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Voices of Reason…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on January 19, 2011

Sometimes the BBK site offers up surprises – specifically a comment by a poster known as “A Fairly Frequent Customer” who writes one of the best, most concise summaries of what everything, from BBK, to BigMango, etc… is all about.

I’m reprinting it here just to preserve it, as I doubt it will remain intact over on BBK for long.


A fairly frequent customer says:

After reading all this, I feel I have to step in and say my piece.  There is a lot of nonsense going on here and much of it I can only assume is coming from children.  People old enough to travel abroad and drink alcohol really should of reached a higher level of maturity.

Now then, I am not a friend of the Mango boys although I am a frequent visitor to their bar whenever I travel to Bangkok. My last visit was recently.  I can confirm the bar is open at 4pm but I think the doors are open a little earlier.   I’ve met the owners and always found them to be hospitable.  The prices of beer is inexpensive and the food is excellent.  I’ve not tried the burgers but many of my friends say they’re excellent.

The girls I know (or think I know) quite well and always have a good time with them. It’s true that they’re not the best looking girls in the world, but then (as everyone here seems to forget when reading Stickman) the Big Mango Bar is not a gogo bar.  The girls are employed to wait on people and serve beer. Some do it better than others.  One of the girls in particular who goes by the name of ‘Du’ is a fasicnating girl who is adamant that ‘big boss’ is good guy with a good heart.  There are no monthly targets and the girls are all happy. The same girls are there that have been there from the start.  If the bar was forcing them into anything they didn’t want to do, I very much doubt they’d be there.

I have read that the Mango bar was up forsale. This I know not to be true as a friend of mine made enquiries as to the possible sale.  He was told that the Mango is not forsale.  Judging by the personal wealth of the owners, they are not penny-pinching and profit driven.  They’re using the Mango Bar as a place to hang out.  Why should we knock them for that?

One thing I did find out though, is that the owner of this site who used to be a customer of the Mango bar was REJECTED by a Mango girl.  I am not going to reveal her name, but she can be seen in many of the photos that are posted on this site of the Big Mango Bar.

I mentioned Stickman, whilst he is right in his narrative, he should of high-lighted that this mainly refers to the gogo bars.  Small beer bars do not always share the same philosophy.  Remember, the barfine in a beer bar is to compensate the owner for losing a waitress for the shift.  Why should they pay salary to someone who isn’t there.  Barfining in a beer bar does not always mean that intercourse is inevitable. I know many bars as do you all that have girls who will happily spend time with you accommpanying you to the cinema or shopping without having to ‘perform’.  Not all of us are sex tourist. The girls can read us pretty well.

The next thing I want to mention is Nigel.  It’s said that he was threatened by the Mango guys and he has dissapeared.  Maybe Stickman should ask the Mango boys what really happened?  Nigel left the Mango Bar, we all know that and we all know why.  I was in the Big Mango Bar when the Mango boys threw Nigel a party.  There was no fall out and they are still in contact.   If Nigel chooses to keep a low profile for a while (did anyone think that he maybe trying to avoid the soi 4 girls that always give him strife?) who the hell are you to make assumptions and prompt people to into looking into his private life?

In summary, all of the above people with the exception of a few seem to be jumping on the bandwagon – spreading rumors and school yard gossiping.

The character ‘Daffy Duck’ seems to be someone who will pick up on ANY people giving out miss-information on ANYTHING.  Some might say is joined with the Mango boys but I’d guess is that it only looks that way because most of the miss-information here is aimed at the Mango.  One only has to read the 9/11 threads to see that Daffy is plays Devils Advocate and speaks up when he sees garbage being printed.  I don’t know him and never met him.  But from what I’ve read, he seems to be far to intelligent for anyone on this site to challenge.

This site is only here for Mango Bar bashing. Plain and simple.  K.N may put in the odd restaurant reviews but that’s just to try and pursuade people it’s a serious informative site.  I think everyone here knows the truth.


26 Responses to “Voices of Reason…”

  1. I altered the post subject to the plural “Voices of Reason”, as I stumbled across another comment by someone refreshingly able to compose an intelligent message – so I’m thinking to maybe use this thread as a repository of exactly those kind of contributions.

    I will copy/post separately.

    • JohnC says:
      January 16, 2011 at 12:35 am
      I would add that playing intelligently by Thailand’s rules does not imply that you respect or like those rules. I, for one, have zero respect for about 50% of the “rules” of life in Thailand, but I either manipulate them to be successful or chose not to play at all, rather than pointlessly denounce them.

      It is simple stupidity to rail against what you cannot change. An intelligent man has two choices: play by those rules, and play well, or don’t play at all and look on in bemused irony. I do both.

      But I do think you exaggerate the role of money in Thailand. Money IS several orders of magnitude more important when assessing your status in Thailand than it is in the West, for obvious reasons (not because Thais are bad, as some would have it), but it is nowhere near as important or as decisive or as door-opening a thing you paint it as.

      Most of my satisfying and successful Thai relationships – with men or women – had almost no money element.

      And while having a reasonable amount of money is important, other more personal qualities are more important in securing the affections of Thais – again men or women, like personality, looks, and demeanor.

      My first “set” of Thai friends – from a middle to hi-so group – made it a point to refuse efforts on my part to foot the bill. They explained it would reflect terribly on them if it was seen that the farang paid the bill.

      I once met and went home with a Thai girl from one the late-night clubs. She was a nice girl who turned out to have a kid. She wasn’t that in to me, I had just pursued her aggressively in the club. She was actually much more into an older guy who showed interest in her but who backed off after he saw me with her.

      Anyways when we got home and I saw she had a kid I wasn’t interested in anything longer term with her, figured I met her in an after hours so she couldn’t be too “nice” a girl, so after some small talk offered her the hefty sum of 3 G’s for sex, mostly cause I felt bad for her and wanted to absolve myself from any responsibilty to form an emotional tie.

      She refused.

      Okay, I then decided to leave and offered her 1 G as I was out the door, just because I felt bad, again.

      She refused again, even after I insisted.

      A Thai woman, with kids, poor and living in a tenement, refusing a very large sum for sex (large for a poor girl from Lucky, when according to nearly every “expert” on Thailand, pretty much EVERY Thai girl will have sex for money if the price is right, even movie stars and newscasters), and then refusing FREE money, again supposedly in a country where every woman is as mercenary as possible.

      Nor are these exepriences at all untypical for me – in fact I have found money to be an important but far from all important factor in Thai life.

      There is a strong element of truth in what you say, Kenny, but taken too far it is a dangerous attitude and can justify acquiescing in relationships or situations that are insidious and a self-respecting person should not be willing to tolerate.

    • JohnC’s experiences and conclusions mirror my own experiences – that depending on your attitude, behavior and how you treat others, things are not always a matter of money.

      Kenny, of course, replied and dismissed JohnC’s observations.

  2. adman said

    Don’t disagree with anything “A fairly frequent customer” has written.

    I’ve written several comments over the past year correcting the lies which have been posted on BBK concerning The Big Mango, all of which have disappeared. As Daffy said, this one will probably be removed as well.

    After reading BDK’s post “Fiction Imitating Reality” (IT’S UP THERE!!!! ARE YOU GOING TO DENY IT’S UP THERE????) the hilarity of their efforts to bash the Mango hit home. Creating an image in my mind of one or two keyboard bullies feverishly hitting at the keys to author their next fictional masterpiece.

    hahaha hehehe hohoho

  3. It appears that “A Fairly Frequent Customer” is currently on a roll, engaging the BBK sockpuppet called NYTC (undoubtedly while on a break from teaching his school)

    • A fairly frequent customer says:
      January 18, 2011 at 9:25 pm

      For your information – The girls are earning more than 6,000 per month. However, if you do the math, 600 would more than cover their wages each day. This is why I say it is to COMPENSATE the owner. He’s lost a member of staff that night. The staff who would normally (try) and assist the bar in making money. Be that by persuading customers to stay longer and spending more or getting drinks bought for them.

      And lets not forget things like uniforms and food that is also supplied to the girls.

      Tell me something, would your boss (assuming you had one) be happy if you were to reimburse him your salary to take time off? Or would he prefer you were at work and doing your job, therefor making him (or the company) some profit?

      It’s not like the girls in the Mango are attractive enougt to get barfined every night is it? Ask the owners, they’re quite open about it. They’d make more money if the girls were at work everyday doing their job and selling to customers.

      Hang on one momeny, what am I saying, – this is all irrelevant and I am sure I read somewhere on here that the bar is losing money? So if that’s the statement you are supporting, then this is a pointless argument.

      Once again this is a display of ignorance and thoughtless accusations against a group of guys that are having some fun. Why the attacks? My thoughts would steer towards the fact that you guys are not. The Big Mango operates the same as many others in Bangkok. Do you attack them? No. Has Nick, Michael and Graham ever harmed you? Have you ever discussed this with them? Do you go to bars yourself and pay for these services – yet come onto websites like thise and complain that people in Bangkok who own bars are satisfying your needs?
      There is so much hypocrocy here its laughable.

      So much outrage that a back street bar (like any other bar) in Bangkok has girls available for sexual acts if you pay them. – assuming she doesn’t reject you that is.

      And lets not forget the other contributions on this site. Does the ‘K’ himself not write about bars off the ‘reservation’ where he has spied girls of questionable age? Isn’t ‘getting laid cheaper and more efficiently’ or something like that part of the strap line to this site?

      Yet, the guys who constantly bash the Mango and support this drivel seem to be the creepy guys who need to be finding out where the vulnerable and cheaps girls are at.

      Everyone has an agenda. Just maybe you should think about your own situation before you start casting stones at others?

  4. Big Black Gulliver said

    So let me get this straight, Graham and crew are putting money in their “pockets” and yet the Big Mango is a venture that is bleeding the owners to death.

    Is that the stated position? Supported by the blog owner.

    Only in the mind of a disgraced Economics Professor at Porn Star U would this make sense.

    Almost as stupid as the recommendation to buy electronic equipment from Siam Paragon.

    What a fucking idiot!

    • “Almost as stupid as the recommendation to buy electronic equipment from Siam Paragon.”

      You noticed that as well?

      But, didn’t you read, the fact that prices at Siam Paragon where high, and at ‘The World’ levels, comes as a “surprise” to the Assistant Professor of Economics…!!

      If any singular article or statement of his could ever discredit his qualifications to teach economics, then this would be the one.

      It’s not enough that CSUN is being disgraced by his porn blog, but having to keep this guy employed while being a complete and worthless waste of resources must sting them every day. No wonder the administration is looking for ways and means to get rid of him…

  5. Big Black Gulliver said

    Thesis Quality Indeed

    “The Black-White Income Gap in 1880” with Kenneth Ng Agricultural History, Winter 1993

    I have no doubt in my mind Nancy wrote most of this. Kenny’s contribution was sticking his little yellow pecker in her for motivation.

    Killer Kenny – What a man!


  6. Of course, as predicted, AFFC is quickly being maligned by the usual sock puppets, and al ready to be impersonated. No big surprise there, really.

  7. Big Black Gulliver said

    Lots of wasted cycles… the punchline.

    “One of the biggest mistakes I think BBK made when he set up his own blog was that he insisted on using it as a platform to bash the Big Mango bar, blog, their owners, and anybody who took their side in the disagreement. In the beginning I thought he just needed to get some bad feelings out and then he would go back to his normal writing but it never stopped. Every topic would somehow be spun around to disparage the Big Mango owners”

    The biggest mistake was telling people who he was in Bangkok while being a dickhead at the same time.

    A lethal mix if there ever was one.

    End of Story.

    • Riff Raff said


      Recently I wrote that I’m not going to comment again on this pathetic blog but shall make this one and only exception because your above comment is the first time you make sense and hit the nail right on it’s head.

      Kenny admitted to his mistake:

      BBK says:
      August 12, 2009 at 3:09 pm
      A top five list of times I have been wrong?
      Number one on the list was patronizing a certain bar way way way at the end of soi 4.

      Smart people learn from others mistakes but not genius Daffy and the way his blog reads is a mirror of his stupidity(fuck.. I got it wrong again – it’s Dummy’s blog).

      Daffy has become a puppet on a string, his credibility has gone down the toilet until the end of days and he made himself completely irrelevant.

      Sad, I still remember a very different Daffy, a courageous firing commenter.

      P.S. Seems like it’s not just the burga boys who know a lot of Daffy’s most private details. Heh heh heh..

    • Riff Raff said

      Daywalker is not the only person loaded with money and who can afford to pay for stalking someone.

      Oops, I said I’ll never comment here again.

    • “Recently I wrote that I’m not going to comment again on this pathetic blog”

      …and we’ll be seeing you again, again, and again, and again…..

      “P.S. Seems like it’s not just the burga boys who know a lot of Daffy’s most private details. Heh heh heh..”

      What personal details would that be? The ones you keep getting wrong, every single time, because you trust a notoriously incompetent source? How’s the saying go “in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man thinks he’s king” …? Don’t blink, Riff Raff…

    • “Daywalker is not the only person loaded with money and who can afford to pay for stalking someone.”

      Maybe you should ask for your money back. Just a suggestion.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Daffy, I’ll email you the day and time when Riff Raff posts again. We’ll play closest to the pin!

    • Good idea, yeah – maybe we’ll put up a special article with his numerous claims of *never posting on here ever again*, and the subsequent listings and dates of his responses. Maybe along with [name redacted]’s picture, home address and pictures of his residence (well, if you want to call it ‘residence’).

  8. Big Black Gulliver said

    “The new Mango Crew- Big Black Gulliver and Daffy Duck?

    You are the customers. Let’s hear your opinions”

    Wow that’s almost begging for someone to post over there!


    Daffy do you want to be Penfold or am I forced to take on the role?

  9. Bill Van Hoogstraten said

    “Wow that’s almost begging for someone to post over there!”


    Little White Cocksucker (much more apt 😉 )

    many many people posting there, and just you and your faggot ass boyfriend daffy posting here.


    • many many people posting there

      Hi Billy-boy – I guess to you, “many many” might encompass a super grand total of “3”, because (funny about that), there’s only three of you actually visiting BBK’s site and posting.

      How do we know?


  10. Bill Van Hoogstraten said

    notice the bit that you didn’t deny that you’re a butt nuggett


  11. Bill Van Hoogstraten said

    you know what daffers…

    if it looks like a duck, walks like duck…

    you bitch like a pre-menstrual pubescent.

    act like a bitch – get slapped like a bitch

    you fookin goat!


    • Is it recess already?

      You know, Billy-Baby, you remind me of someone I know in Thailand – sounds just like you, and is just as huge of a loser as well. He had a friend that talked too much, and it’s a bad habit he acquired as well.

      No relation to you, though – I mean, you don’t have a dope growing brother, and you obviously don’t live in the hinterlands of Korat hoping to duck out and start a “new life”. Though you both seem to have some sort of delusion about your hookers…

    • I’d also like to help you out here, and point you to an earlier comment where I explained that insults tossed out by drunken Aussie-Brits mean little if they have absolutely no meaning to the insult’s targets – thus your continue goat references, at best, puzzle me (and, apparently, the rest of the readers), while at worst they just make you appear for the drunken lout that you are. I see things haven’t gotten better on the domestic front.

      Well, enjoy keeping your eye on me.

  12. BigDummyKenny said

    Daffy, RiffRaff said he wouldn’t comment, but I would add to that “…using this alias”.

    The alias parade keeps rolling. The BBK trolls keep trolling.

    • “The alias parade keeps rolling. The BBK trolls keep trolling.”

      Sounds like an Ike & Tina Turner classic 😉

      You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet – over on, the sock-puppets are on frothing overdrive — albeit in a funny way, these guys probably think they “have something” on me, the way they keep tossing *really weird* data snippets around.

      Goat? Jewish? Burbank? Nazi? etc… They might as well claim that I’m on astronaut.

      I’m just befuddled where they pull this stuff out of – well, I know, but it’s just baffling….

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