the sock puppets overvat, it would be “frothing”.

    If I had to pick a second word, it would be “desperate failures”.

    Oh wait, that would be two words.

  19. Big Black Gulliver said

    BkkSpy says:
    April 23, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Yes it seems that the trouble of keeping the site open was not worth it. After all, it really came down to petty arguments about who knew Thailand best. The pissing match is over.

    Now what will Kenny’s enemies do with their time?

    Whom will daffyduck and the others focus on now?

    I would sure hate to be well known in Bangers, if I were involved in this fracas.

    If anyone has a picture of daffy and his full name and workplace information (not the comic book store he works at on weekends), please send that information to me at I will publish it on a wordpress site for all to read. I know what he looks like, so phony pics will be discarded, (after a good laugh).


    Wow, April 23rd. How is that working out for you cocksuckers????????

    Just asking.

  20. Nicholas Van Hoogstraten said

    Little white cocksucker and faggy fuck.

    Do you enjoy talking to yourselves while the rest of the net laughs at you?


    • Big Black Gulliver said

      It could be worse I could be a disgraced second-rate Professor at CSUN slithering around campus like he has just fucked his sister or the family dog!

      I would say chatting with Daffy is upside to that situation, na?

  21. Buh Bye, Melbourne!

  22. Big Black Gulliver said

    Kenny, your too stupid to pickup on the bitch slap this week so here it is………..

    “As I have said over and over again, I don’t really care for the Thailand discussion forums. I do wonder though if there are any active *Bangkok* nightlife forums? There are plenty of active Pattaya nightlife forums, but few in Bangkok with a lot of posts. Is this representative of where the nightlife action is these days”

  23. Big Black Gulliver said

    I was just over on Bangkok Buddy and he gave me quite a link.

    Honey is that you?,%20CA:852341327/info


  24. Frankie said

    An apartment? Are yous kidding me? Is this the same guy that’s always talking about quality fabrics and buying 1 million baht pickup trucks? I guess it makes sense. After being taken advantage of in every business transaction his only contribution in life is to give advice on how to bang cheaper? I dont thinks so. If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat and acts like a rat it must be a rat.

    He needs to be taken care of and I’ve got me some associates in Jersey who are fixers. Yas heard of them guys right? They fix problems. This guys problem is he’s a blight on CSUN, the education community and on humanity in general. Only one way to fix that. Guido, book them flights to L.A.

  25. BigDummyKenny said

    @Frankie – I don’t understand.

  26. Frankie’s gone unsurprisingly silent, I see.

  27. Big Black Gulliver said

    So has BBK, ICP, Cheesecake and 50 others. I would love to see the logs of BBK. My guess……4 total posters.

    What happened to Mr. Big Cock Prufrock??????????????

    Long time since I got an email, meet me and we’ll talk it over offer.


    • I don’t know about Prufie — I’d guess he’s 25 of the 50 socks over there.

      I do know that Mr. Van Hoogstratten is in quite some distress trying to be heard.

  28. SBDOTKU said

    So, what a surprise. There are some more violent threats to Kenny left on this site by one-hit-wonder posters. Hmmmm, there couldn’t be an ulterior motive, could there? Like referencing these in the future to make it look like we are as disturbed as the FoKers (Friends of Kenny) who continue to “froth” (nice one duck) over on that highly-trafficked site…

    And sorry, saw that SBDOTKU (Supreme Benevolent Dictator of The Known Universe, just to remind you) might lose out to “GSOSDLPK”? Please, say it ain’t so!

  29. Blue Jeans said

    Is this the guy who allegedly was running a Sex Tourism website complete with the GPS photos on where to find and take underage girls? Sounds like a real creep.

    Is he still an economics professor at CSUN – California State University Northridge? Why don’t they get rid of him? Not good for public relations.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yep, same guy.

      Apparently the University feels that he must be an asset – even after receiving proof that he’s using university (read:taxpayer) assets to maintain his website, management did nothing. The Women’s and Asian studies deans must be so proud to share space with him.

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