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adman: Sahara On Cowboy – Revisited

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 27, 2011



I was back in Bangkok a few weeks back and thought I’d give a follow up on my stop in the Sahara Bar on Soi Cowboy.

I stopped in on a Saturday night at about 10:30 and the place was about half full. I was surprised that the customers were mostly Japanese *which was fine with my Japanese friend). So my friend and I grab a seat and settle in.

The service girl came over and drinks were ordered and served in no time. However when the drinks were brought out it looked like someone already took several drinks out of them. Had them sent back and topped up (more on that later). Service throughout the night was excellent and the service girls were fun A+

Taking a look around I notice the white seats had held up very well. However, the tables and countertops for drinks haven’t fared as well. Dirt had seeped in between the alum trim and the countertop. The indirect light from below make it very noticable. Everything else looked good. The music wasn’t at a level that was going to make you deaf after a couple hours. Overall B-

The girls. There are two sets of girls. The “regular girls”, who you can take out of the bar. The “coyote girls” who you can’t. Guess which group of girls were the most attractive? None of the regular girls were worth barfining. Not a single one that I saw. It’s not that they were that bad. They were actually pleasant to chat with and my friend and I did talk to a couple girls for more than an hour (inbetween their sets on stage). It’s just that most of them were just average. A bit on the plump side. But if plump is your thing then you’d like these girls. Regular girls C+

The coyote girls need an attitude adjustment. Typical buy me a drink and I’ve got to go for this reason or another. Typical hit-and-run drink chasers. Yea, they’re good looking, but I can do without the attitude. D-

Some people may ask how I can rate them below the regular girls who aren’t as good looking. Easy. If I can’t fuck ’em and they aren’t enjoyable company I got no use for them. END OF STORY. D-

The Mama at Sahara is actually a cool lady. Initially a little pushy but when you make it clear you’re not interested in any of the girls and not going to buy her a drink she chills out. Interesting talking to her. Has a wealth of knowledge about Soi Cowboy (came over from another bar, can’t remember which one) and doesn’t hold back when you ask her questions about the other bars. We both bought her a drink for being so chatty. A

Prices of the drinks are still among the most expensive on soi cowboy and they don’t fill the glass to the top – maybe 3/4 full. Tell the server you’re not going to accept the drink unless she has the bartender fill it to the top. Better yet, tell the server before she goes to get the drink to tell the barkeep to fill the glass to the top. C-

There’s your update. The coyotes are hot and know how to dance but you can’t do anything with them. It’s not a bad place to go for a drink or two but don’t go there expecting to find a companion for the evening.


2 Responses to “adman: Sahara On Cowboy – Revisited”

  1. smelly farang said

    I don’t get all the comments about the Japanese. Have they really taken over Soi Cowboy? I always thought most of them like to go to Nana or the Soi next to Patpong near the BTS station.

  2. MongerSEA said

    Sahara is owned by Cyrus Seaver a/k/a Cyrus the Virus a/k/a The Arab. It’s little surprise that this bar suffers from the same significant defects as his other establishments.

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