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At least he’s consistent…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 23, 2011

Well, after turning in a moderately decent post the other day, I am glad to see that Big Baby Kenny Ng returns to his usual level of mediocrity, inaccuracy, and plain desperation with his most recent post.

Desperation – because it is far too obvious that Big Baby Kenny Ng is angling for a mention on Stick’s column by spending his entire “post” taunting and  insulting Stickman.

In addition, he also takes a trip down Prufrock lane, with an article peppered with anti-authoritarian paranoia worthy of Prufrock’s usual inane rantings about black helicopters, secret SMS threats, and government conspiracies … all another sign of desperation of hoping to get people to comment and discuss how wrong he is. I have no doubt that sockpuppets will simulate lots of that.

Really, at this point, he’s just become pathetic.


4 Responses to “At least he’s consistent…”

  1. BBK said

    I provide my reader with the content relevant to all things Thailand. It’s a matter of personal preference and style. There is nothing desperate or pathetic about that. The fact is BBK is gaining more traction every day. Nevermind I let an army of sock puppets comment. It’s what makes BBK an interesting daily read.

    Things are better in Thailand than they are in the world because I can get away with things in Thailand I could never get away with in the world. Paying off cops for traffic tickets, ball massages, picking up freelancers are all OK. Their system is just much better all the way around.

    When I see hacks like Stickman talking about experiences that don’t match mine I think we’re talking about different countries. At times I believe he is making things up for readership. Granted Sickman is a white face in an Asian country, but certainly his experiences aren’t as different as mine.

    I stand by my theory is that the farang accounts you read on the internet, like Stickman’s, that stem from Western drivers who start yelling, screaming, and protesting and start a pissing contest with the policeman, is because they are typical of the bottom of the barrel ex-pats.

    I will repeat that the proper philosophy for living in Thailand is, in the immortal words of Wayne from Wayne’s World —– Game On! Win, lose,or draw, be thankful you have a seat at table, chips in front of you, and get dealt in.

    Who could ask for anything more or not be happy with the situation?

    If all you do is sit around getting jealous at what the other guy has and bitching and moaning about what you don’t have, you’ll end up like Stickman —— giving up in defeat.

    The reason is gaining traction every day is the readers there want a fresh perspective of Thailand that isn’t available on any of the other blogs. After a while, they all sound like angry old men with nothing better to do than complain about how bad things are there. They can’t be told anything different and it’s their self-professed MOTU attitude that contributes to their miserable demeanor.

    • Big Black Gulliver said


      I agree 100% perhaps more importantly than anything else, the Thai girls are able to overcome and transcend the Western stigma that is associated with prostitution. Come to Thailand and enjoy time with the women of the night and it simply doesn’t feel like prostitution, or at least the Western perception of prostitution. It is more akin to renting a girlfriend for the night – and that is what makes it so special, enthralling and for many, downright addictive. It’s not just the sex that makes time with a Thai bar girl great. The whole experience is far more than just plain old sex. As a friend said, “I have tried to explain it to my friends and they just look at me as if I’m some sort of weirdo – they just don’t get it!” These Thai girls can really make you feel special and although you need to be aware that they are doing it for money, it can still be very enjoyable.

      My discovery of the Thailand was all due to you. Thanks Professor Ng. Without you and your website I never would have been able to have sex with so many girls for such little money.


    • BigDummyKenny said

      Is this really Big Black Gulliver and BBK in agreement?

      I can hardly believe it. But calling Stickman a bottom of the barrel ex-pat is a bit harsh.

      I give you credit Kenny, at least you’re honest about why you let the sock puppets comment.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Even a broken clock is correct twice a day!

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