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Going Out Of Business

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 23, 2011

For all the noise you read on it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. The tales of hundreds of thousands of dollars being lost in investments, poorly treated employees by management, poorly treated customers by employees and of course the speculation and various theories on the ownership and the demise of the Duke Pub and Big Mango bar. Who knows what to believe there?

We have none of that here. Once again we cut through the bullshit of the multiple alias’ and sock puppets on BBK.

In October, the manager of the Big Mango (Nigel – and no, he’s not American) was presented with an opportunity to manage a bar in one of the entertainment districts. The opportunity was better in several aspects and although we won’t disclose what those aspects were or how much better with the point being it was a better business opportunity.

The new manager was selected by Team Mango based upon his past experience and ability. Since he was hired several changes have been made in the mango. You can read about them on the Big Mango blog.

While that part of the BBK crowd which hates all things Big Mango speculates that it will be shutting it’s doors soon those people with more just experience in academia understand that business decisions are made to improve their product and cut costs where appropriate.

One example is the Big Mango menu. The menu has been completely redesigned in a way that makes it easier to read and much more durable.

In addition, Big Mango management took a look at the items on the menu and did a bit of analysis to see what items had been selling and those which hadn’t…dropped the slow selling items from the old menu and adding several new items to the new one.

Changing the menu is an interesting move for a business which is supposedly barely surviving and on the market to be sold (which some on BBK.COM have claimed). If I consider the things that I would do to move a restaurant, changing the menu is not one of them. Why? There’s no return that a potential buyer would see in terms of revenue. From an operations perspective, it takes considerable time and effort to analyze sales, come up with new menu items, identify suppliers for new items/ingredients, pricing, estimating required inventory needs, etc. Then it will take some time to find out which new items are a hit and which ones are a miss and the associated revenue to make any impact.

Does any of this make sense? Probably not to most of the BBK.COM crowd. Their only intent is to spread misinformation in an attempt to take down the Big Mango. You can be sure valid points will be ignored and more imaginary reviews by another group of sock puppets will be presented in the future.

In the mean time, the Big Mango just keeps on doing their own thing and refuses to engage in the mudslinging and misinformation which defines BBK.COM


10 Responses to “Going Out Of Business”

  1. Wombat said

    Nigel actually left in September. Anyone know what has happened to him?

    In October the manager was a female. Possibly the object of the fat mummies boy’s desire.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      New information……Kenny Ng was adopted, the only child of a working class couple from Buffalo. He is also Chinese not Japanese like so many people have posted.

      This could explain his fascination with Hi-So Chinese. His sexual issues are easily explained by being an outcast and rejected for most of his adult life.

      I pity Kenny Ng more than I dislike him.


    • “New information……Kenny Ng was adopted, the only child of a working class couple from Buffalo.”

      Those poor people. They must be wondering every day where they went wrong. Anyone know anything about his biological parents, and why they took one look at him, and cast him out with a litany of Chinese curses…?

      “He is also Chinese not Japanese like so many people have posted.”

      Well, one look pretty much establishes that.

      So, what’s with BangkokBuddy covering for him?

  2. Big Black Gulliver said

    From Stickman this week

    “Soi Nana feels like it’s getting longer and the magic money bubble extends further down the soi these days”

    Wow, maybe Graham and his guys made a great move after all. Kenny?

    Another great call from our “Economics Professor”

    “Those who can do, do. Those who cannot teach”


  3. Big Black Gulliver said

    So, what’s with BangkokBuddy covering for him?

    Easy, I have astronomical #’s. Mention you saw me to make me look like I’m in Bangkok and you will be rewarded with a huge readership spike.

    For BangkokBuddy that would be from 5 to 10 viewers.


  4. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Daffy – How is BangkokBuddy covering for BBK? What did I miss?

  5. MongerSEA said

    Sorry BDK but the production of a new menu proves nothing about the health of the venue concerned. cf. “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ MongerSEA – The statements came from someone with extensive industry experience. The speculation by the misfits on BBK is the business is failing and on the market to be sold. Changing a menu is not as simple as rearranging chairs.

      It’s unlikely that it would make any difference to a prospective buyer. Some may look at it as a plus but to others it may raise red flags. A restaurant on the market to be sold wouldn’t do it unless it’s the type of restaurant which regularly changes menus as regular operations.

  6. Nicholas Van Hoogstraten said

    “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

    thats funny shit bro

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