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Sockpuppet Roll Call

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 22, 2011

Just in case anyone was wondering – I have stopped posting over on a while back, and thus any comments you see over there seemingly coming from me are simply fakes, sockpuppets pretending to be legitimate posters.

The same applies to comments you might see from :

  • Daywalker (nope, not posting on BBK)
  • BigDummy (Hahahaha…)
  • Gulliver (Prufie may not realize he’s talking to socks)
  • SBDOTKU (quite certainly not posting on BBK)
  • Mr Cheesecake (the genuine article)
  • DrLove (the real one wouldn’t be caught dead there)
  • adman (not posted in a couple of months)
  • Uncle Frank (never commented on BBK)
  • Bangers Bill (refuses to comment on BBK anymore)
  • MongerSEA (“…quite certain it’s inauthentic…”)
  • PattayaGhost (didn’t even know the site was still going)
  • Werewolf (who will be beyond pissed that I mentioned him)

….and probably pretty much anyone else you see around these parts. There are really just 3-4 shills posting – and you can read all you need to know about them, by reversing what they say about everyone else.

Kenny has a declared “policy” wherein he claims that if he is informed about impersonated posts, he will label them as such — I guess we can now add “Liar” to his repertoire, along with “Hidden Agenda“, “Bullshit” and “Lots of Censorship“. Even when someone like PattayaGhost takes the time to post to inform Kenny that “his” comments are fakes, Kenny does nothing about the fake comments, and leaves the personal information up for all to see.

Instead of listing who is all fake (most likely a sizable list), it’s probably easier just asking on here, who actually does legitimately post comments over at BBK?

Legit Commenter on BBK:

  • RonBaltimore (quickly accused of being a Mango Owner)

It’s probably a very short list.

[updated with new information]


13 Responses to “Sockpuppet Roll Call”

  1. adman said

    Add my to the list. I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted there. It’s been at least a couple months. Probably longer.

    Have sockies been using my name?

    Don’t know.

    Don’t care.

  2. BigDummyKenny said

    I get my info on what’s going on over there e-mailed from an unnamed source. So I not only have no reason to comment on Kenny’s website, I seldom have a need to visit Kenny’s website.

    The funniest exchanges I’ve had sent to me are the ones where Prufrock believes he’s arguing with BBG or RDD. Classic.

  3. RonBaltimore said

    my post was real….of course then I was accused of being a Big Mango owner….zzzzz

  4. Uncle Frank said

    I don’t comment over there. Now that i think aboutit, I cant remember ever commenting on his blog. Why waste time on a bunch of blowhard windbags?

  5. Bangers Bill said

    I refuse to comment there anymore since Kenny decided to be a big Asshole about my comment on one of his misguided articles. Haven’t read any of his crap in a long time either.

    Good job at driving me away Kenny. Hurray!

  6. adman said

    Someone lives an unbelievably empty and boring life if their main source of entertainment is creating sockies.

    Kenny, get a life.

    Better yet, instead of going to rural Thailand at the end of the semester, take some supplementary courses on becoming a better teacher.

    Your ratings on the site is bottom of the barrel.

    • Indeed:

      “Creeepy, and a terrible teacher”

      “I am about to graduate college next semester, never once have written a comment about one teacher here at CSUN, but this professor, by far, is the WORST.”

      “He is absolutely incompetent, he does not teach properly which is why most of his class is failing and his tests are ridiculously hard. He gets off topic a lot and talks about poker and other stupid things”

      “As other’s have said he often rambles on about poker, gambling and other personal interests. He was kindof creepy too. HE IS NOT A TEACHER. AVOID THIS GUY”

      “He demonstrates an accurate depiction of just how bad the real world is really like…cheat your friends, be dishonest..and in the end win…profit…great grades.”

      Quite the references, Prof. Ng!

    • BBK said

      The ratings on the site are mostly from disgruntled students who couldn’t learn. The other comments are from the haters with nothing better to do.

      My credentials stand on their own merit and need no defense. All you need to do is go to to see that we have the most interesting posts and lively discussions about Thailand. Would you rather read the same old stories from a burn out like Stickman or read a fresh perspective from someone who’s thoughts haven’t bee polluted by the bottom of the barrel ex-pat community?

      The better alternative is obvious.

  7. Big Black Gulliver said

    I wonder if Prufrock realizes that at times he is bantering back and forth with Ng posting as someone else? He has to know that, right?

  8. Big Black Gulliver said

    Daffy, you have never explained why Prufrock is paranoid about going to the Mango? Any thoughts?

  9. Daywalker said

    Anyone know when my pal Kenny is coming to Thailand? I want to buy him a drink (diet coke) 😉

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