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Goat Cheesecake!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on January 31, 2011


22 Responses to “Goat Cheesecake!”

  1. SBDOTKU said

    Those last two goats are weird looking.

  2. MongerSEA said

    Barnyard Quality Photography, if nothing else.

  3. Big Black Gulliver said

    Thailand – Nothing Ever Changes

    How can one man be so wrong in so few words and pictures.

    I really love the 1978 Pickup Truck from a picture taken in 1969.

    Click here for some much better pictures and information.

    • “I really love the 1978 Pickup Truck from a picture taken in 1969.”

      His father probably paid a million Baht for it.


    • SBDOTKU said

      The photos were interesting. The ads around the photos, on the other hand, were a bit off-putting.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Agreed on the ads. Daffy, that’s quite a little battle you and crazy John have going on. Seems you two picked up exactly where you left off.

    • Just like Kenny’s article stated – Things don’t change, do they?

      I’m posting as me, he’s posting as 5 other guys.

    • John appears to be forgetting that defamation is a CRIMINAL offense in Thailand, and all it takes is a subpoena for Kenny’s server logs to match his various alias’ with his IP address, and he could be facing a pretty catastrophic judgment.

      John’s not the brightest bulb in the pack.

    • MongerSEA said

      @Big Black Gulliver: “I really love the 1978 Pickup Truck from a picture taken in 1969.”

      88 Miles Per Hour!

      DCSUNEPKN (Disgraced CSUN Economics Professor Kenneth Ng) got just about everything wrong. The first picture isn’t even in Thailand: the signs are in Burmese script, there are no cars, there are no flags flying, and you would never see that many Thais — male and female — wearing skirts in any large up-country town today or even back then.

      The third photo is another train-wreck. Nobody would ever invest in metal stools for a noodle stand these days, or deal with the weight penalty when plastic is available. so “If you’ve traveled around or lived in Thailand, what is striking is how little things have changed” goes right out the window. If it was worth the time I could tell you to within 20 meters where that photo was taken just by researching the business names on the signs. It’s not worth the time.

      So let’s bring an air of truthfulness to the matter: If you’ve traveled around or lived in Thailand, what is striking is how little Kenny knows compared to how much he thinks he knows.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      I love these old photos but……..

      What was DCSUNEPKN’s motivation on this one?

      Photo 1 is interesting. A total lack of cars, motorbikes and electric/utility lines we all know and love.

      Good call on the script Monger. You can even see the “Burman Row” on the green awning.

      2 and 3 are in Thailand, but photo 3 is circa 1983 based upon the sedan sitting in the road.

      “These pictures were taken in Thailand circa 1969 by a close family member traveling in Northern Thailand with a branch of the U.S. government”

      Kenny???? Kenny?????? Help us out here, where did you REALLY get these photos?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

    • MongerSEA – Kenny replied:

      BBK says:
      January 31, 2011 at 10:06 am
      Your right.
      The first picture is from Burma. The second and third are from Northwest Thailand.
      I was curious if anyone would notice.

    • MongerSEA said


      In the Kenny lexicon, “I was curious if anyone would notice” is defined as “I had no idea what I was talking about and when I got called on it I didn’t have the courage and integrity to climb down gracefully”.

  4. Daywalker said

    For all the Kenny followers – please note that I don’t post on Kennys site. Anything you read there under the name ‘Daywalker’ is not me. Most likely it is Kenny himself trying to trigger more hate and discontent.

    • We have now reached the part of the week’s programme where the sockpuppets rip on Daywalker, again, and Big BlackGulliver.

      Seriously, quite a piece of work, over there – amazes me how jealous that guy is of successful expats like Daywalker. I guess losers invariably are jealous of those more successful than they are themselves.


    • BigDummyKenny said

      Hey hey! Even I got a mention over there.

      Desperate times indeed.

      Anyone notice that people don’t bother to comment on the articles anymore unless it’s to point out Kenny’s Bullshit.

    • BBK really is just used as an outlet for verbal diarrhea, perfectly marking it as the toilet that it is, n’est ce pas?

      All the while Kenny doesn’t realize that he is just a tool to others’ agendas…

  5. Wow, these guys over on BBK are just really getting desperate!

    Impersonation overdrive.

  6. Clarifyer said

    Why doesn’t Daywanker post anymore at BBK?

    • BigDummyKenny said

      I believe Daywalker gave his reason in comment on BBK.COM v1.0 before Kenny decided he didn’t believe in free speech as much as saving his job. I don’t remember the reasons, but I do recall numerous times Daywalker would challenge Kenny on his facts (really fabrications) concerning The Big Mango, Duke and several other statements made about Daywalker which Kenny never did answer.

  7. BigDummyKenny said

    “MongerSEA said
    January 31, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    @Big Black Gulliver: “I really love the 1978 Pickup Truck from a picture taken in 1969.”

    88 Miles Per Hour! ”

    ROTFLMAO – Nice rim shot.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      But Kenny posted those pictures as test for all of us.

      Knowing all along that picture 1 wasn’t in Thailand…………..sure Kenny.

      Its your lie, you can tell it like you want to.

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