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He Read Stickman And Still Doesn’t Get It…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 4, 2011

Stickman’s column this week (February 27th) was probably one of his best in a long time – it summarized, and provided Stickman’s perspective on the Keith Summers fiasco. Summers, also knows as “the dumbest man in SEA” stalked Stickman over an insignificant verbal disagreement (sound familiar?), grew irate over being ignored (sound familiar?), then decided to “out” Stickman in a desperate bid for attention (sound familiar?), and finally decided to stalk and attack other expat business’ (sound familiar?), until he finally pissed off one expat who decided to fight back, sue him, and he had to flee the Kingdom to avoid jail.

Aside from it being a damn good column, and making for some entertaining reading, it was also oddly timed, just as Kenny decided to target Stickman with his usual attack prose. Well, as it turned out, the timing was indeed just a coincidence, as I asked Stickman about Kenny’s site, and he made it quite clear that “BigBabyKenny is not someone I read” and that “His speculation is just silly.” Well, there’s that 😉

Oddly, this column was not picked up by Kenny (surprise – not!), but was brought up by 1-2 sock puppets – including one commenter who pretty much nailed it. I wish I could post the anonymous commenter to congratulate him on a well-written comment, but as I don’t comment over at BBK anymore, I couldn’t – so here’s my way of doing so over here.

Read the comment written by “He Read Stickman And Still Doesn’t Get It” after the break. Kudos to “He Read Stickman And Still Doesn’t Get It”!!

He Read Stickman And Still Doesn’t Get It says:

Agreed!!!! The parallels are very similar. Kenny should have gotten over his bruised ego of having a post removed. Slandering people post after post wasn’t enough for kenny so the outings began.

It’s no surprise people like Daffy Duck, originally ardent Kenny supporter, learned the real deal and challenged Kenny. Kenny wouldn’t man up and Daffy knew Kenny was full of shit. Of course kenny and his sycophant fan club don’t see it that way and you see the attacks continue today.

Kenny is simply reaping what he sows. You don’t see Stickman, Mango or anyone else in the blogging community responding to kenny’s shit because he’s a non entity k. His sycophant fan club continues to try to keep the fires lit but nobody is buying it.

Even Daffy Duck has stopped commenting here and has tired of writing about Kenny on his BigDummyKenny website. The articles he’s published in the past week has generated more interesting comments and discussion than Kenny’s site has generated in the past month. I’m not saying it’s so spectacular, but it’s far better than the continual 911 drivel and constant attacks and fake discussion generated by the sock puppets on this site.

If your thing is chaos and attacking people who are more popular, successful or well known than you then this website is your home.

Kenny is the ultimate hater and thrives in creating chaos. If he can’t create it in the blogging community then he’ll create it in his own little playground. Of all the things he could write about all he can come up with is attack pieces on Stickman? Even when Kenny writes about other topics, he allows his sycophants to steer the comments in the direction of hating on the Mango, Stickman, the Duke and whoever else the trolls see as a target.

This is not by coincidence. He could stop it, but chooses not to.

This will be lost on most people and the sock puppets are sure to be on the attack after reading this because they can’t handle the truth.

As the clowns here like to say: nuff said.


16 Responses to “He Read Stickman And Still Doesn’t Get It…”

  1. Wayne said

    So is this stuff that was written “Josh”, which someone said is really Kenny, true insider information or is it more BULLSHIT from BBK.COM?

    Josh Bricker says:
    February 28, 2011 at 2:44 pm


    I just paraphrased what Kenny is implying.
    My own view is that Stikcman followed the path of many expats.
    He started as a young man on a vacation in Thailand. The easy women, alchohol, and low cost of living made Thailand seem like heaven on earth compared to being a normal blue collar guy in New Zealand.
    He moved to Thailand and tried to settle in.
    Stickman put in a lot more work than most of the expat low lifes. He devoted himself to becoming fluent in Thai and got a real teaching job at a real school. Not some language mill for bar girls but an actual school.
    He found a nice Thai girl and got married, he wrote his column and did his bargirl investigation service.
    Eventually he quit his teaching job because of Galt and he also got caught exporting counterfeit software to New Zealand and had to pay off.
    He managed to escape legal trouble in both episodes and lived off his blog income.
    But the money from his blog is not enough. He is selling his car and leaving before his financial reserves are gone.
    Honestly, he is a hell of a lot smarter than many expats because he sees a loser and is cutting his losses.
    I admire him for that.
    Nice guy by all accounts that was a good mate throughout.
    He just couldn’t figure out how to make it in Thailand without an outside income to support himself.


    • Honestly, I don’t bother trying to guess what alias Kenny cowers under in fear of being discovered to be posting on CSUN time, anymore. There’s 1-2 commenters over there posting with an uncanny simulacra of Kenny’s writing style – Josh is not one of them, IMO.

      I do agree with “Josh” that Stickman is a nice guy and a good mate. He’s always been very friendly, helpful and accessible when we exchanged emails.

  2. … and of course, right on time, Keith Summers is rearing his ugly head again, desperately needing to have the last word, and desperate for more attention. Here’s what he posted in the past 48 hours.

    How did Mark Twain put it? “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”… in my case we might say reports of my “banishment”…

    It is not often that the great Stickman so publically acknowledges others who he considers his opposition…. He typically avoids debate on his own site when an the opossing party has the ablity to fire back responses. Stickman sometimes will post to forums, but only to ones that he or his friends control so the oposition can’t respond at all (and of course this is unknown to the casual reader)… In my case, I am capable of responding on my own web site….

    Stickman calls me his “nemesis” in today’s column “Cyberbullying And Karma”.

    I am his nemesis? Nemesis? (head scratch…) I think Stickman likes to indulge his imagination … no too much unlike those so called Thailand paper-back book publishers pushing fictional novelettes…

    Would you like me to respond to Stickman’s article? Is he still worth the time? Or do we classify him as “unimportant” on the grand scale of things?….

    What do you say people? Yea or Nea?

    Care to send in a few comments of your own to add to this evaluation?

    Think you sucessfully beat me to the punch line with some savvy conclusions of your own?

    Let me hear from you at

    My efforts behind the keyboard have always been to offer up the counter story and then letting the reader decide where the facts lay. I consistantly warn readers not to believe me implicitly without doing their own follow-up research…

    Please send an email and place your vote and then visit this page frequently in the days to follow… If you would, please post the topic at Thailand forums. I’d like to see solid interest before I coax Stickman into facing off with me.

    Thanks. The Galt.

    • Kenny and Keith are similar in that they are both jealous and bitter little piss ants that nip at imaginary rivals heels.

      Summers has much more of a survivor instinct than Kenneth Ng ever will.

      The ability to a least setup his own business and get by.

      Little Kenny Ng is nothing more than a state employee and a member of a collective bargaining union.

      Free market indeed. LMAO

      If Kenny lost his position at CSUN
      I have doubts on his ability to even feed himself.

      A 50 year old man sitting around dreaming up fake screens names that he can post on his own site to bait people to come interact with him.

      I can’t think of any more pitiful.

      His online persona has final become as weak as the man I have known for 20 years. You go, Killer Kenny.

  3. Crackpot said

    Summers is a maniac…..a disturbed and dangerous individual with nothing to lose!

    Where was the above “Galt” comment posted?

  4. Wentworth said

    It’s a pity Stickman gave Summers any oxygen at all because nut jobs like him thrive on. It obviously cut Keith deep when Stick choose to ignore his stalking week after week. Fellow stalker Ng thought he’d hit the jackpot when the media came calling last year so deluded and in need of attention was he. I guess Stick is finishing up and wanted to crow a little and who could blame him.
    Personally I miss Mangosauce as it was funny as. Speaking of great blogs what happened to MorallyDiminished? and its author?

  5. gator said

    To hell with Kenny. The fat boxjaw gookamonkey is still pissed off that the Big Mango guys aren’t paying no attention to him. Just like the ol Stickman couldn’t give a squirt about Galt.

    Oye there mate! Get over it, right.

    Word is the day of reckoning is coming for you at CSUN so you best polish up that CV. Maybe you can get Stickman’s old teaching job aye? 😉

    Seriously, kenny’s mates on his website are a sad bunch of losers. Think of the most miserable group of ex-pats you run into on a hot Sunday afternoon and you got a good picture. Life really is too short but yet them boys keep on and on over there. Terrible content. Terrible comments. Repeat each week and you get the picture. Nothing ever changes over there but the names of the sock puppets. Give me a headache just thinking about it.

    BigDummyKenny, keep up with the quality content. Like the Adman and Visa Run posts. That’s good quality topics and good discussion. Later mate.

  6. adman said

    BBK.COM readers and most likely Kenny himself are coming here. No doubt about it. They check out the latest news here and post it up on his website.

    The information on Galt is the latest example. Then the sockies come in a swarm of comments only to disappear just as quickly.

    Keep up the good work BigDummyKenny.

  7. “I have a theory about Crazy Man’s motivation: jealousy” “Plain and simple”

  8. “One lesson you learn here” “Don’t piss in anyone’s rice bowl” “The libel and slander laws here are freaking strong”

  9. And lastly Professor Kenneth Ng:

    “I was one of the 10% of your readers who knew about this guy and his site, and I followed the sorry saga with a mixture of amazement, disgust and curiosity about who he was. I was intensely curious about what could drive a person to spew so much bile about someone else, week after week, month after month. It takes a peculiarly twisted mind to keep up that level of venom for so long”

    Kenny and Keith. What a pair!

  10. SBDOTKU said

    “Bad karma catches up with you eventually.”

    There’s my song satang.

  11. Who is Kenny Ng more jealous of Daywalker or Stickman?

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