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Visa Runs: Ho Hum High Season

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 24, 2011

The high season. Another month or so and it’s over. It depends on who you talk to, but for most bars and the girls it was another mediocre year. Speak to bar managers and owners and they’ll tell you too.

Even if I didn’t speak with them, I know it. I can see it. I can feel it.

Wandering through Walking Street, Nana or Soi Cowboy it’s evident. By the number of girls that nearly yank my arm off and yell “handsum man, where you go” as I try to pass. I can tell by the additional effort the mamasans put forth in trying to convince me that the girl she wants to push off on me can “boom-boom real good”. I can tell by how aggressively the service girls offer me another drink, again and again, even while the drink in front of me is half full. I can tell by the reports of bills being padded. I can tell. It’s not been a good season.

During Christmas and New Years things looked hopeful. They always do. Walking street, Nana and Soi Cowboy are packed. The bars are packed. The girls go quickly. The alcohol flows freely. Sanook all around.

Halfway into January and you could see things had dropped off. Alot. Talk to a few of the bar owners and managers they will tell you. The exception is the number of Indians and Japanese. The number of Japanese is way up this year. I’m not the only one to notice. A couple bar owners and managers agree. If not for the Japanese customers the last month many Nana and Soi Cowboy bars would have done poorly. Many have done poorly anyway. Ask the girls and they will tell you. “No customer come barfine me. I not go with customer long time.”

This wasn’t a horrible year, but ask the girls and most will tell you they’re not getting taken out. Not making much money. The other complaint I hear is customers only willing to pay 1000-2500 baht top for services. The girls don’t like it but what can they do other than say no? There is still good traffic in the bars on the weekends but other days foot traffic is way off. I know a few girls who take the pay cut and don’t come back to the bar until Wednesday or Thursday. They are attractive and most weekends they get a customer. They say coming in during the week isn’t worth their time. I can do without many of their attitudes. Maybe that’s part of the problem. To a certain extent I think they have gotten spoiled by the good times of years past. They haven’t adjusted to the new financial reality.

Another gauge I use: How many very attractive girls who are still going to work in the bars. During a good high season, the generous sponsors snatch most of them up and take them out of the bar. Inspecting the situation on Walking Street, Nana and Cowboy I still see a good number of those girls milling about. More than usual. Not good.

If you know a few of these girls well, they will tell you. You don’t hear them bragging as much about how many sponsors they have or how much money they are sending. Instead they will be doing their best to pull you into that role. “I always like you most.” “Why you don’t like me?” Ask about the customer you saw her hanging all over the week before and it’s always the same, “I don’t like him much but he buy me drink. I like you more. I want you.”
You can see it in their eyes too. The bordom. The apathy. For some the desperation. For many it’s not sanook now. They have bills to pay. Others have things to buy to gain face with their friends. Without the customers they can’t afford to buy that 20,000 gold necklace or that 25,000 baht mobile phone to show off (never mind that they won’t use 80% of the features).

You still hear the stories. Though they are fewer this year. Some girl finding some sponsor willing to dispense of 40, 50, 60,000 baht a month. Taking the girl out of the bar. They are the lucky ones (funny that out of boredom many of these girls will come back, to the very place they have told you they dislike, in their street clothes late in the evening to meet up with an old customer they know….but that is another story!). They don’t have to worry. At least for awhile. Unless the sponsor learns the girl is still going to the bar or about the Thai boyfriend who she swore was just a friend or her brother, she has nothing to worry about.

But for the others. The low season is coming and they don’t have a golden parachute. What will they do now? With the instability that has been taking place in Europe, the Middle East and now the USA, well it can’t be good for business. It won’t be good for their business. Talk to some of the girls. Get past their attempts for you to pay their barfine. Some will tell you. They talk of going back home to save money. You know, it’s very expensive in Bangkok. With few customers they can’t make quotas and pay will be docked. If their Thai boyfriend is not working the situation is even worse. She needs to support herself and him. Even more reason to go home to save money. I don’t worry about them. The girls will survive. They always do.

The bars will survive too. Most anyway. Some will find new owners. As for all the other? Drink prices will be raised. Barfines will be raised. Salaries will be cut. Staff will be cut. Contributions to the local police staff will be reduced.

Everyone will just cut back a little bit and survive until next high season and hope next year is much better. It must be better. Won’t it?


84 Responses to “Visa Runs: Ho Hum High Season”

  1. Daywalker said

    Flying from Europe to BKK every month or so – the planes are empty. You’d think the airlines would drop their prices but instead raise them. Prices seem to start from £2.5k and go upto £4k for Biz Class.

    Just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

  2. david shiel said

    The moo ban girls, Nong Khem, are wonderful. Jing!

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @david shiel. Now that I know what they are, I’ve got the same question as others.

      What makes them so wonderful?

  3. RealDaffyDuck said

    Haven’t we heard that over the past 2-3 years, how “next year will be better” – and it’s gotten worse every year.

    There’s girls I’ve told about not overspending the last two years – but cars were bought, houses were bought, and now there’s stress, desperation, panic.

    I wonder if this will be good or bad for the buyer, when I return next.

    • adman said

      It would be my guess that it will be very good for the buyer. If there are significantly fewer guys going to the bars then supply will be way above demand. Market rules say prices should drop.

      Exception being those silly fools that don’t care and willing to pay a premium when there’s no justifying financial reason to do so.

      Maybe we can find a CSUN Economics Profession to provide us with THESIS QUALITY CONTENT on the topic? 😉

    • 😉

  4. adman said

    Yep. I’ve also noticed alot more Japanese on Soi Cowboy and Indians over at Nana the last couple visits.

    Good point about the sponsors too. Can anyone tell me why these girls blow a good thing?

    I work in sales and travel alot. We had a sales meeting in Bangkok and a buddy of mine from Japan was in town. We met at Big Dogs because he was meeting his girl there. I ask about the girl and he say he met her in ONE of the Rainbow bars (can’t tell you which ONE) and is now sponsoring her at about 65k a month.

    Meet the girl and she is lovely. About 5’7″ and light skin. Not a ladyboy either. Beautiful girl. Fair English and from what I can tell good Japanese. We continue to sit and drink and she mentions she wants to go to ONE of the Rainbow bars to see some friends.

    OK, no problem he says.

    We finish our beers and are waiting…and waiting. Finally he says he’s going to go see what’s taking so long. I say OK and since I’m going to ONE of the Rainbow bars I tag along.

    Just outside ONE of the Rainbow bars he sees her in a heated discussion with another Asian guy. Turns out this guy is also sponsoring her and wanted to surprise her. Went to the bar to see if she was working there (sure he was) and was angry when she showed up.

    Girl notices my friend and horrified look and runs inside Rainbow. My friend starts talking to other Japanese guy. Very calm, civil discussion. Turns out the other guy was giving her about 50k each month.

    They talk a bit longer. Then my friend say, wait here a minute. We’ll be hanging out together if you don’t have plans and I said that’s fine with me. They both walk inside Rainbow.

    About 3 minutes later they both come out and the girl is nowhere in sight.

    Turns out that when they were outside talking my friend, learning the other guy was also a sponsor, said he didn’t care to support her anymore.

    The other guy told my friend the same thing! So they both went in to tell her they were finished!

    Karma in action.

    Turns out that my friend loved the girl and was trying to get her to move to Japan for a more permanent relationship. Finding she wasn’t being honest about things he decided he was done with her. I’m not sure what the other guy’s situation was, but he decided he didn’t want her either.

    What a financial hit. Going from almost 120k baht per month to zero.

    I don’t feel sorrow for her one bit. It’s obvious to me she’s a gamer. She’s a beautiful girl and will no doubt pull in another sponsor soon enough.

  5. adman said

    David Shiel. What are moo baan girls and who/what is Nong Khem?

  6. SBDOTKU said

    Moo naan = gated housing community. Nong Khem is a neighborhood in the Western suburbs of Bangkok. Why that is a good place for girls???

  7. SBDOTKU said

    Freakin’ auto spell check. BAAN

  8. SBDOTKU said

    And to comment on the post: I was there during the peak, Christmas-New Year and it was busy but not tremendously so. Not even as busy as it was during my visit several years ago during a February. I was able to spend quality time with some QUALITY friends, no problem. Did notice an uptick of gentlemen from Japan in Soi Cowboy.

    Went to an island for New Year and though the rooms were all supposedly full, the quantity of tourists didn’t seem to be as high as previous visits.

    @Daywalker. I’m actually trying to get a trip report together to post on that Big Mango Blog.

    As with every trip, I start with the best of intentions and then I just kind of forget to memorialize things after a out the third day. And of course, it is always a bit of a warm haze I try to piece together when I return. Thankfully I take a lot of pictures to prod my memory.

    Very interested to see how things are during my “off-peak” trip in a few months…

  9. Jet said

    WTF. You gotta be kidding. You know theres always gonna be some guys that throw a bunch of money at girls and it won’t make any sense.

    Maybe because these guys have more money than they know what to do with. Maybe because the only way for them to get the good lookers to go with them is to throw a load of money their way. Maybe the guy is really into the chick. I spend a bunch of free time at Cowboy and I seen it happen many times.

    I seen it happen the last time bout a month ago at Shebas. The girl, a little tatt’ed slut, we’ll call her ” aew”. Really cute face, little spinner body though she had a bit of a gut the last couple times I saw her. Anyway, see her come in quite a few times over the past few months but never working. Chats up a customer inside, leaves with whoever decides to pay her bar, then comes back and hangs out until closing. Later in the evening she would always seem to disappear with the same old guy. I mean really old. He was pushing 70 if not a 100. Looked like it anyway.

    So I’m outside watching football on the tv late and chatting with my favorite girl. Here she comes. Stops at the table and has a few words with my girl. After ” aew ” walks away my girl has this look on her face like WTF is her problem. Apparently my girl had “talked” to her customer and she didn’t like it. Then the information superhighway opened. Seems this guy’s shelling out 10K a pop. Yep, that’s right, 10k a pop! Says he’s been doing it 2 or 3 times a week for at least a couple months. So there’s 80k a month easy. Now there’s your example of a guy throwing money at a girl for no financial good reason. He probably figures he’s helping out a poor Isan girl. The kicker is a buddy of mine who’s been with her a couple times said she’s a bit of a starfish. Just wants to get the job done and get out. No GFE at all.

    So go figure that out. Ya got marginal performance for a short, dark skinned pot belly Isan bar girl with a cute face and a nice ass and some guy is dumping “big money” on her, as my favorite girl there likes to say. It gets better. Turns out she’s the stereotypical bar girl in that she gives all her money to her thai boyfriend and had some other farang paying for her pad on Ratchada as well!

    LOL, I shit you not. I know my girl wouldn’t bullshit me for the sake of bullshitting. You just can’t make this stuff up. What I’m sayin here is don’t try to make sense out of the money some guys dump on girls. One guys lump of coal may be another guys diamond.

    Oh yea, and one other thing, don’t tell them bar girls or server anything you don’t want spread arond the bar. They’re shit at keeping secrets and every girl in the place will find out about what was said before you can get back from taking a piss. Jing-jing.

    • Hey, good for her if she gets these kind of customers — or rather, good for her Thai bf, and whoever else profits.

      Yeah, I kinda find the ‘information superhighway’ funny in the bars. Plenty of times some girl in a GoGo have sat next to me, because other girls I’ve been with, told them “you make lady very happy, many many times, I want to try…” with pretty much the ‘new’ girl knowing serious details about what I like, and what they want done. Like I said, kinda funny – lots of smiles in certain GoGos…

      Are they bullshitting? Are they just buttering me up? Honestly, I don’t care – I hope they are enjoying themselves, I just know that I sure am enjoying my 6-7 pops over a good night — even if it means that I’ll be seriously sleeping in by the pool the next day.


    • Big Black Gulliver said

      You mean you don’t make you girls beg on their knees for some Baht like the great Dr. Kenneth Ng.

      Daffy Duck your a sucker and have no idea how to banged better, cheaper or more efficiently.

    • Guilty as charged – I feel soooooo ashamed!

      You mean:

      Disgraced CSUN Economics Assistant Professor Kenneth Ng?

      or do you mean the Professor with a Porn Blog?

    • adman said

      Hahaha. I think I know the girl you’re talking about Jet.

      Big tattoo of a heart on her left arm near the shoulder and another one above her left boob?

      If so, spot on about the starfish and the attitude. 😉

    • BarRaider said

      Daffy – Some guy spending 10,000b for a girl? This guy is a fool if he thinks he’s helping just her. I’ve had friends who’ve done it because they felt sorry for the girl. Stupid.

      Thai bar girls can’t manage money. That money is going straight back to the Thai boyfriend or to some greedy Issan mother. Guaranteed.

      When I did go to Nana and Soi Cowboy I never found a girl that would refuse 4,000 or 5,000 and I’m far from being a good looking guy.

      Look, if these “big money” girls could manage their big money they wouldn’t be working in the bar for more than a couple years.

      Do the math. A guy is spending 20000-30000 per week plus the money the girl is pulling in from her regulars who stop in during the week plus the drinks plus their salary. Say another 6000-8000 from them each week.

      Dude, that’s close to 1.5 million baht a year! After 3 years you’ve got over 4 million.

      So yea, that money is going to other places. The Thai boyfriend probably has a new pickup truck and who knows what her mum has bought.

      Jet – Pot belly? Hehe. Probably from her eating, drinking and partying too much.

    • Whittier said

      I think this is bullshit. Who in their right mind pays more than 3 times the going rate time after time after time?. A one shot deal I can believe. But not this.

      Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      I have a friend in Hua Hin who selects a different lady each month and pays her barfine + 2000 a day. Every day for one month. Then he changes ladies. Run the numbers. He has done this for 4 years.

      A three time cancer survivor estranged from his family, he is a multi-millionaire spending his money as he wishes. A heavy drinker who bitches about everything he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.

      Close to the line ex-pat right Kenny….errrr I mean Whittier.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      First of all, that information comes from a girl, so it’s possible that some details of the transaction are being left out – for example, maybe the guy pays 10K a pop because he takes her picture; or maybe because he barebacks her; maybe because he’s asking her to do his laundry in a French maid outfit; who knows; who cares.

      Just because you can’t fathom something and declare it to be bullshit, doesn’t necessarily make it so.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Maybe the guy likes maid outfits, clean laundry and orange envelopes….who knows?

  10. Capital One Goat said

    Only thing worse than a mercenary bargirl is the stupid foreigners who write them a check each month because they’re in love

  11. BangkokMilkshakes said

    who are we meant to feel sorry for here

    • adman said

      Not sure anyone Milkshakes.

      Certainly Not the girls. The girls are in a business and know the downside risks of juggling many customers.

      They’ve got the years of experience their older ‘sisters’ provide them on how to maximize income.

      If they blow a good thing no problem. There’s always another customer.

    • BarRaider said

      Why feel sorry for anyone?

      Bar owners? Nope
      Bar owners are still making money and the business practices of a number bars in Soi Cowboy, Nana and Patpong are questionable. Padding bills says all I need to know to stay away.

      Customers? Nope
      They want a service and know what the deal is with these girls. Fall in love with a bargirl? Stupid stupid stupid.

      Bargirls? Nope
      I’ve quit going to the bargirl hooker zones because there are alternatives where the girls are better looking, the drinks aren’t watered down and you don’t have the bill padding.

      Give the bars at Ekkamai and Thonglo a try. The girls are better looking and many speak passable English.

      If you have the need to pickup a bargirl go to the Saphan Kwai BTS stop to the Sutthisan bars. You won’t run into the attitude you see on Soi Cowboy and the girls are better looking.

    • “I’ve quit going to the bargirl hooker zones because there are alternatives where the girls are better looking, the drinks aren’t watered down and you don’t have the bill padding.”

      Are you trying to tell us that you know where to get Banged better, cheaper and more efficiently?


  12. BigDummyKenny said

    Some good stories there. Wish I could contribute but I don’t have any reference point to compare to my January visit. I concur with Visa Runs and SBDOTKU; many Japanese tourists around during my stay. Except in front of the Duke of Wellington Pub. There I witnessed a huge presence of Burmese and Thai construction workers in hard hats.

    @Jet. Pot belly? Hahaha.

    @Raider. I’m going with Jet on this. If a guy feels he needs to pay 10,000 baht of his money to get a hooker to go with him then who are we to argue? He’s happy with the arrangement. She’s happy with the arrangement (OK, maybe she’s not because she’s still going with other customers).

    As for her blowing the money. Well, who knows, maybe she’s investing it in the commodities, oil futures and oceanfront condos and property.

    Naaaaw. Probably giving it to her Thai boyfriend and blowing the rest on drugs and alcohol.

  13. Bangers Bill said

    My observation leads me to the conclusion that the bars will see a low season worst this year than last.

    Fewer tourists and what I see is those making the trip to LOS going to the islands and beaches. The demographics of tourists is changing in case you haven’t noticed. Add to that any change at the top of the Royal Corporation and who knows what will happen this year. The weather isn’t going to help either. The forecast is for much more rain than usual this year. Already the rains are here and looking at the forecast I see rain 4 of the next 5 days.

    I don’t think the girls at Baccara are hurting too much for money this year. Every single time I’ve been in there past 10pm or so I can’t get a good seat. The place is packed which I guess confirms the comments about more Japanese in town. Some guy paying 10K a pop? A Japanese guy gave a girl 15k and then a 5k tip on top of it in Baccara. The bargirls tend to exaggerate so I don’t know how credible this girl’s story was. Suppose it’s possible but I’m a bit skeptical.

    Good post Visa Runs.

  14. BangkokMilkshakes said

    im surprised nobody has called bullshit on two things here:

    1. Daffy is getting it up 6 or 7 times on an evening, and go-go dancers are allowing that kind of wear and tear…
    2. Go-Go dancers speak in reverential tones because they all want to be fucked 6 or 7 times by him as that would make them very happy.

    Maaaaaaaybe Daffy is the ride of the century, but im calling bullshit!

    • All I can say is that I’m reading a lot about GoGo Girls attitudes, their derisive and dishonest behaviors towards farangs, in stories usually shared by guys who treat the girls like crap.

      I’m sure it doesn’t just have to do with my amazing and herculean sexual prowess, but a combination of factors, including:

      – that I treat the girls with kindness and respect, basically like regular women.
      – that I pay them discretely (a convenient orange envelope shows up magically in their purse.
      – no transaction of shame.
      – that I don’t kick them out, but they can hang out at my pad for the day, enjoy the pool, the sauna, the gym, the breakfast.
      – that I take them along shopping, if they want to.
      – basically, that in return for a GFE, I give them a BFE, yet while making sure they know that neither of us are deluding each other.

      Additionally, I also qualify the girl before taking her to my pad – it’s well worth spending 20-30 minutes with any given girl, talking to them, and listening to my gut feeling.

      In summary – I don’t treat them like whores, and I guess that carries some weight and goes far.

      Lastly, I know someone of ronru’s limitations is severely sensitive to such claims, so I felt like sharing it was a good idea… IYKWIM.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      “that I pay them discretely (a convenient orange envelope shows up magically in their purse”


      Do you buy the orange envelopes here or before you come over. Are they letter size or those cute little business card sized ones?????????

      Those extra question marks are for Prufrock.
      I know how much he enjoys those.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Seriously Daffy, I am with you on everything but the shopping trips. Can’t do it anymore……..
      and I have spent many days at MBK buying, phones 200 Baht dresses and hooker shoes. The only exception is when I am on Fly Lane and occasionally will flip the bill for some clothes with the vendors that come to the bars.

    • I bring the envelopes with me from the States – that makes them more unique, you know.

      When they ask where the money is, I just tell them “IT’S IN THERE! IT’S BLOODY IN THERE!”

  15. fender said

    Does it have to be orange?

  16. Jet said


    I’m one who has a good time with the girls and get along fine with them. When I go to a bar the girls usually remember me and hang out because, like you, they know they will have fun and be treated well.

    I simply relayed the story to make a point that those questioning or complaining about guys throwing silly amounts of money at a girl (like the old guy with the Sheba girl) shouldn’t try to make sense about it and just let it go. We’ve read the stories on Stickman about the Thai boyfriends, multiple sponsors and so on. Well, Thai girls will be Thai girls and we know some are mercenary. If they’re all happy with the arrangement (sponsors, girl, Thai boyfriend) there’s no reason to second guess it and certainly not someone else’s place to complain.

    • “there’s no reason to second guess it and certainly not someone else’s place to complain.”

      Exactly – precisely.

      Plus, in addition, the girls understand that I “get it”, and I know what the deal is, which also makes it easier for them not to have to pretend or anything.

      Like you said, it’s all about treating the girls well, and letting them have fun with you, not for you.

      Thanks for your comments.

  17. Baccara is always good for a scratch – albeit I really dislike their barfining policies. Then again, one of the older mamasans from formerly Mandarin now works there, and she is usually a riot (the fatter one that always giggles).

    I managed to score some very nice take-home on my last trip a couple of weeks back.

  18. SBDOTKU said

    Anybody else not getting emails regarding updates to the site? (and no, they’re not in my spam filter.)

    So, just because nobody asked me to, I promise to put the finishing touches on my trip report and present it here first for world-wide premier! (…crickets…crickets…)

    OK, so my report may not be a ROLLN “turned to 11” debauchfest / cardiac-o-rama, but the fact that it will be more original content and that will piss off certain writers of other blogs makes me smile >:-)

    Plus, I promise, no stating opinion as fact nor any metaphors regarding poker. And if someone calls bullshit on me, I promise to own up to it. Except the 42 pops a night I give all the girls before handing them their unobtrusive Hello Kitty backpack packed with cash!

    (Orange envelope, [rolls eyes], whatever, Khun Grabpao Nam Yai (translation: Mr. Big Orange Sack). What the girls want to see is the number of BROWN 1K baht notes that have been handed over.)

  19. BarRaider said

    Baccara always has good lookers in there. But the premium for the barfine and ST/LT? In days gone by I’d usually take a pass and go to Tilac. I could inspect the goods before deciding who I wanted to join me for the night out. Ahhhh, the good old days!

    As for the old guy and his Sheba little teeruk. Maybe I was a bit harsh. HELL NO I WASN’T.

    The shit hits the fan in most of these pseudo relationships because the guy ignores the reality of the situation. These guys think that giving a bunch of money to the girl of their liking is buying them more than just the night with the girl. It isn’t and it doesn’t. The girl will be there only as long as the money is coming in. These old guys who think it’s buying them more than that are dreaming. I’d go as far as saying they’re delusional. If that weren’t the case these girls wouldn’t have Thai boyfriends and, like the Sheba girl, you’ll find most of them do.

    The problems happen when these sponsors put demands on the girls and threaten to stop sponsoring them if they don’t comply. So the girl weighs her options and figures she can get away with lying so she still can spend time with her Thai boyfriend and get the cash too.

    It’s important to understand that to many of them there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this.

    I know this first hand because my Thai girlfriend has a sister who works in a certain bar on Cowboy. I know the stories they tell their sponsors so they can have more evenings free:

    – My friend/sister is sick and I need to go spend the night with her
    – My mother/father/grandmother/grandfather is sick and I need leave bangkok to take care of her. This one is good because it gets multiple days away
    – I am sick and will stay home (with my Thai boyfriend)
    – I have “men” (her period – my gf told me one girl used that excuse 3 times in a 5-6 week span!) haha
    – I will go shopping today with my friends
    – I am going to holiday with my friends in Phuket/Hua Hin/etc.

    Yea, there are more, but just pointing out this is what they do to get time away with their boyfriend. If these geezers had any sense they’d consider why their teeruk doesn’t want them to go along in situations where they could. But noooo, faced with the harsh reality they’d rather bury their head in the sand and ignore the signs than accept what’s really happenin.

    RealDaffyDuck is right on the money. Just have fun with the girls. Don’t have any expectations. I like the approach BigBlackGulliver’s friend takes too. Find a girl you like, schedule her in for a month and then move on to a new girl next month. Damn brilliant.

    Variety is the spice of life, right?

    Yes DaffyDuck, I am saying I know how to get banged better, cheaper and all that. Believe when I say it’s not on Cowboy or Nana. Not to say you can’t have fun there, but I’m just sayin.

  20. 2 Cool 4 Words said

    One bar girl got pregnant by her Thai boyfriend and had a very generous sponsor. She told him he got her pregnant so he’d keep the money coming when she knew it was the Thai boyfriend who did the deed. Came close to time for having the baby and she did a runner.

    Is that low or what? You gotta watch those mercenary girls. They’ll do and say anything to keep the money rolling in cause it’s all about the money.

    Good thing they are the minority of girls working the bars but often they’re the better lookin ones.

    Listen to what others have written here. It’s cool to have fun with them and all, just don’t fall for them.

  21. Big D said

    Why bother with the piss attitudes on Soi Cowboy. Girls are hungrier at Patpong and friendlier at Nana.

    Then again you can just skip them bars altogether and hit the after hours clubs. Bunch of the girls head there after the bars close to party and hookup. No bar fines.

  22. Daffy, could you please pop over to BBK and talk to Proofie?

    He is throwing lots of chum in the water for you.

    I would hate to see it go to waste.

    John, truly misses you.

    • Really?

      I would figure that my multiple impersonators and faux avatars would be enough to keep him spinning all on his own.

      Sorry, I think I’m really busy right now – there’s some lint between my toes.

    • Dude, I just saw his latest diatribe – seriously, I could write a doctoral thesis on the way that guy’s mind works… or doesn’t, as the case would be.

      Seriously, it’s like watching Tourette’s unfurl right in front of your eyes, or watching someone afflicted by … dare I say it … asperger’s syndrome 😉

      His odd metaphors, as of late, and his constant scatological references throw in the middle of sentence really make you wonder about that guy’s emotional sanity. That and his allegations of being pursued by the equivalent of black helicopter stalkers (you know, the text message myth – which he’s never able to back up, or verify).

      Maybe worth a “how to” article for Prufie…

    • By the way, for someone who claims to be so into uncovering conspiracies, and exposing ‘the truth’, isn’t it ironically funny how incredibly gullible Prufie is?

      Hook, line and sinker.

  23. Daywalker said

    Come on BDK, you know we give a beer and slap on the back to those who contribute. (or was it beat up and threaten??)


  24. SBDOTKU said

    Since only Daywalker regularly hangs out here and our “general readership” is rather low, I’ll submit the whole thing to them and see if they want to post. If not, well, I’m happy to share it with all 5 of you. 😉

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hey BDK, can you tell me why our posts just now jumped ahead in the queue? Are we part of some “Frequent Poster Program” I know nothing about that puts us at the front of the line?


    • @ SBDOTKU – I think we’ve crossed the threshold and the traffic is stressing the wordpress website. My guess is it’s a feature in the latest release.

    • At least the threading problem has been fixed. Hopefully the queue problem is fixed in the new post.

  25. I think David Shiel makes six.

    But then it may just be Daywalker posting as a sock puppet.

  26. Bangers Bill said

    Whittier said
    February 27, 2011 at 10:39 PM

    “I think this is bullshit. Who in their right mind pays more than 3 times the going rate time after time after time?. A one shot deal I can believe. But not this.”

    You need to read some of the comments posted. Some guys have more money than they know what to do with and giving it to the girls makes them happy and the girls happy too. So why have a problem with that?

    The guy Jet is talking about is obviously a retiree and probably has more money and time on his hands than he knows what to do with, so he’s hooked up with the little Sheba girl to pass some time. No harm in that.

    Let’s just hope he not fallen for the girl and goes off the deep end giving away his money.

    It’s obvious she’s a player and has at least one other sponsor and the Thai boyfriend too. I’ve heard and read the stories where these girls get the guy to buy a car, land, build a home and so on. Once all the material things have been taken care of and her bank account is bulging or the guy is broke the girl disappears.

  27. Bangers Bill said

    It sure did seem like low season tonight.

    Dead. Dead. Dead.

    Where are all the girls? Gone back home already?

    • Well, for several of them I can confirm that – they sent me pictures of their families back home. (no money requests, nothing else, just a “here I am with my family having lunch, at temple, hanging out” pictures).

  28. Union Jack said

    I often walk through Soi Cowboy on my way back to the condo between 8pm and 9pm. I don’t see that many hot girls milling about like I did a couple months ago. Actually I just don’t see that many girls period. It seems like things have really died down.

  29. Soi Walker said

    I’m not sure why Soi Cowboy gets most the attention in the night life blogs. The attitudes of the girls there are even more shyte than last year. Something I didn’t think possible. Not much action going on there this past week either. Not nearly as many girls as a couple weeks ago.

    Soi 4 on the other hand has been more fun, has more girls and the attitudes there are much better. For the Mr. Obvious’ out there, yes, I know you need to look out for the ladyboys. But that’s all part of the atmosphere and ambiance. You’ve got more renovations of bars and new bars opening up and down the Soi and then you have Nana Liquid for after hours. I see it overtaking Soi Cowboy as the preferred naughty boys night time destination in short order.

    You’ve got better places to people watch, a wider variety of restaurants and outdoor venues and don’t forget the better quality of girls and countless hotels and cheap motels up and down the Soi.

    I don’t think it’s success hinges on what happens to Nana Plaza either (as some stooge said in some tripe called the Death Of Nana Plaza or something. Not sure but I think it was the same goof who talked about the death of the Nana Disco.). As the Soi continues to open more hotels, bars and restaurants it will continue to draw more people. Soi Cowboy on the other hand is “maxed out” on bar development and density save a convenience store and a shop that isnt likely to go away anytime soon. Soi 4 has a variety of retail stores and shops that could be converted to more restaurants and bars as has been the case in the last year. Much more potential there.

    I think there’s more going on at Nana and Soi 4 than Cowboy now because it was hit harder financially than Cowboy was the past couple years and people are getting tired of the attitudes and high prices there. If a few bars had happy hour for beer extending until say 10pm it would be game over.

    • This goes in cycles, and it’s also very dependent on who’s doing the observing… Seriously, I’ve heard from people talking about Nana being slow, or about Cowboy being slow, or of better or worse quality.

      However, invariably, I found that whatever the actual circumstances, the situation in either venue invariably changed and reversed itself.

      It’s cyclical.

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