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LIVE BLOG : Restaurant Review : AFTER HOURS

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 16, 2011

I’m trying something new today – a LIVE BLOG of a restaurant review of the new AFTER HOURS pub.

Right now, this is a placeholder, but basically for a live blog I’m going to attempt to provide LIVE updates from my trip and subsequent meal at AFTER HOURS. I plan to be there from 3:30pm on, probably for an hour or so.

I’ll update this post accordingly.

Hey, this may be a chance for any of Kenny’s sockpuppets to show they have the balls to show up – albeit I think very much there’s no concern for them spoiling my meal.

I’m not holding my breath.

[the LIVE blog is finished – I’m all done, and the finished post is after the break. It was fun doing this, albeit I need a better publishing tool]

3:06pm : having a nice walk-about

3:35pm : I’ve arrived!

Obviously of a more modern design than ye olde English Pub, AFTER HOURS is pretty much across from The Duke’s, and you can cast a watchful eye on the RENOVATION and CONSTRUCTION going on across the street.

It appears I’m missing ye olde Happy Hour by being too early 😦

Nice outside seating, if you’ve developed an immunity to bad air, is complemented by a pleasant, glass-enclosed store-front. I’ll take AirCon, thankyouverymuch!

Oh noes! Has the Mango Curse struck here too? Empty chairs during, and a near empty venue during the high-traffic early afternoon hours (that was sarcasm). Time to venture inside… A quick look, and not a creature was stirring, not even a sock-puppet.

(I guess not that tough when there’s an actual challenge…)

[getting comfortable inside (“co-laah, please!”), some comments about how live blogging is going. In a word – the WordPress app for iPhone really sucks. Grrrrr…. It might be ok if you plan to write a single post, upload it, and be done – but it does not appear to have been designed with frequent edits, especially including graphics, in mind. I’m managing, though]

3:48pm : A familiar menu, to those who’ve frequented The Duke previously. I’ve sadly haven’t had the pleasure to check it out in the past, but I certainly will make some time when his Duke-ship re-opens.

“Fish & Chips, khrap!” – a test of any English pub! (the F&C at the Mango are delish)

4:09pm : The food arrived. I’m taking pics.

Food was not particularly good, to be frank. The presentation is nice, but not well executed. Fish and chips rates maybe 2/5 stars. The fish was almost flavorless and the batter bland; it needed to be cooked at higher temp in fresher oil. Chips were passable but too few. Peas were semi-firm and whole (a nice change from indifferent mushy peas served elsewhere) but served lukewarm.

I would expect far better in a place striving to be an “English Pub”, but then again, AFTER HOURS does not present itself as such, but I still can’t cut them any slack in that regard. No venue should blow it this badly on a signature dish in the food genre. One can do much better for 275 baht especially given the poor location waaaaaaaay down Silom Road.

Frankly, I’ve had much better F&C at The Big Mango waaaaaaaaay down Soi 4 – but I guess it just validates the wisdom of a Bangkok-based (sometimes) food connoisseur  friend of mine, who warned me that “It seems to be a rule that any restaurant in Silom will suck” – strong words, as AFTER HOURS did not suck, but I will certainly not order the F&C again.  Sorry, guys 😦

4:40pm : and I’m done!

Nope, and no sockpuppets showed up, as far as I could see, albeit there was a suspicious taxi cruising by every 6-7 minutes, with a suspicious looking fellow inside. Could this have been ronru? RiffRaff? Doubtful, it takes longer to make it from his mom’s basement in Melbourne to Silom – who could it have been? Zero_Proof? Zero_Prof?


9 Responses to “LIVE BLOG : Restaurant Review : AFTER HOURS”

  1. Big Black Gulliver said

    Whoever bought the place hasn’t bothered to update the software. Doesn’t Fish and Chips usually come with 2 fishys?
    I can’t believe that you went to a British Pub and ordered a Pepsi. Kenny Ng and his numbnuts will have a field day with this post.

    However your iPhone photos are much better than Kenny’s camera.

    • “I can’t believe that you went to a British Pub and ordered a Pepsi.”

      It’s all about authenticity – you will notice that Kenny orders cola with all of his food reviews as well 🙂

      Kenny Ng and his numbnuts will have a field day with this post.

      I doubt they have a leg to stand on – they had every opportunity to swing by and beat me up (as they keep threatening), yet no one showed up – if anything, egg on their face. Not that I care one way or the other, I genuinely not over on BBK anymore…

  2. MongerSEA said

    One would be tempted to say “Restaurant Quality Photography, if nothing else”, but once again RealDaffyDuck’s masterful prose and skillful lensing set this blog apart. I felt like I was actually there! It’s truly refreshing to see such useful content on this site and a stark contrast to that operated by DCSUNEPKN, the latter site sometimes described as the cruise sock of the Thai-focused blogosphere.

  3. I might do another liveblog review of something else before I head back on Friday. Not sure yet.

    • MongerSEA said

      A splendid idea, but instead of seeking to write in the style of DCSUNEPKN — or his style if he were to come into proximity of anything like taste — would you consider a visit to a venue that might speak more directly to his audience?

      Were one writing to tempt a marginalized, schizophrenic Canadian teacher, one might try a noodle stand within walking distance of a third rate institute of education. Resist the urge to spring for bus fare as your reader probably doesn’t have it. And make sure you have plenty of truther literature with you as lunchtime reading. It might also be prudent to take along a little thermite in case there are bugs or the soup isn’t warm enough.

      Or if you want a real flight of imagination, think like a devious ex-Australian brothel keeper and failed exporter who’d made it out his native land one step ahead of the law with his madame/hooker/wife in tow. You can probably just settle for a bag of insects off a street cart, some sticky rice and the cheapest beer you could find at 7-11, that being about what he can afford, one estimates. Be sure to hire a couple of half-wit, half-white urchins to give it that authentic, dining-at-home feel. Or stay with that thought and go retro, throw on a stained, ill-smelling floral shirt and drink your next meal on the terrace of The Landmark, and imagine that you are somebody…

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Wow, I miss the old days in Bangkok at the Landmark with my Hawaiian Shirt, guzzling Heineken and pretending I was a player out on the front deck. They had those big green umbrellas and the misty shit that comes out and keeps you cool. I will never forget the day I met Jum and called her up on her way to
      Soi 4. “You pay bar for me and friend me” then it was off to SD Seafood and a great night back at the Davis Hotel. Thanks Monger….now let me go upstairs and change my sons diaper and reflect on what was….

    • I like the noodle stand idea – we could do an animated review of the food quality, and follow-it up interviewing various patrons about their views on 911, and the marginal quality of education in the neighborhood.

  4. RealDaffyDuck said

    It’s interesting how absolutely desperately the sockpuppets (who never read BDK), and Kenny (who visits regularly, I mean, never), are trying to ignore both the multiple photo articles on the “High-Rise that the Ducke shut down”, as well as this review of After Hours — hmmm, could it be because it would place Kenny’s integrity and accuracy into question?

  5. The Judge said

    Knowing Kenny attempted to claim a co-worker’s research as his own is all you need to know to determine that he has no integrity.

    A look at his posts on is all you need to know that Kenny is inaccurate.

    Kenneth Ng is guilty and ordered to continue with his miserable existence.

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