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Waaaaaaaayyyyyy out in Silom – Another visit to The Duke…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 12, 2011

I figured the “closure” of The Duke of Wellington warrants a personal investigation. I’m in town, it’s not too far from where I’m staying, so I figured “why not?” 😉 Heck, I’ll snap off a couple of pictures with my trusty iPhone.

So after a quick ride in a taxi, I found myself facing … an entire building being renovated!

Uh Oh.... could this mean that Kenny was making stuff up again... and is not "man enough" to admit it?

Feel free to compare these photos to the ones BigDummy snapped for his earlier fly-by, and you can see that the building is now completely covered up, and that this is a serious renovation job OF THE ENTIRE BUILDING.

BigDummy’s earlier article is right here :

All boarded & tarp'd up. I wonder what's happening underneath there.

In fact, you can see the banner where The Duke is located, and which invites all customers to head across the street to "AFTER HOURS" (click the picture to see the banner)

Looks serious. It seems like the entire inside of the building is being gutted.

I have absolutely no doubt that Kenny is, right now, desperately trying to figure out how he could possibly spin this one, just so he would not have to admit having been MONUMENTALLY WRONG (again) in his speculations and fabrications – really, Kenny, it wouldn’t hurt you to just do a minimum of research to get your facts right, now would it?

… but I guess in that regard, you and Prufrock have more in common than you care to admit (hint: neither of you know the first thing about researching facts, and both of you allow yourselves to be blinded by your emotional obsessions.)

Obviously, Kenny has chosen the “silent” strategy – as usually pretending that the facts don’t exist, as suddenly comments on the MangoCollapse thread, announcing the “death” of The Duke have gone awfully quiet. Hmmmm…. I wonder why that is?

Simultaneously, insane comments on all the other threads have shot through the roof — nothing like trying to distract from “The Facts” with a lot of noise, is there, kids?

This one might be hard for The Ref (Kenny) to spin as anything else but a clear victory for Team Mango (of course, I have no doubt that we’ll see The Ref/Kenny just make something up — or go silent…

Next up, more damage to Kenny’s reputation – a restaurant review of AFTER HOURS! Who’s up for a lunch meeting at The Pub That Doesn’t Exist waaaaaaaaaaay out in Silom?

shortlink for Kenny’s benefit:


6 Responses to “Waaaaaaaayyyyyy out in Silom – Another visit to The Duke…”

  1. MongerSEA said

    Real Estate Quality Photography if nothing else.

  2. Big Black Gulliver said

    And look normal doing it, unlike Kenny Ng walking around with the Gran Telescopio Canarias strapped to his body.

    What a donkey!

  3. Wentworth said

    All of Kenny’s lenses seem to be covered in vaseline, not unlike the great professor himself.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Wentworth that’s a good point! It may be the lubricant he used with all those underage girls in Issan.

      Or it could be that he doesn’t have a talented bone in his body.

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